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  • HangGlideTube
    HangGlideTube 6 hours ago

    Aviation Gin commercial is absolutely hilarious - brilliant ! Nice Job Ryan :>)

  • Pua Yan
    Pua Yan 6 hours ago

    Maybe I need to get the fiancée to get me a peloton instead! Been asking for a treadmill at home and still no result ☺️. I don’t see the big deal about this ad! There’s just too many trolls on the internet.

  • raul buster
    raul buster 6 hours ago

    oh man..that lady is haters understand how much they can hurt someone that is only doing an honest job..i mean i suppose they are very glad that she is now in an alcohol ads and not a "sports" ads...but hear what she said..."it was my eyebrows"...that same people that believes they are protecting others to not be offended they ended offending and hurting someone...!! that "whining culture" must be stopped...!!

  • DimensionZombie
    DimensionZombie 6 hours ago

    I love using my peloton I can stay on there for hours as my METH effects go down

  • Angelia Gurner
    Angelia Gurner 6 hours ago

    what is it going to take for people to understand, these devices are a gateway to no privacy what-so-ever.

  • lorna maina
    lorna maina 6 hours ago

    i like how Rosie is always saying thankyou

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude 6 hours ago

    I want to smell her peloton seat

  • Jay Chadwick
    Jay Chadwick 6 hours ago


    xZANZIBARZx 6 hours ago

    _No wonder why their faces aren't plastered all over the news..._ *It wasn't a white person* _"Nothing to see here folks"_ Oy vey, it doesn't fit our narrative

  • Ashwin Nair
    Ashwin Nair 6 hours ago

    At least she's nice.

  • cassie friedman
    cassie friedman 6 hours ago

    I think this is a good thing

  • Janay Mba
    Janay Mba 6 hours ago

    WOW amazing

  • Rose Astivan
    Rose Astivan 6 hours ago

    My Child, Said that he dont want to go to the school, because Ryan doesnt go to the school . I want att Ryan goes to the school, my child love Ryan

  • BryanX 64
    BryanX 64 6 hours ago

    39 years...

  • Hedliss 11
    Hedliss 11 6 hours ago

    "Permit Patty" did wrong acording to me, but still (if she says the truth) she dosent deserv to get threatend... :)

  • Mr. Natural
    Mr. Natural 6 hours ago

    - Guy gives already hot wife indoor trainer she seemed to want. - Wife uses trainer. - wife becomes healthier - wife becomes happier ... - Husband is sexist for providing a tool that helps make wife healthier and happier.

  • Jessica Bricker
    Jessica Bricker 6 hours ago

    I believe in Dominique Moceanu’s true stories about Martha and Bela done to girls.

  • Tessa Rossa
    Tessa Rossa 6 hours ago

    She's a model. Get over it people, she had nothing to do with the ad which was written by some giant ad agency who strangely hasn't gotten called out on the content.

  • glmoffet18
    glmoffet18 6 hours ago

    Peletons are overpriced and stupid, but the criticism of this commercial doesn't make any sense. Apparently anyone who is thin is physically fit, and the only reason for anyone to work out is to lose weight? Clearly the social media cancel squad doesn't work out.....

  • maelstrom0013
    maelstrom0013 6 hours ago

    America's sweetheart

  • Tessa Rossa
    Tessa Rossa 6 hours ago

    Advertisers all want a "viral" ad--but there's only one variety of viral ads left: one where it blows up the company.

  • Kinkou Kinkou
    Kinkou Kinkou 6 hours ago

    These two are INCREDIBLE

  • Michael Trenier
    Michael Trenier 6 hours ago

    Ol Trumpy won’t deny the Klan or speak on white supremacy but he has no qualms with anti semetic sentiment denouncement 🤔Hate is Hate no?

  • Patriotic Asian Populist

    SJW'S live to be offended by everything. They're miserable people.

  • seven miller
    seven miller 6 hours ago evil lie chimate change

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  • Jessica Bricker
    Jessica Bricker 7 hours ago

    Why didn’t they go to jail?

  • J Swett
    J Swett 7 hours ago

    I can guarantee you that there wasn't one single republican or libertarian who complained about this lol we all know who the weaklings are in our society.

  • demetrice alford
    demetrice alford 7 hours ago

    I bet Peleton's marketing and advertising executive is sick and unemployed right now

  • Jesus Ortiz
    Jesus Ortiz 7 hours ago

    She is super beautiful I think I fell in love 😍

  • Dutch Flats
    Dutch Flats 7 hours ago

    What a load of PC crap by NBC and all the snowflakes in our modern culture!

