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Apple iPhone 11 hands-on
Views 868K8 days ago
Porsche Taycan first look
Views 128K14 days ago
Android Q hands-on
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  • Fauzan Adli
    Fauzan Adli 4 hours ago

    1:06 that windows looks far more better than windows 10.

  • Rolando Sepúlveda
    Rolando Sepúlveda 4 hours ago

    The Verge = La Verga Spanish version.

  • Héctor Macías
    Héctor Macías 4 hours ago

    Lost opportunity to include breaking bad meme right there, Yeah Bi***, MAGNETS! OH!

  • Neeraj Agrawal
    Neeraj Agrawal 4 hours ago

    The pixel is so bad with videos that it shouldn’t even be in the competition 😅

  • Leo Scaletta
    Leo Scaletta 4 hours ago


  • Nick Botha
    Nick Botha 4 hours ago

    After watching this.. I’m basically take my money 🤣

  • Axion
    Axion 4 hours ago

    Samsung watches show color in their always on display too, been like that for a while. WearOS watches do too (3100 ones at least) they also both show a seconds hand in their always on (again 3100 watches for WearOS.)

  • Zunair Mushtaq
    Zunair Mushtaq 4 hours ago

    Oh my God. The video quality, composition, script and innovations in this 20 min video is the best in its class. Very impressive

  • Sebastian Glubberer
    Sebastian Glubberer 4 hours ago

    For me overall the note 10 wins ! Second came iphone and pixel at the same time.

  • Jimi James
    Jimi James 4 hours ago

    not including timeline... why? what a miss. would literally buy an iPad Pro tomorrow if it was offered.

  • bsfatboy
    bsfatboy 4 hours ago

    I still remember Nilay.

  • Siaat Sikder
    Siaat Sikder 4 hours ago


  • Jens Barth
    Jens Barth 4 hours ago

    You know Twenty One Pilots „I don’t believe the hype“? Thats what it is about. Advertising for Apples new watch. It is the best Apple Watch ever - no doubt. But you should look at Garmin’s Venu. Almost the same features but much better if you make sports. And with a longer battery time. Apple is fancy and hype - I don’t believe in that.

  • isayah hdz
    isayah hdz 4 hours ago

    God bless Jesus the way repent seek the lord walk by faith blessed is the man who seeks the Lord

  • Georgina Abi-hanna
    Georgina Abi-hanna 4 hours ago

    What’s the storage like?

  • lalmuanpuia sailo
    lalmuanpuia sailo 4 hours ago

    I'll take my gear s3 over the series 5 any day!

  • Mesut 4
    Mesut 4 4 hours ago

    Umm why is this on the yiay playlist

  • Joe Coleman
    Joe Coleman 4 hours ago

    I liked that analogy!

  • Harish KR
    Harish KR 4 hours ago

    5:50, Mr Q

  • Mohamed Elmaghraby
    Mohamed Elmaghraby 4 hours ago

    Iam upgrading from sony z2 😂😂✋

  • MyNameIsBionic
    MyNameIsBionic 4 hours ago

    1 full charge Gets me 2 - 3 Days with my Series 3 42MM. Strong!

  • Prabin Chhetri
    Prabin Chhetri 4 hours ago

    Way better than note 10's camera?? Mmmmmmm.

  • Abdullah M
    Abdullah M 4 hours ago

    How you'd track your sleep if you have to charge it overnight?

  • Chuck Jose
    Chuck Jose 4 hours ago

    Give it up to The Verge to match their filmmaking skills to the quality of the product they're reviewing

  • kingwleung
    kingwleung 4 hours ago

    The only problem as far as I am concerned... this Apple 🍎 ⌚️ will never be as good as the next 🍎 ⌚️!

  • Jordan Lucas
    Jordan Lucas 4 hours ago

    Series 4S

  • Leif Scott
    Leif Scott 4 hours ago

    People don't give the screen upgrade from the 720p LCD enough credit.

  • Arkar Heinn
    Arkar Heinn 4 hours ago

    Should i upgrade to iph 11 or keep my xs ?

  • malcom masvikwa
    malcom masvikwa 4 hours ago

    Like this review is just ridiculous man. The most basic of features are being hyped ??

  • Dextera
    Dextera 4 hours ago

    This is not really a review :-/ all of these things you can read on the apple website. They always talk about 18 hours of battery, but my Series 2 lasts for 2 days. So give us REAL LIFE props we didn’t know from the PR department of Apple please ;)

  • ferD Qui
    ferD Qui 4 hours ago

    So you take a couple of photos and say that the iphones cameras are the best.. you had to be kidding... Leave those comment for the experts in photography and just make an honest review.. Verge can do better..

  • malcom masvikwa
    malcom masvikwa 4 hours ago

    I think the Verge is in partnership with Apple man 😂😂 have they ever given any apple product a bad review ?

  • Raghav Sharma
    Raghav Sharma 4 hours ago

    Android users always had a King Samsung Watch.

