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  • FreeLance Levithan
    FreeLance Levithan 17 hours ago

    Straight razor is the closest cheapest smoothest shave you could every achieve in anytime

  • FreeLance Levithan
    FreeLance Levithan 17 hours ago

    It's way easier to use a straight razor on yourself before using it on anyone else

  • FreeLance Levithan
    FreeLance Levithan 17 hours ago

    A disposable straight razor is close and very very very cheap

  • sc
    sc 18 hours ago

    nice try! i'm still gonna wash my legs and judge whoever doesn't

  • Dylan F
    Dylan F 18 hours ago

    The Phillips line blade no cap is the best dry use razor I’ve ever used

  • Aaaafireball
    Aaaafireball 18 hours ago

    Disregarding the misrepresentation of YOLO, what I think the issue is with the clothing is that the yolo model was trained on a general pourpouse dataset, probably COCO if i had to assume. how would their clothing work on a model that was only trained on a human dataset. a shirt that looks like a dog doesnt matter to an AI that has no idea what a dog should look like.

  • CadetSparklez
    CadetSparklez 18 hours ago

    "ai" shows cpu

  • Richard Erguiza
    Richard Erguiza 18 hours ago

    this looks like an excellent technology for criminals to use...

  • R Shop
    R Shop 18 hours ago

    I shave the same as Sam.

  • Spider————————bob

    how do you Butcher up all the French words? I am a French myself, and whenever, I see you butchering up the words again and it makes me kinda, mad but not that much

  • Ty Herbert
    Ty Herbert 18 hours ago

    Bro STYLE THEORY WHAT AM I looking at

  • Kina Sakuraba
    Kina Sakuraba 18 hours ago

    My favorite thing to come out of the pandemic is schools pretending they can tell me that I can't wear clothes that are comfortable when it's 100° outside but they can't tell me that I have to wear a mask to even attempt to keep anybody safe. I haven't even been to school in a decade but it still makes me angry.

  • Jedi Mind Glitch
    Jedi Mind Glitch 18 hours ago

    Forget the umbrella defence, aint they had giant hair pins?

  • Jullian Reyes
    Jullian Reyes 18 hours ago

    Imagine dropping it 😂

  • BreezyBreeBionics Cosplay

    Unrelated, but id love to see poodle skirts with the theory logos on them!!

  • Mr. Volinski
    Mr. Volinski 18 hours ago

    So a thousand generations of my family didn't use sunscreen and I NEED to use it?

  • Sammstudios
    Sammstudios 18 hours ago

    You forgot the closest shave ever: waxing it

  • The Shadow King
    The Shadow King 18 hours ago

    Did you know lemon juice on your face prevents cameras from seeing you Haha can’t believe those criminals thought that

  • Attila Tavares
    Attila Tavares 18 hours ago

    Nice, now criminals know how to be invisible, thanks matpat😊 edit: oh, i was wrong

  • Builder 101
    Builder 101 19 hours ago

    Oh no, the biometric identification system is already here

  • Galagar Rocket
    Galagar Rocket 19 hours ago

    If an ecosystem is that fragile, it doesn't deserve to live. The earth has gone through 5 mass extinctions already. The best species survive.

  • Danthiel
    Danthiel 19 hours ago

    haha lolo

  • Ahzafera
    Ahzafera 19 hours ago

    *removes hair, one of the most masuline features you could have* Oh, wow. Smooth as a baby's bottom. I feel so manly!

  • Shane Roffey
    Shane Roffey 19 hours ago

    I only recently watched Paris is burning and WOW! I was genuinly shocked at Drag's origins!It really has come a long way. Mad respect

  • Kronzel
    Kronzel 19 hours ago

    It can make you dry It can also make someone else cry

  • RustedZeus
    RustedZeus 19 hours ago

    is it just me or does no one shave in the shower? i shave while showering and with no mirror lol

  • Juniper's Life
    Juniper's Life 19 hours ago

    I'm a swiftie, and I love Hopescope, i'm mad I didn't get to go to the eras tour.

  • MrRuidiaz
    MrRuidiaz 19 hours ago

    No disrespect but that barber was not a professional gonna have to go to a hispanic barber especially a Puerto Rican one they get you right w the ole fashion blade

  • Rubby
    Rubby 19 hours ago

    An actual straight razor is more manly and only costs you about $50 for your whole life, if you are willing to learn how to use it properly!

  • Dinogrl
    Dinogrl 19 hours ago

    so glad i have something else to be paranoid about :)

  • Some Guy Named Mat
    Some Guy Named Mat 19 hours ago

    Use the reflective material in and around your license plate

  • domo mitsune
    domo mitsune 20 hours ago

    Why not wear a sweater with anime girl faces with their tongues sticking out. Then it would be looking at the sweater trying to recognize all of those faces and stead of yours. Or better yet, put real faces on the sweater or hoodie, and suddenly it's trying to recognize them instead of your head. And Asthma caution, just make AI generated faces and heads, so that there is no real person for it to identify.

  • beb720 TTV
    beb720 TTV 20 hours ago

    Can you do game,film,food,and style theorist theory’s?

  • Vocals Unleashed
    Vocals Unleashed 20 hours ago

    Glad I don't use makeup

  • Christina Polander
    Christina Polander 20 hours ago

    What i find most interesting is that the camera is not supposed to pick up the face of wearer when you take a picture, yet we have a picture of Paris Hilton (face and all) wearing the sweater 🤔

  • Nozomi Sora
    Nozomi Sora 20 hours ago

    So I actually use Defender, because the gap between the blades and the flexible head snag on hair less. buuuut that's because i want absolutely nothing.

  • Gmod Gamer
    Gmod Gamer 20 hours ago

    6:09 ayo pause

  • EnderTheWatcher
    EnderTheWatcher 20 hours ago

    Watch a person wearing these kinds of clothes and an A.I. car doesn't think you're a person and hits you because of it.

  • BlackFiddler
    BlackFiddler 20 hours ago

    i shave straight razer and i love it it just really gives me that gentlemen feel and also when done right with all that hot towel cold towel shaving cream kind of stuff it feels just like face spa

  • Nate
    Nate 20 hours ago

    If Paris’s scarf makes it impossible to take a picture of her, how is there a picture of her wearing it?

  • kyliee
    kyliee 20 hours ago

    Sensitive gang 🥲

  • epiclyawesomesauce
    epiclyawesomesauce 20 hours ago

    Talking about matpat jacket in particular, isnt it just a fun party trick? It doesnt obscure your face and if youre in your car then the camera was never looking at your jacket anyways. The pattern, to me, makes more sense as a car wrap

  • Suffokatewitch
    Suffokatewitch 20 hours ago

    shut up

  • Silly Arcade
    Silly Arcade 20 hours ago

    Wanna get rich using a microscopic printer? Make the worlds smallest ____ and sell it at an auction!

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says 20 hours ago

    Start shaving with the grain, after a couple passes clean up with some passes against the grain. Never start against the grain

  • R3D
    R3D 20 hours ago

    Video after this: *why licking a trash can is healthy.*

  • Brook Olson
    Brook Olson 20 hours ago

    Pig? Dog? Pig? Dog?

  • omarsho2711
    omarsho2711 20 hours ago

    I used to shave with disposables razors but the weren’t that cheap, like 5 dollars a 3 pack, but the day I buy a 50 cents razor, I ran to the shop to buy a gillette mach 3

  • Bettablast01
    Bettablast01 21 hour ago

    Don’t forget about the splatoon umbrella ink guns

  • Xoxo_YoursTruly
    Xoxo_YoursTruly 21 hour ago

    If they make it into a dress, now that would be a fashion statement