  • LaToya Burns-Conwell

    Well #peloton can hire ME for their next commercial.....I'm an actual plus size woman, trying to loose weight 😂 But really, I can see what people mean, but REALLY guys? Its not THAT serious. You did great Monica! AND you're handling everything with grace 🥰

  • D.K. J.M.
    D.K. J.M. 7 hours ago


  • david jones
    david jones 7 hours ago

    the ad is cringy

  • Zeke Santamaria
    Zeke Santamaria 7 hours ago

    Ryan Reynolds made a genius move! The ad is all his sense of humor. It's sensitive to the actress, to Peloton, and it does great for Aviation Gin! Awesome!

  • Emma W.
    Emma W. 7 hours ago

    Yeah I took a DNA test and discovered my grandpa is not my biological grandfather

  • kristen playlist
    kristen playlist 7 hours ago

    Please everybody start exposing our government! They won’t stop because nobody is doing anything about it. There’s not enough of us who are awake. Please stop running from the truth and start helping to protect these poor innocent kids who are the victims. PLEASE PEOPLE DO RESEARCH AND STARTING EXPOSING THESE DEMONIC PEOPLE

  • Robert san diego
    Robert san diego 7 hours ago

    So that's what we're doing now? Journalism consists of taking a handful of comments from social media and creating a shitstorm? Got it....

  • Joan Hill
    Joan Hill 7 hours ago

    Big Bird is with Mr. Hooper now... And Oscar is with his love, The Wicked Witch Of The West. (Seriously, look it up!) 😟

  • I like my own comments

    Why do Time executive's get to make this decision?

  • tml tml
    tml tml 7 hours ago

    The same magazine that picked a man for women of the year....So I guess it's not a real stretch for them to pick a mentally ill child that hasn't spoken of a single solution.

  • Joe Peluchette
    Joe Peluchette 7 hours ago

    Just cause shes thin doesnt mean shes healthy what a joke shes great

  • Nat Wolins
    Nat Wolins 7 hours ago

    Lighten up folks. Exercise is good for you. But buy a real bicycle and go outside.

  • Kathy Lopez
    Kathy Lopez 7 hours ago

    As I read this & saw it on tv, why wasn't the mother also charged as failing to report a crime as well as failing to protect ALL of her daughters. I don't believe for 1 minute she didn't know what was going on.

  • Ed Bentz
    Ed Bentz 7 hours ago

    Love the Insidious movie music

  • Laura Strong
    Laura Strong 7 hours ago

    My favorite story--make it real please

  • Ma tt
    Ma tt 7 hours ago

    That chic is hot.

  • AJ 316
    AJ 316 7 hours ago

    She's an actress. Seriously, so many others who deserved this more than her.

  • May Yang
    May Yang 7 hours ago

    Do you carry a lunchbox? 😂😂😂. That always get me😂😂

  • deborah Yunker
    deborah Yunker 7 hours ago

    It is so obvious how the media just absolutely despises the president they almost look like they're incompetent because they want to give him so bad. Haley did a wonderful job and Savannah should be ashamed of herself but then again she is part of the mainstream media

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    YAAL Ecuador 7 hours ago

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  • mike odonnell
    mike odonnell 7 hours ago

    this is so shocking to me. I had no idea Time was still around

  • YAAL Ecuador
    YAAL Ecuador 7 hours ago

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  • Darin Johnson
    Darin Johnson 7 hours ago

    Why didn't she visit the middle east?

  • dave4248
    dave4248 7 hours ago

    Her eyes are GINORMOUS. Not that I'm complaining. That's a hot feature for a woman to have.

  • Expat Lifestyle
    Expat Lifestyle 7 hours ago

    Michelle Obama is a wonderful role model. She’s such a gracious woman. After her husband won, she called Mrs Bush for advice on what is expected from a First Lady. She forgot the political affiliations and focused on the job at hand. We need decency and civility back.

  • Marvin Guigar
    Marvin Guigar 7 hours ago

    I said it once and I'll say it again you cannot turn a wild animal by Nature into a domestic pet it doesn't work

  • Cameron Page
    Cameron Page 7 hours ago

    big orgies and human sacrifice with the worlds elites is what happened there

  • Nicholas Schaefer
    Nicholas Schaefer 7 hours ago

    Lets maybe focus on a REAL Subject? The woman knows only whats told to her. We are all going to die. No matter what. Climate change is obviously natural order. This is not the person of the year.

