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This is a computer.
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This tiny PC is one of the coolest devices I've seen in a long time! I'm going to show you all the cool stuff it comes with (including the mini projector), what it looks like inside, and what it's like to game on it.
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Why Is EVERYONE Buying This Phone?!
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Start using AnyDesk today at As the first product of its kind to utilize the AI technology, Govee AI brings you an out-of-monitor immersion experience! Learn more about the the Govee CogniGlow AI algorithm down below: Do you NEED a flagship phone these days? Apparently a TON of you are gravitating to more budget-friendly options like the Samsung A53 so we tried to ...
Roasting Chinese Gaming Setups
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Thanks to Mine for sponsoring this video! Discover where your data is, and take it back at Create your build at The Lunar New Year celebrations are in full swing! Instead of roasting food, we’ll be roasting setups sent in by our viewers from China! One thing is immediately certain: gamers all around the world will do anything for more frames. Discuss on ...
The haters were right... I'm wasting my money
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Check out Secret Lab at SmartDeploy: Claim your FREE IT software (worth $580!) at It's been months since we acquired the new building for our testing lab and it's still in absolute disarray. Today we try to fix some of that by getting the core of the building's networking installed. Discuss on the forum:
I HATE Batteries! - Converting Wireless to Wired (a cheapskate’s guide)
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Check out the Vessi StormBurst and their other styles at Use code LTT for 15% off your entire order and free shipping. Purchase a set of gorgeous CableMod ABS keycaps at: CableMod: Amazon: I seem to be alone in my belief that batteries suck. Why are we adding more of these inconvenient, polluting monsters to our homes when good old fa...
Windows Doesn’t Suck! Microsoft Just Wants You To Think So…
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Join us in War Thunder for FREE at Get an exclusive bonus using our link - thanks for supporting the channel! Everyone who uses a computer uses Windows at least sometimes. But how many Windows features are they using? There’s more to the operating system than you might think, even if you’ve used it a lot! Discuss on the forum:’t-...
Tommy Hilfiger are Filthy Scammers
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Check out Vessi's Holiday Sale at or use code LinusTechTips at checkout if you just missed it for 15% off plus free shipping to CA, US, AU,JP, TW, KR, SGP via their store online. Save 90% on your first 4 months of Freshbooks at Tommy Hilfiger recently released their Gaming Set - a keyboard, mouse and headset combo that is possibly the most cyn...
Ask me why I'm Mining in 2023...
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Try Zoho One free for 30 days with no credit card required here: It could take decades to break even with GPU mining in 2023, so why would I install a new GPU mining rig in my garage NOW? Would you believe I actually have a good reason? Discuss on the forum: Buy a ASUS Prime B550-Plus: [](...
I Got This MYSTERY Motherboard From Reddit
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Check out Micro Center’s New Year Top Deals: Submit your build to Micro Center’s Build Showcase: Learn more about NexiGo's family of webcams here: Instead of the trash, this confusing engineering sample motherboard found its way to China, then Reddit, and now our office! Let’s take a look at what it offers… and learn why AMD cancelled i...
The Pay-To-Win Gaming PC
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Thank you Seasonic for sponsoring today’s build. Learn more about the PX1300 and other Power Supplies here: High refresh monitors, force sensitive keyboards, and even gamer goo. These are all the things that are supposed to enhance your performance in gaming. But do they? We put our money where their mouth is by testing out a true Tryhard PC. Discuss on the forum:
The 5 Most WEIRD PC Cases
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Make device repair a breeze with iFixit's FixMat at We bought some of the weirdest cases to come out over the past few years that you can still (mostly) buy! Come check them out, choose your favorite, and decide which one you think Linus should livestream a build in. Link to the poll!: LinusTech/status/1614687373396447232?s=20&t=smtZv3ZmOXqxe8kxxCTk-Q Discuss on t...
I Used Stolen Software to Make a DIY Xbox
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Check out Thorum using the link below and get 20% off by using the code LTT at checkout: A glimpse into the past of Xbox game development with the Xbox Alpha I development kit. The craziest part? You can build one yourself! (sort of) AND IT CAN EVEN PLAY GAMES (maybe). Oh, and we mistake CES 2001 for E3 2001, but really, who hasn't made that mistake before? Discuss on the forum: ...
Now Everybody copy Acer!
Views 673K14 days ago
Now Everybody copy Acer!
I need to see inside...
Views 720K14 days ago
I need to see inside...
I can't believe they let us touch these
Views 1.7M14 days ago
I can't believe they let us touch these
YOU Get a Supercomputer!
Views 1.4M14 days ago
YOU Get a Supercomputer!
Bought AMD? You got played - Ryzen 7000 non-X Review
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Bought AMD? You got played - Ryzen 7000 non-X Review
MSI Made the Gram LG Couldn't
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MSI Made the Gram LG Couldn't
WEIRD Laptops are Coming...- CES 2023
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WEIRD Laptops are Coming...- CES 2023
I wish I didn't need this gaming PC - MSI Trident X2
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I wish I didn't need this gaming PC - MSI Trident X2
Nvidia is lying to you - RTX 4070 Ti Full Review
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Nvidia is lying to you - RTX 4070 Ti Full Review
We've made some AWFUL videos... - Reacting to our WORST
Views 1.7M21 day ago
We've made some AWFUL videos... - Reacting to our WORST
Views 2.6M21 day ago
Brown Star for Effort - This AliExpress Gaming Laptop is HILARIOUS
Views 3.5M21 day ago
Brown Star for Effort - This AliExpress Gaming Laptop is HILARIOUS
This PC Will Break YouTube
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This PC Will Break Clip-Share
The Ultimate Gaming Minivan - Part 1
Views 1.6M28 days ago
The Ultimate Gaming Minivan - Part 1
I Will FIX Your Wifi
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I Will FIX Your Wifi
This is a $20,000 Computer
Views 1.9MMonth ago
This is a $20,000 Computer
The Most Average PC 2022
Views 2MMonth ago
The Most Average PC 2022
I Bought a Gaming PC at Best Buy… Am I Dumb?
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I Bought a Gaming PC at Best Buy… Am I Dumb?


