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  • JAG of Steel
    JAG of Steel Day ago

    Why is this game so entertaining!!! Never gets old.

  • Bobby Heath
    Bobby Heath 17 days ago

    Still blows my mind how OSU ended up losing 😢

  • Nate
    Nate 27 days ago

    No BS and leaves this commentary on?...

  • N8 The Great G
    N8 The Great G Month ago

    If this was no bad then there would be 2 scores for Michigan added from the refs that Michigan got screwed out of

  • Cameron
    Cameron Month ago

    Game was fixed no targeting call was bill shit

  • bee lee
    bee lee Month ago

    How is Michigan the better team…during the entire game Michigan defense couldn’t even solve TCU offense. TCU control the entire game leads of 3 touchdowns. Michigan never really took advantage. BigTen overrated

  • Daniel Wade
    Daniel Wade Month ago

    Absolutely beautiful 😁

  • christopher mann
    christopher mann Month ago

    I praise God for people who have the knowledge and equipment to make these kinds of videos! Steelbuck 6 is another channel where they do "no huddle' college football game videos, in case anyone wants to know.

  • Mike Estes
    Mike Estes Month ago

    Great game, 4th quarter is so important. The one thing that stands out the most is how prepared UGA was to never give up in this game. Ohio did not have the gas like UGA did in fourth quarter.

  • barry cook
    barry cook Month ago

    Defense collapse in the 4th.

  • TheCrimsomCard Yugioh

    Can we all be honest Michigan didn’t DESTROY Ohio state, the defense gave up couple big plays and CJ just mentally fell off in the last 8 minutes trying to Superman a win when we were only down 11 points and at Michigan 20 yard line, that shuffle ball he tried to escape a sack thus throwing the INT ended the game. At 4:18 the team gave up. If Ohio state score there it’s 30 to 38, the defense maybe isn’t so worn out. We all know if Ohio state played Michigan again the next day Ohio state would put 100 on them seriously, y’all can’t compete with the big bois you beat Ohio state in their heads but you can’t even score on a SEC team

  • bonethugg
    bonethugg 2 months ago

    it was def targeting im so glad they didnt call it go frogs go

  • lpnovi
    lpnovi 2 months ago

    I love gus

  • Minotaur92
    Minotaur92 2 months ago

    It's always amazing looking back at these games, just how bad the B1G refs are.

  • brian gentry
    brian gentry 2 months ago

    Everyone wanted this game for 2 years and it didn’t disappoint. Go bucks…

  • Soarin Skies
    Soarin Skies 2 months ago

    Maybe don’t throw 2 pic sixes next time and the refs won’t affect the outcome of your game

  • David M
    David M 2 months ago

    This is a fun way to watch a game that you've missed!

  • Honest Fan
    Honest Fan 2 months ago

    Our offense is so predictable

  • John Krupp
    John Krupp 2 months ago

    I love footbal especially Michigan football. ... but all sports are controlled by the media and the gambling it is no more real than the WWF

  • 09flstcmc Odonnell
    09flstcmc Odonnell 2 months ago

    As a buckeye fan I couldn't help but watch the whole game and Route 4 TCU

  • 09flstcmc Odonnell
    09flstcmc Odonnell 2 months ago

    Ohio State never comparison self or wants to be like any other team all they want to do is be Ohio State and win

  • James Holden
    James Holden 2 months ago

    Was at this game Purdont fans were celebrating a win before the game while us Michigan fans celebrated after lol

  • Kelly Guthrie
    Kelly Guthrie 3 months ago

    Big ten school's are overrated trashcans

  • Kenneth Moore
    Kenneth Moore 3 months ago

    Coaches teach these players how to play safety and cornerbsck. And please they have to be PHYSICAL!!!!!

  • Adam
    Adam 3 months ago

    Michigan is a trash program. Love to see it.

  • AJ
    AJ 3 months ago

    A minute into the video, all I heard was BS

  • James Tillinghast
    James Tillinghast 4 months ago

    It’s amazing that this was the same field that the super bowl was played on yet nowhere near the amount of slipping in this one.

  • Ernest Kovach
    Ernest Kovach 4 months ago

    Harbaugh's great coaching the difference. Illinois let this game get away from them to the Big 10 champs. Illini had a great chance once All American UM Corum missed most of the game with that,basically, season ending injury. Great game.

  • jovani sanfemio
    jovani sanfemio 4 months ago

    Sounds like the suckeye network

  • JR
    JR 4 months ago

    As a Michigan fan n rewatching it again, this game wasn’t as close as the final score. We couldn’t stop TCU they owned us on both line of scrimmages

    • A guy named Kirby
      A guy named Kirby Month ago

      @EK Editz Of course ESPN would say so, they're a blue chip network. You claim you have moved on, but the fact is you haven't. You're still trying to convince me (and probably yourself) that the non-TD was a TD. You can't get over it. You're stuck on it. About half the replies in this thread are you _not having moved on_ from it. That's why you can't let the conversation go; it's living rent-free in your head. You can't even muster the thought to say "not only was it not a TD, but Michigan wasn't good enough to get a TD from that spot on four tries." See you in your next post where you try to tell me you "really have moved on" and offer excuses why you're still here. 👋

    • EK Editz
      EK Editz Month ago

      @grondhero I have moved on everyone says it should have been a td even the espn analysis said it was a td

    • A guy named Kirby
      A guy named Kirby Month ago

      @EK Editz Nope. Still not. It wasn't a TD, just like writing the work "Dark" on a wall 100 times doesn't blot out the sun. Nice to know it's living rent free in your head, but really, you should move on in life.

