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Apple iPhone 11 REACTION!!
Views 2.1M12 days ago
The All-ROG Gaming PC!
Views 2M24 days ago
Cheap vs. Expensive Gaming!?
Views 2.3M2 months ago


  • Strangermoon
    Strangermoon 3 hours ago

    Am reading here desparete comments like ı dont have rig bro ı cant play games etc. First of all did you guys play old games 95 to 2004. Or 2005 to 2008. after taht you need a entrybuild 2009 to 2016 .2016 to today you need a atleast like i3 1050. Which not to expensive. With 3or 4 backup money you can bulid you dont need drr4 ram or ssd and even hd monitor in fisrt. But if you dont too much deep gamer getting old console with cheap and setup on tv better always. The key things is avoid online gaming and services on console. İn pc get only 1 online game bcouse you cant spent 2 game or 2 online game time.

  • Rob Smeaton
    Rob Smeaton 3 hours ago

    1:40, example used shows that it's supported by Mac and Linux as well. :p

  • Goa Ty
    Goa Ty 3 hours ago

    I can't show what I don't have

  • Just a Random Youtube guy

    I have no idea if my Pentium 4 (3.0Ghz), GT7300, 3GB ddr2 ram is bad enough

  • Xora
    Xora 3 hours ago

    the price

  • hui cha
    hui cha 3 hours ago

    technically, it's a "HONOR TV",considering Huawei released their own TV a few days ago,the title "Huawei TV" might be a little misleading

  • Tusher ahamed
    Tusher ahamed 3 hours ago

    Bro why don't u simplely put a 1 ton ac inside or attached to the CPU tower

  • Qyngali
    Qyngali 3 hours ago

    Why not test it with a PC to check the display quality with known quality sources...

  • Lucas Araújo
    Lucas Araújo 3 hours ago

    What?! Tech companies can Spy on you?!

  • Byzantic
    Byzantic 3 hours ago

    Dennis is the closest person to a real-life Jian Yang. "First of all, I'm not your friend" "I want all the money" *Jian Yang smile*

  • Cap'n Slipp
    Cap'n Slipp 3 hours ago

    Watching a 2-year-old LTT video about the space gray 2017 iPad Pro 10.5" on my relatively-recently-purchased space gray 2017 iPad Pro 10.5". (BTW, the stereo separation and image quality on this thing are fantastic. Ultimate Clip-Share machine.)

  • Teho 0
    Teho 0 3 hours ago

    I wish i could work for this guy so badly!

  • Spardas Tech Reviews

    Hi this is Linus Sebastian with msnpc *computer company* have a seat over here

  • JacobCZLP
    JacobCZLP 3 hours ago

    9. Reliability.... LOL, Right

  • Vikram DAS
    Vikram DAS 3 hours ago

    Even a *DONKEY* is better than u at reviewing

  • 杨涛
    杨涛 3 hours ago


  • Jeffrey777
    Jeffrey777 3 hours ago

    Samsung be like :: Who the fook is that guy??

  • Mark
    Mark 3 hours ago

    Anyone else find it odd that LTT doesn't do reviews on things a lot of us use and would appreciate to see to instead focus on a product 99% of their viewership can't even own?

  • Kristopher Leslie
    Kristopher Leslie 3 hours ago

    Linus bro, if you popped out the Google Translate app on your phone it has an AR mode which you can use your camera and point at your tv and it will automatically translate to English. You can thank me later bro. Kris Leslie

  • Priyanshu Dey
    Priyanshu Dey 3 hours ago

    Xiaomi devices already got that wifi password share feature......................Seriously inspired by all.

  • lukas wernicke
    lukas wernicke 3 hours ago

    how to watch 144hz on 60 hz monitor

  • James Williamson
    James Williamson 3 hours ago

    Linus please stop almost dropping the case off the bench when you rotate it

  • Zupez
    Zupez 3 hours ago

    I've just ordered the components for a new build ( RX 5700 XT, R5 3700X, 16GB RAM, B450 Aorus Elite MOBO) Just wondering what are people's thoughts on using the Wraith Spire cooler with this build or shall I upgrade the CPU cooler?

  • KrKyoutube
    KrKyoutube 3 hours ago

    Linus, because of people like you that group did that (as you i mean a "rich" person/buyer who does not care about the spent recurces/money on games). They represented the average consumer with only few dozen games and probably not that much money or knowlage about the games and who time to time gets the raw deal. I also have like 5 games in my librady out of 40 that i only played few minutes to few hours and did not like them at all (were not the thing they were advertised to be). In your country Kanada and your main audiance USA it might be different but in my country we have a refund to any digitally and online bought goods for 2 weeks(14 days) if the goots is not what you expected or not satisfied with it, but as the country is so small (only over 1 mil pop) steam just laughts on our laws.