  • Mateusz Lukaszewski
    Mateusz Lukaszewski 4 hours ago

    Do you think of galaxy watch active 2 the same way? Not even close to series 5?

  • Persik II
    Persik II 4 hours ago

    I’m not ignorant. Please tell me why do you need Apple Watch?

  • iPhone X
    iPhone X 4 hours ago

    can you change a man?

  • BruhItzZain ヅ
    BruhItzZain ヅ 4 hours ago

    Everyone: ‘The best Smart Watch’ 6 months later. Everyone: The Shittest Smart Watch.

  • UninstallingWindows
    UninstallingWindows 4 hours ago

    killing iphones XR battery in less than a day is very easy...just play a few hours of angry birds :D. In normal use case it does last a whole day.

  • The monster Under your bed

    I think a good camera shouldn't cost you trump's arm and leg

    BBOY JAD 4 hours ago

    My iphone 6 is indestructible tho

  • 6utierrez
    6utierrez 4 hours ago

    wait! so can i watch videos on Clip-Share in 1080P????

  • A Whitby
    A Whitby 4 hours ago

    Why is this in the YIAY playlist. John explain yourself

  • Harriz Plavi
    Harriz Plavi 4 hours ago

    BUT WHY?! i want a apple watch but i need atleast one reason to buy it. for what do i can use it? what does this watch can do for me what my iphone cant? why does it exist?

  • Derry Sowinski
    Derry Sowinski 4 hours ago

    Have you not seen the Galaxy Watch??

  • Mike Romo
    Mike Romo 4 hours ago

    Great review! I am still paying off my X, going to wait for the 12 and enjoy the extra cash...

  • I E
    I E 4 hours ago

    I’m getting an Apple Watch series 5 soon and I’m still in school. I’ve never had one before so I don’t have an answer to any of my questions 1. If you get a notification, will it make a sound? - obviously I can’t have it going off in class 2. Is hey Siri a thing? I don’t want it going off in class if someone says it aha

  • Angel Valenzuela
    Angel Valenzuela 4 hours ago

    this is one of the best reviews I've seen on the Verge. awesome production and editing!

  • The Star Wars Portal

    when the samsung watch has had always on display with colour for years anyway

  • HappyFairGaming YT
    HappyFairGaming YT 4 hours ago

    Jacksfilms... wrong playlist bud, unless this is some kind of brand new YIAY style.

  • نورجان التان

    اكو عرب بتعليقات انشالله يقبل اشتري واحد مثل هاذا موبايل 0:55 اويلي

  • Mohamed Blaiech
    Mohamed Blaiech 5 hours ago

    0:35 "it starts off like any science fiction you need space ship" in science you need a space ship aswell to go to other planets... why throw the unnecessary word "fiction"?

  • Special-T-419 On Urban Dictionary

    Nice phone just over priced

  • Fernando Gandara
    Fernando Gandara 5 hours ago

    Sticking with SE for another year I guess.

  • Michael Ermi
    Michael Ermi 5 hours ago

    However its expensive, with new watches coming out every year is it even worth buying higher grade material options?

  • Anathi Madanoni
    Anathi Madanoni 5 hours ago

    AM I the only one who finds Note 10 photos being the best? when he is saying best camera in a smartphone thus far did he test P30 pro from Huawei?

  • Mustafa Chow
    Mustafa Chow 5 hours ago

    finallllyyy going to upgrade from the iphone 6 LOL 😂😂

  • Daris Alfafa 2
    Daris Alfafa 2 5 hours ago

    No it isn't the best.

  • Lowery02
    Lowery02 5 hours ago

    This review is definitely coming across more like a paid advertisement. Especially with the deep diving into the Apple buzzwords

    • Lowery02
      Lowery02 5 hours ago

      Still enjoyed and I hope the camera is as good as you say!

  • Raith Barahona
    Raith Barahona 5 hours ago

    I watched the hole video because THE INTRO

  • Chaitanya Harshan
    Chaitanya Harshan 5 hours ago

    I still like the pixel

  • Elijah M. Stephenson

    Notches in q3 of 2019.....oof

  • belizarius_99
    belizarius_99 5 hours ago

    Another device to charge every day. No thanks.

  • Tomas Nilsén
    Tomas Nilsén 5 hours ago

    like the size of ipohone 11 pro

  • Bethany Clair
    Bethany Clair 5 hours ago

    i like poo

  • PvtPandaBear
    PvtPandaBear 5 hours ago

    So emergency calling don't work on the GPS version of Apple watch?

  • Andrew Cisneros
    Andrew Cisneros 5 hours ago

    Why can't there be an Android equivalent? 😭

  • ankur shukla
    ankur shukla 5 hours ago

    Price b

  • Ryan Sulak
    Ryan Sulak 5 hours ago

    how are you getting that beautiful neon bokeh? string lights? looks great

  • Emperor26
    Emperor26 5 hours ago

    wait to pixel 4 for a cool camera...

