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  • Coco Sham
    Coco Sham 4 hours ago

    “One of my mates call me LARGE” 🍆🍆 (also check out my covers pls if u can lol :))

  • CloudsDreamTeam
    CloudsDreamTeam 4 hours ago

    Niall: I’ll probably fall really easily Me: mmM INTERESTING

  • Al Marin
    Al Marin 4 hours ago

    I thought Hot Ones made one that was hotter ? They called it Pepper X

  • Alex 123
    Alex 123 4 hours ago


  • Alice Lily
    Alice Lily 4 hours ago

    i went completely crazy over him referring to himself in the 3rd person the entire video bdsmsk

  • Teagan Graybill
    Teagan Graybill 4 hours ago

    “Give your tweets a reread before you hit send” great advice

  • jMarcos Oliveira
    jMarcos Oliveira 4 hours ago

    hehehe... this Hãããã is a baritone... . www.ineclub.com.br

  • Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen 4 hours ago

    At last...it was about time... I can finally die in piece now😌

  • Jo Ba
    Jo Ba 4 hours ago

    2:01 He should have answered "Niall Horan *IS* part of one direction"

  • Lilo Storan
    Lilo Storan 4 hours ago

    Niall horan auditioned for a tv show in the UK called the xfactor.. failed, then got put in a band with four others who failed😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂....this is not supposed to be funny...why I'm I laughing 😆😆😆

    MILUZKA 4 hours ago

    "is Niall Horan related to Ellehahahaha" DUDE HIS LAUGH ITS THE GREATEST THING IN LIFE

  • ASK
    ASK 4 hours ago

    Yes yes yes!!!!!

  • Ninaofthe90s
    Ninaofthe90s 4 hours ago

    I find it hilarious that somene asked google what his blood type is 😂😂😂😂

  • Gabriela Perez
    Gabriela Perez 4 hours ago

    i am so sad by what he said about one direction

  • Kaylee Munoz
    Kaylee Munoz 4 hours ago

    I didn’t think I could love this man more and here I am.. loving him more

  • FBI oxalem
    FBI oxalem 4 hours ago

    Oh i thought the dragons breath was hotter

  • r.s.b 1997
    r.s.b 1997 4 hours ago


  • sa-mpDirectioner
    sa-mpDirectioner 4 hours ago

    niall horan's nickname :D : Nialler or potato :D : fans -> niallers or niall's potatoes :D wtf how ? niall's middle name :DDD james .................. potter :DD

  • Sukhmani Nijjar
    Sukhmani Nijjar 4 hours ago

    I think Niall would be a Slytherin

  • lilycupcake11
    lilycupcake11 4 hours ago


  • A
    A 4 hours ago

    Niall randomly saying Dankeschön makes my german heart happy

  • Jo Ba
    Jo Ba 4 hours ago

    1:11 "Is Niall Horan in smallfoot? *What are you trying to say* ???" 👌🏼😂

  • Leesa Glover
    Leesa Glover 4 hours ago

    Wow this is amazing me lol

  • Bonbon C
    Bonbon C 4 hours ago

    If cultivated by the masses... this could be the greatest organic weapon of all time. A weapon of mass lachrymation LOL =D

  • Kirti Singh
    Kirti Singh 4 hours ago

    This is the proof that you are before 1 million

  • AbbeyGurl44
    AbbeyGurl44 4 hours ago


  • R G
    R G 4 hours ago

    My question is: "Who is Matt Horan?" ... Never heard of this guy! Lolol..

  • Megan Williams
    Megan Williams 4 hours ago

    has he got more Irish? is that possible?

  • Reggie Jenkins
    Reggie Jenkins 4 hours ago

    He’s gonna end up creating a proper that literally melts your tongue and he’ll still be like “more hot!!”

  • Josie Potter
    Josie Potter 4 hours ago

    Okay but I live in NYS so I’m S H O O K

  • Sarah Zendejas
    Sarah Zendejas 4 hours ago

    2:12 Question: What color are Niall Horan’s eyes? Answer: Beautiful. 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Esmeralda LS
    Esmeralda LS 4 hours ago

    Was Niall Horan part of One Direction? Niall Horan was part of One Direction My 18 months heart is broken 😢

  • PT2
    PT2 4 hours ago

    we had a guy in denmark who built his own submarines. it was all fun and games untill he killed a woman down there and chopped her into pieces.