  • Antti Tennivaara
    Antti Tennivaara 3 hours ago

    So its a one machine, that is pretending to be two, that are pretending to be one?

  • Isak Lindgren_
    Isak Lindgren_ 3 hours ago

    I love how you use Monstercat music in your videos! so "sweet"

  • HedgeHog
    HedgeHog 3 hours ago

    i recomend hp pavilion

  • Flyde
    Flyde 3 hours ago

    Take a shot every time he says "Duke Nukem"

  • Glitr
    Glitr 3 hours ago

    But the maximum and minimum on the gaming benchmark is higher for the Quadro even if the average is lower

  • button of muff
    button of muff 3 hours ago

    next time if you are gonna have a guest gamer from AH I'd recommend Alfredo he was on a pro team no offense to Gav.

  • Vesko Achlarski
    Vesko Achlarski 3 hours ago

    19:39 - that screen tear basically sums up the video.

  • JacobCZLP
    JacobCZLP 3 hours ago

    Now do one about linux...

  • HedgeHog
    HedgeHog 3 hours ago

    4:26 i thought that my computer broke

  • SID Kandari
    SID Kandari 3 hours ago

    Gtx 920 2gb i5 1.6 GHz 4 gig ram

  • Aakash Patel
    Aakash Patel 3 hours ago

    Heil Track pad...

  • Tanish Singh
    Tanish Singh 3 hours ago

    I have a MacBook Pro 2008 lol

  • Bilal Mehmood
    Bilal Mehmood 3 hours ago

    Is that enough to make you give me a pc

  • Nate
    Nate 3 hours ago

    so thats what those holes on power cords are for lol

  • Bilal Mehmood
    Bilal Mehmood 3 hours ago

    I have a phone

  • Kiwi YT
    Kiwi YT 3 hours ago

    Yeet lol

  • Justin Cole
    Justin Cole 3 hours ago

    More videos with Dennis, please!

  • Bilal Mehmood
    Bilal Mehmood 3 hours ago

    I dont even have a table to put the pc on it if i had one

  • I Want To Be Better
    I Want To Be Better 3 hours ago

    The Noctua setup is actually should be the approach for tiny itx pc case, since we don't need the look, but the noise and the temp is on top of any stock gpu fan, would even stick 2 x 140 Fan for an overkill padding to get rid all noise (except coil whine =)) )

  • shiv
    shiv 3 hours ago

    Instead you could have used a copper glass for better result,1,G,11214002,g,search,,170219493259,1o3,,,c,,,,,,,&ef_id=Cj0KCQjwt5zsBRD8ARIsAJfI4BjdhUXMbh2k8hlMEuq1IB4Fqas-Oliw5hRJohEK36kdDcrJONWEw1waAkDHEALw_wcB:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!739!3!170219493259!!!g!296303633664!

  • Linas Gruzdys
    Linas Gruzdys 3 hours ago

    Hey jibo open youtube i said No jibo replied Rees i said

  • Bilal Mehmood
    Bilal Mehmood 3 hours ago

    I dont even have a room

  • Scott Davis
    Scott Davis 3 hours ago

    Linus will drop himself someday. Just watch

  • Bilal Mehmood
    Bilal Mehmood 3 hours ago

    What if you only have a phone

  • Phillip Zod Friedberg

    Does this TV come with a headphone jack?

  • Texplained
    Texplained 3 hours ago

    How do the forensic stuff works on our pc? Can you guys get your dirty hands on one of them and shows us all about it.

  • carlo sollestre
    carlo sollestre 3 hours ago

    Huwawei TV monkaS spying on what you're watching

  • GreyscaleTV
    GreyscaleTV 3 hours ago

    i can guarantee that bypassing the pi-hole will now be the absolute top priority for advertising giants. you have threatened cents off their revenue, you will be met with the full force of power and money

  • IBeatz
    IBeatz 3 hours ago


  • StableEntropy
    StableEntropy 3 hours ago

    I’m busy, broke and in college. Maybe next year I’ll have some time to do a video :(

  • ceptabil
    ceptabil 3 hours ago

    I missed Dennis!

  • deaczorz
    deaczorz 3 hours ago

    rather ask you why you would want to get your hands on one?

  • Diversity Nightcore
    Diversity Nightcore 3 hours ago

    to whom? do you need such computing power beyond a professional film studio like marvel?

  • Theo Poufinas
    Theo Poufinas 3 hours ago

    Linus: I've brought along a special friend *Dennis be like: I'm gonna end this man's entire career* Dennis: First, I'm not your friend.

  • starburst
    starburst 3 hours ago

    old linus old linus

  • Sombodywake Hicks
    Sombodywake Hicks 3 hours ago

    I picked up the HyperTough kit from Walmart for about $14. Highly recommend. Has everything you need including security torx. Only issue was included guitar picks which I just submitted for my own. Screw ifixit and their $60 price tag.

