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  • Dennis Gabah
    Dennis Gabah Hour ago

    59,43, lol what's next

  • dude dude
    dude dude Hour ago

    Y'all lil trolls sleep Molly fine AF

  • Trevor Delepine
    Trevor Delepine Hour ago

    Love Pat Mcafee, best comments

  • B. Wayne Presents

    Molly tryn to switch gears with Steven A askn for eye contact lol

  • Mxchael
    Mxchael Hour ago

    giannis aint built like that.

  • Jay Tamar
    Jay Tamar Hour ago

    It’s week 2.

  • Bobbie Montgomery

    If this was a woman behaving like McEnroe the media and people would feed her to the wolves, different strokes for different folks!

  • Gabriel Sernovitz

    Steelers don’t look like a good team this year

  • joven dy
    joven dy Hour ago

    Kuzma should let Melo have his spot then.

  • Anthony Dedrick
    Anthony Dedrick Hour ago

    I watched his segment. I don't condone attacking anyone who respectfully expresses their opinion. I do think Stephen A and Max are being a bit disingenuous here. They also need to own the fact that they didn't force him to answer the bigger question at the end. They let him get away without answering about why players should be the only one to acquiesce. He sidestepped and gave a bullshit, politician answer And whether or not he grew up rich doesn't change the fact that as a white male, he did and does enjoy a measure a privilege. Again, a bit disingenuous to not acknowledge that

  • ImSnagg ツ
    ImSnagg ツ Hour ago

    What league is this ?

  • S10N88
    S10N88 Hour ago

    He hadn't watched the Jets game yet

  • Inhalo Gamer
    Inhalo Gamer Hour ago

    Picked Utah over warriors , Jalen on that good gas boi

  • ainslie187
    ainslie187 Hour ago

    Black GM _and_ coach? How else could this go?

  • KL Chambers
    KL Chambers Hour ago

    I haven’t seen the tweets but they must’ve been coming hard at Timmy. I disagree with his view too but he has a good articulated point unlike other fools

  • pete blast
    pete blast Hour ago

    Max you’re a clown.

  • James Pope
    James Pope Hour ago

    It isn't news. Jay Cutler was indeed bad.

    MR. DAVIS Hour ago

    They Don’t want these Black men in the NBA to make there own business decisions...

  • PinkFishTacos
    PinkFishTacos Hour ago

    They beat the Bengals by 1 point at home. Let's not jump to conclusions.

  • Wavy Stars
    Wavy Stars Hour ago

    As a Phins fan, we’re coming for the Lion’s 2008 title

  • Otis Michael
    Otis Michael Hour ago

    I just dont see how allowing student athletes to make money off of their own likeness is a bad thing. If a kid wants to put his face on a t-shirt and sell it for $5 how is that a bad thing He shouldn't lose his scholarship for that

  • Slob Lobster
    Slob Lobster Hour ago

    He’ll be back for week 8 they have a chance

  • Jaime Teixeira
    Jaime Teixeira Hour ago

    Max is great partner for Stephen A, but these type of takes gives me nostalgia of Skip Bayless; just seeing going back and forth with Stephen A in a shouting match. Go old time.

  • Opinionz G
    Opinionz G Hour ago

    This was like a 3rd string usa team.

  • Antone Fulmer
    Antone Fulmer Hour ago

    can the cowboys win 2 playoff games in a single season? it's been 22 years and only 4 playoff wins for them

  • Brandon Penn
    Brandon Penn Hour ago

    Why is she on sports tv ? She’s horrible

  • Don
    Don Hour ago

    I think Brandon intimidates Molly. He should come in more often

  • LeeTravius Mckay

    The browns brought it last night

  • Cornelius Wilson

    Do y'all realize that 10 million dollars isn't a lot of money to a NBA team.. it sounds like a lot to regular people but not to people who give that in contracts for low level players.. this is just foolishness fodder for the fans... But she does really make some great points in this segment

  • Brooks Orlando
    Brooks Orlando Hour ago

    Hard to believe Golic Jr isn't even 30 yet

  • Anthony Mann
    Anthony Mann Hour ago

    Did Carson Palmer take less?Did Matthew Stafford takes less,Derek Carr,Cousins,pay Dak

  • Donald Radomski
    Donald Radomski Hour ago

    I love the patriots and ab but he will be guilty cause he is black. Its all about the money

  • Ty V
    Ty V Hour ago

    The fact that the GM and coach are black should NOT be the reason you FN keep them.

