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  • Poncho Morales
    Poncho Morales 24 minutes ago

    Good morning everyone this right here is fakery... next you will see they coming after Sanctuary States once they find out where you are they're coming for you.... Sanctuary is a fake name... wait for it it's coming

  • Victoria Juergens-Renfro
    Victoria Juergens-Renfro 24 minutes ago

    Adam has phyco eyes.

  • June Thomas
    June Thomas 24 minutes ago

    Your right I don't blame him I agree with him have a trial on Schiff pelosi others in on it cause they all need to tell the truth why they hate him so much.

  • steve michael
    steve michael 24 minutes ago

    Listen to her vs AOC Classy

    JET JET 24 minutes ago


  • Michael Angel
    Michael Angel 24 minutes ago

    Watch the testimony- it’s really bad for the president.

  • Tommy Willis
    Tommy Willis 24 minutes ago

    Before I watch the video let me guess... the debate was boring and no one stands a chance against trump

  • Kohoko
    Kohoko 24 minutes ago

    I'm looking at the English snooty and pompous Dr. Fiona Hill and can only think that man, she hasn't been F@#$ed in like forever!

  • Finn McCool
    Finn McCool 24 minutes ago

    "You want a trial?" What a dope.

  • Steven Suarez
    Steven Suarez 24 minutes ago

    As If Biden was ever in the race for presidency. Obama won't support Michelle and even Hillary stepped over him .why have an election Trump 2020 by default!!

  • Moe A
    Moe A 24 minutes ago

    Tired of winning yet folks. 🤫😂🤣🤡

  • Idid
    Idid 24 minutes ago

    Trump would love to have Biden as the Dem candidate. You know who wants investigations into Biden, the Ukraine collusion, the steel dossier, the whistle blower? We do! The the freedom loving American people want this corruption stopped. Drain the swamp!

  • S Barger
    S Barger 24 minutes ago

    Fawning over Fiona being an “expert.” Yes, We The People know you think experts are more equal.

  • David Romero
    David Romero 24 minutes ago

    Did the good doctor perform his own transformation to a woMAN!????

  • 777 Gotkog
    777 Gotkog 24 minutes ago

    Disrespectful reporters POTUS you have no msm allies

  • Dave B
    Dave B 24 minutes ago

    Republicans question the questions that question others questions because all questions have questions that bring questions that need questioned. Any questions?

  • Ray Spackman
    Ray Spackman 24 minutes ago

    Adam must of been teased through out his younger years about his bug eyes. In a way i feel sorry for him. However, he is evil and is a big lier.

  • Ping Pong
    Ping Pong 24 minutes ago

    When did Fox and Friends become enemy of the people? The guy on the right acts pissed that he is getting rollered by Trump, every time he tries to put in his DemoKKKrat talking points.

  • mperies
    mperies 24 minutes ago

    So disappointing that there was no pay for play by Trump, but by others maybe!

  • James Mckeraghan
    James Mckeraghan 25 minutes ago


  • Tiberiusduck
    Tiberiusduck 25 minutes ago

    I can't wait to see half the Democrat party in handcuffs and it's coming very soon folks.

  • Lightnin McKing
    Lightnin McKing 25 minutes ago

    Fox to CNN- hold my beer. What a disgrace they’re becoming

  • Ione Mondejar
    Ione Mondejar 25 minutes ago

    Corruption is on Democrats they try to hide it they brainwash the fake media the media brainwash us the American people.

  • J S
    J S 25 minutes ago

    Stop interrupting the President of the United States on the phone !

  • Ded Recon
    Ded Recon 25 minutes ago

    Dirty Donald Trump the Liar in Chief, Constitutional Rapist, Enemy of Human Rights, Snake Head of the Denizens of Demagoguery, Self Confessed Serial Sexual Molester, Violator Of The Vulva, Head Goomba of the Trump Crime Syndicate, spews more putrid lies and sewage from his black hole.

  • Doug Graves
    Doug Graves 25 minutes ago

    Trump's job is to investigate all corruption. it's not his fault the Biden name keeps surfacing.

  • The Political Novice
    The Political Novice 25 minutes ago

    If his appeal is drinking a 40 in a brown paper bag with some homies, no thank you. TRUMP 2020!

  • Dan McFarland
    Dan McFarland 25 minutes ago

    AOC once spoke into an envelope to create a voicemail.

  • Douglas Banks
    Douglas Banks 25 minutes ago

    Everyone knows who the whistle blower is. You guys are too chicken to speak truth but continue to mislead the low information crowd.