  • Cin Lee
    Cin Lee 3 hours ago


  • Saida Houria - السيدة حورية

    Does "Privacy" ship like these China-Only products?

  • djbutterchicken
    djbutterchicken 3 hours ago

    Wtf are the 10 he’s just rambling

  • superusermode
    superusermode 3 hours ago

    Just don’t drop it.

  • Gaming point
    Gaming point 3 hours ago

    please give me one moniter

  • mic cim
    mic cim 3 hours ago

    its like a built in kodi player

  • Idk wotevar
    Idk wotevar 3 hours ago

    I like windows 10... I just freaking hate the activate windows 10 thingy ._.

  • Open-rhythm
    Open-rhythm 3 hours ago

    I can’t wait in till a foolhardy apple user walks in and argues. (It’s nearly guaranteed to happen)

  • XalphYT
    XalphYT 3 hours ago

    10:21 "Just make sure you keep regular backups of all your files." Help! Help! I have one of these devices. How on *earth* do you make full-disk computer-independent backups? This is the first Mac that I have with a T2 chip, and I can't get SuperDuper! backups to boot at all. And the non-booting backups are probably tied to the Mac Mini 2019 because the T2 has poisoned the data going to my external backup drive. Help!

  • Meow Wei
    Meow Wei 3 hours ago

    But according to a recent Harmony OS announcement I think the new OS is more IoT oriented like Google's Fuchsia.

  • Alven Chong
    Alven Chong 3 hours ago

    It's a Chinese spec version, that's why you're locked in that. If there are an international version it'll be a standard Android tv

  • Beneficial
    Beneficial 3 hours ago

    Mostly all of the online videos in China have ads, except bilibili

  • 王绍恺
    王绍恺 3 hours ago


  • SEXY 1111
    SEXY 1111 3 hours ago

    _I like Chinese goverment 24/7 monitoring very much so I install it inside my living room!_

  • Akhila Liyanage
    Akhila Liyanage 3 hours ago


  • Water Mouse
    Water Mouse 3 hours ago

    Drive Savers always comes into my place of work (computer manufactuing) Awesome people!

  • riza abdul
    riza abdul 3 hours ago

    "we need a new intro" -randomeze

  • Raji V.P
    Raji V.P 3 hours ago

    Give me a ticket to U.S from India to reach there

  • Cameron Steel
    Cameron Steel 3 hours ago

    Windows task scheduler is such a pile of garbage

  • Russell Cooper
    Russell Cooper 3 hours ago

    pretty bad review .

  • Yu Chiet Tan
    Yu Chiet Tan 3 hours ago

    It means honor smart screen or tv

  • Mike Dawson
    Mike Dawson 3 hours ago

    why doesn't he just hold up a translator augmented reality app and look through it

  • Federico Spadafora
    Federico Spadafora 3 hours ago


  • Fragile Reason
    Fragile Reason 3 hours ago

    My uncle has the 1997 think pad

  • xidex51
    xidex51 3 hours ago

    waw a tv that has finally 4 HDMI's again!!

  • BareFinn1986
    BareFinn1986 3 hours ago

    15:48 Linus said butt...

  • Joshua de Vera
    Joshua de Vera 3 hours ago

    The X's thick bezels looked outdated in 2017?? fuck outta here that had the smallest chin on any smartphone at the time straight up hatin at this point

  • Meow Wei
    Meow Wei 3 hours ago

    *gives Dennis "paper money"*

  • Leandro F. Silveira
    Leandro F. Silveira 3 hours ago

    can you hack and put android on that? :p

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 hours ago

    This 5 foot dumbass talking about "privacy" while he uses Google chrome and thinks turning on a VPN makes him anonymous. Fuck off

  • Taco Salad
    Taco Salad 3 hours ago

    *cries in at&t*

    • Taco Salad
      Taco Salad 3 hours ago

      At&t is so bad 50 mbps down more like 5 mbps

  • Grant Barclay
    Grant Barclay 3 hours ago

    Is 'closlier' at 7:16 an in-joke on this channel or are you trying to make that a thing? xD

  • Jhay Lobusta
    Jhay Lobusta 3 hours ago

    "from guy like this" hahaha

  • Anamo
    Anamo 3 hours ago

    I'd love to, however I dont think my parents would support me flying all the way to Canada from germany 🤣

  • The Destroyer
    The Destroyer 3 hours ago

    Redkey... Cool name!

  • Xavier veillette
    Xavier veillette 3 hours ago

    10K $ pc pfff ez

  • Anthony Wong
    Anthony Wong 3 hours ago

    Dennis owned Linus. The only time if only Linus stop getting China made product.