  • jawilson vieira
    jawilson vieira Hour ago

    Cam Newton needs to get himself together seriously going from a superstar quarterback from the whole dab to this Cam Newton that we seen really seriously wow!!!🤦🤔🤔🤔

  • No LimitTV
    No LimitTV Hour ago

    Saints need to pick him up

  • 007tortuga
    007tortuga Hour ago

    Stephen is just a Cowboy Hater “ people stop listening to him. Overrated Sports Analyst. He speaks only based on his emotions and lack of actual sports facts and critics. To much Hate not Facts “ Peace ✌️

  • Marvin A
    Marvin A Hour ago

    Greek freaks style of play doesn't really fit with the Dubs. Just sayin'.

  • Thomas Bugg
    Thomas Bugg Hour ago

    Max meant Tyreek Hill, not Kareem Hunt.

  • KL Chambers
    KL Chambers Hour ago

    Haha @ Jay Cutler RIP

  • Craig Rand
    Craig Rand Hour ago

    If Mike Tomlin goes the Steelers get worse. They're going to become just like the Dolphins😭. Its no way that man should lose his job..💯

  • Zubeir Leonard
    Zubeir Leonard Hour ago

    Giannis going to GSW is the KD thing all over again. Doubt its gonna happen tho

  • jg a
    jg a Hour ago

    He's a "JOKE" so is Tim Tebow.........

  • Sake Aud
    Sake Aud Hour ago

    This old veterans are bitter and jealous in the new talents of NBA.

  • jammin yammin
    jammin yammin Hour ago

    Fury and Wilder can stop hiding the fact they are cool with each other we all know haha

  • dave ortwine
    dave ortwine Hour ago

    Mr Smith been watching too much Chris rock 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sche Santiago
    Sche Santiago Hour ago

    Kobe-Duncan have a better chance

  • vX Fuzed
    vX Fuzed Hour ago

    Compares wentz to Aaron Rodgers 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Olly Tropics
    Olly Tropics Hour ago

    Tobias doesn't play defense though

  • Jack Berczi
    Jack Berczi Hour ago

    A superstar in the making

  • Olly Tropics
    Olly Tropics Hour ago

    Here's the thing on paper they do look worse but they still have a big three and they have proven that a player like Willey fits very well into their system Kevin looney is no slouch either I think from a team dynamic the warriors will still be very good

  • Keith Squires
    Keith Squires Hour ago

    Why does molly yell so much?

  • SuperFilthiest
    SuperFilthiest Hour ago

    let's not forget Cutler ended Rodney Harrison career with a juke..(I almost forgot)

  • JayMoney
    JayMoney Hour ago

    this show is so bad it’s just people interrupting each other i just lost my last 2 brain cells

  • OneFoursEmperor
    OneFoursEmperor Hour ago

    Max got the rap quotes on tap

  • hostidz
    hostidz Hour ago

    Giannis' not a cupcake. So that's settled.

  • Larry Carter
    Larry Carter Hour ago

    Relax folks the Saints can go 6-0 without Brees. Give Teddy a chance. Anything can happen in the NFL. The QB can get hot.

  • Nicholas Everett

    “You’re wrong max” Don’t matter what you say Max, you will be wrong😂

  • Junior cortes
    Junior cortes Hour ago

    Molly stays shut for nfl but not the nba? God bless 🙌🏽

  • A. Charles
    A. Charles Hour ago

    I’m offended by Tebow. He called the unpaid labor in college football ‘whose families are struggling (to say the least)selfish.’ Wasn’t that offensive? And he may not have been privileged from the standpoint that his family was not a fortune500 company but let’s understand that there is a world of difference between his situation and the situation many black college athletes are in . There are levels to this.


    power and money polluted him..hope he gets back on his toe

  • Capo
    Capo Hour ago

    Guys, this could actually happen. The warriors have been targeting Giannis since he was drafted. It really depends on if he accepts the supermax contract. I see Giannis staying with the bucks his whole career, but nobody expected KD to go to the warriors. Some things are unpredictable.

  • Carl Roundtree
    Carl Roundtree Hour ago

    That's right my dolphins are tanking baby were tired of being stuck in the mud going 8-8 or 7-9 we want tua baby

  • milset Rhodes
    milset Rhodes Hour ago

    ESPN get rid of this dude he is making your rating go down

    THEBROSYT JD Hour ago

    Brandon doesn't know what he's talking about

  • Brian Keating
    Brian Keating Hour ago

    Sorry to break it to Max, but Kareem hunt does not play for the Kansas City Chiefs anymore. Hes playing for the Cleveland Browns.

  • Julio Quatro
    Julio Quatro Hour ago

    NYJETS should sign Kaepernick already. Put that bid in and let's get it on. The guy broke no laws and if we could sign the dog killer Vick and the pats can play an alledged rapist than why not. Nothing to lose.

