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The 1980s Called
The 80s is not authorized to leave. It's now locked in my office and will live there until further notice.
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Fractal FM3 Metal
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I got a Fractal FM3 a couple weeks back and have dialed in some modern high-gain tones. Just finished writing this piece. I'm especially happy with the way the lead tone turned out for the solo, which starts around 2:44. This is a great little unit. It sounds better than my old Kemper and building presets is a breeze. What a great piece of gear.
Still of the Night Bridge & Solo Cover
Views 852 months ago
Just got a new toy recently (not the guitar) and had to do some recording with it. I'm extremely pleased with how it's turning out so far. Had to go back to the 1980s with this one.
Black Tulips
Views 177 months ago
Just another Friday evening songwriting session. Guitars are all the Strandberg Boden Original 6 running into a Friedman JJ Jr. Distorted tone is from a JHS Packrat distortion pedal.
Blank Reggaeton Song
Views 117 months ago
So, wrote a "blank" reggaeton song with no lyrics today just for the hell of it. Nothing complicated, pretty straightforward.
Rucking Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
Views 477 months ago
Here's some GoPro footage of an 8.5-miler I did today at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, Texas It's a pretty place. Heads-up to anyone looking for a rucking trail, the paved paths are a bit short, so you'll have to do laps if you want to get some miles in. Was carrying 40lb of iron and about 6lbs of water in my ruck, so I got a good burn in.
Rucking in Little Elm TX
Views 448 months ago
Some GoPro footage of today's ruckmarch in Little Elm, TX.
Another New Song Without Lyrics or Vocals
Views 39Year ago
I just got done writing and recording this one. No lyrics or vocals yet, and it's definitely a song that needs vocals.
Standberg Boden Original 6 and Neural DSP Gojira
Views 61Year ago
Had to do a demo with my new Strandberg. A buddy was asking for a sample of sounds both clean and dirty, so did the clean stuff with the split coil setting as well as with the humbuckers. Did dirty stuff mainly with the bridge humbucker. I'm also not recording with my normal amp. Trying one of these Neural DSP Plugins. I have to say, I don't mind the way it sounds.
Gibson Les Paul Pushtone
Views 44Year ago
So here's a weird, rare, and pretty cool Gibson Les Paul. I'm selling it and getting a Strandberg for the sake of ergonomics.
Keto Hasselback Chicken
Views 33Year ago
This is a simple and quick recipe for a keto-friendly hasselback chicken. About 15 minutes of prep and 35 minutes of cook time. Enjoy!
Rolling in the Deep Guitar Cover
Views 59Year ago
Just a little instrumental cover of Rolling in the Deep. Goes a little off-script starting around 2:35, but whatevs. That’s what happens when you improv all the leads lol.
Keto Beef Tacos
Views 27Year ago
These are keto-friendly tacos. For a plate of heavily loaded tacos made this way it should be around 14-15g net carbs.
Riffing on the JJ Jr
Views 7462 years ago
Saturday riffage. Working out the bones of a new song. Gibson Les Paul Push Tone and Friedman JJ Jr. Mic is a Rode NT2A. Bass is a cheap Ibanez 4 string. Drums are EZ Drummer 2.
Blaux Portable AC Review - Watch before you buy.
Views 35K2 years ago
Here I go into a brief review of the entire Blaux customer experience, from ordering to receiving the product. Watch this before you buy.
ROTD Friedman Test
Views 2482 years ago
ROTD Friedman Test
Bad Horsie 2 Demo
Views 652 years ago
Bad Horsie 2 Demo
Run From the Devil
Views 782 years ago
Run From the Devil
Tin Foil Hat
Views 2072 years ago
Tin Foil Hat
Views 2782 years ago
Solo from Ozzy's "Perry Mason" - Gibson Les Paul Tribute Goldtop
Views 7914 years ago
Solo from Ozzy's "Perry Mason" - Gibson Les Paul Tribute Goldtop
Solo From Pantera's Domination
Views 1094 years ago
Solo From Pantera's Domination
Riff of the Day - No More Tears Solo
Views 1124 years ago
Riff of the Day - No More Tears Solo
Live Solo with Kemper Profiling Amp
Views 1.8K5 years ago
Live Solo with Kemper Profiling Amp
My Guest Solo on Morgue Meat's "Execrate"
Views 5485 years ago
My Guest Solo on Morgue Meat's "Execrate"
Goofing off at Guitar Center - Jackson Soloist & 5150III
Views 1965 years ago
Goofing off at Guitar Center - Jackson Soloist & 5150III
Joe Satriani's "The Extremist" Cover
Views 7K7 years ago
Joe Satriani's "The Extremist" Cover
"Them Bones" Alice in Chains Cover with Kemper Profiling Amp
Views 3.2K8 years ago
"Them Bones" Alice in Chains Cover with Kemper Profiling Amp
Epiphone Les Paul Special II & Kemper Metal
Views 22K8 years ago
Epiphone Les Paul Special II & Kemper Metal
Stuff and Things Song - Walking Dead
Views 5K9 years ago
Stuff and Things Song - Walking Dead


