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Baby S2 | Teaser | Netflix
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  • Zidz
    Zidz Hour ago

    2 Paul Rudds in one movie?

  • Vince
    Vince Hour ago

    He's a serial rapist?!!

  • Mad Jack
    Mad Jack Hour ago

    This could be the next game of thrones.

  • RK Yadav
    RK Yadav Hour ago

    Hey did he(🐜 man) just killed the wasp😂😂

  • GardenofRoses
    GardenofRoses Hour ago

    Further perpetuating the black stereotype


    I like how the movie ends and I understand its message. Jodi realized that being a tall girl should not affect and what everybody says to her, and I love the role of Jack of how he stand for Jodi and appreciate and respect her no matter how tall she is!, Such a satisfying movie! And well, I'm a tall guy, but that doesn't mean that It would be a disadvantage to me neither an adversity or be with a short girl, because no matter what we are created equally as a human being and the only thing that I can do is to accept what I am and be proud of what I want to do!

  • Sharon Eniye
    Sharon Eniye Hour ago

    Is she in a dwarf school? Who is bullied for basically being America’s Next top model. Yeah being tall sexy and pretty is so depressing I want to be average instead

  • Dharu Witjaksono

    Just send one of them to Quantum Realm... 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • gambol had nickel for granny

    Humans:-Can you become old(aged) ? Paul Rudd:-No,I don't think I will.

  • 森
     Hour ago

    yes, jewish privilege is real...

  • Rian Hunter
    Rian Hunter Hour ago

    Its Multiplicity all over again.

  • erik Eric
    erik Eric Hour ago

    wait they made a live action Rick and Morty episode?????? HYPE

  • Deepblackice
    Deepblackice Hour ago

    actually awesome movie! Go Ava Michelle, such a good ending and give people a different perspective of being tall

  • 8-Bit Kek
    8-Bit Kek Hour ago

    Hello fellow whites

    • 森
       Hour ago


  • LeggoCrewTV
    LeggoCrewTV Hour ago

    Sooo. looking at the comments. Nobody is going to talk about it then? And we are keeping everything the way it is? 1945 is not even a 100 years ago... EVERYONE has a lot to learn. Everything you have now is a (get this) privilege. Remember how it got here..

  • Daddy hermanson
    Daddy hermanson Hour ago

    Easy Chelsea donate your white privilege obtained money to help or house brown people. Not willing to do that ? Hmmm easy to talk harder to do

    • 森
       Hour ago

      she is jewish not white.

  • Husain marzogi
    Husain marzogi Hour ago

    fuck ola

  • Sarah Aye
    Sarah Aye Hour ago

    Imagine thinking calling someone tall is an insult 😭😂 man this movie was insanely cringy and that whole speech she did at the dance was soo embarrassing and unnecessary. I died of second hand embarrassment.

  • Eddie Goteman
    Eddie Goteman Hour ago

    Those kids wouldn't survive 10 minutes in a Zombie Apocalypse.

  • KingKhanAbz
    KingKhanAbz Hour ago

    Maybe they can share lives? 🤔 I have this will be a lighter lovelier version of Gemini Man ☺

  • Haige Gee
    Haige Gee Hour ago

    Damn, does Paul Rudd even age??

  • Gabriela Mercedes Hdz

    ? She change her name since when?

  • Wee Woo Wee Woo
    Wee Woo Wee Woo Hour ago

    *Isn’t she Jewish?*

  • whereTheFuckIbeen ?

    Please no avengers references!!!!

  • Alvin Paul
    Alvin Paul Hour ago

    This show has somewhat similar concept from that episode of Rick and Morty (Rest and Ricklaxation), where they remove their toxic self and live a completely positive life.

  • quintana christopher

    did i here bisping voice hosting

  • pankaj ranga
    pankaj ranga Hour ago

    @1:49 definition of depression

  • cmlljyclst
    cmlljyclst Hour ago

    I wanted her to end up with the swedish guy though. Stig is such a cinammon roll. For the first time, the handsome popular guy in school is not a real jerk but then the bestfriend who usually is the good guy, ends up looking like a jerk to me. Whyyy? Huhuhu I feel so bad for stig.