  • Mr. Madhatter
    Mr. Madhatter Hour ago

    shaq probably would have been the next wilt if he trained as hard as kobe. imagine a shaq that could jump higher, run faster and was even stronger than he was in his prime.

  • Ronald Brown
    Ronald Brown Hour ago

    & Kellerman needs to stop w/this Game manager mess lol

  • Muhammed Autobahn
    Muhammed Autobahn 2 hours ago

    SAS and brandon both animated with high decimals and molly spoke over both of them.... How



  • Cameron Homan
    Cameron Homan 2 hours ago

    Kareem is on the Browns g.

  • HuskyWarrior 0029
    HuskyWarrior 0029 2 hours ago

    The only man who can save him is LeGM. If LeGM wants him, LeLakers are gonna get him. But if LeGM doesn't want him it's over.

  • John Murray
    John Murray 2 hours ago

    This is as close as Tim Tebow gets to a scandal. Standing up for something he believes in lol

  • J Bellamy
    J Bellamy 2 hours ago

    "He loves Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin" Eh...

  • Scott K
    Scott K 2 hours ago

    Click bait

  • Lawrence Chengo
    Lawrence Chengo 2 hours ago

    Did that guy just say warriors can’t win 73 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • netjunkie9
    netjunkie9 2 hours ago

    When I look around the Eagles I don’t always see Wentz. That’s part of the problem Max.

  • Jumaane ROBINSON SR
    Jumaane ROBINSON SR 2 hours ago

    Nobody should let others make money off their names..period. Pay them...if it was 85% white they'd get paid. The White's blame guns for mass SHOOTINGS!

  • Gim Bob Jenkins
    Gim Bob Jenkins 2 hours ago

    Well Max is correct about the Dolphins being done before the season started but its more that they decided Ryan Fitzpatrick was a good choice for a starter.

  • Mahaj Moore
    Mahaj Moore 2 hours ago


  • Jumaane ROBINSON SR
    Jumaane ROBINSON SR 2 hours ago

    If they pay players white players really lose out

  • Geek Gumption VN
    Geek Gumption VN 2 hours ago

    Penny has a brilliant basketball mind. I got that vibe from him when watching him play in Orlando.

  • M
    M 2 hours ago

    Is Floyd wearing lipstick?

  • Cutest Rottweiler Videos

    dude needs to wipe the corner of his

  • Brian C
    Brian C 2 hours ago

    The 2019 Dolphins are not even close to the worst team in history because they're losing on purpose. The 76' Bucs and the 08' Lions were actually trying to win and still couldn't get it done.

  • jace jackson
    jace jackson 2 hours ago

    These NFL players have no leverage at all they cant even leave when they contract is up smfh

  • John J. Todora
    John J. Todora 2 hours ago

    Color me impressed. Brandon Marshall was good. He can do TV and be good at it.

  • Big Lou
    Big Lou 2 hours ago

    Lamar Jackson is the 2nd best QB so far this year behind Maholmes? Think Brady would have something to say about that!

  • Jason Strom
    Jason Strom 2 hours ago

    Howie Roseman needs to get this done.

  • Jrome Jackson
    Jrome Jackson 2 hours ago

    Tyson fury you so funny

  • AAA
    AAA 2 hours ago

    Jalen wants to be paid, who still has money?

  • Brandon Young
    Brandon Young 2 hours ago

    The Dolphins are the most consistent team in football

  • battlefront cj
    battlefront cj 2 hours ago

    I’m a stat guy I think brees is better

    DREVM 2 hours ago

    Cowboys getting another gift of a game in week 4.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee 2 hours ago

    Max STFU, let the man TEDY speak...

  • g33k707
    g33k707 2 hours ago

    It's More so Molly has a very annoying voice. The interrupting wouldn't be bad if her voice didn't suck.

  • Melvin Smith
    Melvin Smith 2 hours ago

    How does Tomlin have pressure?! They have NO talent!! They have Watt, Bush and Smith Schuster. The rest of the team is averay. I watch them every week since 95. To run a 3-4 defense you need 4 linebackers and a nose tackle. They have 1 1/2 linebackers. The GM needs fired. He drafts good wideouts that's bout it. Check his draft resume lately. Then he lets Bell go which blew their season last year. Then they just traded a 1st pick plus they gave a 2nd 3rd and another 3rd this year for bush. They're losing their minds up here n Pittsburgh but not Tomlin fault

  • Julius McClymont
    Julius McClymont 2 hours ago

    Who came straight to the comments straight after mollys joke