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  • Walt P
    Walt P 6 hours ago

    You would get better mileage if you didn't drive at 70 mph. Wind resistance requires more power. So it's understandable that you got less mileage than what the manufacturers claimed.

  • Joe Lopez
    Joe Lopez 6 hours ago

    I love my choice no regret my ram 2020 is more luxury in and out then silverado i switched from chevy to ram

  • Ibraheem Ahtsham
    Ibraheem Ahtsham 6 hours ago

    7:24 active sounds good you know with the cars revving

  • sala din
    sala din 6 hours ago


  • Tom
    Tom 6 hours ago

    since they are all SUVs kinda unfair with the model 3. Should be a model X. Plus model 3 is like half the price of all these big mercs and audis

  • Bina Mistry
    Bina Mistry 6 hours ago


  • Andre Madancos
    Andre Madancos 6 hours ago

    Why is he always in the winner car ?

  • Rock'on
    Rock'on 6 hours ago

    now do it at -20 degrees

  • Lima Juliett
    Lima Juliett 6 hours ago

    Good thing yanni got off his phone for the race...

  • Wezy MH
    Wezy MH 7 hours ago

    I would use one of these in the zombie apocolypse

  • suckerForPain
    suckerForPain 7 hours ago

    Would be nice to see a REAL WORLD test. 3 adults with luggage on B roads.

  • Mihai Avr
    Mihai Avr 7 hours ago

    67 horse power ? fuck no ! the engine has the dimensions of a sheet of A4 paper .

  • tadej dobnik
    tadej dobnik 7 hours ago

    What a stupid test. Thumbs down!

  • Software Simulators
    Software Simulators 7 hours ago

    I love it. But for the same price as non-hybrid Mazda-6 I get hybrid Camry !

  • Darren Sharpe
    Darren Sharpe 7 hours ago

    Are we sure the s3 is factory standard ? If so it’s an easy choice

  • Boxersteavee
    Boxersteavee 7 hours ago

    3:12 steering wheels is on the wrong side for UK.

  • Carl Groover
    Carl Groover 7 hours ago

    you failed to mention what SOC the model 3 was at. this makes a huge difference

  • Preethi Jose
    Preethi Jose 7 hours ago

    I didn't know mat could whistle

  • Artur Bagiński
    Artur Bagiński 7 hours ago

    How stupid design it is to not be able to push the car once battery runs out ?! TERRIBLE

  • Boxersteavee
    Boxersteavee 7 hours ago

    my mam just ditched her 4 year old i10 cos the warranty went and the air-co stopped working. she has just got the Suzuki vitara standard

  • Hive71 Brown Hornet
    Hive71 Brown Hornet 7 hours ago

    No car is worth that ridiculous money, but hey if your rich, you wont give a #### will ya

  • Preethi Jose
    Preethi Jose 7 hours ago

    1 out of 7.5millon people would do this this is CRAZY

  • Kenneth John Ritsema

    So it's gonna be from now on : "If you're a Porsche owner poor you, I drive a Tesla !!"

  • K B
    K B 7 hours ago

    Can't none of those compare to the 508 😍

  • Igho Resedenz
    Igho Resedenz 7 hours ago

    I love this compilation. We should have more of this

  • Frozen Impulse
    Frozen Impulse 7 hours ago

    Why it is not awd or fwd?

  • Dusty Thibodaux
    Dusty Thibodaux 7 hours ago

    They all need the same tires...

  • Martyn Stanley
    Martyn Stanley 7 hours ago

    Really interesting. I DO like the Model 3, just don't want to have to sell a kidney to buy one :(

  • Elvis Awako
    Elvis Awako 7 hours ago

    I love this review. Funny as hell

  • Artur Bagiński
    Artur Bagiński 7 hours ago

    This is obviously Testa ad, but it's OK as Tesla certainly is the best.

  • Alex Bujorianu
    Alex Bujorianu 7 hours ago

    America embarrasses itself here-the F150 was the biggest-selling car in America, and it has a much thirstier 6l V8, and it still did crap.

