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  • Stella Aparicio
    Stella Aparicio 5 hours ago


  • Ted Patrick Huliganga

    Hahaha nice one uncle roger. Native Filipino here. NO parsley or cilamtro in our adobo🤮. NO spring onion or leeks either🤮 DEFINITELY NOOOO coriander or sesame seeds in our rice.🤮🤮🤮 YES to silver swan soy sauce, 100 percent to plain rice since the adobo packs so much flavor itself.

  • Victoria S
    Victoria S 6 hours ago

    😂 Myself I thought her rice looked like it had bugs. 🪳

  • Cam C
    Cam C 6 hours ago

    The MSG bae part litteraly killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rodimus Zeta
    Rodimus Zeta 6 hours ago

    Flavor packed he say more like Bland Packed

  • Vortrex99
    Vortrex99 6 hours ago

    Lmfao, he knew this was coming, and that impression was incredible hahaha

  • 徐靖軒
    徐靖軒 6 hours ago

    To be honest, the green curry jammy made just looks like something vomited by drunk grandpa.

  • Vinh Roblox
    Vinh Roblox 6 hours ago

    True uncle roger u pronounce correct the "pho" word and ima vietnamese anyways. Also, very gud complain vids :)

  • Fausto Faria
    Fausto Faria 6 hours ago

    9:20 Real friend there. Hahaha

  • Satisfied Playz
    Satisfied Playz  7 hours ago

    Good Animation Uncle Roger Must Be One Of your best videos yet and amazing your so talented and I love the way you talk in those lines 😂❤ Line 1: You hear Sizzling? I hear my Ancestors Crying 😭😂

  • K.H. Lim
    K.H. Lim 7 hours ago


  • 周宥丞
    周宥丞 7 hours ago

    There’s a kind of milk tea with alcohol and its name is Mao Zedong milk tea.It’s milk tea plus 58'KINMEN KAOLIANG LIQUOR.And it really tastes good

  • Eva S
    Eva S 7 hours ago

    When he said " not everybody is rich like you" cheap shot

  • Darwin
    Darwin 7 hours ago

    She destroyed adobo and garlic rice.

  • Pierat253
    Pierat253 7 hours ago

    Jamie Oliver literally changed his entire recipe to impress others because you ragged on him so bad.

  • Paige D'Winter
    Paige D'Winter 8 hours ago

    Joshua loves his marble countertops so much, he also used them for walls. He's the countertop fuckboi. 😂

  • Leo
    Leo 8 hours ago

    As a vietnamese she COMPLETELY DESTROYED our favorite food

  • Random Boy
    Random Boy 8 hours ago

    Thai Green Curry? More like spoiled European curry

  • Philco
    Philco 8 hours ago

    The brits seem to be uniquely bad at cooking.. LMAO.

  • France Theron
    France Theron 8 hours ago

    😮😮bro what the flip?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Krzysztof Zalewski
    Krzysztof Zalewski 8 hours ago

    Now that soccorat bit sounded like bait for Chef James Makinson :D

    ARPUTHARAJ SAMUEL 9 hours ago

    Uncle Roger pls review to indian fried rice . But a little different from real fried rice pls.🇮🇳🇯🇵 love from india

  • Ralph Kong
    Ralph Kong 9 hours ago

    Hong Kong

  • King_GamerZ02
    King_GamerZ02 10 hours ago

    Truck says “no msg”

  • Thanh Tran
    Thanh Tran 10 hours ago

    Nah this makes me laugh😂

  • Simran Padhi
    Simran Padhi 10 hours ago

    What’s wrong with white people and their taste buds? My Indian mother would make nastier comments than uncle.

  • xue yew vlog
    xue yew vlog 10 hours ago

    Hi, uncle, Roger I’m from Malaysia you can. Try to eat Penang egg fried rice

  • Amandeep Sen
    Amandeep Sen 10 hours ago

    now i am become jamie, destroyer of asians

  • Benny The Cat
    Benny The Cat 10 hours ago

    This is disgusting 😢

  • P'Raikantopeni
    P'Raikantopeni 10 hours ago

    This brings back memories. When we were fresh off the boat (the plane) from Jamaica 🇯🇲 to the USA, a whole new world of opportunities and food opened up to us. My father and I would watch Yan Can Cook on PBS. My father was so inspired that he bought a wok and started shopping at smaller local markets. We Jamaicans love our spices, seasonings, ginger, bok choy, cabbages, etc. so lots of wonderful fusion foods were born. Uncle Yan is the best ❤

  • HyundaiSonata812
    HyundaiSonata812 10 hours ago


  • Ved Pandit
    Ved Pandit 10 hours ago

    best part of the video 2:50

  • sicboi
    sicboi 10 hours ago

    You know that 80s audience went right back to the mass orgy porno they were shooting before they were interrupted with that cooking show. Only difference is that now they're all hungry.

  • Wes Sparks
    Wes Sparks 10 hours ago

    When Uncle Roger talked in American accent in the bloopers it was like finding out Santa is not real 😢

  • Paige D'Winter
    Paige D'Winter 11 hours ago

    The red bell pepper has my attention. I love Mongolian Beef but around here they only add onions and green onions.

  • Baylen Khamphilaviah
    Baylen Khamphilaviah 11 hours ago

    That is rice porridge

  • Samsung Fridge
    Samsung Fridge 11 hours ago

    I dont even blame uncle rodger because how to basic is an EXPERIENCE

  • Lianalynn Yapin
    Lianalynn Yapin 11 hours ago

    Malaysia hate uncle roger anyone can't watched much uncle roger also government too he said ( too much watched videos anyway ) dude you need stop saying about happened to everyone soon no one care if you apologize to anyone but you don't okay

  • Jacqueline king
    Jacqueline king 11 hours ago

    The only thing I really remember about Yan is his chopping.

  • Ashiva Ashiva
    Ashiva Ashiva 11 hours ago

    Who eats rice with forks 😡, it's not butter chicken

  • maddy edits
    maddy edits 12 hours ago

    M finding these people boring...

  • Isaiah Butler
    Isaiah Butler 12 hours ago

    Whats crazy about this whole thing is that Ive been told multiple times in my life by mostly Japanese and Korean people that texture is more important and food is all about texture. To see Joshua having to defend texture and Roger on the side of flavor threw me for a loop. And yes, of course flavor is important, but what Im getting is that I was often told that they usually choose what meat/protein they ate depending on the texture they wanted

  • RoCotar CoolMan
    RoCotar CoolMan 12 hours ago


  • Cea
    Cea 12 hours ago

    gonna have to go with uncle roger on this one, rather have flavor then bland texture!

  • LuciThin
    LuciThin 12 hours ago

    Liz sounds like a whistle when she laughs sometimes. I love it