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This Has To Stop...
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What is this Instrument??
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PewDiePie Plays BASS?
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Belle Delphine COPIED me?
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The truth about my FACE...
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I'm the BASS Guy
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Russia REJECTED me... :(
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STOP doing this to me...
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BASSo Mode
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This video is in REVERSE
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How to Make a Guy CRY
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Spooky BASSY Skeletons
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How to Make a Girl Smile
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  • WolfieGaming
    WolfieGaming 12 seconds ago

    Yo yo

  • Максим Козлов

    in first solo you are swinging (I'm just being polite)

  • Travis Falk
    Travis Falk Minute ago


  • Travis Falk
    Travis Falk Minute ago


  • Dupage Rock Music School


    ТОП ФИЛЬМЫ 2 minutes ago


  • Andrew Holtz
    Andrew Holtz 2 minutes ago

    We forgive you Davie

  • AvaTheUnicorn M
    AvaTheUnicorn M 2 minutes ago

    I will teach my cat B A S S.

  • WolfieGaming
    WolfieGaming 3 minutes ago

    1:40 DID HE JUST SMILE?!?

  • Marjannuel Saturnino
    Marjannuel Saturnino 3 minutes ago

    I didn't read the caption, so I thought Davie hated me this much. I almost unsubscribed

  • The Fabulous 3921
    The Fabulous 3921 5 minutes ago

    What a show, very educational ;)

  • Myles Belove
    Myles Belove 5 minutes ago


  • Zangoz
    Zangoz 5 minutes ago

    There has to be an honorable mention for that "Pipe guy" street performer video. That dude is literally SLAPPING the hell out of pvc tubes with a sandal in the middle of a street

  • Danny Ainge
    Danny Ainge 5 minutes ago

    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Davie504: “WHAT YOU THINK I’M NOT GOOD AT SLAP”

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez 6 minutes ago

    1:08 italian voice reveal

  • Mohamed Osama
    Mohamed Osama 6 minutes ago

    I don't play any instruments but I like your video

  • Ivan Shugaev
    Ivan Shugaev 6 minutes ago

    dear davie my birthday is in a few weeks. all i want you to do is reply and heart this comment. plz

  • Mike Pierce
    Mike Pierce 7 minutes ago

    Why does it look like he is using a green screen when he is talking about spaghetti

  • Claira Levin
    Claira Levin 7 minutes ago

    The second guy looks like shia labeouf and keanu reeves at the same time lol

  • rodrigo dias
    rodrigo dias 8 minutes ago


  • Kagan Rustem
    Kagan Rustem 8 minutes ago


  • notahotshot
    notahotshot 8 minutes ago

    I have no one to send this to. I don't hate anybody I have contact with. I don't have contact with anybody I hate. Why would I? I don't need that kind of negativity in my life. I lol though.

  • rachel freeman
    rachel freeman 8 minutes ago

    Should play chello

  • Sir Steak
    Sir Steak 8 minutes ago


  • GiffiCheez
    GiffiCheez 8 minutes ago

    Reply or gimme the tiny bASS and ur channel pls

  • dills121
    dills121 9 minutes ago

    I saw the title of the video and immediately swore I wouldn't accept it if this was any other song

  • Manuel Cadena
    Manuel Cadena 10 minutes ago

    This is what it means to be Davie504! Great video 👍

  • demidoge
    demidoge 10 minutes ago

    You know that quadtruple camera guy has a youtube chamnel

  • HankBlueBull R
    HankBlueBull R 10 minutes ago


  • Chris Tsalkakis
    Chris Tsalkakis 11 minutes ago

    slapp stands for strategic lawsuit against public participation

  • johnny outlaw
    johnny outlaw 11 minutes ago

    6:30 is amamamamaaaaaazzing hahaha

  • Fredesh SOS
    Fredesh SOS 12 minutes ago

    Very impressive, but how hard can you SLAP the piano?

  • armand hernandez
    armand hernandez 12 minutes ago

    Sorry skipped the vid, do I get the knife?

  • Ian Saverio
    Ian Saverio 13 minutes ago

    Oh and 🅱️

  • Robbin
    Robbin 13 minutes ago

    Saint Bass!

