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Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Showcase
Views 623K14 days ago
Who has the Best PC at LTT??
Views 3.5M2 months ago
Apple iPhone 11 REACTION!!
Views 2.2M2 months ago
The All-ROG Gaming PC!
Views 3.1M2 months ago


  • TehHausofUsher
    TehHausofUsher 22 minutes ago

    Hopefully this pushes Intel to truly innovate. Consumers are the ones who lose out when one company dominates, so I'm assuming we'll start seeing better offerings from Intel in the next few years.

  • Kenji Mh
    Kenji Mh 22 minutes ago

    The problem is.. i've seen many people who uses AMD in their laptops got so much problem with their apps and even the windows 10 itself. Don't know how to feel about that

  • cauzlog
    cauzlog 23 minutes ago

    remind me to pull up to your neighborhood next year

  • Jaymo James
    Jaymo James 23 minutes ago

    I must say that im impressed with my MSi Core Frozer L air cooler...i wont be liquid cooling anytime soon,if ever...

  • Amartya Kumar Sinha
    Amartya Kumar Sinha 23 minutes ago

    Guys please make a new quest video now that Oculus Link has lainched. Also one on rooting the quest and hence being able to increase the render resolution and/or refresh rate to 90hz.

  • ronokopl hatake
    ronokopl hatake 23 minutes ago

    so what your saying is that i cant play vr on my 1050ti ?

  • Lewis Martin
    Lewis Martin 23 minutes ago

    Thankfully Im still sure I made the right call with my 34" ultrawide monitor, as I can't afford anything new!

  • mudokin
    mudokin 23 minutes ago

    Don't surveil your kid when you are not home. Don't, just don't.

  • ward Kh
    ward Kh 24 minutes ago

    i wish i could have a collection like this. i just love it

  • Os / Hs
    Os / Hs 25 minutes ago

    FX 9590 of 2019

  • DavidDaDominant
    DavidDaDominant 25 minutes ago

    I want

  • David Rupa
    David Rupa 27 minutes ago

    How do you show the ms latency on the mirrored screen, that would be nice and not have the super small one in the setting stab to peek at while tweaking settings. I like the overlay it shows.

  • Razvan N
    Razvan N 27 minutes ago

    Wait, are you romanian ?

  • Allo
    Allo 27 minutes ago

    16:29 yes its almost 2020 and Windows CANT KILL SOME APLICATIONS THAT FREEZE, but u can pres Ctrl+Alt+Delete and yea freezed app minimize and u can choose task manager, BUT THAN FREEZED APP COMES BACK AND U CANT DO SHIT ABOUT IT, only restart or sign out works its sad, Windows pls FIX THAT, ITS FKNG ANOYING!!!!

  • Connor Gamble
    Connor Gamble 28 minutes ago

    Holy crap that PC is sexy...

  • Ruben Pinamonti
    Ruben Pinamonti 28 minutes ago

    This CPU smells a lot like desperation

  • JohnnyRebel
    JohnnyRebel 28 minutes ago

    Haha linus is so awkward.. ballinistt

  • Sachin Eklure
    Sachin Eklure 28 minutes ago

    Well hes much like me

  • Mercurio
    Mercurio 30 minutes ago

    It looks good, until you compare to to AMD Ryzen 3900

  • Maximum Suhrbier
    Maximum Suhrbier 31 minute ago

    i can only run cs go....... all around me are familiar faces...

  • Chosenxeno
    Chosenxeno 31 minute ago

    I'm at the Glow Up Level once more!!!! Ehehehehehhehheh!

  • Anesu Thabede
    Anesu Thabede 31 minute ago

    Linus: (Sees a Note7) Linus: IT'S A BOMB!

  • Aaron mann
    Aaron mann 31 minute ago

    I wish I still had my px22

  • killer 76
    killer 76 31 minute ago

    why have i never heard of this video?

  • Some Random Rebel
    Some Random Rebel 32 minutes ago

    I use Ad blocker.

  • technic masters
    technic masters 33 minutes ago

    and you forgot that windows 7 doesnt have windows 10 task manager with gpu monitoring.

  • Ethan K
    Ethan K 33 minutes ago

    Linus GONE SEXUAL (hot Asian male robot threesome)

  • Abdul Malek
    Abdul Malek 33 minutes ago

    I don't understand how can people compare intel who is the first processor inventer with AMD

  • XTECT10
    XTECT10 34 minutes ago

    ah yes, 2003 has happened again

  • Sanjay Pindoria
    Sanjay Pindoria 34 minutes ago

    2.2k Indians are offended

  • marco streng
    marco streng 37 minutes ago

    who is watching this when running at 5.00 GHz?