  • Shirley J
    Shirley J 25 minutes ago

    You stupid fox guys do you listen? He said he assumed there was quid pro quo, but he had no evidence. He also said the President said he wanted nothing from Ukraine but to do the right thing. Did you s..t heads miss that? Rudy exposes corruption. Why do you think they didn't like Rudy?

  • W R
    W R 25 minutes ago

    More distraction from Fox propaganda. Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine at the risk of US national security, ultimately putting American lives at risk (to say nothing about Ukrainian lives), for personal political purposes. This was not done to further American interests - it was done for personal gain. This is the consistent evidence of numerous witnesses giving evidence under oath. These are the facts - no amount of lies and misdirection changes what trump did.

  • 777 Gotkog
    777 Gotkog 25 minutes ago

    POTUS please do the fireside chats. I don't trust none of the Assholes

  • Paul Aspen
    Paul Aspen 25 minutes ago

    Donald Trump is like a super hero in that he's tackled all the major issues that matter like the economy and jobs while literally fending off attacks from 90 percent of the media and impeach or investigate everything since day one. Oh by the way Canada and Mexico are still waiting for you to pass USMCA. We have stuff to do to you f........ Democrat do nothing A.....holes.

  • SulaimanamialuS
    SulaimanamialuS 25 minutes ago

    How does this guy have the time to rant bs for an HOUR as the President of the country?!

  • Lloyd W
    Lloyd W 25 minutes ago

    I think schifty showed what he really thinks of U.S. citizens when he basically said if you're not an attorney, you can't comprehend the meaning of hearsay. Oh God!, what would all of us lemmings do without the Great Attorney schiff for brains? How would we all learn to survive?

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris 25 minutes ago

    The democrats are trying to lie about their collusion with Ukraine. Maybe Democrat voters are stupid enough to believe that but common sense Americans know about the democrats Hillary Obama and the Biden's collusion.

  • Dave B
    Dave B 26 minutes ago

    Republicans question the questions that have questions because if you don't question the questions you'll never know about the question that need questioned. Any questions?

  • Knight for Right
    Knight for Right 26 minutes ago

    Way to go Schimp you fell right into the hands of Putin to turn the Democrats and Republicans against each other so nothing gets done for the people, this according to your own witness; thanks for nothing!!!!!

  • MegaHandleit
    MegaHandleit 26 minutes ago

    FAKE WHISTLE-BLOWER , false report, fake story...well why did Trump say he should be killed??????

  • Mike Price
    Mike Price 26 minutes ago

    If Trump is so concerned about corruption in other countries that he holds up foreign aid then he needs to be concerned about the corruption in Israel with Netanyahu and hold up all foreign aid to Israel. And guess what are the chances of that happening and why?

  • Al G
    Al G 26 minutes ago

    i just stop by to troll but instead i'll let sean insanity do the work

  • Bruce Bryant
    Bruce Bryant 26 minutes ago

    As a religious person, I should pity Trump's uneducated supporters, but I don't....

  • GTP
    GTP 26 minutes ago

    Hard to believe this con man, liar, criminal, and idiot, can be your president!

  • The Beast
    The Beast 26 minutes ago

    I really hope that indictment is for McCabe, then the rest of the dominoes fall.

    • Bruce Bryant
      Bruce Bryant 25 minutes ago

      Ah, so nothing about Trump getting impeached?

  • icycil
    icycil 26 minutes ago

    No Canada has not ratified the USMCA🙄

  • DNA Test
    DNA Test 26 minutes ago

    Jim Jordan is a fighting Star also. Go Ohio.

  • Jim X
    Jim X 26 minutes ago

    That's a dude!

  • Main 1
    Main 1 26 minutes ago

    No more wall funding?! Trump should not think 500 mi being built right now is enough. He should fight for another $1b

  • ekimshield
    ekimshield 26 minutes ago

    Schiff and the Democrats are a national embarrassment. The US deserves a better Democrat Party than this.

  • matt morris
    matt morris 26 minutes ago

    The Dems don’t want this to go to the Senate. It will expose their corruption. Now this is if they are smart.(they aren’t)

  • Ricky Fontaine
    Ricky Fontaine 26 minutes ago

    You all say he'll win again ok.. Lets take a vote the whole country should he be removed??? Put it in the peoples hands no electoral college bs.. Get a vote from every American that can legally vote... Should he stay should he go.. Im betting he's out because even with email crap from russia he still lost the popular vote by millions.. So lets have a vote.. I bet you people dont want that..

