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Andrew Tate vs Piers Morgan Chess Match
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Andrew Tate vs Piers Morgan Chess Match
Andrew Tate shocking reason for being bald
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Andrew Tate shocking reason for being bald
Tate helps Clix get his FIRST KISS 💋
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Tate helps Clix get his FIRST KISS 💋
Andrew Tate reveals if he’s Illuminati 🤯
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Andrew Tate reveals if he’s Illuminati 🤯
How Andrew Tate SAVED the Earth 🌍
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How Andrew Tate SAVED the Earth 🌍
EXCLUSIVE- Tristan Tate interview about relationship with Romanian model
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EXCLUSIVE- Tristan Tate interview about relationship with Romanian model


  • Dumb dumber and dumbest

    Yes sir

  • Roland Music
    Roland Music 3 hours ago

    One day he will see him all atheists, I’m gonna be sorry for them, this man doesn’t know what he is saying young kids are learning from him.

  • El
    El 5 hours ago


  • Wealth Royalty
    Wealth Royalty 7 hours ago

    Tates haters punching the air rn 😂🙏

    REVIEWS&MORE 7 hours ago


  • Phivos
    Phivos 12 hours ago

    Bro was ordering apple as if he was ordering McDonald’s

  • Mohammad Serdah
    Mohammad Serdah 19 hours ago

    The way he entered and casually said “hi can i have an ipad please” like its a junior chicken killed me

  • Sahadatu Ibrahim
    Sahadatu Ibrahim 22 hours ago

    He is nice with a bald head. Looks great on him

  • JD Enciso
    JD Enciso Day ago


  • Rebecca K
    Rebecca K Day ago

    I dont think it's actually Christianity that he's dissing. Its the extremist/fundamentalist preacher types who are incredibly arrogant, self-righteous, arrogant, judgmental, and narrow-minded. Yet he fails to see that he's behaving exactly like them

  • Encrypted
    Encrypted 2 days ago

    This pisses me off too bad because iv sen Jesus in a vision. Even the concept of atheism sucks, like what happens when life goes to hell and you have nothing left. I swear most atheist people have easy lives.

  • deadbody
    deadbody 2 days ago

    bros got a point

  • Daniel Richerson
    Daniel Richerson 2 days ago

    Who says something like that. He calls people delusional that believe in Jesus and then tells the world that he knows honestly for a fact that Jesus banged chicks. Wtf? This quote shouldn't exist first of all, and the words, "honestly" "guarantee" and "I" means he truly believes that he knows the honest truth about Jesus and his sex life..... anyone else see the irony in that? The douchebaggery is more potent but, what an idiot. Lol this dude had to buy all his friends, they used him and most ditched him. That's who he is...

  • Daniel Richerson
    Daniel Richerson 2 days ago

    Lol. I just always remind myself how many people used Paul and then ditched him when Paul says stupid things like this. He literally had to buy his friends

  • RomanzzLand
    RomanzzLand 2 days ago

    I agree with him

  • sOuL_hUnTeR
    sOuL_hUnTeR 2 days ago

    Bro is no top g, he bottom q my boy 😂😂

  • Anthony Walker
    Anthony Walker 2 days ago

    No longer like this guy anymore what a prick. Logan if you dont ask for forgiveness your going to have a eternity of dwelling when jesus comes back. Man u wouldnt be so against If u had any faith. But its impossible to impress the lord without faith. Jus because u cant see him doesnt mean u cant fill him. Hes a substance you have to believe and ask him to come into your heart but truly 100% believe in him and you'll look a your life different. . Let me ask u can u see love?? How bout the wind ? Can you fill or see gravity?? But you know are these are real well besides maybe one pretty sure gravity doesnt exist but you get what I'm saying. U cant see the wind either but you no it's real cause u fill it. Well ask him into your heart and you'll fill jesus also. . Hope this helps someone love you all. Jesus is very real and died for everyone of us. Thank and praise that man only he is the reason us humans have a chance period. Without him were all doomed. Why u think we fear God logan. Be afraid to lose him that's what you should be afraid of!!!! God bless you could touch so many people and change alot of lives with your platform but then again they would prolly banned you or some Andrew tate type crap. FreeTatebrothers😊

