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    EARL ORTIZ101 2 minutes ago


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  • Jon Carlo Toren__YT
    Jon Carlo Toren__YT 30 minutes ago

    does anyone hear the sound on the background, pokimane saying "you mother freaking gamer" i think hahaha

  • Vale King
    Vale King 37 minutes ago

    Little kid voice: Thats so niceee!!! But its not kid, its cute girl lolol sry Fedmyster, i just talk trueeeeeee

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams 40 minutes ago

    50 Seconds into the video and she already kills her own pet. Quality Content.

  • Marilyn Hodges
    Marilyn Hodges Hour ago

    Hi I

  • Silent Shadow
    Silent Shadow Hour ago

    Ever heard about phliza?

  • Lenny Guy
    Lenny Guy Hour ago

    1:54 even a bronze player could see poki losing this, even if it wasn't faker

  • itsDead
    itsDead 2 hours ago

    How many said sorry when she yelled into the camera... lmao

  • Jack Tho
    Jack Tho 2 hours ago

    Never trust pokimane with a baby bunny. Lol

  • Amberella
    Amberella 2 hours ago

    Can you play with my brother his birthday

  • Gaming Tomato
    Gaming Tomato 2 hours ago

    She,s Fat

  • Jim Patrick Lastino
    Jim Patrick Lastino 2 hours ago

    What is the resource pack fitz is using?

  • Fury_ Impacc
    Fury_ Impacc 2 hours ago

    Pokimane more like chokimane cause she choked hah gootttttteeeeemmmmmmm.......

  • Lassi 'PsYYChoSiiS' Lehtonen

    What a fucking squealy little runt you are.

  • Jakub ImamoviΔ‡
    Jakub ImamoviΔ‡ 3 hours ago

    you say u broke but u have million dollars smh i meant subscribers but you make money on youtube and stop being extra you saying yass cringeeee smh

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  • Levi Wipf
    Levi Wipf 3 hours ago

    Damn poki got some beautiful lips 😍😍

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  • Adam Ahmed
    Adam Ahmed 4 hours ago

    I want to be kid friend

  • the meme lord
    the meme lord 5 hours ago

    What with the Pokemon music

  • allan dale tolentino

    Pokiman sometimes you need to accept defeat. Because you might get somthing.... Like a '........... ............ ............ ....... ..... ......... Fitz as a Soulmate you can Get :-$

  • Ethan Green Gamer
    Ethan Green Gamer 5 hours ago

    You are so PRETTY

  • Angela Arnett
    Angela Arnett 6 hours ago

    What are you mailing me

  • infinite seek loyd
    infinite seek loyd 6 hours ago

    Pokimane can you please play with me dous on fortnite

  • Pro .UnStoppAble
    Pro .UnStoppAble 6 hours ago

    Poki try to play Dota 2 and download video

  • Pro .UnStoppAble
    Pro .UnStoppAble 6 hours ago

    Poki from where get this beauty?

  • Chad Paran
    Chad Paran 6 hours ago

    You could’ve choose other choices, where everyone survive. And humans will be peace with them

  • Manawa Davidson
    Manawa Davidson 6 hours ago

    myth is hilarious to me. especially when he gets tagged and starts harmonising πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  • 1 Loft
    1 Loft 6 hours ago

    His reaction all of a sudden πŸ˜‚

  • Saiyan Boi
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  • Nathan C 16
    Nathan C 16 6 hours ago

    What keyboard do you use

  • Linguistik
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  • Miguel Sosobrado Priebe 3A Østerbyskolen

    if u need a bf just take me im single

  • Sporting Gamer101
    Sporting Gamer101 7 hours ago

    OMG She Speaking french :D

  • Nicki Boi
    Nicki Boi 7 hours ago

    These are my favorite videos of all time

  • Andrea Morrow
    Andrea Morrow 7 hours ago

    new couple?

    WONKYUN TAK 7 hours ago

    Pokimane, you suck BALLS!!!

  • Flash Point
    Flash Point 8 hours ago

    fitZ is pissed...I felt his pain

  • Flash Point
    Flash Point 8 hours ago

    The one word game will get you killed

  • Tsm Night
    Tsm Night 8 hours ago

    How do u feel about breaking his heartπŸ’”

  • YaBoyNate
    YaBoyNate 8 hours ago

    When she said is there a table we can sit at it activated Siri. I keep on replaying it and it does it every time

  • cool dude
    cool dude 8 hours ago

    They kinda cute together

  • PH03-NIX
    PH03-NIX 8 hours ago

    Who is the best poki is the best who is the best poki is the best your the best poki and I love your content

  • PH03-NIX
    PH03-NIX 8 hours ago

    I wish I can play with you Poki, but sadly I’m on Nintendo Switch, all I got to say is that.............. POKIMANE IS THE BEST OF THE BEST OF STREAMING AND MAKING Clip-Share I weally won’t to play with you but someday I will. Also I want to buy your mercy because it is the best I love your streams!!! Have a nice and wonderful dayπŸ˜„

  • Blessed
    Blessed 8 hours ago

    Is it just me or does pokimane sound different?

  • PainnVerse
    PainnVerse 8 hours ago

    What about Myth?

  • Michelle Sanchez
    Michelle Sanchez 8 hours ago

    Hey pokimane is landon you your boy freind

  • AXILATY _45
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  • Austin Sauls
    Austin Sauls 8 hours ago

    At 3;04 you can hear ppl screaming in the background??