  • vapi G
    vapi G 7 hours ago

    G30 M5🤔🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Dewang mehta
    Dewang mehta 7 hours ago

    mad person

  • Tim_en
    Tim_en 7 hours ago

    does Mat have a TV show? Cuz if he didn't, he needs one

  • Leroy de Leeuw
    Leroy de Leeuw 7 hours ago

    I think the front looks more like a Toyota GT86 as opposed to a Focus. Especially the shape of the main headlamps and the bonnet.

  • jeremy thonnes
    jeremy thonnes 7 hours ago

    Tesla 🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • Ayman Fannane
    Ayman Fannane 7 hours ago

    I like it

  • Minecraft with Koushal

    Discovery is king in offloading

  • walkstheman98
    walkstheman98 7 hours ago

    Typically new electric car owners do get less range than those have been driving the vehicles for awhile, but it makes more sense to go off of these runs rather than someone who really knows the car, so that anyone can be comfortable with the range

  • Hugo Ratinho
    Hugo Ratinho 7 hours ago

    Hi Matt, great review!!! Did you like Portugal :)

  • joseph wright
    joseph wright 7 hours ago

    do these cars have heating and how much power does it take.

  • Elijah Hua
    Elijah Hua 7 hours ago

    Less powerful than the old 135...

    MARSHALLFiTNESS 7 hours ago

    Complete waste of cash 💰

  • Franco Nilsson VelasqueZ

    I agree with you, i also like the four exhaust pipes rather than the one on each side cannons, i like you mat.

  • eclipse
    eclipse 7 hours ago

    The claimed range is probably based on a sunny day driving not using the lights. Whats not covered is how much does that credit card swipe cost? How long does a full charge take? Why dont these have a backup system? Being dead in the water is not good.

  • KAL vdS
    KAL vdS 7 hours ago

    Get Matt and RS6!!!

  • Mike Lucraft
    Mike Lucraft 7 hours ago

    Use Metric units please Matt.

  • Vasko Metodiev
    Vasko Metodiev 7 hours ago

    I hate UK

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 7 hours ago

    M5 cought it but think if better driver e63 would win

  • Chris Bakker
    Chris Bakker 7 hours ago

    The Tesla won, duh. But how did the Porsche Taycan do?

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 7 hours ago

    U can clearly see on the roll e63 gone

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 7 hours ago

    Those e63s aint no joke

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 7 hours ago

    Oh my bad it is an e63 😂😂😂😂😂find that hard to belive the m5 beat it.ok throw a e63 renntech against it

  • Scott McMan
    Scott McMan 7 hours ago

    It would seem that these cars are built with a reserve programmed in. So, if you go to zero, it will keep going for 5 miles or so to get you to a charging station. What's disappointing is that Tesla is supposed to be the pinnacle of EV's, yet it only beat the Kia by roughly 15 miles. This means the Tesla battery technology isn't all that advanced beyond the competition and if you're going to have a car close to you, you don't want it to be a Kia. Another thing is that the Tesla was the only car that had trouble interfacing with a cell phone, although it's probably something he's doing wrong. That said, if you want a car to drive around town and go back and forth to work or on a 200 mile trip, the Kia is probably a good choice at over $10,000 less than the base model 3 Tesla. Of course, how the car is built, the amenities, how long the battery will last before needing replaced are all factors. However, for the average consumer, the Kia seems like an entry level EV that wouldn't be a bad choice. Again, Tesla disappointed me. I expected it to blow the other cars away. Then again, there were two people in the Tesla and I think only one in the other cars. The added weight does factor in, but considering the size of the driver and that the passenger was a woman who (by her arm size) seemed normal weight, I wouldn't say there was a great deal of difference. On the plus side, the Tesla is a very well built car. In the end though, it's all about that battery and the first maker who can adapt an affordable 350 mile real world time battery is going to really get some attention. Then agiain, people don't realize that the average car gets about 300 miles to a full tank. Which isn't much better than the 270 miles in the video. Of course, Tesla offers a 100 kWh battery now, which will definitely get you over 300 miles. It's the cost that kills you. The idea is to produce a $25,000 car with a 300 mile range that can be charged quickly. Until that happens, gasoline will continue to rule. We also have to consider the national grid. If even 30% of all cars on the road today were EV's, it would overwhelm the power supply. Tesla claims to use solar power on it's charging stations where feasible. However, how much power is the sun really providing and how many of these solar stations are out there? Seems that Hydrogen and Natural Gas are probably better and clean alternatives to gasoline.