  • Logan Talbot
    Logan Talbot 3 days ago

    I am a top g ready

  • 🥵FoltynisSEXY🥵

    Bombastic side eye 👁️👄👁️

  • ben upston
    ben upston 3 days ago


    • ben upston
      ben upston 3 days ago

      Gotta be careful, im glad he saw reason

  • Lengandary_Unknown: STUDIO

    I like your " cut G" bottom g 💀

  • Oreo Milkshake
    Oreo Milkshake 4 days ago

    I swear people jn the comments are hypocrites People when they see family guy mocks christianity: ehhh is ok People when they see logan paul mocks christianity: THATS HORRIBLE

  • Ahmed suleiman
    Ahmed suleiman 4 days ago

    the glasses bro that got me laughing

  • bctowing
    bctowing 5 days ago


  • ThunderKatz
    ThunderKatz 5 days ago

    Why do people hate us Christians so much we haven’t done anything to you if anything the lgbtq have it easier the Muslims have it easier

  • Kaity Russell
    Kaity Russell 5 days ago

    Jesus please convict him

  • Free Throw
    Free Throw 5 days ago

    As a catholic I have respect for all Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, every religion and I love Logan and prime but after hearing this… Gatorade tasted so good.

  • Justin Rithesh
    Justin Rithesh 5 days ago

    2023: the RISE of the FALLEN. Stay Strong G.

  • Quster45
    Quster45 5 days ago

    Common Logan Paul L take

  • Edward Jay Luther
    Edward Jay Luther 5 days ago

    Logan is the same guy he was back then during the forest incident. He just says things that will help him gain popularity and relevance... He will agree there are 72 genders and people can identify themselves as whatever they want ....cause if he go against the mass he will be cancelled again, but he knows that in America people are okay with someone insulting Jesus and people think it's cool to go against God and mock him. All of the great athletes in the world are religious and believe in higher power because during the darkest time when you feel like giving up there is a force that helps you push pass your limits.

  • yik waihin
    yik waihin 5 days ago

    As a buddhist, this is disgusting

  • Chanel E
    Chanel E 5 days ago

    20 20 23

  • Buzz Buzz
    Buzz Buzz 5 days ago


  • PrA yUt
    PrA yUt 6 days ago

    Logan could be an asshole, but he's also ahead of time.

  • Syed Adiyan Quadri
    Syed Adiyan Quadri 6 days ago

    bro always say ''202023''😭 😭

  • TheBridge69
    TheBridge69 6 days ago

    As a non religious person this is really disrespectful

  • A. M.
    A. M. 6 days ago

    I don’t think atheism is more rational at all. And not because I follow some religion but because I think that it’s rational to believe in the existence of some divine entity

  • A. M.
    A. M. 6 days ago

    I think it’s rational to believe in the existence of something divine for many reasons, the main one is that you can say universe was created by the Big Bang but what did originate the Big Bang? And if one day they find out, what did originate that thing that originated the Big Bang? And you can do this infinite times. The thing that I find a lot unlikely if not impossible is the fact that some doctrine or religion is the “right” one. I think that or the divinity doesn’t care about us at all and doesn’t directly interact with us, or the divinity doesn’t really mind which religion we follow and about the doctrine. As most of the doctrines of the religions make 0 sense and are full of contradictions. Or maybe the divinity isn’t something sentient or it is sentient but so different and transcendental from us that interacting with it would be almost impossible

  • Doomsday
    Doomsday 6 days ago

    Bros a -G

  • Z_chzz
    Z_chzz 7 days ago

    Be with god that’s not nice

  • slimchris890
    slimchris890 7 days ago

    L logan

  • Sfaya
    Sfaya 7 days ago

    Same type of people that will punch you if you say one thing about muslims

  • drippyt .
    drippyt . 7 days ago

    bro is bottom H

  • lego batman
    lego batman 7 days ago

    What's logan pauls religion?

  • Anatoli
    Anatoli 7 days ago

    What belief is silly, can you see gravity, your brain, air, oxygen but you use them in your daily life don't you? Money can't buy brain cells i suppose

  • Nikhil Singal
    Nikhil Singal 7 days ago


  • Incynter Center
    Incynter Center 8 days ago

    Bottom g gonna have a journey to get to the top g but I will believe him

  • Hollis Hill
    Hollis Hill 8 days ago


  • Hollis Hill
    Hollis Hill 8 days ago


  • Joel Kitsch
    Joel Kitsch 8 days ago

    This is sad honestly. It’s painful to watch