    • EK Editz
      EK Editz Month ago

      @grondhero alright dude whatevrrrrr you say it was td

    • A guy named Kirby
      A guy named Kirby Month ago

      @EK Editz Nope. Didn't happen. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

  • Dark Zeus
    Dark Zeus 5 months ago

    Whoah! Can they catch him?? Nooooo..the DON !

  • Sean
    Sean 5 months ago

    Michigan's ceiling is beating Ohio State in regular season, but they're not built to win a natty

  • Sean
    Sean 5 months ago


  • Robert
    Robert 5 months ago

    And of course, even after all those OSU dirty plays, they had to go into the tunnel and commit a crime...TRASH will always be TRASH!

  • Kevin Depew
    Kevin Depew 5 months ago

    Blue fan ,took my daughter to the game, she loved it

  • Kevin Belka
    Kevin Belka 5 months ago

    The roughing the passer call with a little over 3 minutes left in the 2nd qtr. was total BS.

  • loccdogg26
    loccdogg26 5 months ago

    Been a Michigan fan damn near all my life (46) and that was the first game I saw live. Go Blue!!

  • DubLub
    DubLub 6 months ago

    I have yet to see a simulcam review of the obvious touchdown that provides irrefutable video evidence that he was short of the goal line as the catch was secured.

    • A guy named Kirby
      A guy named Kirby Month ago

      If you actually watch the game in slow-mo, he secures the ball right after the first hop. The ball's not in the end zone then. Do you think any blue chip is going to show that over and over? No, they're going to be like Rich Eisen and show a picture when his entire body is in and go "I dunno, looks like a TD to me."

  • Drengr
    Drengr 6 months ago

    10:14 Shouldn't #0 have gotten a targeting call on that? 🤔

  • azminch
    azminch 6 months ago

    The pylon cam angle at 7:26 at normal speed shows how insane it is to overturn that call

  • Drengr
    Drengr 6 months ago

    Michigan was very CLEARLY the better team here. Not to mention they most definitely would have put up a much bigger fight against Georgia. That 65-7 loss for TCU was absolutely hysterical.

    • A guy named Kirby
      A guy named Kirby Month ago

      CLEARLY the better team at throwing Pick 6's. Clearly the better team at being down 21-3 in the first half. Michigan was playing catch-up the entire game and couldn't even win with the officials throwing bogus penalties out there: Roughing the passer at the end of the 2nd quarter, Pass interference and holding in the 2nd half. Without the officials, Michigan would have lost by a lot more.

    • Soarin Skies
      Soarin Skies 2 months ago

      A clearly better team that threw 2 pick sixes lol

    • jdtheguitartist
      jdtheguitartist 4 months ago

      Would they put up a bigger fight? They got one TD against Ga last year in garbage time

    • Bellamafia Quackafella Records
      Bellamafia Quackafella Records 4 months ago

      TCU dominated the line of scrimmage, deal with it

    • KG Rainz
      KG Rainz 5 months ago

      @Brayden Soderholm not as bad like tcu did

  • Steve M
    Steve M 6 months ago

    Purdue put up a better fight than teams from the east usually do. Go Blue we're still the champs 🏆

  • William Carothers
    William Carothers 6 months ago

    Great scene at 11:21

  • William Carothers
    William Carothers 6 months ago

    I’ve been studying the draft deeply as Bears fan from Chicago. That led me to this game and there is so much damn talent on this field. That was a great game. Carter was held at least 4 times and was disruptive, he might have run out of gas at some points GM but he played his a$$ off. I like both LT’s for the Bears but I really like the OSU RT but I don’t believe the Bears have the vision to draft him because they will say scheme fir bs. Stroud showed me a lot. Bennett could be like Purdy imo. Ringo showed up as well. Harrison Jr and Brockers have to be Bears next year lol and like the Big O alot.

    • William Carothers
      William Carothers 5 months ago

      @Tim Forston I know. That’s cool too cause we’ll have two 1st rd picks with less needs a year from now.

    • Tim Forston
      Tim Forston 5 months ago

      Bowers was a sophomore, gonna have to wait another year to try and get him

  • Kurious
    Kurious 6 months ago

    I’ll say this: I thought CJ Stroud and this Ohio State team were soft after the way they crumbled against Michigan, but I was a dead wrong. They got some beasts, and Stroud will forever send a chill of fear down my spine just like Tua and Bryce Young

  • Kurious
    Kurious 6 months ago

    I thought Georgia was toast when Darnell Washington went out. He was such a critical part of the run-blocking scheme that our run game sputtered to a halt without him.

  • cttmattchu69
    cttmattchu69 6 months ago

    Coaching and play calling lost the shit out of this game.

    • JR
      JR 4 months ago

      Idk man TCU just had more team speed

  • lifelover
    lifelover 6 months ago

    run game was of no use to Michigan. looked shell shocked the 2nd half couldn't stop the run. play action worked the best but they didn't use it much. and Mccarthey will no throw to the checkdown receiver.

  • Brendon Mcdowell
    Brendon Mcdowell 6 months ago


  • Certified Clapaholic
    Certified Clapaholic 6 months ago

    That Illinois defender that went for Blake's knee is a real POS for that one. You don't go that low unless you're actively trying to hurt someone. He should've been ejected and suspended after after that BS 😤😤😤