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  • noraemper _
    noraemper _ 4 hours ago

    I love this man

  • Chris
    Chris 4 hours ago

    who is he?

  • Sukhmani Nijjar
    Sukhmani Nijjar 4 hours ago

    Niall Horan auditioned for a show called the X-Factor in the UK Failed And then got out into a band with four others that failed the we ended up in a bad called One Direction That sums it up quite nicely

  • Malikah NakamotoLeeJungTuanParkByun

    Just realized I haven't heard him talk in so long. Soooooo excited for NH2 and the tour!!!

  • On Sonority
    On Sonority 4 hours ago


  • Louise Heinz
    Louise Heinz 4 hours ago

    Hold up ... since when does niall have an earring ???

  • Malikah NakamotoLeeJungTuanParkByun

    It ended with that gorgeous laugh, amen

  • Edrei Navas
    Edrei Navas 4 hours ago

    Nobody: Pepper X: Hold my beer

  • CloudsDreamTeam
    CloudsDreamTeam 4 hours ago

    Niall, is your undershirt back to front

  • Esmeralda LS
    Esmeralda LS 4 hours ago

    México presente

  • CloudsDreamTeam
    CloudsDreamTeam 4 hours ago


  • Laura Handberg
    Laura Handberg 4 hours ago

    The"physicist" (there were, of course, multiple, but the explaining one) voice sound a lot like John Mulaney

  • Kenze
    Kenze 4 hours ago

    Niall is a hufflepuff I don’t care what he says

  • X x_LarryQueen_x X
    X x_LarryQueen_x X 4 hours ago

    I’m a normal guy with a abnormal job😉

  • Eleftheria Konstantaki

    Niall: One my mates called me 'large'.... for reasons I can't tell you Me: *interested face* do tell me more

  • Annah Niram
    Annah Niram 4 hours ago

    HE IS SO CUTEEEEEEEEEE, the way he talks in 3rd person makes me laugh

  • kliudrsfhlih
    kliudrsfhlih 4 hours ago

    there should be a control group where a stranger rather than the owner walks in.

  • Safi Ullah
    Safi Ullah 4 hours ago

    Me: *omg niall ur wearing an earring!!!* Niall: *I AM FASHION*

  • Daniela Missa
    Daniela Missa 4 hours ago

    If nialll could notice me ..... That would be awsome we all think that right?🙃

  • nctzen 357
    nctzen 357 4 hours ago

    I think people who say they don’t like cats just interacted wrong with them. If you can’t read cats body languages and try to interact with them ruffly then yes they will bite. Cats are such cute animals and can be the best friend like my cat is to me💗They aren’t mean. Just like humans they have different characters 🐱

  • Mia Xavier
    Mia Xavier 4 hours ago

    Niall saying he would have been BFF with Ron and not Seamus is bLASPHEMY 😂

  • Christine Z.
    Christine Z. 4 hours ago

    Love this series so much!!

  • Matti Kauppinen
    Matti Kauppinen 4 hours ago

    The child knows what a x and y axes are.. at his age i didnt know what an x axis was and I'm in grad school for maths now

  • TheRailroader
    TheRailroader 4 hours ago

    Know what you've never thought about? Malls are dying because most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and can barely live that way. The price of living has raised so much since the 90s- where malls started to die.

  • Safi Ullah
    Safi Ullah 4 hours ago

    Niall: *shows his eyes colour* Me: *drowns in those beautiful eyes*

  • L D
    L D 4 hours ago

    This man hates humanity and he put in the time and effort to prove it.

  • Ava
    Ava 4 hours ago

    omg hes so cute.. his laugh at the end. makes me miss stanning 1d before their split. i still keep up w his music but i dont stan hard anymore. hes still so sweet

  • BrOtHeRs?
    BrOtHeRs? 4 hours ago

    I'd be so happy to call Niall my fellow Griffindor 🦁

  • Shanmukha Priya
    Shanmukha Priya 4 hours ago

    I think that One direction members are becoming hotter every year Make 👇 blue

  • Jia Grover
    Jia Grover 4 hours ago

    And the award for my new most favourite video on the internet goes to..........

