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  • んち
    んち 3 minutes ago


  • Tania Parra Tapia
    Tania Parra Tapia 24 minutes ago


  • delieyo01
    delieyo01 31 minute ago

    Back here for Lee’s Solo 🔥

  • Azarath M
    Azarath M 56 minutes ago

    Throne : "The sticks and the stones that you used to throw have built me an empire so don't even try" Ludens : "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but soon the sting will pass"

  • Kratos Drake
    Kratos Drake 57 minutes ago

    GOTY song

  • Kenig
    Kenig Hour ago

    Fuck, this combine of visual and music content is a next gen

  • arjuna anggara
    arjuna anggara Hour ago

    Sempiternal fans can start from 1:50

  • FeelGood. Ink
    FeelGood. Ink Hour ago

    Second listen really does the trick... for fuck sake BMTH is too good smh

  • daisbest5.0
    daisbest5.0 Hour ago

    Can't believe they got Denzel in the video !

  • Miriam Margarita Sanchez Altamirano

    Im a old fan, is not bad, i like the song i mean is different but i cant say Im disappointed im happy they come back again

  • Stepan Kolesov
    Stepan Kolesov Hour ago

    Коджумбек, славяне тебя не забыли

  • Steve
    Steve Hour ago

    Sorry, man, but he kinda looks like Howard 😭

  • Gih Olly
    Gih Olly Hour ago


  • alex solorzano
    alex solorzano Hour ago

    que shit mas fea no jodas como se jodieron

  • Marco Lagnese
    Marco Lagnese Hour ago

    this is very cooool!

  • Alfredo
    Alfredo Hour ago

    Suena a Sempiternal mezclado con That's The Spirit y Amo<3

  • Muhammad Maskur
    Muhammad Maskur Hour ago

    Oliver : new genre from me billie elish : hi

  • Junior witwicky
    Junior witwicky Hour ago

    Whats luden ?

    • sedna
      sedna Hour ago

      characters in a novel, a superior race in intelligence and morality. oliver says we need a leader here, a luden. I really like that

  • Felipe Souza
    Felipe Souza 2 hours ago

    Its "new leader" or "new leaden"?

  • David Christian
    David Christian 2 hours ago

    That sounds so refreshing.. his voice.. not a comeback like the old ones.. but its epic

  • Dave Masse
    Dave Masse 2 hours ago

    You must be big when you can get Forest Whitaker to do a video 😎✌️

  • Omar Yañez Zavala
    Omar Yañez Zavala 2 hours ago

    I like this

  • Omar Yañez Zavala
    Omar Yañez Zavala 2 hours ago

    Waoh this

  • Michael Cummings
    Michael Cummings 2 hours ago


  • Doe ThaDino
    Doe ThaDino 2 hours ago

    Bring Me The Billie Eilish over here..

  • Greenlink05
    Greenlink05 2 hours ago

    My alternative to Linkin Park

  • StyxRiver
    StyxRiver 2 hours ago

    2:46 when ur internet sucks

  • Fraka Tribe
    Fraka Tribe 3 hours ago

    it sounds a bit like linkin park

  • lightning745
    lightning745 3 hours ago

    Looks like a promising anime.

  • David DHZ
    David DHZ 3 hours ago

    no...really no.

  • gqfiend
    gqfiend 3 hours ago

    Came for the lozenge. Stayed to find out what’s the deal with BMTH. I understand none of this.

  • Anthony Serra
    Anthony Serra 3 hours ago

    Is that KSI at 2:56?

  • Kuromi Darklord
    Kuromi Darklord 3 hours ago

    Thank you so much BTMH for giving us this heavy song, You have been my favorite band since I was 11 years old (9 years ago) and I love both the deathcore and soft songs. Im extremely grateful to you for giving such an awesome song that fuses what I love the most from you with the new style. Hearing a breakdown with screams in a 2019 BMTH song made cry of happiness. Thank you guys. I love you and your music. Please play a concert in Costa Rica one day. I have been dying to see you live for 9 years

  • Weltenbummler New Land

    Sprachlos,super toll🙏

  • Natsufun Hi!
    Natsufun Hi! 3 hours ago

    I think they are so cool. I could know them at Sony Cm in Japan.