  • Walter Brown
    Walter Brown 26 minutes ago

    Put Trump to testify under oath ! If Bill Clinton did in his impeachment Why Can he ?

  • PING Apologist #9
    PING Apologist #9 26 minutes ago

    "Abject failure"? Definitely. Loser? Totally. Criminal? Most likely. Schiff needs to be wearing an orange jumpsuit along with the rest of them a-holes

  • partybiscuit
    partybiscuit 26 minutes ago

    It's Proffesor Snape in a dress - really good at potions but ultimately answers to the deep state.

  • Sennie White
    Sennie White 26 minutes ago

    Here is one of President Trump's memorable statements, "Why is it always the United States putting up money, instead of Europe? We are the Dummies. "

  • tinfoilhatter
    tinfoilhatter 26 minutes ago

    horowitz, is rather meek and ineffectual, isn't he? are we even very hopeful about his upcoming 'report'? but, he's a great protector-general , depending on your perspective, - perspective is the key to everything, if you think about it:

  • Ms K Jones
    Ms K Jones 27 minutes ago

    WAit, the hearings are done? I thought maybe we could get asapRocky to come in and talk about his feelings about getting tangled up over seas. I mean... why not?

  • lisa
    lisa 27 minutes ago

    NBC is meddling with our election.. scum of media

  • Chaanan Milk man GMS Indianapolis

    Remind me I think the United States citizens also booed at the UFC fight what's a left Winger I'm not even a Democrat I just know right from wrong dummies

  • 60zeller
    60zeller 27 minutes ago

    What! They are supporting Trump on this show? I am shocked! Shocked! I tell you. Trump 2020 Easy money

  • spaceman with raygun
    spaceman with raygun 27 minutes ago

    I support Sessions, for retirement.

    RUMPLE_F0RESKIN x 27 minutes ago

    She's a Soros puppet

    SCOUNDREL 27 minutes ago

    I watch these videos and read the comments and I find myself being angry. Very angry because Fox news and the people who have these shows are not about the truth or relaying information to you so you can make logical intelligent decisions. They do not want that !!! They skew the truth tell half truths or just out right lie. I find that a terrible disservice to the public " We The People " My agenda is to know the truth regardless of if I agree with it. I need to know the people I trusted with my vote, the most powerful thing I possess in this country are doing the right things. I may have rights but they're not actionable as to the trust my vote place in others. I always hope that the people I vote for has EVERYBODY'S best interests at heart and in mind. Fox agendas is not in our best interest but it's owner's. When did we sell our integrity, morals, self respect. Lying scheming cheating people I have NONE of them as friends because I detest that type of behavior. I was raised to do better to always strive to be the best I could be and to expect that from others. When others did not give that you held them accountable and help them achieve it. But this is mollycoddling a spoiled brat who has broken the very laws he has taken an oath to uphold. He has placed himself above the very laws that humanizes us. He has trashed all the things that make this country different than ALL the rest that have come before us. The very democracy we cherish is at stake. You may love everything trump is doing, you may hate it and just going along party lines. But if he keeps broadening the scope of the executive branch's powers, those powers are passed along to the next presidency. Who may very well be someone you may never agree with but now YOU ARE powerless to do anything about. The Senate is not holding trump accountable, they may rue the day the senate becomes a democratic majority. They held all three branches of government and accomplished what? We deserve some one who respect our laws and obey them. The pass holds the truth to the downfall of every great republic. It now stares back at us from the mirror.

  • Curtis Grissom
    Curtis Grissom 27 minutes ago

    Fox and orange idiots gets a call from their leader orange racist lying savage crook. KMBA!!

  • warzee123
    warzee123 27 minutes ago

    Rambling corrupt liar. A perfect iterview for fox and fools

  • Kenneth Collins
    Kenneth Collins 27 minutes ago

    Hey Kilmeade you suck

  • Jazzy Taz
    Jazzy Taz 27 minutes ago

    Hey Fox, quit calling him Mr. Trump. He's President Trump.

  • ceo los
    ceo los 27 minutes ago

    I heard something different hill said alot

  • BrotherKennyHolland
    BrotherKennyHolland 27 minutes ago

    We finally got a republic party to come out of the closet! The only thing the country needed was a gutsy leader to go into the office ,with one thing in mind(DRAIN THE SWAMP)

  • Bobos Curse
    Bobos Curse 27 minutes ago

    They need to just hold the vote and get it over with. The process is a joke.