  • Pvt. Pepe
    Pvt. Pepe 7 hours ago

    There's nothing wrong with that commercial. Very wholesome. The wrong lies with communist liberal democrats trying to destroy families by inverting reality. When people are divided along every single line they can exploit, they are easily controlled.

  • K Fountain
    K Fountain 7 hours ago

    Awesome! They are very sweet and love to work.

  • David Cole
    David Cole 7 hours ago

    Crazy Left finding issue with a stupid commercial.

  • share bear
    share bear 7 hours ago

    Awww I didn’t know big bird and oscar were played by the same actor

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 7 hours ago

    There is nothing wrong with the ad. Get a friggin’ grip jackasses. And the actress is very pretty!

  • Blu Phoenix
    Blu Phoenix 7 hours ago

    loved it!

  • Norris
    Norris 7 hours ago

    @1:31 The man, the myth, the legend......Kennedy Steve!

  • James Williams Junior

    I just hope she gets more work

  • Emma W.
    Emma W. 7 hours ago

    At least this wasn’t incest like I assumed it would be

  • Mariam Ali
    Mariam Ali 7 hours ago

    *PLEASE READ ALL!* guys, don't hate on all animals just because of this *one* attack. this incident is horrific and terrifying, yes, but there's no saying that all animals should be locked up (not mentioning any names but some were saying that). we should leave animals to themselves and let them live their lives. that way, we can prevent these incidents and avoid all of these attacks. think about it. what if it were animals that had the intellect that we had and the tech and stuff that we have, and telling others to start locking us up. think about if they were skinning us and cutting off our body parts to sell. this is what humans do to animals too, so we can't discriminate against all animals. im not defending the gorrila, not at all. but some people in this comment section are missing the point. this video is about celebrating that Charla is still alive and she's alright! let's shout about that and have fun congratulating her for being so brave.

  • jeff mattax
    jeff mattax 7 hours ago

    From the same people who believe MATH is racist....smh

    JESSICA SCHWARZ 7 hours ago

    The only unfair thing would be for this woman to suffer for doing a commercial. She is trying to make a living and punishing her for working is misogynistic. She seems like a lovely woman.

  • Phay8 ツ
    Phay8 ツ 7 hours ago


  • CheesyDynamite
    CheesyDynamite 7 hours ago

    Matt Lauer is such a weird mf

    JESSICA SCHWARZ 7 hours ago

    Ummmm, we have Trump as president, does this bicycle ad really matter given that tragedy???

  • Pawel C
    Pawel C 7 hours ago

    I like how they brought Ryan on to Mans-plain on how they took advantage of the first commercial and they didn't let Monica explain it. Typical SHEEP All about $$$$$$ Money..

  • ZenG UNcle
    ZenG UNcle 7 hours ago

    Who still care about Time Magazine? Plz comments below. Otherwise, give me a thumbs up

  • P A
    P A 7 hours ago

    Imagine a loved one getting brutally murdered only to find out that the killer lives in a place like this thanks to taxpayers...

  • CapnAce79
    CapnAce79 7 hours ago

    Time mag has officially lost all credibility

  • Desire La Belle
    Desire La Belle 7 hours ago

    She's suited to be a Disney princess or that girl in frozen. how is that ad sexist...quite ridiculous..

  • Cats01
    Cats01 7 hours ago

    This is the dumbest controversy I've seen in my 79+ years of life. Long ago I hypothesized that "MeToo" would consume us all, guilty or not. This may be the poster child that proves ny hypothesis.

  • Artur Markowski
    Artur Markowski 7 hours ago

    Trump 2024!

  • Artur Markowski
    Artur Markowski 7 hours ago

    Trump 2020!

  • georgelares
    georgelares 7 hours ago

    good thing Boston officials did not deport him after robbing banks. we need his doorman skills in this country for sure lol...keep voting liberals

  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love 7 hours ago

    people still vote for trump, this doesnt surprise me how stupid people are.. so being thin you dont need to work out? lol you still need to be healthy and workout

    • Robert san diego
      Robert san diego 7 hours ago

      They ironic part is, it's the stupid people who didn't vote for Trump that were probably outraged about this commercial. Which means thesr stupid people voted for Hillary. Basically, everybody is stupid 🤷‍♂️

  • pax43
    pax43 7 hours ago

    Good formal journalism. Love it!

    JESSICA SCHWARZ 7 hours ago

    I think that is really just how her face looks.

