Uncle Roger Shorts
Uncle Roger Shorts
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Uncle Roger Destroy Family
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Dad Calls His Kid Fat (Uncle Roger Standup)
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Dad Calls His Kid Fat (Uncle Roger Standup)
British Rice Cooking
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British Rice Cooking


  • NN PNN
    NN PNN 7 hours ago

    Ok now waiting for uncleroger swipe right to me 😁😁😁

  • Jashu & Lucky
    Jashu & Lucky  7 hours ago

    "Treat me better than my ex wife" 👽☠️💀

  • P1erced
    P1erced 7 hours ago

    Everyone was tempted to say "first guy to get a 100" until that lemon came out

  • Raiden Shotgun
    Raiden Shotgun 7 hours ago

    Bro is angry at white people cooking rice with microwave 💀

  • Merlin Auragon
    Merlin Auragon 7 hours ago

    White woman ☕🗿

  • brendan geary
    brendan geary 7 hours ago

    @unclerodger lemon grass okay?

  • Numb Alone &Faded
    Numb Alone &Faded 7 hours ago

    Wish Lionfield and The Pasta queen watch this... Ewww so gross

  • Bibek Thapa magar
    Bibek Thapa magar 7 hours ago

    Rice smell is the best

  • Frog
    Frog 7 hours ago

    This just makes me wanna swap teams

  • Jamlian JAMLERIAN
    Jamlian JAMLERIAN 7 hours ago

    Heart attack

  • Alex the1ne
    Alex the1ne 7 hours ago

    White people i got a question... WHy yall cock with the same thing you let your god lick???

  • محمد الجابري

    It is always the last sentences that make me die

  • S.O.P
    S.O.P 7 hours ago

    Asian Guy choose your white wife wisely. Either you cook for yourself or being miserable for the rest of your life.

  • Black C
    Black C 7 hours ago

    Did she just apologize for him saying he didn't want it spicy?? What world do we live in where you can't get food how you enjoy the food, what if his throat swelled up and he had an allergic reaction and died.. I don't care if this is planned, I don't find it funny... If this is real and you did that to me it would take God in the high heavens to keep me from ripping you over that counter whooping your a,ss.. I would leave her right where I met her.. I'm in a relationship we stick up for each other right or wrong.. But will I let her break the law no but if she ever apologized for me not wanting spicy food I would say you are for the streets goodbye 👉

  • BoomiestBoxEver
    BoomiestBoxEver 7 hours ago


  • Frog Hashira
    Frog Hashira 7 hours ago

    She called her own joke good. That's worse enough haiiiyaaaa

  • loskit54
    loskit54 7 hours ago

    She grabbed shit out the toilet

  • 𝒰𝓃𝓀𝓃ℴ𝓌𝓃

    “You forgot your woman” had me rolling on the floor💀💀💀💀💀

  • HgamerPlayer#Ukraine🇺🇦

    Be ok they just offended a whole country (yes I’m crying help)

  • ♡DreamcoreWolf♡
    ♡DreamcoreWolf♡ 7 hours ago

    Bruh uncle roger just want everyone to die

  • Raiden Shotgun
    Raiden Shotgun 7 hours ago

    Who tf let her cook

  • Momochan
    Momochan 7 hours ago

    Maybe try it sometime. As they say dont judge the book by its cover

  • Ali Fadel
    Ali Fadel 7 hours ago

    What up twister

  • Jasmine Stewart
    Jasmine Stewart 7 hours ago

    I would never put cheese in curry 🤨

  • Cyberr_
    Cyberr_ 7 hours ago

    What the fu-

  • Eyob Asmare
    Eyob Asmare 7 hours ago


  • Ritchie Valins
    Ritchie Valins 7 hours ago

    Lemon grass and palm sugar needed😁

  • Briston Lin
    Briston Lin 7 hours ago

    Ain’t no one knows the wattage of their microwave😂

  • Naj Cire Nanaly
    Naj Cire Nanaly 7 hours ago


  • Joseph Hangshing
    Joseph Hangshing 7 hours ago

    Parents please teach your daughter how to cook or else they gonna follow these witchcraft recipes and uncle Roger might not like it.. same with Gordon 😂😂

  • Logan Hayes
    Logan Hayes 7 hours ago

    Try the cooking in Dr stone

  • Rinalds Paeglis
    Rinalds Paeglis 7 hours ago

    Best actress 😆

  • Leo_bitch§
    Leo_bitch§ 7 hours ago

    Wha- I’m Asian and we eat bat now?

  • JfX
    JfX 7 hours ago

    Uncle അണ്ടി yo

  • Ashley Ashley
    Ashley Ashley 7 hours ago

    I wonder how many sicknesses they can get from this but after this they deserve it

  • GuszaTH
    GuszaTH 7 hours ago

    all of it is good bc it is thai food

  • mr erik cyob
    mr erik cyob 7 hours ago

    I need bleach for seeing that Food

  • Logan Hayes
    Logan Hayes 7 hours ago

    Your Asian, aren't you good at math

  • Ashley Ashley
    Ashley Ashley 7 hours ago

    No! Just no!

  • Michael Rothbauer
    Michael Rothbauer 7 hours ago

    Good basmati rice cooks in 15 minutes 😂

  • SharkyBoi
    SharkyBoi 7 hours ago

    Uncle Roger should be on the star wars movie

  • Ali Fadel
    Ali Fadel 7 hours ago

    U ceep making me laugh 😂

  • ♡DreamcoreWolf♡
    ♡DreamcoreWolf♡ 7 hours ago

    Me eathing this: Me: uhm why does this taste weird Me after seeing this vid:💀🤢

  • Barry
    Barry 7 hours ago

    Canadian 🇨🇦 karen 🧏‍♀️...😕😕😕

  • R R
    R R 7 hours ago

    Plastic and cancer and shit at the same time

  • Rishi
    Rishi 7 hours ago


  • clown
    clown 7 hours ago

    Wait i thought that was his actual voice. Bros corpse “sorry kids”

  • sweetstar
    sweetstar 7 hours ago

    First of all she's darker then you second of a shesight skin and your white and in my opinion it looks good

  • Antonio Ropata
    Antonio Ropata 7 hours ago

    Do you know what to feed a duck its not breed

  • devin223
    devin223 7 hours ago

    It looks black nooo Wtf you mean by that 😂