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Driving A Tesla Upside-Down (10ft Tall Wheels)
Are Teslas quality cars? Are they safe for your children? Can they drive upside down? Can the fancy white seats really hold up to a 28" Stihl logging chainsaw? These are great questions... we find out TODAY.
Buy wheels + tons of other parts for your car here: www.fitmentindustries.com
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I bought a $400,000 Ferrari just to destroy it
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Ferrari is notorious for suing their customers, and also for fast red sports cars. Either way, I now own one!! What do I plan on doing with it? Lets find out :)
Using $35,000 Nike Air Mags As Work Boots
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Check out dealdash.com/Diesel to get 100 FREE BIDS on your first bid pack purchase! Are the extremely rare Nike Air Mags worth the average person's yearly salary? Our heavy equipment is about to find out... Welcome to the danger zone. Huge thanks to Ampere EV for letting us use their Delorean! INSTAGRAM whistlindiesel TIKTOK www.tiktok.com/@whistlindieselvstiktok2 TWITTER twitter....
I Think I Accidentally Bought a Bugatti Chiron
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Today I'm shopping for the best car I can for under $22M. Bugattis are an affordable option as they don't break down often. Making this the perfect car for us. Watch Steve gladly let us beat the crap out of his today. #durable
Flying A Helicopter Indoors
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What happens when you fly your helicopter inside? Things go very wrong... #wrongbrothers
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Monstermax 2 is now powered by 2 Duramax engines and Allison transmissions.We have an amazing brake system and powertrain, but some issues are arising in other components due to the trucks weight. Last and final update before completion. #monstermax2 www.monstermax.com NOW OPEN
Buying my first Helicopter without a pilots license!
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Featuring @HeavyDSparks and his Blackhawk. It's been a long hard journey to get here, but I'm proud to finally announce... I bought my first helicopter. I know I know... you're worried. But I can assure you all that I have the proper training and expertise needed for something like this. The skies are not ready for me……. MUSIC: @kedela310 "Deleted" #aviation
Buying a Firetruck and destroying it in one day
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Watch me assert my extreme dominance over innocent civilians because I have more than what it takes to be a firefighter.
Hunting the thieves that stole from my family ($500,000 REWARD)
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The reward for the thieves of my dads skid loader has now increased to half a million dollars. I will find you............................................................................ MUSIC: BONES- AIRPLANEMODE
G-Wagon Durability Test #2
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Save 30% on the Cannadips Fuel Pack and Sleep like a king or jumpstart your adventure cannadips.com/whistlin Today we see how Mercedes’ New 1,000hp Super SUV does against a 1967 Farmall 1206 Tractor more stunts. It’s already handled 100ft jumps, excessive suspension stress, powertrain abuse, being dropped through a house. Thanks to Dawson County Sheriffs Office for pit maneuvering us, Atlanta M...
Crushing my Skyline GTR
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Buying a skyline was one of the biggest regrets of my entire life. The definitely won’t happen again lol. These cars are not worth what everyone thinks they are... Thankfully nobody has to be tortured by this car again.
i bought a tank
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Best way to ever spend $6.9M. I bought a freaking tank on marketplace but had no idea it was in the UK so we flew there to drive it before it comes to the US. I've wanted this since I was 3.
Modern Toyota Hilux Durability Test (yes they still make them)
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The video America doesn't want you to see. Yes Toyota still makes Hiluxes. We're just not allowed to have them. Are they just as good? Find out. Subscribe to my friend @MarkMcCann64 he offered us his place to use for this!!
MONSTERMAX 2 Initial Testing + Trial Update
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MONSTERMAX 2 IS FINALLY HOME. Today was initial testing to make sure it will all function properly and handle earths elements. We also had court for the splashing trial again so this covers the last trial. Thank you. #MM2
The Worlds Fastest General Lee Can Run From any Cop (1600hp Twin Turbo LS)
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The Worlds Fastest General Lee Can Run From any Cop (1600hp Twin Turbo LS)
Dropping my brand new G-Wagon through a house
Views 2.9M7 months ago
Dropping my brand new G-Wagon through a house
G-Wagon vs Bottomless Sinkhole
Views 4.6M7 months ago
G-Wagon vs Bottomless Sinkhole
G-Wagon Durability Test #1
Views 9M7 months ago
G-Wagon Durability Test #1
Daddy, I Want A G-Wagon
Views 2.1M8 months ago
Daddy, I Want A G-Wagon
R32 + R32 = R34
Views 3.3M8 months ago
R32 R32 = R34
I may be going to jail for a year
Views 4.4M9 months ago
I may be going to jail for a year
Launching my R32 until it breaks (Skyline Test #1)
Views 3.4M9 months ago
Launching my R32 until it breaks (Skyline Test #1)
What not to do as a Police Officer
Views 2.8M10 months ago
What not to do as a Police Officer
Cops impound 14 year olds tractor... I send hundreds more
Views 6M10 months ago
Cops impound 14 year olds tractor... I send hundreds more
Testing the “Worlds Most Durable Fan” (non biased)
Views 2.9M10 months ago
Testing the “Worlds Most Durable Fan” (non biased)
My secret Toyota Hilux collection
Views 4.3M10 months ago
My secret Toyota Hilux collection
My new Lamborghini. Paid for by the people that hate me.
Views 6M11 months ago
My new Lamborghini. Paid for by the people that hate me.
Using $12,000 Air Diors as Work Boots
Views 4.7MYear ago
Using $12,000 Air Diors as Work Boots
Crushing my cameramans truck and giving him a new one
Views 6MYear ago
Crushing my cameramans truck and giving him a new one
Throwing school busses with my new excavator
Views 4MYear ago
Throwing school busses with my new excavator


  • Paul Sparkone
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    Blaming meds and drink... he didn't return them after the fact, and even tried to deny having taken them. Everything he said here is bs. He got caught, and that is his only embarrassment. Would he do it again? I have no doubt. One to watch.

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    Haha watching you're newer videos and seeing all the nice newer infrastructure you've built on your property that exist because you've run it over like the chain link fence or crashed into it.. It's great

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    31:50 is a Tom Cruise re-enactment.

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    а по русски можно?

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    that broken dropbox sounds like the intro to Five hours by Deorro

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    Bro wants to be man in cave 💀

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    Ukraine need that tank

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    That cup holder would last no chance with me.

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    Real Life GTA Vice City Cheat Codes “Float Cars On Water “

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    R.i.p walter white

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    Брат мне подари одну машину а я не могу купить жгули а ты самые дорогие машины испортишь

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    R32+R32=R64 😏

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    this is really a very crazy action but I really like it and maybe only you have the courage to do something like that greetings your fans from Indonesia

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    I can’t wait to see this thing back in action,

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    Love From Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰 I'm watching all your Video's.. I'm feeling good..

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