  • Yadu Nandan
    Yadu Nandan 5 hours ago

    6:24 Sleep++ ...Nice naming scheme :)

  • Elyana Toledo
    Elyana Toledo 5 hours ago

    Question for anyone who’s sure.. Is the 11 white the same white as the XR? I know the XR is the first of the more recent iPhones that’s actually a more pure white and not an off white color. And that’s what I’m looking for but through pics.. the 11 looks creamy? If that makes sense. Lol.

  • Social Journey
    Social Journey 5 hours ago

    Am I missing something ?! Always on display technology was on Samsung smartwatches and phones for years now, what's special about this feature on the Apple watch ?Does it drain the battery less than the competition? I guess not much if so since he said you may have to charge it everyday.

  • Linux_Android
    Linux_Android 5 hours ago

    The verge are apple fan boys.

  • Arnold K
    Arnold K 5 hours ago

    Apple Watch S4, no need for the 5

  • VHS Films
    VHS Films 5 hours ago

    Why is this in the YIAY Playlist?

  • Dark Like
    Dark Like 5 hours ago

    Where did he get that watch band?

  • Jansen Haneline
    Jansen Haneline 5 hours ago

    I have been a long-time Android fan that used to be loyal to Apple. I will be switching back to an iPhone and getting this watch as soon as I can. Google is going astray and I'm suspicious about their security. I also hate what they're doing with Google Play Music since music is probably what I use my phone for the most.

  • Pedro Maisonet Diaz
    Pedro Maisonet Diaz 5 hours ago

    Emm Huawei have the best camera

  • Nathan Bolen
    Nathan Bolen 5 hours ago

    Pixel 3 still slap harder

  • A random Human being

    Not like it ever stopped being the best lol

  • sloppy Joe
    sloppy Joe 5 hours ago

    God I miss Pebble

  • HseOChin
    HseOChin 5 hours ago

    I certainly give these a wide miss..there's couple other superior camera phones around as far as i'm concerned.

  • Jr Yanez
    Jr Yanez 5 hours ago

    Should i upgrade from a series 3? 🤔

  • patrick archer
    patrick archer 5 hours ago

    ive had at least 4 wear os watches that last longer than 12 hours, replies to text messages, opens apps in less than 10 seconds, and aren't buggy and its supposedly the worst os on a watch... the apple watch is good because of the health app and the os is simple and pretty...

  • Carlos Alba
    Carlos Alba 5 hours ago

    Android products never get "the best" attached to them by the verge, Always an Apple product getting the title and they do the most minimal changes smh

  • Ricardo Barbosa
    Ricardo Barbosa 5 hours ago

    Is not 720p!!!

  • Fritz Le
    Fritz Le 5 hours ago

    Dieter du ehrenmann

  • Puer
    Puer 5 hours ago

    e cuj Vjeran Pavic

  • Jacob
    Jacob 5 hours ago

    Thanks you for summarizing at the beginning. I still watched the whole thing. Great review.

  • Magnum
    Magnum 5 hours ago

    Why not test the HDR+ enhanced on the Pixel? It's just 2 taps away, you guys turn on 4k but can't turn a setting to make this comparison even?

  • rags015
    rags015 5 hours ago

    What brand are the speakers behind you?

  • Thabo Mboneni
    Thabo Mboneni 5 hours ago

    What would the Verge be without Dieter 👌

  • HseOChin
    HseOChin 5 hours ago

    Piles of rubbish...'best cameras' etc...don't even have Zeiss or Leica optics in the like don't even have a Mercedes-Benz in a i'll certainly forget about & give all these over hyped-up Apple iPhone devices a clear wide miss...especially noting their widely exaggerated pricing for their so-so only 'standard' in their made-in-China hardware !! Wonder what's the standard of the audio capture quality...anywhere near to the Nokia Ozo audio standards, say the least ?!? I certainly reserve my expensive money for the Nokia-Zeiss 5G devices in 2020 year instead, knowing full well i won't really be missing anything of real superior substantive value from these Apple devices as far as ability to satisfy my expected standards in a phone are concerned.

  • ironman6992
    ironman6992 5 hours ago

    Call me when I can tell Siri to finally play music from Spotify

    • Alex
      Alex 5 hours ago

      That's a Siri thing not an Apple watch thing. Also Siri kit will let devs use Siri with apps like Spotify , at least in apple car play. No need to be so abrupt

  • FastRedPonyCar
    FastRedPonyCar 5 hours ago

    Screw apple for locking the new camera features behind a new model. Most of that is software and you mean to tell me that the A12 is insufficient? Please.

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 5 hours ago

    I’m getting stainless steel gold😏

  • Nick Hanif
    Nick Hanif 5 hours ago

    Finally the best reviewer from the Verge.

  • Satchell Drakes
    Satchell Drakes 5 hours ago

    Dieter always coming through with a solid review and good looks.

    98CEDARPOINT 5 hours ago

    Upgrading to the Series 5 from my Series 2 so I can’t wait for all the improvements to say the least! The Series 2 is getting slow as a tank lol