  • quizes brasil
    quizes brasil Hour ago

    Mike e eleven melhor casal

  • Matija 2402
    Matija 2402 Hour ago

    Whata the name of the song?

  • Le LOOS
    Le LOOS Hour ago

    Looks fun I’ll try it

  • Caitlin Taylor
    Caitlin Taylor Hour ago

    Life after the events of Endgame

  • LUCKY09
    LUCKY09 Hour ago


  • SL Chi
    SL Chi Hour ago

    the editing is so bad in this trailer but Michael C Hall so I forgive

  • CABLE 715
    CABLE 715 Hour ago

    Antman v Antman: Dawn of Just Us.

  • Ryan Abdul
    Ryan Abdul Hour ago

    Reload the gun... i mean netflix

  • granch auck
    granch auck Hour ago

    Gunter never get old

  • Jhun Cruz
    Jhun Cruz Hour ago

    Reminds me of a Rick and Morty episode..

  • Rob McCallister
    Rob McCallister Hour ago

    This is a fucking rick and morty episode

  • redfordeath
    redfordeath Hour ago

    wasn't this in a sort of rick and morty episode ?

  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood Hour ago

    Bipolar disorder: The movie

  • Night Love
    Night Love Hour ago

    Fantastic 😍🔥😘

  • Cristina Cuanico

    ♥♡P E T E R K A V I N S K Y♡♥ He stole my heart ♥♥♥

  • kittyloves cupcakes

    looks unoriginal but i’m still probably gonna watch bc i have nothing better to do tbh

  • Alex ReinHart
    Alex ReinHart Hour ago

    can't wait for it! I hope that Netflix will produce more amazing shows and movies!

  • Matías Feliciano

    This show was clearly made for me. And that clone of me.

  • Demetrio DEZ10
    Demetrio DEZ10 Hour ago

    Demétrio. Dez10

  • Jamie Kelly
    Jamie Kelly Hour ago

    Yall watched the trailer to bash her wow maga

  • xcurnalful Drip
    xcurnalful Drip Hour ago


  • Rohan Abraham
    Rohan Abraham Hour ago

    Anybody remember clean and toxic Rick...the story is very similar...I wonder if these guys will get sued by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland...

  • Morty Manthorne
    Morty Manthorne Hour ago

    Thanks for the ferns and the good vibes man.

    ALDC VIDS Hour ago

    Umbrella academy!!! I love umbrella academy

  • meredocu
    meredocu Hour ago

    -you have no idea what s coming -oh I think I have a pretty good idea : another fucking garbage netflix movie

  • Jamdi
    Jamdi Hour ago

    From searching pablo escobar to dracula

  • Vicky studio
    Vicky studio Hour ago

    reality b yehi h india ki indian hi deshshat gardi krty hyn or indian hi bchany waly hoty hyn filmo mn yehi kch dikhaty hyn aam awam ko smjh ni ati India hero v.s india villain so sad..

  • Aaron Warren
    Aaron Warren Hour ago

    Remind me of Multiplicity

  • Neeraj Sharma
    Neeraj Sharma 2 hours ago


  • Makaveli Tha Don
    Makaveli Tha Don 2 hours ago


  • Rolls Royce
    Rolls Royce 2 hours ago

    The more people stand up to this kind of anti-white rhetoric the less control (((they))) will have over public opinion. No race is exactly the same, if one is naturally more developed than the other, it can hardly be called privilege.

  • Daniel Munoz
    Daniel Munoz 2 hours ago

    You had me at Paul Rudd.

  • dan
    dan 2 hours ago

    this is surreal

  • Deep Sharma
    Deep Sharma 2 hours ago

    Just What if Sacha and Daniel Day Lewis were the same person with different names... they look kind of similar...

  • Samiyan sangam
    Samiyan sangam 2 hours ago

    Nice movie character fittin the story... Loved it..!

  • neo
    neo 2 hours ago

    Looks like shit

  • And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu

    "That's the biggest cock I've ever seen" HOW DID I MISS THIS IN THE ACTUAL EPISODE IM DED 😂😂

  • lucasinfilm
    lucasinfilm 2 hours ago

    Jesse Marty Mcfly...

