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How to Hack a Tesla Key Card!
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  • oscar rodriguez
    oscar rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Heck to the nooo

  • Troy Elci
    Troy Elci 4 hours ago

    I don’t get what all this fuss is with the Samsung Galaxy Fold Apple actually invented it a year ago with their new iPad Pro!

  • frost-bite
    frost-bite 4 hours ago

    1:15 hitman is that you

  • Artur Emenems
    Artur Emenems 4 hours ago

    Hitman oh shit here we go again

  • Paula Salgado
    Paula Salgado 4 hours ago

    q xuxa celular klao feo KEJDDK

  • Noxus Designs
    Noxus Designs 4 hours ago

    Elon definitely gonna put this shit in teslas

  • Taylor Benitez
    Taylor Benitez 4 hours ago

    I just got the blue iPhone XR yesterday

  • Jareth Saldivar
    Jareth Saldivar 4 hours ago

    I don't feel so good after watching this video

  • bad boy
    bad boy 4 hours ago

    The absolute best review you have ever made ! 😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍

  • David Salazar
    David Salazar 4 hours ago

    menos mal con el dineral que les paga youtube, se compran cien telefonos mas de esos

  • rc nitro tech
    rc nitro tech 4 hours ago

    Buy a samsung, problem solved

  • Deepinder Singh
    Deepinder Singh 4 hours ago

    Mine already scratched wtf

  • Nick 4K
    Nick 4K 4 hours ago

    Could you use this to make clear phones

  • Scott H
    Scott H 4 hours ago

    Love your videos, except you skipped the Infra red face scanner, its all i use on the phone :-)

  • johneygd
    johneygd 4 hours ago

    Well i wonder how these 8k tv’s will deal with 240p content,,, also am sceptic about upscaling 480i and 480p to 8K because it may will look pixelated and blurry,unless it could multiply pixels rather then stretching it and unless it could smooth it up,and you may ask “why not just use 1080p content stuff instead” well i believe that if you feed those 8k tv’s with interlaced low-res stuff,you can put that ai chip to the full test to see if it could do good deinterlacing ,filtering and good scaling etc,,

  • beebo
    beebo 4 hours ago

    the panic in the description LMAO

  • Andrew Bill David Douglas

    So the iPhone 11 comes with a pair or airpods?

  • Txchmo
    Txchmo 4 hours ago

    How to install a living room in your elevator

  • Antoine Philidor
    Antoine Philidor 4 hours ago

    How much do you charge to do this for my phone?

  • DeyaDaygo
    DeyaDaygo 4 hours ago

    The future scares me.... new technology is one day going to replace us, I give it 15-40 years.

  • Trajic Toad
    Trajic Toad 4 hours ago

    Y du u have 2 tear it up?!

  • fahri büyükyazıcı

    My girlfriend got 500 USA subs in 24 hours using services of *GROWMYLIKES* *.C O M*

  • Bir Demlik
    Bir Demlik 4 hours ago

    Not that hard as most youtubers buy their subscribers from: *THEFLYINGTUBE* *. C O M*

  • fireofsev
    fireofsev 4 hours ago

    What a super neat phone.

  • Texas Jungle
    Texas Jungle 4 hours ago

    Great job hubby! ❤️

  • LikeANashorn
    LikeANashorn 5 hours ago

    How dare you?!

  • Syah Fishing
    Syah Fishing 5 hours ago

    👍👍👍👍👍👍 yess

  • Mason Finke
    Mason Finke 5 hours ago

    0:34 Juice world

  • Lolita Subliminals
    Lolita Subliminals 5 hours ago

    Plot twist: girlfriend dies later on or breaks up.

  • Joshua Sweet
    Joshua Sweet 5 hours ago

    I always get my phone out the box with a knife you know..

  • None Ya
    None Ya 5 hours ago

    Lol oh man apple lovers having small heart attacks as the iphone is tortured

  • Shine Shit
    Shine Shit 5 hours ago

    Wow, awesome 😭🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Hammondify
    Hammondify 5 hours ago

    Harry potters half-blood prince

  • Aiden Jones
    Aiden Jones 5 hours ago

    Unless Apple decides to put the jack back onto Iphone Z/ Iphone 12, I'm not buying anything thats Iphone7+ from this point forward.