  • passtime for civilwar
    passtime for civilwar 27 minutes ago

    President Trump, " I want a trial". The demonrats will lose quick. The Schiff kangaroo court is exposed. Trump will be re-elected in 2020

  • Bruce Bryant
    Bruce Bryant 27 minutes ago

    Trump will be the ONLY President to be impeached during his FIRST TERM....yup, Trump is

  • Brad Kaiser
    Brad Kaiser 27 minutes ago

    Ya'll mad bro? LOL. Idiots.

  • Tamara Dawson
    Tamara Dawson 27 minutes ago

    The Democrats have gotten their own way into bending laws, changing laws, and breaking laws for 3yrs. I wonder when it is ENOUGH ALEADY?

  • Moozymanfreddie
    Moozymanfreddie 27 minutes ago

    this congress lady is a rising star

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee 27 minutes ago

    Can these two guys stop interrupting Trump and allow him to just even finish one sentence?

  • rob eberly
    rob eberly 27 minutes ago

    I think that most all of these witnesses are still part of the so-called “insurance policy “ to get the President impeached. December 9 can’t come too soon

  • DNA Test
    DNA Test 27 minutes ago

    Mrs Stefanik is smart and Hot lady. Trump 2020

  • D M
    D M 27 minutes ago

    The legal definition attempted bribery is still bribery. How're people just ignoring the definition of bribery? It doesn't matter if the investigation wasn't delivered, by Trumps own transcript this is an open and shut case. Trump admitted to it in writing by signing off on the transcript he released. What is he going to do? Call himself fake news? How is this even a debate?

  • gm 57
    gm 57 28 minutes ago

    The dark-haired Crow lady. Isn't even American. If she is it's because we let her be.a prime example of naturalized citizens hating America.

  • The Penny Finance
    The Penny Finance 28 minutes ago

    This impeachment is like reading Harry Potter over again. When Dumbledore was removed from the Wizengamot and Harry was tried for crimes he never committed. At least in the book, good won in the end

  • Wolf Mama
    Wolf Mama 28 minutes ago

    Please don’t interrupt the President. Upgrade your politeness and respect quotient, please.

  • J Lew
    J Lew 28 minutes ago

    Mom..... Mom......

  • J Lew
    J Lew 28 minutes ago

    Mom..... Mom......

  • zeroceiling
    zeroceiling 28 minutes ago

    ....Apparently...Pelosi’s close relative serves in a consultant capacity in Ukraine as does one of Kerry’s no wonder the dems are a little touchy about this countrie’s internal affairs..

  • Christopher Pohl
    Christopher Pohl 28 minutes ago

    These three talking heads are not very good at their jobs. They wasted their opportunity.

  • Peter J Reynolds
    Peter J Reynolds 28 minutes ago

    Stefanik is my new hero................. phenomenal!!

  • mach one
    mach one 28 minutes ago


  • richard therrien
    richard therrien 28 minutes ago

    Is that another dude dressed as a woman?

  • Kevin Garrett
    Kevin Garrett 28 minutes ago

    This impeachment scam was Hillary Clinton's last stand to try to stay relevant in Washington, but it all came crumbling down. Goodbye Hillary. Go away and never come back.

  • Mark Adkins
    Mark Adkins 28 minutes ago

    God bless you ma’am

  • paul nadratowski
    paul nadratowski 28 minutes ago

    He is like a broken record. Says the same crap over and over ane over again. The adderall is getting to him

  • b carb
    b carb 28 minutes ago

    Why is FOX a mouth piece for Putin?

  • Enrique D
    Enrique D 28 minutes ago

    Stop sucking up to these lemmings Trump they'd turn on you in a heartbeat. Meanwhile Alex Jones who's friend Roger Stone is being locked up is still loyal to you. You need to start recognizing the real people on your team.

  • Feldwebel Wolfenstool
    Feldwebel Wolfenstool 28 minutes ago

    Adumb Schitt is really living up to my expectations...

  • Bruce Bryant
    Bruce Bryant 28 minutes ago

    "Everyone was in the loop"....the democrats are far from finished with this....

  • T A
    T A 28 minutes ago

    shouldn’t trump be working on fixing our infrastructure and healthcare system instead of giving interviews on tv?????

  • SPARTAN300
    SPARTAN300 28 minutes ago

    Time to get involved mr. President dont just talk tough get tough and nasty..TRUMP 2020.

  • Kenneth McGlothen
    Kenneth McGlothen 28 minutes ago

    Fredo! His mother doesn't take him SERIOUS