  • Zaivan
    Zaivan 8 hours ago

    Whats the texture pack

  • Austin
    Austin 9 hours ago

    I think it’s funny that people look up is she single as maybe they would have a chance just saying πŸ˜…

  • Nicolas Laurin
    Nicolas Laurin 9 hours ago

    Love the breath of the wild song in the background at the beginning

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez 9 hours ago

    Cant wait for the scary games

  • Robert Mehal
    Robert Mehal 9 hours ago

    "Wrong time fits the right person..." "Fits the right person" Fits... Fitz... the right... person...? Hmmmmm (Lol jk I'm sorry I had to, but I ship it)

  • Waqar Rehman
    Waqar Rehman 9 hours ago

    They should add Carson and have a competition of who can kill the most of Poki's animals.

  • El Lobo De Futur
    El Lobo De Futur 9 hours ago

    Yo quisiera hablar ingles para poder entender lo que dicen ellos yo veo todos sus videos pero casi no entiendo y pues que digo, quisiera hablar ingles :( se que nadie va a leer esto ni entenderle :(

  • kaneki ken
    kaneki ken 10 hours ago

    Your so cute!!!❀❀

  • Travis Jennings
    Travis Jennings 10 hours ago

    I miss poki and myth duo πŸ˜₯

  • gorilla tape
    gorilla tape 10 hours ago

    If you can

  • gorilla tape
    gorilla tape 10 hours ago

    I love you dont even try to find me

  • Darlene Perez
    Darlene Perez 10 hours ago

    Poki play mortal kombat on your phone

  • Darlene Perez
    Darlene Perez 10 hours ago

    Poki play mortal kombat on your phone

  • Elagance _
    Elagance _ 10 hours ago

    Enable visual sound effecets it helps ALOT

  • Sebas Life?
    Sebas Life? 10 hours ago

    You suck you take down peoples vids you suckπŸ–•

  • Meg Simon
    Meg Simon 10 hours ago

    Β« If I was only better at this game Β» poor guyπŸ˜“

  • VCnightmare
    VCnightmare 10 hours ago

    Anyone notice BOTW here?

  • Shalil Tubbs
    Shalil Tubbs 11 hours ago

    2:48 I thought the video was gonna end I was like bruh are you serious lol

  • Alex Jr Gutierrez
    Alex Jr Gutierrez 11 hours ago

    Post on tik tok

  • Cz_ Clan
    Cz_ Clan 11 hours ago

    What pealy is hard to kill u can't even tell we're his head starts and endsπŸ˜‚

  • Jose Meza
    Jose Meza 11 hours ago

    I like how the sad music for the dog that wasn't there sounded a lot like SAO when something would happen

  • Cristian Talich
    Cristian Talich 12 hours ago

    I love that u can speak French..... I love and speak French too...............Fitz et toi deviez vous rencontrer ou sortir ensemble

  • DoctorTomatoSauce
    DoctorTomatoSauce 12 hours ago

    Another flirty episode. Just get married already gosh

  • Miguel Geronimo
    Miguel Geronimo 12 hours ago

    wrong vid i thought this was with carson

  • JellyBelly Tv
    JellyBelly Tv 12 hours ago

    You know that kid was just saying that because he was with pokimane πŸ˜‚

  • Sage Prime Elite
    Sage Prime Elite 12 hours ago

    To poki

  • Sage Prime Elite
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  • Doctour Two skull
    Doctour Two skull 12 hours ago

    Ya ever click to comment and then immediately be like β€œ...what was I gonna comment?”

  • Sage Prime Elite
    Sage Prime Elite 12 hours ago

    And cute

  • Sage Prime Elite
    Sage Prime Elite 12 hours ago

    I mean poki is so nice

  • Sage Prime Elite
    Sage Prime Elite 12 hours ago

    Yea polo is cute looking and nice

  • Carlos Rodriguez
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  • avokado jooos
    avokado jooos 12 hours ago

    Dont worry pokimane.. my girlfriend also bring her cat when she's pooping

  • IceCikal
    IceCikal 12 hours ago

    I get scarred to don’t worry lol

  • Joshy2times
    Joshy2times 12 hours ago

    Poki be breaking relationships *facepalm*

  • Jorge Vazquez Berea
    Jorge Vazquez Berea 12 hours ago

    Fitz is a mega chad hype

  • WTF_CLaW
    WTF_CLaW 12 hours ago

    The sad sao music :(

  • joshua bighead
    joshua bighead 12 hours ago

    I love you poki

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Gentle

    0:37 autotune "OoOoOoh My GoOoOd" xD

  • Rene Rodriguez
    Rene Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    You go Queen

  • Alexander Garduno
    Alexander Garduno 13 hours ago

    Pokimane can you play marvel future fight

  • joshua bighead
    joshua bighead 13 hours ago

    I wish I could play with you

  • kurt kinast
    kurt kinast 13 hours ago

    i saw pikachu

  • parsa sharafodinzadeh
    parsa sharafodinzadeh 13 hours ago

    U scary poki

  • Im_ fortnite123
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  • Maxwell Robenalt
    Maxwell Robenalt 13 hours ago

    I love the song At Last.

    TASTY 13 hours ago

    I’m a simple man I saw Pokemon I clicked

  • SAXManGaming
    SAXManGaming 14 hours ago

    5:42 too XD

  • SAXManGaming
    SAXManGaming 14 hours ago

    5:11 Got the hell out of me XD

  • Joshy Medina
    Joshy Medina 14 hours ago

    It's not that bad damn