  • NCS_Splash Brick
    NCS_Splash Brick 5 hours ago

    Why does this guy look like mr clean from heaven

  • S P O O P Y Orbít
    S P O O P Y Orbít 5 hours ago

    That’s a triforce

  • Liam Davis
    Liam Davis 5 hours ago

    We should talk about the price of this and each of the extra buttons tho

  • Fabio
    Fabio 5 hours ago

    Watching this after breaking my OnePlus 5 is kinda heartbreaking

  • Mark Marco
    Mark Marco 5 hours ago

    Who is having goose bumps lol

  • Magma Freaking Stupid Chocolates Bars

    You say PUTTING a Elevator to the top (maybe?) floor and you say “Wow!” And im like “Oh. Nice.

  • Joshua Stagnitto
    Joshua Stagnitto 5 hours ago

    this is the 4th time ive had to re subscribe.. youtube keeps unsubscribing me.. its extremely annoying.

  • Jack Skull
    Jack Skull 5 hours ago

    where is the locking pick layer?

  • Tall Head
    Tall Head 5 hours ago

    The bad part about the strong cable is you can’t plug it in with some cases on

  • another human being, blyat

    Buying a new phone? I will buy a new one. a SAMSUNG!

  • Fabio
    Fabio 5 hours ago

    American gun culture baffles me tbh

  • Shirley de Heus
    Shirley de Heus 5 hours ago

    I prefer my stanley trigger action mug. Keeps my coffee hot for 5 hours (I mean honestly who needs it hot longer, just make a new cup), one handed drinking and no scratches. And waaaaay cheaper

  • Nicholas Sielicki
    Nicholas Sielicki 5 hours ago

    I'm blown away that the ceiling didn't have any insulation, is that normal for homes?

  • IPlayTheGames
    IPlayTheGames 5 hours ago


  • Joshua Stagnitto
    Joshua Stagnitto 5 hours ago

    i dont understand why they say you cant use a screen protector.. if you had a flexible square screen protector that would bend with the screen it would be perfectly fine. they made the screen itself bend, and the plastic of the screen.. i think they can also manufacter a sticky piece of thin plastic to protect the screen. I'm still sticking with my note 9. 512/8gb version.

  • ThatsJustMe
    ThatsJustMe 5 hours ago

    I love the look of the new DS

  • Franky Ontiveros
    Franky Ontiveros 5 hours ago

    Jerry: *screeches cutter thing along the ipad's side* me: *internal dying*

  • Joel Stanhope
    Joel Stanhope 5 hours ago

    Anything can be a weapon like the girl who was just busted with 20 pipe bombs ! Holy shit

  • SupahFly
    SupahFly 5 hours ago

    usefull for situations where you might be in danger as its really small downside is that its just too tempting to call the cops and open the conversation with "im calling on the smallest phone in the world"

  • Panicky Khan
    Panicky Khan 5 hours ago

    Even tho they messed the Note 7, I respect them for recalling almost 3million devices and that cost them a lot. I bet the one that keeps the doctor away wouldn't do that.

  • Rubik’s cube
    Rubik’s cube 5 hours ago

    . .) :) Just . Then skip a line Then.)Then you have . .)

  • spahi shk
    spahi shk 5 hours ago

    bothe are cute and sympathetic

  • Rubik’s cube
    Rubik’s cube 5 hours ago

    Scratches at a level 6, with deeper groves at a level 7

  • iBhopper
    iBhopper 5 hours ago

    Personally, I’ve never broken a **smartphone** on accident, although I did in the past before my first smartphone drop my flip phone I was using at the time into the bath. While it didn’t work for a few days, it recovered after drying out 5 days later. Edit: I am now currently using an iPhone 11 and do think my upgrade from a 5s was a good decision as the home button on that phone actually stopped working in summer this year and I was going through batteries faster than I can buy my next phone.

  • Dudeonwheels
    Dudeonwheels 5 hours ago

    So what happens if she's in the elevator and there's a sudden unexpected power outage?

  • Clark Collins
    Clark Collins 5 hours ago

    I game on my phone when I have some free time but the backside of this ROG Phone 2 said "Tencent Games" which makes me worried. This is China product!

  • Bignutbob4
    Bignutbob4 5 hours ago

    Why jerry why

  • teflontelefon
    teflontelefon 5 hours ago

    10M views in a week...

  • N. ROOD
    N. ROOD 5 hours ago

    this is the one thing i like about xbox. they made a controller for handicap people to be able to play more and better. now sony needs to go make one for playstation

  • Kee Char
    Kee Char 5 hours ago

    Am I willing to give up water resistance to save money? 🤔 that is the question

  • dittocopys
    dittocopys 5 hours ago

    1:19 He's freestyling in his head?

  • Gamerpro 71
    Gamerpro 71 5 hours ago

    How much was the fold?