  • Yvez Metall
    Yvez Metall 26 days ago

    Wow Evh player. Nice mate, love it 🤘🎵🎸

  • Judith Grimes
    Judith Grimes 2 months ago

    I’m doing stuff Lori Thangs

  • Case_IH_Simulations
    Case_IH_Simulations 5 months ago

    It’s made for a small personal space not a office or a Room ! Depending on what model you got you’re supposed to freeze the curtain or a sponge inside the unit until frozen then it will blow the air from the frozen curtain or a sponge and the water. The red light on the top of yours is red so the battery is low or dead !

  • Puppies are Power
    Puppies are Power 5 months ago

    Clown A/C cooler.

  • Rhonda Lee
    Rhonda Lee 6 months ago

    Thank you Alex. We appreciate you for your excellent video. I'll never buy from this company again. I waited a long time for my Blaux "classic" AC last summer. By the time I received it, summer was nearly over. I read the instructions carefully and tried it out recently and it doesn't work, so I went on Amazon and bought 2 fans so that we can use our new A/C only when really needed. (Electric costs will climb this summer.) Blaux has been a disappointing experience and their ads certainly give you high hopes, but in the end you want to kick yourself for believing the hype. Can you recommend any good quality fans/coolers that are far superior to Blaux? I'll consider for the future ...

  • Quinn Covey
    Quinn Covey 6 months ago

    There's one in my household and I don't really mind it it's usually blowing particularly cool air.

  • Milos Zivic
    Milos Zivic 6 months ago

    *Works so well **Fastly.Cool** that it only requires daytime operation until high temp and humidity are overnight. It is difficult to get to side filters, but back is easily accessible.*

  • Frao Medina II
    Frao Medina II 6 months ago

    Anyone with two fucking ounces of Common Sense will know that that is not air conditioning how the fuck do you get a compressor in that thing it's just trying to trick you into feeling cooler but way of evaporation but it's too small to even fucking do that well whoever made this is ridiculous tiny piece of shit if it was bigger you could actually put ice water in it and make it a swamp cooler but that's all it is it's a miniaturized swamp cooler not air conditioning

  • Antonio Ric
    Antonio Ric 7 months ago

    Its to cool you not your entire house. LMAO

  • Game 5000 washer fan
    Game 5000 washer fan 9 months ago

    Arctic air

  • asianaxeman
    asianaxeman 11 months ago

    Awesome tone and skills.. What's the recording setup /amp on this one?

    • savannahalex
      savannahalex 11 months ago

      Thanks man! Gibson Les Paul Tribute Goldtop into an EVH 5150iii. Microphone is a Rode NT2A, running into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and into a MacBook Pro running Logic Pro X.

  • BloodKitten
    BloodKitten Year ago

    i personally saw an ad opening the browser on google, i ordered it 3-4 months ago, only this week on october i recived it, right now it is okay for a small room, but i don't know how it will be a few weeks or month from now, right now it dosent die, and that is after the postal worker dropped it on the floor, i think if it keep working then it could be a case that they don't do quality control and some end up defective, wich could happen anywhere. i am not saying anything on the video is wrong, just my personal experience is diffrent to what you have described wich the product is currently working, unless it had worked a few days for you then stopped working for whatever reason.

  • DHR69
    DHR69 Year ago

    The built in battery was defective, it just wont charge anymore. Its better if they didnt put cheap battery on it and have it powered directly by usb powerbrick or powerbank.

  • Julie Copeland Barrows

    Same happened to me. Ordered in June and just got it (Sept) after contacting them. Thing worked for a few hours but stopped. Very unhappy.

  • A
    A Year ago

    This is amazing

  • אוהד גרוס

    Be carefull to pay 89.99$-129$ or over , the product is being drop-shipping from Hong Kong with the price of 19.99USD$,its not more than water sponge and a fan that gives room temperture.

  • Cliff Johnson
    Cliff Johnson Year ago

    Could you use that to kill the COVID-19 if you could find a sanitizer that would not kill you or hurt your lungs.

  • Dj'й Ksyonyx Project_Dubwize


  • larry
    larry Year ago

    I found out it’s pure fraudulent from Australia, thanks PayPal getting my money back

  • Mindful Kayaker
    Mindful Kayaker Year ago

    The worst thing I have ever ordered online. Please don’t buy it It is a scam

  • Klinikle
    Klinikle Year ago

    I'm pretty sure it's pronounced 'BLOW'

  • Asher Nachmani
    Asher Nachmani Year ago

    Thanks I was almost about to order ,save me momy ,Who knows maybe I will help you save too

  • Anthony Broussard

    I wish i had seen this video before I made the stupid decision of buying 3 of these useless units , i turned on all 3 units in one room that was 12x12 , it’s seemed to have made the room warmer instead of cooler, * Rip-off *

  • fuelban
    fuelban Year ago

    Lol 😂, first sentence says it all Lol, needless to say that I won't be getting one either, Thom in Scotland.