  • Ian Saverio
    Ian Saverio 13 minutes ago

    I’m a guitar player but I would watch you over any guitar Clip-Sharer

  • RockTua Kuntom
    RockTua Kuntom 13 minutes ago

    My birthday was 8 april and can i use 804 on my name 😜

  • Richy Boi
    Richy Boi 13 minutes ago

    I don't know if I'm going to be the only one to point this out, but you influenced a beatboxer with your editing style. This is epic

  • Maks Beh
    Maks Beh 14 minutes ago

    B A S S

  • Tim V
    Tim V 15 minutes ago

    I could do all this if I had been trained from a young age. MUA HA ha,,,, who's at 8:17 anybody? New subscriber here. I don't play the bass.....yet. :) Thanks

  • Tu Aung
    Tu Aung 15 minutes ago


  • Patrick Sullivan
    Patrick Sullivan 16 minutes ago

    Bass solo number 11.

  • Tu Aung
    Tu Aung 16 minutes ago

    How Do you play guitar And bass.

  • J S
    J S 16 minutes ago

    Very impressive but can you play captain beefheart with a beefheart

  • Mr. Fusion
    Mr. Fusion 18 minutes ago

    6:12 Best Part

  • Tu Aung
    Tu Aung 18 minutes ago

    Do a 30 string bass solo on you tube I’m in 1 Grade

  • Gabriel Monteiro
    Gabriel Monteiro 18 minutes ago

    Davie is slappppping Minecraft

  • EsKimoZ
    EsKimoZ 20 minutes ago

    Only true SLAPPERS will watch this video

  • Tu Aung
    Tu Aung 20 minutes ago

    I like your bass songs

  • Killersnake
    Killersnake 20 minutes ago

    Number 9 used the lick. Epic.

  • I am Emanuel lindo
    I am Emanuel lindo 21 minute ago

    I am from portugal and i love to slap the 🅱️ass🤩💖

  • roelbreathes
    roelbreathes 22 minutes ago

    Davie once you do the Italian voice reveal you should make a video where you teach us how to SLAP. But like an actual lesson. That'd be rad

  • The MADGamer
    The MADGamer 22 minutes ago

    Very impressive but can you slap while being slapped?

  • Nice Guy
    Nice Guy 22 minutes ago


  • joseph szanto
    joseph szanto 23 minutes ago

    very impressive but can you do 48 strings

  • Peachy Bleach
    Peachy Bleach 23 minutes ago

    Good job Davie I love your vids and you play the bass well good job keep up the good work

  • Sneeki Soviet
    Sneeki Soviet 23 minutes ago

    After 45 is the coolest thing I've ever heard.

  • Brennan Cherry
    Brennan Cherry 24 minutes ago

    B A S S

  • TH_Apollo
    TH_Apollo 25 minutes ago

    He played the 🅱️ass solo I sent him (solo 6)

  • H.Beerens
    H.Beerens 25 minutes ago

    plz stop, I already smashed like 3 or more times.

  • Soumya Mukherjee
    Soumya Mukherjee 26 minutes ago

    What was the cost to rent the girl.....I also want to make her smile....

  • rabwek
    rabwek 26 minutes ago

    isn't it a bit too much 3min of nothing at the end to reach 10 min for a video with not much work in it?

  • James Kopkiewicz
    James Kopkiewicz 27 minutes ago

    @Davie504 - Slap solo 10 played by Wojciech Pilichowski - THE BEST bassist in Poland - check his other stuff :)

  • King0fSkinks
    King0fSkinks 27 minutes ago

    I am kind of new to bass so I need your help... I need to learn how to SLAP

  • clowe73
    clowe73 27 minutes ago

    Slap if this video is boring! Slap like now to dislike. Cya.

  • Lars Westerhausen
    Lars Westerhausen 28 minutes ago

    But can you slap like Les and sing at the same time? Or slap, sing and play keyboard with your feet all at once like Geddy?