  • General Obi Wan Kenobi
    General Obi Wan Kenobi 38 minutes ago

    Man... I got my 62" inch Samsung smart tv from WalMart for $350 and I use it as my laptop's primary display when gaming.

  • Thomas Winovich
    Thomas Winovich 38 minutes ago

    I want to be there

  • Bruce Charlie
    Bruce Charlie 39 minutes ago

    Distribution Block is called a " Manifold "

  • Sang Nguyen
    Sang Nguyen 40 minutes ago

    That 4k dislikes were from China.

  • wUnp
    wUnp 41 minute ago

    Well, my i5 9600K was running stable at 5 GHz OC with dual tower air cooler with 2 fans on it running in silent mode when the temperature is below 75C but I was a bit scared of 5 Ghz so I went from stock 4.6 to 4.8 GHz and temps are nice... The loudest thing in my PC is RTX 2070 from MSI xD

  • Accuracy
    Accuracy 42 minutes ago

    today's video is sponsored by *skips 20 seconds*

  • Thomas Winovich
    Thomas Winovich 42 minutes ago

    Wonder what you are doing for Christmas

  • Demertech official
    Demertech official 43 minutes ago

    save China

  • Demertech official
    Demertech official 43 minutes ago

    me: Linus why you got bamboo in your place Linus: Because bamboo comes from China like most tech US government: KILL CHINA KILL CHINA me: I am with Linus

  • Dr.Challenger
    Dr.Challenger 44 minutes ago

    Who is waiting in 2019 & thinking about AMD now

  • Sebastian Amadeus van Brahms

    It probably is not the heaviest. Remember the passively colled one with the GIANT heatsink on the entire right side?

  • Ginger Cunt
    Ginger Cunt 45 minutes ago

    What I want to know is, why is the motherboard upside-down?

  • XrosCobra
    XrosCobra 45 minutes ago

    I'm gonna buy a pair for £15

  • xrystalys
    xrystalys 45 minutes ago

    Почта России

  • broccolidood
    broccolidood 46 minutes ago

    I still don't understand how kids will see this video and then proceed to upload a 5 minute video from their phone saying their specs and that means they should win

  • asddfjkkl
    asddfjkkl 46 minutes ago

    why not check Rakk Ilis (sub 45$) or Rakk Lam-Ang Pro (sub 70$) :>>

  • Underpaidink
    Underpaidink 47 minutes ago

    Print as PDF lol

  • Umer Ajmal
    Umer Ajmal 49 minutes ago

    whould you like to visit Pakistan

  • Tee Awa
    Tee Awa 50 minutes ago

    regardless of how much video games a child plays its probably better than the equivalent of watching X amount of reality TV. If I had a choice of letting my child watch 6 hours of toxic reality TV or learning how to play and master a game...

  • Brian Barney
    Brian Barney 51 minute ago

    Is it just me or has Linus been really "phoning it in" lately?

  • Mihael Stojanović
    Mihael Stojanović 52 minutes ago

    5:24 Buy Magnet for 2 dollars. Such a great app which solves this what u mentioned.

  • Lim
    Lim 53 minutes ago

    This clown does not know shit about peripherals just stick To Pc building lmao

  • 3dmixer
    3dmixer 53 minutes ago

    was that not Linus's sister? LOL

  • Connor Sandberg
    Connor Sandberg 53 minutes ago

    Noctua LOVES Linus

  • My Hero
    My Hero 54 minutes ago

    If we can water cool our body, then why can't we water our pc huh huh?

  • Amirul Azeem
    Amirul Azeem 54 minutes ago

    Crunchyroll sponsoring this video... HOLY SHIT

  • skltr21
    skltr21 55 minutes ago

    lol this dude with his socks and mandals.........

  • Pro Tech Guy
    Pro Tech Guy 55 minutes ago

    Hey fellow Massachusien

  • Cedric Auberg
    Cedric Auberg 55 minutes ago

    You should de-lidd, cool straight to the die,and see what happens. :P

  • al3xuk
    al3xuk 55 minutes ago

    Need a follow up

  • Cr3ePiO
    Cr3ePiO 56 minutes ago

    That radiator placement triggers me.

  • Joe K
    Joe K 57 minutes ago

    Nice. What will hurt you more, your back after lifting this or your wallet?