  • Duane Policelli
    Duane Policelli Year ago

    I am a civil engineer, technician and a scientist. It does not matter who makes these things, simple evaporated cooling on that scale will not cool a medium size room and it will only (marginally) work in a low humidity environment. It will only take air temperature down to dewpoint (wet bulb) level. In most cases somewhere around 80° or higher. You will eventually end up with a hot, humid room.

  • Dawn Hill
    Dawn Hill Year ago

    Thank you for the review!!!!

  • MaryAnn Walters
    MaryAnn Walters Year ago

    Does not work. Do not buy this cooler.

  • Biblical Storm
    Biblical Storm Year ago

    The piece of junk didn't even turn on or work upon arrival. I've attempted for days to get ahold of customer service to no avail. Cowards are ignoring my emails because they don't want to refund. Screw china and their knock off junk.

  • Kelly Davis
    Kelly Davis Year ago

    Bought it. It's HORRIBLE.

  • Susan Mandel
    Susan Mandel Year ago

    File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and shut them down.

  • Launa Ellison
    Launa Ellison Year ago

    I bought two, spending over $260.00. What a ripoff! My $20 Walgreens fan works better. They’re going in the giveaway pile! Launaellison

  • x m
    x m Year ago

    actually works for me lol. i put some ice cubes in the water tray part with water and it cools me down just need to place it close to you on your desk or floor.

  • Gwadabe Gwadabe
    Gwadabe Gwadabe Year ago

    It’s really a piece of junk . I followed the instructions In details. I am extremely disappointed. False advertisement,

  • Gwadabe Gwadabe
    Gwadabe Gwadabe Year ago

    Yea I got one and it’s a piece of junk. I emailed them twice and no replied . Highly disappointed.

  • Christopher Jacobi

    Why didn’t you return it?

    • savannahalex
      savannahalex Year ago

      Fair question. I tried, but they were completely non-responsive. They wouldn’t even let me cancel the order after I had already waited for at least a month and it hadn’t shipped yet.

  • Maurizio70 Gilmour Fan

    Great performance!

    • savannahalex
      savannahalex Year ago

      Thanks man. This was a very half-hearted recording, but I needed to get it out of my head, so I just did it all in one shot. Kinda wish I’d spent more time fleshing out the idea, but I don’t have a lot of time to work on this so I just ran with it lol. I hope you are doing well!

  • Rob Hendrikx
    Rob Hendrikx Year ago

    Short recap: it blows because it doesn't, you know, blow.

  • Arturo Jimenez
    Arturo Jimenez Year ago

    LOL Thank goodness I did NOT buy it! I got it for free as a gift

  • Scroticus Maximus

    As a collector of guitars I assume you try to keep the humidity in your house at around 40%. Even if this thing did "work", it would be ridiculous to think that it would operate functionally unless you live in Death Valley. My guess is you're running out of channel content and are now giving that old barrel a good scraping. You do love guitars though so I guess you're cool.

    • Scroticus Maximus
      Scroticus Maximus Year ago

      @savannahalex Yes, Blaux Blows! Donkeys.

    • savannahalex
      savannahalex Year ago

      Yeah, close to the 50% mark. Nah, I don’t really do much for channel content. I have an amazing job that keeps me traveling non-stop, so even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t have the time. I only do the videos for fun or when I’m in the mood. I have zero desire to be a full-fledged Clip-Sharer. I made this video because I was annoyed by this company and I wanted to let other people know about how crappy Blaux is.

  • Scroticus Maximus

    How about a bridge, I have a nice one you might be interested in.

    the PRESIDENT Year ago

    your beard looks great 👍

  • Jennine Kelley
    Jennine Kelley Year ago

    Alex, I went through your exact same situation. Blaux is a fraudulent company. Do not buy this product you spend almost $100 to have ice water blow.

  • Jo Jackson
    Jo Jackson Year ago

    I bought it and it is a bad product. Please don't buy.

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams Year ago

    I fell for it. It's a piece of junk.

  • Jesus Gobea
    Jesus Gobea Year ago

    Thank you, I almost did.

  • Sapphire Jan
    Sapphire Jan Year ago

    Who can recommend one that does work and is legit?

  • Dominique Echevarria


  • Denise Barnes
    Denise Barnes Year ago

    Very disrespectful company Item doesn’t work. I agree to everything that this gentleman said, SMDH

  • Jason Schultz
    Jason Schultz Year ago

    Thanks for the heads-up! I wonder what company makes a good one ?

  • K M L
    K M L Year ago

    A piece of Junk. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!