  • Red_ Wolf.83
    Red_ Wolf.83 29 minutes ago

    1:21 when you drink too much Gatorade

  • Sneeki Soviet
    Sneeki Soviet 29 minutes ago

    *Seth wants to know your location.*

  • Alex Turčáni
    Alex Turčáni 29 minutes ago

    And this is how i learned a quit interesting recipee...

  • Lt. Colonel Kilgore
    Lt. Colonel Kilgore 30 minutes ago

    DAVIE504, You've driven quintuple Camara guy Crazy. Go to his Channel to see.

  • clowe73
    clowe73 31 minute ago

    I hope you do a live bass battle with guy that gave you the best base solo. He’s called you out on his channel. Do it live and see how many times you trip up.

  • MagicBean Party
    MagicBean Party 31 minute ago

    Yo triple camera guy challenged you. You should probably get on that and slap him

  • Tony Gagnon
    Tony Gagnon 31 minute ago

    i liked 78 dollars guy best

  • love my dogs
    love my dogs 32 minutes ago

    Very impressive, but can you play boulevard of broken dreams while breaking a bass.

  • Катя Андреева


  • Gaia M. C.
    Gaia M. C. 33 minutes ago

    Davie: EZ Me, still struggling to play Another One Bites The Dust: yeah sure easy peasy

  • clowe73
    clowe73 33 minutes ago

    You can only get sent to jail in Italy with those allegations.

  • Politoo vc
    Politoo vc 33 minutes ago

    Parabass City pls

  • Marty Gilman
    Marty Gilman 33 minutes ago

    Made me want to slap my saxophone


    Very impressive... but... *Voice of slap of my door* - "F*CK DON'T CHALLENGE HIM СУКА БЛЯТЬ!"

  • bOotbLitz •
    bOotbLitz • 35 minutes ago

    Omg youre using a hack.. ill call the police then slap you after..

  • Kaspar
    Kaspar 35 minutes ago

    #5 is Paganini caprice no. 24 its a violin piece. Check it. Now.

  • Jornesss
    Jornesss 36 minutes ago



    Very impressive... but... *Voice of slap of my door* - "F*CK DON'T CHALLENGE HIM СУКА БЛЯТЬ!"

  • Pjotr de graaf
    Pjotr de graaf 37 minutes ago

    The fingerstyle part was dope

  • Principium
    Principium 37 minutes ago

    What u think about this bass line? roadrunner united - annihilation by the hands of god :) Enjoy...

  • Paired Formula8
    Paired Formula8 37 minutes ago

    I hate you, fucking clickbait dude

  • Krzysztof Ścisło
    Krzysztof Ścisło 38 minutes ago

    Who else is waitin for the 4 mlns

  • UnChill Gaming
    UnChill Gaming 39 minutes ago

    Can i get a hug💕

  • trendy bromandolorian
    trendy bromandolorian 39 minutes ago

    Davie teach us the second solo plz!

  • Alexi Funkner
    Alexi Funkner 40 minutes ago


  • Chaitanya Singh
    Chaitanya Singh 40 minutes ago

    HE reched his final evolution. I wonder if he'll mega evolve to a sixtuple camera guy or not

  • Red Wings Of Baron
    Red Wings Of Baron 40 minutes ago

    Seeing videos of Davie504 make me realice that i want to quit guitar and start to play and slap the bass... thank you BASS power!

  • Aaron Daniels
    Aaron Daniels 42 minutes ago

    4:35 Bazzi Mine

  • WhoxKilledxMike
    WhoxKilledxMike 43 minutes ago

    Play Roundabout by Yes to get to 4million subs

  • paula fucking seoane
    paula fucking seoane 43 minutes ago

    B a s s

  • Mackenzi Kintsugi
    Mackenzi Kintsugi 43 minutes ago

    First time stumbling your channel and content. I love it! APPROVED! I SLAP Like, and SLAPP Subscribe.

  • MrJ99
    MrJ99 43 minutes ago

    He Protecc He Attacc but most importantly He Slapp

  • Deborah Locke
    Deborah Locke 43 minutes ago

    Shut up people he looks nothing like him

  • Kalameet Trips
    Kalameet Trips 43 minutes ago

    1:13 This is actualy my favourite pizza Nice Senbonzakura