  • Yasaman A
    Yasaman A 2 hours ago

    Bruh why are the people in her school so tiny tf

  • noname
    noname 2 hours ago

    this is like that one rick and morty episode

  • Arnie2-D2
    Arnie2-D2 2 hours ago

    Sjw pushed agenda most likely

  • Yanis Kaps
    Yanis Kaps 2 hours ago

    Looks pretty cool.

  • Nebinem
    Nebinem 2 hours ago

    There is literally a comic called Living with Yourself on Webtoons lol

  • Madihah Zulkifli
    Madihah Zulkifli 2 hours ago

    what's rest and ricklaxation ??? this reminds me of enemy. hahahaha

  • Kylie Noorbergen
    Kylie Noorbergen 2 hours ago

    One word amazing 🤯

  • Rob Emmerson
    Rob Emmerson 2 hours ago

    I see an attempt by the US Government to make sure we all stay at home and watch Netflix instead of storming Area 51.... I HAVE NETFLIX ON MY PHONE UNCLE SAM!

  • Beebo the mighty little bear

    So, Multiplicity but with some darkness? I need to get into the entertainment business. Just bust out my dvd collection and start writing. Apparently that’s all I need to do.

  • Apeuda
    Apeuda 2 hours ago

    Not a movie :(

  • sion evans
    sion evans 2 hours ago

    I loved watching that..very difficult time in my life back there but watched it all in 3 what a ride...

  • Kelly Lacelle
    Kelly Lacelle 2 hours ago

    Je veut les voir dan la vrai vie😄😄

  • Vuyisile Juqula
    Vuyisile Juqula 2 hours ago

    Everyone love these Gangsters.

  • Fungustech
    Fungustech 2 hours ago

    Mindblowingly sumptuous and one of the most astonishing production achievements of all time.They truly captured the ESSEEENCE of the original.

  • A W
    A W 2 hours ago

    Watched it. Wasn't good. I think the privilege is so many white "comedians" who do that as a career and aren't funny. I can name Soo many.

  • michael vick
    michael vick 2 hours ago

    How dare you lot put Eddie Murphy and Kevin Hart in the same sentence , This is Blastphomy

  • Aaliyah. Lawww
    Aaliyah. Lawww 2 hours ago

    I’ve been waiting so long for this!!!

  • Couaovi H
    Couaovi H 2 hours ago

    Anjelika is ... hot! Love her!

  • Mrsmiley186
    Mrsmiley186 2 hours ago

    Hmmm, didnt I see this in Rick and Morty before?

  • bb ww
    bb ww 2 hours ago

    Skinny Pete sounds so sober and sincere. This is weird

  • Faliq Fizi
    Faliq Fizi 2 hours ago

    what's better than paul rudd? two paul rudds

  • Kharr
    Kharr 2 hours ago

    Did this guy play young Sam in the early seasons of Supernatural?

  • Tayla Baxter
    Tayla Baxter 2 hours ago

    This is the most relatable shit I have ever seen!

  • Apriliana Olla
    Apriliana Olla 2 hours ago

    WTF I'm here because that guy (Max) just seen my Ig storiess ! I'm curious who is he...!!!?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 hours ago

    Bruh, a billion times better then that antman trash.

  • harshvardhan singh bhadauria

    Just a expensive ( NETFLIX ) version of "The double"

  • Dolton
    Dolton 2 hours ago

    How men are vs how woman want us to be LOL

  • Lauren Midgley
    Lauren Midgley 2 hours ago

    if it has any of the that 70s show cast in it, i’m watching it. and with danny, ashton, wilmer and mila...i’m definitely watching

  • Ha Ta
    Ha Ta 2 hours ago

    I feel like Fight Club

  • Der Geffert
    Der Geffert 2 hours ago


  • Alpha Design
    Alpha Design 2 hours ago

    Obama the thug should be in jail for treason

  • Enrique Duarte
    Enrique Duarte 2 hours ago

    This is so goddamn tone death. I can’t believe it’s an actual movies haha

  • lilPopper
    lilPopper 2 hours ago

    I hope Jessie makes it to freedom, living a comfortable fulfilling life doing carpentry.