  • Sniper xd 1235
    Sniper xd 1235 5 hours ago

    3:12 I did cos I have time I probably did not get all but I got 476 👌 if u can do better then fell free 😂

  • Toronto Finest
    Toronto Finest 5 hours ago

    I’m using a broken iPhone cable rn

  • Seebton Can Game
    Seebton Can Game 5 hours ago

    How dare you! You destroyed the BEST car for the environment!🌲🔫🌲

  • Rye rye99jr
    Rye rye99jr 5 hours ago

    hey jerryrigseverything can you do a test on a RCA tablet/laptop cambio? and a teardown on it too? because i am using and i was wondering does it have a cpu or something that is not in it and how it works

  • Los Santos City
    Los Santos City 5 hours ago

    2000 give aways. Less than 10 sent!! Nice Baldy!!

  • SkitZita
    SkitZita 5 hours ago

    If it’s so waterproof why isn’t It an ip69

  • Sue-Z Schwab
    Sue-Z Schwab 5 hours ago

    Wheels for Freedom, Freedom wheels? my mom was in a wheelchair for 30 years, from age 35 to 65. This is amazing. Thank you for your time to help others.

  • Y2H
    Y2H 5 hours ago

    we see grooves at a level -1 and deeper grooves at a level 0

  • You're Welcome
    You're Welcome 5 hours ago

    I've the fun facts

  • ComfyyPillow
    ComfyyPillow 5 hours ago

    Click bait, laser didn't fix the glass it just removed it. Best bet in the end just get Samsung so you don't have crappy apple problems like this anyways and have to get replacement parts.

  • EntertainmentCat
    EntertainmentCat 5 hours ago

    me just sitting here on my SE...

  • Fix This Build That
    Fix This Build That 6 hours ago

    Count of number of times he says "glass" 😀 👇

  • ruby fire
    ruby fire 6 hours ago

    Why spend 300 dollars on a pillow when you can spend it on a new ps4? Everyone knows that gaming is more important than sleep.

  • Ahmad Kol
    Ahmad Kol 6 hours ago

    Redmi note8 test.,?????

  • Poop Poop
    Poop Poop 6 hours ago

    What a waste of a phone

  • Souljuh
    Souljuh 6 hours ago

    That’s the worst bend test of anything I’ve seen on here. That damned iPad disintegrated! Total Fail!!!

  • It’s yah boi here :/

    Bro your balder than my cat

  • Ricky BlitZ
    Ricky BlitZ 6 hours ago

    I hate when u scratch the edges of the phone

  • sevan grigoryan
    sevan grigoryan 6 hours ago

    Love how Apple gives the selfie camera 1 less megapixel when other smartphones give you 8 megapixels 😂

  • Shahzad Ali
    Shahzad Ali 6 hours ago

    The background music in slow mo flet like to much weird😄

  • GoldenBeast236
    GoldenBeast236 6 hours ago

    Well that was 2000 dollar

  • SupahFly
    SupahFly 6 hours ago

    we get it. phones use metal. please stop the torture

  • Dontgetrudetomyg
    Dontgetrudetomyg 6 hours ago

    Watching this on my huawei mate 20 pro

  • Shahzad Ali
    Shahzad Ali 6 hours ago

    So basically it's just a spring for 400$, don't you think it's overly expensive? but still much more usable than 999$ apple stand

  • Joel Navas
    Joel Navas 6 hours ago

    8:34 ThAt ExPlAiNs alot Me: 🤣

  • Christopher Lyas
    Christopher Lyas 6 hours ago

    Dude a grown man playing with a banana dead

  • TRAP 3RB
    TRAP 3RB 6 hours ago

    Add this to pubg Sks: im a god

  • Andrew Daly
    Andrew Daly 6 hours ago

    Wow.....I must say Im impressed. That thing would be toast if I tried that repair..LOL🤣

  • Phatec
    Phatec 6 hours ago

    This is actually funny to watch because at least it’s cheaper than most of the cell phones you test.

  • Sizzling Grill
    Sizzling Grill 6 hours ago

    This LEGO set is more advanced than my reproductive system.

  • Boxing fan
    Boxing fan 6 hours ago

    If you’re thinking of returning this phone to Apple I suggest you think twice. It left a very heavy smell and residue so once you replace it apple voids the warranty

  • Lukas Höhn
    Lukas Höhn 6 hours ago


  • Zojfe
    Zojfe 6 hours ago

    *doesn't mention that samsung failed to build it the first time so they don lose reputation

  • Rogelio Huepalcalco
    Rogelio Huepalcalco 6 hours ago

    What if apple already does this and claims its "impossible" to remove