  • Andrew Minyard
    Andrew Minyard 7 hours ago

    I can’t stop staring at Joshua’s pecs,,,,,

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  • Austin
    Austin 7 hours ago

    you know the only people offended by the ad must be lazy s.o.b.'s. completely detached from reality god forbid someone wants to improve themselves!

  • Brian Long
    Brian Long 7 hours ago

    Anyone that TRULY has a problem with the Peloton commercial TRULY has a problem with their life. That being said, I think Monica's management did a fantastic job managing & orchestrating some fake outrage. She's a gorgeous woman with good looks to spare and I think she's going to have quite a career & people are going to see much more of her in the future, so be jealous or buy a bike & get inspired to use it

  • Finger banging Your mom

    We all know Liberals hate pretty women with a job 😂

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  • Odhran Bannon
    Odhran Bannon 7 hours ago

    I have one of the jumpers

  • Man Man
    Man Man 7 hours ago

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  • Carrie Strickland
    Carrie Strickland 7 hours ago

    It’s not in place anywhere but here- that’s for sure!

  • الصادق الامين

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  • الصادق الامين

    اتخذت هذه الجمعية أول الأمر اسم “أخوة الموت” .. ثم تطور ليصبح اسمها فيما بعد “منظمة الجمجمة والعظام” نظرا لما يشترطه نظامها الداخلي من طقوس تعتمد على الجماجم وعظام الأموات .. وتمكن ويليام راسل في ذلك الوقت من تجنيد عدد كبير من أغنياء الجامعة وكان أهمهم ألفونسو تافت الذي أصبح فيما بعد وزيرا للدفاع .. وأصبحت من اكثر المنظمات أو المجتمعات السرية تأثيرا فى السياسة والمال فى الولايات المتحدة .. وتمارس هذه المنظمة طقوسا تشبه الى حد كبير طقوس المنظمات الماسونية فى السرية والاجتماعات .. وتؤكد الوثائق أن وليام روسل William H Russell والفونسو تافت والد الرئيس وليام هاورد اشرفا على تأسيس هذه المنظمة ومارست نشاطها العلني تحت اسم شركة روسل Russell Trust Association منذ عام 1856 .. وكان بريسكوت بوش الجد شريكا فيها .. وأن اغلب أعضاء هذه المنظمة كانوا وزراء ومستشاري للأمن القومي ورؤساء CIA ورؤساء للولايات المتحدة … و شعار الجمعية كان عبارة عن عظمتي ساق يعلوهما جمجمة وفي الأسفل يوجد الرقم 322 تعبيراً عن سنة تأسيس الجمعية عام 322 ق. م. زمن الإغريق .. ليعاد إحياء الجمعية على يد الماسون عام 1832م في ألمانيا وعام 1882م في أمريكا .. ليكون الهدف منها إحكام السيطرة على العالم .. حيث يشاع بأنها القلب المعتم لحكومة العالم السرية … واتخذت الجمعية القبر شعارا لها .. وهي تفرض على كل منتسب لها أن ينظر إلى جماجم كل من الزعيمة الروحية للجمعية اكونابيال بليسا وحتى جمجمة الزعيم الهندي جيرونيمو التي تمكنت الجمعية من سرقتها وجعلها ضمن محتويات القبر .. كما يضم القبر أيضا سيفا حادا .. حيث يقال أنه استخدم مرة واحدة فقط في قتل شخص تجرأ على مساومة المشرفين على الجمعية وطالب بالأموال مقابل سكوته .. كما يشاع أيضا بأن القبر يحتوي على آثار بشرية مسروقة .. في تاريخ 9/5/2006 اعلنت وكالات الأنباء عن اكتشاف رسالة من العام 1918 مكتوبة بخط يد أحد أعضاء الجمعية يعترف فيها بوجود جمجمة زعيم قبيلة هنود الأباتشي الأمريكيين جيرونيمو الذي مات عام 1909 .. والتي دفنت على يد عضو مجلس الشيوخ الامريكي بريسكوت بوش والذي قام باحتساء الخمر فيها .. كما تؤكد الكساندرا روبينز من خلال أعضاء في الجمعية وجود هذه الجمجمة بداخل حافظة زجاجية في القبر مع مجموعة من المتطوعين للعسكرية من جامعة ييل .. تمت سرقتها لاحقا من الحصن الذي دفنت فيه .. كما يحتوي القبر على فضيات نازية من خواتم خاصة تحمل نحتا بارزا لجمجمة .. ومن المؤكد احتواء القبر على عدد من الجماجم المصنوعة يدويا من الكريستال الطبيعي والمستخرجة من معابد حضارة المايا في عشرينات القرن الحالي …

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