  • Requiem Arrow
    Requiem Arrow Hour ago

    Where was the clip when he was freaking out from?

  • Juneao Alfred
    Juneao Alfred Hour ago

    a 95 USD!! for a used CPU!!! are you kidding me!!!

  • Ayan Mohanta
    Ayan Mohanta Hour ago

    8:53 logic crying in a corner 😂

  • AmitXØ
    AmitXØ Hour ago

    guys remember that if i'll fail my next math i'll just off myself.

  • Scyllar
    Scyllar Hour ago

    AMD forgot to turn off friendly fire.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Hour ago

    Imagine not having your sponsor code as Linus Tank Tips.

  • Joshua Attard
    Joshua Attard Hour ago

    About 8 years ago i spent close to $4k on my tower and i just now upgraded my pc. It lasted 8 years! It played almost every new game at 60+ fps no problem on high. The only issue was cpu intensive games. Had a 6600k with 2x 660ti (originally 580ti but they broke and were replaced with these) to be honest it's still a great pc now.

  • joelperry997
    joelperry997 Hour ago

    Someone got a 9900KS to 7.4ghz no joke...

  • GrimsDivine
    GrimsDivine Hour ago

    Everyone's dream rig who isn't a millionaire 😂👍

  • Superionized
    Superionized Hour ago

    I'm waiting for the day when Linus unboxes a PC taller than him.

  • icanrememberthis

    10:56 9900k @ 5.1ghz is down to $599 btw

  • David Merchin
    David Merchin Hour ago

    Diamond play button incoming

  • MJ GAMER 448
    MJ GAMER 448 Hour ago

    He put the subtitles in first person but he doesn’t edit it

  • MentalEdge
    MentalEdge Hour ago

    Intel must be binning the hell out their chips nowadays to keep up with AMD. Also the KS can only maintain base clock at 127W, to hit the marketed sustained 5GHz all core boost you'll need to go well past 200W.

  • TheKale94
    TheKale94 Hour ago

    do you have video about drivers?

  • Jamal Taylor
    Jamal Taylor Hour ago

    8TB on a laptop? Producing content for a YT or Floatplane channel on your own and you're a travel site would be a good example. I'd bet a tiny percentage of non-corporate channels have the ingest and storage system LMG has. If I'm say a travel vlog and I need to minimize what I bring with me, but I'm doing it all on the laptop, 8TB would be a godsend because I don't need an external drive in the field. 4K footage isn't getting any smaller in terms of file sizes, and if I don't return to my base very often, I'm going to have a stockpile of footage that has to go somewhere. having it with no cables or dongles or additional power supplies, is enticing, even with the knowledge that it's a single point of failure.

  • Junior Mpata
    Junior Mpata Hour ago

    Ninja hackers stop

  • Shany G
    Shany G Hour ago

    Intel funded this video. we all know AMD is the only CPU to buy!

  • Mohit M
    Mohit M Hour ago

    File system?

  • TwistyCircuit
    TwistyCircuit Hour ago

    Was 4:19 really necessary?

  • Mr xXx
    Mr xXx Hour ago

    id preffer ryzen 3900 over this crap

  • Qta
    Qta Hour ago

    bullshit video... like most of the time.

  • Squillam Squallace


  • Anders Jørgensen

    Why on Earth would you not add the GPUs to that loop?

  • Jake Sully
    Jake Sully Hour ago

    She is cute.

  • cerveraoliver
    cerveraoliver Hour ago

    Wow, LTT has come a long way since this video.

  • falstar2020
    falstar2020 Hour ago

    Why not use the hacksaw the is hanging above the workbench. Duh

  • Quick Games
    Quick Games Hour ago

    Rip GN Vs rip jay series whatever coming soon

  • z z
    z z Hour ago

    Fuck China.

  • Nathan Bijo
    Nathan Bijo Hour ago

    you people are really mean

  • Kyle Luschen
    Kyle Luschen Hour ago

    21:46... The gulp of sadness. Lmao

  • Mathgasm
    Mathgasm Hour ago

    That size brings me back to laptops in 1990.

  • Dede Kurnia
    Dede Kurnia Hour ago

    The pinebook pro is out for awhile already, please make a review about it

  • raven 580
    raven 580 Hour ago

    i also need a gaming pc but i dont have much money i saved some money from 2 years and gathered $300 and also worked part time job but i couldn't find a decent gaming computer.can you make a video on how to build a gaming pc in $300.i want to be a huge gaming youtuber. live your vids .:)

  • Itz_Da_Muttz ៚

    Best part 22:05