The Funny Republican
The Funny Republican
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  • Knowledge is Power
    Knowledge is Power 22 seconds ago

    What a dreadf tlthing to say ... what about Tesla, Einstein, MarieCurie, Amelia Earhwart, Never, ever take advice from ignorant people.

  • Kiley Oleary
    Kiley Oleary 43 seconds ago

    These democrats have ruined your thought process and are ruining this country.

  • stillatin
    stillatin 46 seconds ago

    Because they were repeating falsehoods

  • James Unger
    James Unger Minute ago

    It's like they don't even know the origin of planned Parenthood and how the Nazis copied them for their eugenics

  • Cyphonics
    Cyphonics Minute ago

    A fetus is not a baby literally by definition

  • Christopher Salinas
    Christopher Salinas 2 minutes ago

    Basic economics

  • Miles
    Miles 2 minutes ago

    These two lady’s I bet voted for Biden you know a white man 😂😂😂😂😂

  • sag die wahreit
    sag die wahreit 2 minutes ago

    Horrible. So sad also

  • CQ 67
    CQ 67 2 minutes ago

    Bottom of the barrel? What barrel? Looks like you ate them all.

  • Irelyne Grega
    Irelyne Grega 3 minutes ago

    He respectfully said, "AND I must take the walk of shame now."

  • Kiley Oleary
    Kiley Oleary 3 minutes ago

    Wow so sad. So hate full.

  • Joe Tersi
    Joe Tersi 3 minutes ago

    Poor San Francisco

  • Vincent of Migtao
    Vincent of Migtao 3 minutes ago

    Good short

  • GroundGorilla
    GroundGorilla 4 minutes ago

    This was back in 2017. Many of us contacted Essex County College over this interview. You're welcome.

  • 1 Down 4 Up
    1 Down 4 Up 4 minutes ago

    Dean - thank god I can now bin her off.

  • Allen Rodriguez
    Allen Rodriguez 5 minutes ago

    Lots to learn from this fighter!!!

  • squiffedallday
    squiffedallday 5 minutes ago

    Someone let loose a real man from the 60s with a belt on this class. Itd be the last time this nonsense would happen

  • Chrisenjoyspeople
    Chrisenjoyspeople 6 minutes ago

    I love being white

  • FRANKS841
    FRANKS841 6 minutes ago

    See they have attitudes and everything something wrong with the type of people they need counseling or maybe it could be a new disability somebody need to check it out

  • Briana L
    Briana L 6 minutes ago

    Before week 10 of pregnancy a woman Carrie’s an embryo, after week 10 it is a fetus.

  • Takedown Bard
    Takedown Bard 7 minutes ago

    I have no issue with a mother aborting a child depending on the circumstance, but this whole display of mental acrobatics & wordplay to avoid addressing the problem for what it is is bullcrap

  • AlphaIkaros
    AlphaIkaros 7 minutes ago

    Remember, Clip-Share also has a policy that had made content creators censor covid into their videos

  • nazcarbtc
    nazcarbtc 8 minutes ago

    whole time the doctors ain’t tryna help either cuz the shit they taught is designed to harm in the long run, two business/corporations putting on a play/entertainment/television show to distract & entertain the public

  • Gapman
    Gapman 9 minutes ago

    This guy is a racist and a liar.

  • Chanter
    Chanter 9 minutes ago

    Remember when the liberals were saying that republicans are “science deniers” and “anti vaxxers” and that they should all be fired and not allowed into grocery stores? When are the libs going to issue their apologies?

  • Matthew Cromer
    Matthew Cromer 9 minutes ago

    Glad the racist got let go

  • Tweachie Mercer
    Tweachie Mercer 10 minutes ago

    Blatant racism on full display for the world to see

  • Robert Kanfield
    Robert Kanfield 10 minutes ago

    Yaa black women should walk around topless again ?

  • Jordan Gill
    Jordan Gill 10 minutes ago

    Do we still have to pretend that we don’t know what the problem is in our countries?

  • Edgar Monroy
    Edgar Monroy 10 minutes ago

    Basic economics.

  • Motor City 71
    Motor City 71 10 minutes ago

    Stereotypes ❤

  • Isaac Miriau
    Isaac Miriau 11 minutes ago

    So true unless your a absolute fun savage terrified pf what you know your capable of doing in rage mode

  • Edward Herman Van Ommeren

    This is Racism , not all White people are the same. Come on girls stop that .

  • Donavan Ebert
    Donavan Ebert 12 minutes ago

    Jesus what a complete moron.... well no. she knows what shes doing. ignoring the totality of an action and just focusing on the fact it was done not if it was right or wrong.

  • Michael Gregorio
    Michael Gregorio 12 minutes ago

    The hell are they talking about

  • Dr Juls
    Dr Juls 13 minutes ago

    How dense these "woke" girls are. If the embryo is just a clump of cells that aren't alive, then why do these cells know to make every organ, the heart first and embryos kidneys process during the pregnancy to make the amniotic fluid that the creates a safe place for baby to grow in the womb (essentially amniotic fluid is fetus/ embryo or babies pee( (you chose the vernacular) )... idiots ! The future generations are in trouble.

  • Noodler88
    Noodler88 13 minutes ago

    Even left wing snowflakes should thank Elon. But no… dems hate free speech when it doesn’t coincide with their view! Nothing sings Hitler more than a liberal!!! Lol

  • Jeffrey Isbell
    Jeffrey Isbell 13 minutes ago

    Over simplifying. Stop falling for people like her.

  • Ironically Iconic
    Ironically Iconic 14 minutes ago

    Sorry to be the one to say it but businesses are allowed to monitor their content, is it necessarily moral? at times no but I don’t think it’s illegal. In the same way the doctors that are silenced could’ve made their own website with their own content policies, that’s just how it works.

  • Gary Copeland
    Gary Copeland 14 minutes ago


  • Van
    Van 15 minutes ago

    Ignore the convo who tf laughing like a witch in the back

  • Mark Austin
    Mark Austin 15 minutes ago

    The way he acts about getting the vacation is scared ass hell

  • Владимир Коклюшкин

    Вы только это поняли? Ну тупыыыыыые

  • NobleArtist
    NobleArtist 16 minutes ago

    Is it just me or is anyone else noticing the trend that they are more Black people who are racist then there are apparently white people who are. If those roles were reversed whatever city that is would be burnt down that same day.

  • Johan Venter
    Johan Venter 16 minutes ago

    These woman should not reproduce

  • missfits78
    missfits78 16 minutes ago

    Oh here we go lol everything is racist....I hate people like that....narcissistic hoes, using abortion for birth original thoughts in those empty heads....just what people tell them....chameleons, followers, sheeple....smfh

    MIGGZ 16 minutes ago

    I don't give a fuk what school these fuckin doctors went. they are as corrupt as the system in this country. Can't trust anybody nowadays

  • Ellie ET
    Ellie ET 16 minutes ago

    It's terrible to be fat 😂

  • The hayes
    The hayes 16 minutes ago

    Chick your delusional