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 7 hours ago

    I love both cars but pit the e63 against the a whole new ball game

  • Ssgt.Halil Sy.
    Ssgt.Halil Sy. 8 hours ago


  • Kahless 01
    Kahless 01 8 hours ago

    The production numbers on a Ferrari never matter. They're not real. Ferrari just claims they don't make any to keep prices high. There are a ton more laferraris than they claim. I guess they forgot about the internet and people being able to compare.

  • mayur kumar
    mayur kumar 8 hours ago


  • Brett s
    Brett s 8 hours ago

    Imagine thinking the golf r is a better car than the s3

  • Walter Sickinger
    Walter Sickinger 8 hours ago

    Distances are fine for Europe...not great for North America......Toronto to Quebec ski areas is about 450 miles.....normally about 8 hrs driving time with 1 quick stop for rest and winter with a e-car this trip would take 2 days....WTF

  • Hypernova Yt
    Hypernova Yt 8 hours ago

    I think due to the weight distribution and center of gravity Range rover is keeping up

  • TheSilentGameTestR
    TheSilentGameTestR 8 hours ago

    i dont care if the jimney cheated off the line, it still did the distance in 13.6 which was what the focus RS did, so thats impressive lol

  • Kahless 01
    Kahless 01 8 hours ago

    Track mode effects the braking not acceleration. Should've used it then

  • Kailen Howard
    Kailen Howard 8 hours ago

    The fact that he suzuki swift is going against these two cars shows you it's better, with the wheel base being smaller and center of gravity about the same this is silly

  • Michael Russell
    Michael Russell 8 hours ago

    AUDI are better-built vehicles. At least here in Australia :D Mercedes/AMG tend to fall apart real easy over our crap roads. Whereas Audi's hold together much better.

  • Kevin W
    Kevin W 8 hours ago

    🍎 and 🍐 this is not a Good comparison

  • Itumeleng Manyisa
    Itumeleng Manyisa 8 hours ago

    It’s look like the a mazda 3

  • Dame Anvil
    Dame Anvil 8 hours ago

    Until the battery was empty. Died means you could scrap the car.

  • Arsyad Idris
    Arsyad Idris 8 hours ago

    The germans have their own competition between them (audi, merc, bmw)... lexus is just there offering an alternative. U want german? Sure, chose 1 of 3. Want something different? May i interest u in some japanese...

  • Blake Swan
    Blake Swan 8 hours ago

    No. 10 was easily the best sounding . We need more manual transmission drag races this year and way less G Wagon. No.1 was my favorite. Such a good race

  • Thendo Mudau
    Thendo Mudau 8 hours ago

    Nah we beemer fanboys will always be salty.

  • susy vincent
    susy vincent 8 hours ago

    Please do a review on F 150 raptor

  • i_maq
    i_maq 8 hours ago

    You guys should do this exact test again in summer, I get an extra 30 miles out of my i3 battery when it's warmer and the heating isn't on, would be interesting to see how these other cars perform as well!

  • Cavid Həsənov
    Cavid Həsənov 8 hours ago

    Mercedes is the best

  • nasty nick
    nasty nick 8 hours ago

    S8 is a 2001 get a 2001 diesel

  • Worlds_Greatest_Detective

    I'm not a billionaire and in the past i had second hand Mercedes (W219), BMW (E70) Audi A7 (4G8) and a FIAT Bravo (Type 198). Now i own a 2018 Renault Talisman and let me tell you that I don't consider to sell it at all. With the Bravo and the Talisman the maintenance is amazing and the reliability is top notch, I couldn't even sleep for my CLS, X5 and the A7 when they broke something. Their parts are expensive and a hell to maintain but i can't argue for their comfort or the performance. Anyway the point is, Duster is a nice car for the majority of people. Not everyone buys Ferrari or AMG GT 4 Door Mr. Watson.