  • 9.23.16
    9.23.16 12 hours ago

    i bought an a52 5g and after a year i can say its the worst phone ive used

  • Eugene
    Eugene 12 hours ago

    band coverage on this phone is not any good. a52s has better processor and has a headphone jack.

  • mohamed magdy
    mohamed magdy 12 hours ago

    Wouldn't it logically make sense to start normal sensor operation on batteries, then convert them after ensuring everything worked?

  • Pseudoswede
    Pseudoswede 12 hours ago

    Linus loves being called Daddy

  • Consumidor Inteligente

    Breaking news. That's not distilled water. It very clearly says "SPRING WATER" which has minerales on it.

  • Marty
    Marty 12 hours ago

    now teach her the alphabet a m d i n t e l e v g a n v m e n v i d i a

  • Profuse Moose
    Profuse Moose 12 hours ago

    The visual difference that you could possibly detect would be in the clarity and sharpness of textures in the far distance, not walking up close to them, at least in CS... I'd be curious to see someone giving this a try in something like ARMA where the distances you are shooting can be extremely far, it's much more about seeing things really far tha are really small... not the prettiest game, but yeah.

  • Jackson McKeen
    Jackson McKeen 12 hours ago

    anthony is the white version of young chop 🔥🔥

  • Burnnie Holliday
    Burnnie Holliday 12 hours ago

    3:02 Marco camera (typo in the graphic). Polo!