  • Evgeniy
    Evgeniy 3 hours ago


  • Faz B
    Faz B 3 hours ago

    I didn't even really start to feel this song untill me and my ex broke up a month ago, now this song is literally how I feel everyday about her.

  • Hendrik
    Hendrik 3 hours ago

    Does anyone if you can buy the dummers mask somewhere? ^^

  • Lone Warrior
    Lone Warrior 4 hours ago

    This song is definetly on repeat for me at Jim's Place aka Iron of Paradise.

  • REEE
    REEE 4 hours ago

    Fucking yeah, finally

  • Rindutaka
    Rindutaka 4 hours ago

    Oliver: do you wanna start a cult with me? Me: 1:30

  • Rom
    Rom 4 hours ago


  • Noodle
    Noodle 4 hours ago

    3:12 oh hi BB

  • Donny D'Attilio
    Donny D'Attilio 4 hours ago

    In smoll: *ok*

  • Dziam Dziam
    Dziam Dziam 4 hours ago

    I truly hope Oli was setting the tone for 2020 and the new direction of the band

  • Noodle
    Noodle 4 hours ago

    I just realized this had death stranding clips in it- any other fans?

  • MrSpiritchild
    MrSpiritchild 4 hours ago

    I feel the last prophesy of Jesus was just before he died, when he cried out, 'my god, my god, why have you forsaken me?" As if he knew how we would feel today. Side note, totally awesome song but Jesus hasn't lost control, salvation is coming.

  • tristan versteeg
    tristan versteeg 4 hours ago

    first 2 minutes i was like, okay bmth wtf is this... other 2 and half minutes im like ah this is actually pretty good

  • 쿤띄
    쿤띄 5 hours ago

    youtube brought me to this new world.......

  • SuperMisterKory
    SuperMisterKory 5 hours ago

    Every time I hear a new BMTH song, I think back to their "Count Your Blessings" days. It's an interesting thought. They sound like two completely different bands, but my God, both are so good.

  • Vasya Pupkin
    Vasya Pupkin 5 hours ago

    Song starts from 2:57 Just thought u should know why u came for.

  • Ice Den
    Ice Den 5 hours ago

    Кодзима Гений!

  • Ola Miamor
    Ola Miamor 6 hours ago


    • Ola Miamor
      Ola Miamor 6 hours ago

      le había puesto 1:57 que weona .____.

  • Laura Laura
    Laura Laura 6 hours ago

    I adore what they did with this song ❤

  • Omkar Shah
    Omkar Shah 6 hours ago

    Conquistador by 30 Seconds To Mars vibes.

  • DragonFlyer215
    DragonFlyer215 6 hours ago

    I found this song 2 days ago and I just can't get enough of it..... I keep returning here and rocking out.... I Love BMTH and this just gives me a new reason to Love them...... this is so AMAZING......

  • Bradley Barry
    Bradley Barry 6 hours ago

    does that mean shadow mosses and this related????

  • Crywolf Pictures
    Crywolf Pictures 6 hours ago

    This is probably the craziest BMTH song and MV ever, and believe me I've seen and heard all of em.

  • Cameron Gregory
    Cameron Gregory 6 hours ago

    When Oli asks “You call this a connection?” then says “Give me a break!” Is it about Australia’s internet?

  • ChurKunSan
    ChurKunSan 6 hours ago

    During last two days I'm listening this song on repeat. Amazing job

  • Attha Ali
    Attha Ali 6 hours ago

    Did old oli was a bodybuilder question marks

  • Ha won jin owen
    Ha won jin owen 6 hours ago

    I like how this is in Death Stranding

  • Veron 315
    Veron 315 6 hours ago

    Its almost too hard to listen to. This music induces feelings of empathy in me so strongly and feelings of relation that its almost too hard to bear. The depth of his voice and every intricate word/ the power of the orchestra and various instruments, voices. This is bach on steroids.