  • krishna sisodiya
    krishna sisodiya 8 hours ago

    where's the RS5 & RS7

    666ANTESDEJ 8 hours ago


  • Zeyad Khader
    Zeyad Khader 8 hours ago

    Jordan is here🇯🇴💪

  • ciprian mocanasu
    ciprian mocanasu 8 hours ago


  • ciprian mocanasu
    ciprian mocanasu 8 hours ago

    Hei In Romania is not vali!!!!!!

    STORMM IS KINGG 8 hours ago

    Next hnda vs rc car

  • Trevor Keen
    Trevor Keen 8 hours ago

    The British were supposed to go metric ages ago. This, and weighing themselves in 'stones'? What gives?

  • esshoul
    esshoul 8 hours ago

    No roofbox? Useless car...

  • Nwabueze Ozuzu
    Nwabueze Ozuzu 8 hours ago

    3 times. 3 times you re-ran the drag race and Audi won! Anyone noticed Mat always does a rerun when he's in a BMW and he looses the drag race. I still prefer the BMW.

  • Marnie Clark
    Marnie Clark 8 hours ago

    I love ur reviews because their always honest and funny and amazing 10/10 guys

  • Nic Restrepo
    Nic Restrepo 8 hours ago

    The cut out on the roof is for the cowboy hat!!! Godamit boy! And when youre in college and dad loans you the pick up to go out on a date... the front bench seat is the best option ever offered on any automobile, ill leave at that.

  • Priyansh Dharamsey
    Priyansh Dharamsey 8 hours ago

    Same with new GLA when it comes out please!

  • Marc in FL
    Marc in FL 8 hours ago

    These vehicles are ALL a step in a better direction ... When "electric" vehicles can be driven and constantly charging its batteries while in motion so NO need for plugging in and recharging, THEN & ONLY THEN WILL WE REALLY HAVE INNOVATION AND LESSENING OF CARBON FOOTPRINT !!! And maybe then I won't be having run on sentences ... GASP !

  • Cherif daher
    Cherif daher 8 hours ago

    Which engine did he use?

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith 8 hours ago

    The trackhawk would be my pick 100% of the time if I could choose to take any of these home. Also, I thought for sure the Tesla would be the first off the line.

  • MrJwerge
    MrJwerge 8 hours ago

    14:27-14:34 moron mode enabled

  • Eli Jackson
    Eli Jackson 8 hours ago

    I live in rural Australia, its a daily part of life to travel 300-400km a day, more if you need to go pick something up from a larger town. I carry 80l worth of Jerry cans for a total of 150l, that should last me 1,500km - No electric cars for me. I am a Heavy Diesel Mechanic, I have no problems with electric motors, some of the larger haul trucks run off an electric drivetrain and have for years, the engines are generators. Electric Shovels and Draglines have direct connections to the grid/onsite fixed supply. That said its a big step from a diesel generator/fixed connection to battery, the technology is not close, mining companies will not fit 50-100t batteries to their trucks and reduce capacity by the same. That said some mines already have overhead trolley wire installed in some areas like on inner city train networks, which allows the engine to be run low, I don't know if this kind of supply can be made to recharge a battery, if so, it may just be possible.

  • fireblade929
    fireblade929 9 hours ago

    The Audi is 8 years old now and when released was a top hot hatch. No one remembers the Mercedes that was being built 8 years ago!! 2020 the new Audi A3 models will be here, perhaps do a review of them both then for a fairer evaluation. As for sound etc the majority of people buying these cars are not boy racers so would rather have a more refined driive.

  • lukomoon
    lukomoon 9 hours ago

    Sorry but until batteries and charging gets better GAS is the way to go, and far cheaper, BUT i suggest that all city dwellers be made to use electric

  • Jock super
    Jock super 9 hours ago

    Awesome work

  • Zaxiel
    Zaxiel 9 hours ago

    So how long dose it take for the cars to be fully charged?

  • Fernando Ortega
    Fernando Ortega 9 hours ago

    "It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning" -Dominic Toretto, F&F

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith 9 hours ago

    The Audi would look so much better if it didn't have that ugly, gray-colored trim around the grille.

  • esshoul
    esshoul 9 hours ago

    Porsche should be compared to Tesla roadster IMO