  • Richard Donalds
    Richard Donalds 12 hours ago

    I think my dell xps studio 9100 have the same CPU, but I may upgrade it to the XEON X5690 6 CORE 3.47 GHZS

  • Sebas
    Sebas 12 hours ago

    3:04 marco camera

  • matheww19
    matheww19 12 hours ago

    Windows 98 was the first version of windows I used. Before that I would just erase it straight off my hard drive and used DOS. Win98 was the first version of Windows that PC games started requiring regularly. Prior to that the first step in a games instructions was always "Exit to DOS"

  • Schnubbi
    Schnubbi 12 hours ago

    Seeing Pantera referenced in a LMG video is a New Level of awesomeness! Second only to the reveal, that the 8-Bit Guy is a second cousin of Dime and Vinnie :D

  • Jakob Theiner
    Jakob Theiner 12 hours ago

    I think evo is more like the ultrabook marketing term. Centrino - or especially the first Pentium Ms were extremely crucial for Intel's future since they were what made intel realize "wow, netburst is shit compared to this". And then they basically developed the Core architecture from their mobile branch. Quite the history lesson. Oh btw. that was 20 years ago... Feeling old yet? 😅

  • Mike Hudson
    Mike Hudson 12 hours ago

    Marco camera?

  • Acidburn
    Acidburn 12 hours ago

    The gym is a fun place, Maybe take a break from the tech stuff for an hour a day and get in there dude.. You look like you could really use it.

  • Dan_TheAnimal
    Dan_TheAnimal 12 hours ago

    Luke & Linus. We have an employee gym at the hospital where I work. We have an online portal where we have to take a class on how to safely use the equipment, then we take the proof of completion and a signed waver to security. Only then does your employee badge work to unlock the door to the gym.

  • Nexus 7 Tablet
    Nexus 7 Tablet 12 hours ago

    6:13 the interrogation room

  • Marcl Mania
    Marcl Mania 12 hours ago

    we used to have a pc with windows 98 and we would play things like minesweeper, solitaire and also things like monopoly or there was this kelloggs game called action man where you would drive around in a car searching for enemys and shooting them before killing the boss.

  • Zachary A-Fard
    Zachary A-Fard 12 hours ago

    Jake is such a hater.

  • Kip
    Kip 12 hours ago

    0:59 stephen hawking is aliiiiive

  • Tinashe Mamire
    Tinashe Mamire 12 hours ago

    Erm hopefully we see more players in the space now gaming has grown so much its attracting brands like tommy obviously the 1st creation was allways going to be awfull

  • Gomat 129
    Gomat 129 12 hours ago

    charge it doc

  • Zeus Orpheus
    Zeus Orpheus 12 hours ago

    LMAO cash nickel

  • gbiagomba
    gbiagomba 12 hours ago

    Linus not defending Tommy here....but the different molds for the USB connector is something some keyboard mouse manufacturers use to differentiate between the two. Its not the first time I have seen that, though I must admit its rare knowadays. As I am typing this and seeing the build quality I doubt they did that to make it easier for the gamer's troubleshooting the equipment. It probably was what was the cheapest mold to drive the biuild cost down and maximize the padding on the bottom line lol.

  • Red Redleg
    Red Redleg 12 hours ago

    If you want something expensive, there are plenty of better options. If you want something cheap, it's hard to beat a Red Dragon mechanical keyboard for $20-$40.

  • AR G
    AR G 12 hours ago

    Any data center guys take note of those thin patch cables, because they are a life saver. We use the Monoprice ones by the thousands, and with PoE. They are roughly half the diameter of a Cat6 cable, so quick maff says one quarter the volume in the wire management. On Amazon we average about $1/ea, so the price is definitely right as well.

  • John Janssen
    John Janssen 12 hours ago

    Dear linus. It was my first Samsung phone. I liked it. But. I set up a lot of mesh networks (tp-deco) and the a53 dont works with it. Constantly lossing connection. Or wont connect at all. Tp link says its the proccesor and samsung wont agree. I got customer with the same exynos chip and problem.