  • Isibani
    Isibani 6 hours ago


  • Drummy Doggo
    Drummy Doggo 7 hours ago

    I love this song! Guys check my drum cover!!

  • Luumz
    Luumz 7 hours ago


  • brain cancer
    brain cancer 7 hours ago

    Хорошая группа была. Жаль ребят.

  • TheFreak Ayano
    TheFreak Ayano 7 hours ago

    Anyone noticed that the "OKAY" the child voice from melanie martinez in "firedrill" is?

  • Zişan Şakar
    Zişan Şakar 7 hours ago


  • Painkiller
    Painkiller 7 hours ago

    Это не Бринги

  • Ece X
    Ece X 7 hours ago


  • ReyGPC
    ReyGPC 7 hours ago

    This is such a good song. Love the breakdown!

  • Bruno L
    Bruno L 8 hours ago

    Freaky car accident picture superimposed at 3:22

  • Jose david vega velasquez

    Bad omens

  • Serhat Murat Asbit
    Serhat Murat Asbit 8 hours ago


  • Serhat Murat Asbit
    Serhat Murat Asbit 8 hours ago

    yes, I like this fucking song!

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 8 hours ago

    Bring me back sempiternal

  • izzy barker
    izzy barker 8 hours ago

    I miss this era of BMTH

  • Jodie
    Jodie 8 hours ago


  • Ericson Lucas Miranda

    Es hermosa esta canción 😍 la amé desde los 3 primeros segundos! #Ecuador

  • wizardcake
    wizardcake 8 hours ago

    Holy fuck this song reeally suprised be to be honest jesus this is such a good Song

  • Linkinpark4life333
    Linkinpark4life333 8 hours ago

    What are the ingredients again?

  • Legalize IT420
    Legalize IT420 9 hours ago

    "Stuck in a loop for eternity" I relate to this so hard during my first time smoking weed.

  • TheLightsLive
    TheLightsLive 9 hours ago

    They just keep doin it 🤟🤟✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️

  • Fikri Hakim
    Fikri Hakim 9 hours ago

    Fuckingg crashhh like thisss my songg my sadboyyy!!!!

  • Alan Lima
    Alan Lima 9 hours ago

    GOTY 2019 <3

  • My Face is on Fire
    My Face is on Fire 9 hours ago

    love em or hate em, man they can write some good songs

  • Bliss21
    Bliss21 9 hours ago

    Thank you Bring Me the Horizon, because i'm a big fan of your music. The first time i saw Death Stranding has mixed reviews, i kinda leaning on the edge to say no. But because of this song, i bought the game and ending up loving the game. Keep on keeping on BMTH! Love this song so much lol.

  • Zeke415
    Zeke415 9 hours ago

    Why do i feel like theyve been influenced by babymetal like the dancing and stuff on live shows

  • nasahsansan tv
    nasahsansan tv 9 hours ago

    That very good this song ,,

  • Manuel Pascual
    Manuel Pascual 9 hours ago

    what genre we will play? it doesn't matter, just impressing the public is enough, they are dumb do you want elfs in the video or onion human with blonde hair dancing? YES, just put a ton of shit on it, if we dont impress with the sound we impress with the visual

  • Owl
    Owl 10 hours ago

    Bmth from Indonesian 🤘🤞✌️

  • Teresa White
    Teresa White 10 hours ago

    Best representation of my personalities throughout the day 😈

  • Candy Warhol
    Candy Warhol 10 hours ago

    I love this, sign me up.. a new fan here.

    MOA YUI 10 hours ago

    昨日のBABYMETALのライブで初めて生で見たけど、改めて大好きなった!!!! てか、日本人おる!?w

  • 石川嘉士
    石川嘉士 11 hours ago

    I am Japanese, and when I played with BABYMETAL live, I listened to this song and liked BMTH.

  • Destrox
    Destrox 11 hours ago

    This song is amazing :)

  • 石川嘉士
    石川嘉士 11 hours ago

    I am Japanese, and when I played with BABYMETAL live, I listened to this song and liked BMTH.

  • DrIsshan’s Free Time

    What is a Luden?

  • phyo lay
    phyo lay 11 hours ago

    I don't like it