  • X x_LarryQueen_x X
    X x_LarryQueen_x X 4 hours ago

    I’ve never been so early :)

  • SideWayz
    SideWayz 4 hours ago

    Can you imagine if this man dedicated himself to crossbreeding 2 weed plants?

  • kryptonsa36
    kryptonsa36 4 hours ago

    love that you got Allen Leech in for this!!

  • Bobbey bob
    Bobbey bob 4 hours ago

    So the first generation that results in the mix of pollen will carry phenotypes of the parents plants ? you don't have to grow the seeds of the first pepper ?

  • bingbong
    bingbong 4 hours ago

    do one of Harry styles!!!!!!

  • Kailee Pirsch
    Kailee Pirsch 4 hours ago

    niall horan is

  • Amjad s
    Amjad s 4 hours ago

    So much niall content MY HEART CAN'T HANDLE IT

  • Arwen Undomiel
    Arwen Undomiel 4 hours ago

    call it football, America. Like the rest of the world. 👏👏👏

  • The Trash Can
    The Trash Can 4 hours ago

    James Corden got the Jonas Brothers back together (I know I know), and it seems like Wired is getting 1D.

  • Nora Prodanoff
    Nora Prodanoff 4 hours ago

    Im spamming wayyyy tooo much

  • Sukhmani Nijjar
    Sukhmani Nijjar 4 hours ago

    Last time I was this early- oh wait I've never been this early

  • becky b
    becky b 4 hours ago

    Harry and Louis need to do one next

  • Nora Prodanoff
    Nora Prodanoff 4 hours ago


  • Thicgang436
    Thicgang436 4 hours ago


  • Liyu Mekonnen
    Liyu Mekonnen 4 hours ago

    thank you for reminding me that i am in love with this man and that will never change

  • Nora Prodanoff
    Nora Prodanoff 4 hours ago


  • Bea Navas
    Bea Navas 4 hours ago

    niall does something to me

  • Just Josh
    Just Josh 4 hours ago

    2:14 his eyes are magical

  • Emily Singh
    Emily Singh 4 hours ago

    Niall loves to talk about Ireland

  • りえ
    りえ 4 hours ago

    I think he sounds more Irish now that he’s gone solo than when he was in the band where he was surrounded by four British lads

  • I like purple drinks

    Those look like my lips

  • skinke gamer
    skinke gamer 4 hours ago

    i love that movie

  • anna
    anna 4 hours ago

    i'm...did he say "dankeschön" at 1:40 ? like..the german "dankeschön" which means "thank you" ? ????????

  • Samuel Hauptmann van Dam

    If anyone doubt how incredible it is. The guy is running above 20km/13miles an hour. That's crazy fast. Now do it for two hours. No matter the technology in your shoes or however many running mates you get.

  • I like purple drinks

    They look like a red ball sack

  • Valeria
    Valeria 4 hours ago

    His laugh at the end got me like 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😚😚😚💘💖💗💓💞💝💕💚💛💛🧡🧡💚💙💘💘💖💓💞❤️❤️💚💙💕💘💖💗💓💞💝💕💓

    SADIQ ULTRASOUNDS 4 hours ago

    It's not Niall Horran it's... *POTATO GODDAMIT*

  • Natalie
    Natalie 4 hours ago

    l love him

    SHINE 4 hours ago

    2:14 i'm not okay thank you so much

  • LittleBitGay
    LittleBitGay 4 hours ago

    Will eating this pepper make my dad come back..?

  • xxjooline
    xxjooline 4 hours ago

    1:40 does he say Dankeschön ?

  • Nora Prodanoff
    Nora Prodanoff 4 hours ago

    Niall's PIERCING. that's it, that's the comment.

  • Zdenka Čurová
    Zdenka Čurová 4 hours ago

    Omg FINALLY!!! 🤗

  • Emily Singh
    Emily Singh 4 hours ago

    If the old 1D posts are correct then Niall's blood type is A

  • Tracy Odika
    Tracy Odika 4 hours ago

    😱😱😱 NIALL

  • Omyyy
    Omyyy 4 hours ago

    “What color are Niall Horan’s eyes?” Niall: *stares at the camera* Me : *blushes*🥴