    GSAM_DAD 12 hours ago

    Linux is horrible, it's lauded by command line obsessives who tut & shake their heads at anyone who doesn't think typing hieroglyphics is fun....I tried so many "distros" & not a single one had a basic feature like wifi loaded & working as default. Utterly terrible as a user desktop, it should stick to servers, where it's cutting edge. By the way I'm in IT so not entirely incapable of understanding basic operating system principles....

  • Gomat 129
    Gomat 129 12 hours ago

    when linus is the medic

  • afjer5106
    afjer5106 12 hours ago

    I could see using it as a low-power web server.

  • Homer
    Homer 12 hours ago

    What's a computer?

  • AveRageM*N
    AveRageM*N 12 hours ago

    you have lost all of your social credit

  • chezwizard
    chezwizard 12 hours ago

    Linus: "Only 10Mb/s?" Us in BFE, lucky to get 300Kb/s: -_-

  • The Shape
    The Shape 12 hours ago

    As a lifelong metalhead the Pantera line literally killed me

  • Youka Naava
    Youka Naava 12 hours ago

    It should be like you connect it to electric wall and it creates hydrogen inside car. Then it has small light weigth battery to get the acceleration. I'm sure they had done these already if it was possible...

  • Kenneth Nash
    Kenneth Nash 12 hours ago

    I have 4th gen with nvme.

  • Dominic Accardo
    Dominic Accardo 12 hours ago

    damn, crazy how the deck actually was thermally limited

  • plunder1956
    plunder1956 12 hours ago

    People buy Sammy A52 & A53 because the updates keep going & its a genuinely nice phone to live with.

  • AGDP
    AGDP 12 hours ago

    Just replace the case with something that looks like a nature wood or something and you nature themed PC

  • Ncky
    Ncky 12 hours ago

    Now put noctua fans on them

  • Reelix
    Reelix 12 hours ago

    I'm using a Xiaomi Note 10S. Aside from the missing wireless charging, it's a great device! Even has dual sim capacity and a headphone jack that people were complaining about with this phone - And it's under $200 on Amazon (Make sure you get the 128GB version). Maybe you can take a look if you're testing phones in that price range :)

  • evifnoskcaj
    evifnoskcaj 12 hours ago

    The intro is adorable.

  • Ad
    Ad 12 hours ago

    Good for a homelab / k8s cluster

  • TurtleSauceGaming
    TurtleSauceGaming 12 hours ago

    Linus pulling out the old memes. As someone who found those old fan dubs of the GI Joe PSAs like 6 months ago, I love it.

  • Josh
    Josh 12 hours ago

    Ha! Watching this on my A53 right now. The clear display and camera were the selling points for me. Edit for more info I also don't play many mobile games other than CoD Mobile and that runs like an absolute dream on the A53. Currently 4 months in and battery life is still amazing.

  • Free Limes
    Free Limes 12 hours ago

    "I spent three hundred dollars" 😐 the PAIN in this man's face

  • Matevž Gregorič
    Matevž Gregorič 12 hours ago

    bought a z fold a couple of weeks back and i love the phone lol

  • Ophelia F
    Ophelia F 12 hours ago

    I actually got my pc gaming start on a system like this. back in 2017, my uncle was cleaning out his basement full of computer parts (he was moving, and worked in IT, over the years he'd taken a large quantity of computer hardware from the company he had worked at for over a decade at that point), and he gave me a Dell Precision 1500 from 2010 I got a free pc, with 16gb of ram, 4/8 core i7 cpu (i7 860), an Nvidia NVS 295 with two hard drives an dvd rw drive (and since it was a 2010 Dell, it was actually upgradable) I later added a gt 630 for $30, because that's all that was available at the time around that price, worked perfectly fine for esports and slightly older games like CSGO or Fallout NV

  • Meh
    Meh 12 hours ago

    RIP to the guy watching this video who bought and is still using these pheripherials