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EA Star Wars: A Look Ahead
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  • K09 N21
    K09 N21 3 hours ago


  • Joshua Irizarry
    Joshua Irizarry 3 hours ago

    I miss Jedi outkast ! Hey ya!

  • Chris 110
    Chris 110 3 hours ago

    It needs really really MORE (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Singleplayer-Modes like Instant Action for players who only play the game offline like me. I was NEVER a fan of multiplayer, because PvP was always to difficult and sometimes my network was too slow etc. I absolutely never liked PvP, but was only in Player vs Bots and Offline Battles - like Instant Action in the former Battlefronts.

  • Luke Blight
    Luke Blight 4 hours ago

    Storm trooper we have the high ground Every Star Wars fan:why hello there

  • Roberto STF Ilie
    Roberto STF Ilie 5 hours ago

    is that ian gallagher???

  • Danny
    Danny 5 hours ago

    so why when EA actually makes a single player game everyone hates? this game looks great and better than battlefront 2. i know ea can screw up but how are they gonna add anything to a single player game? loot boxes? how?

  • Leon
    Leon 7 hours ago

    Waiting for it till it comes to ea access

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez 8 hours ago

    Dang... Look at all the negativity in the comments!

  • Cyberpunk Nerd
    Cyberpunk Nerd 8 hours ago

    What if the story is shitty compare to Iden Versio’s clichè storyline from Battlefront 2? I’m still mad about it.

  • Mario gameplays
    Mario gameplays 8 hours ago

    i hope it realised on pc to make a gory mod

  • Joshua de Graaf
    Joshua de Graaf 10 hours ago

    This game was so good and was only made better with skirmish mode

  • Quiri Cocho
    Quiri Cocho 10 hours ago

    0:45 literally an orgasm of music

  • TK- 7174
    TK- 7174 10 hours ago

    I will play this on the hardest difficulty just so I can get the dark souls ish feel.

  • deadlydeax 1010
    deadlydeax 1010 10 hours ago


  • Edgar Donato
    Edgar Donato 10 hours ago

    Is this game 60fps Xbox one

  • Pussy Man
    Pussy Man 11 hours ago

    This comment section gives me cancer. Star wars fans are the most annoying faggots

  • Michael Orr
    Michael Orr 11 hours ago

    Anyone that thinks Disney ruined star wars is lying. Star Wars has always been shit we just make excuses for it because we enjoy it. There's nothing wrong with loving certain bits but don't pretend star wars has ever been a cinematic masterpiece

  • marvelfan2012
    marvelfan2012 11 hours ago

    Whoever is playing this demo is getting on my nerves

  • LS SH
    LS SH 11 hours ago

    Not gonna get this game.... I have no faith in EA to treat Star Wars properly

  • Robert Sarorn
    Robert Sarorn 12 hours ago

    This game has gotten a lot better!

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez 12 hours ago

    I like how everyone is dawgin it even before they play it lol. Criticize it when it COMES OUT AND YOU PLAY IT! Lol geez! Y'all are ridiculously ridiculous! Lol

    AVS ASMR 12 hours ago

    Why his saber so long

  • Juan Rivas
    Juan Rivas 12 hours ago

    We need a dark star wars, like either on the dark side or just more violent, that lightsaber seems like a tazer ,should cut through some armor atleast

  • Brandon slade
    Brandon slade 13 hours ago

    Game is shit just like the 1st one. Just like any ea game makes

    • Regular Dude
      Regular Dude 10 hours ago

      Brandon slade Have you seen the game now? It’s way better than it was

  • UseYourGlutes
    UseYourGlutes 13 hours ago

    Guys, there is no dismemberment because that would make the game super easy. This looks more dynamic than the force unleashed, I just hope that there is a leveling system and the story is good.

  • Jon Mack
    Jon Mack 13 hours ago

    I'd like to see star wars move to a much darker theme. Not this lighthearted, butterknife saber, clownfest they keep pushing. I wanna see heads cut off. Blood and guts

  • DataIIDX
    DataIIDX 14 hours ago

    Not having dismemberment, ok... but no impact on the armors, really???

  • Isaac Leiva
    Isaac Leiva 14 hours ago

    Okay everyone hear me out on this. Star wars game set in the old republic back when the sith empire still existed and they're in control of corriban at this point. You play as a Jedi who was on a scout mission to corriban but your starship crash lands and your in the middle of sith territory and you have to fight your way off the planet. The gameplay is very similar to sekiro with the combat system and you have your lightsaber and force powers to defend yourself with new upgrades combos movesets as you progress through the story and there is dismemberment

  • 303
    303 14 hours ago

    can we have a starwars game in which the campaign follows the events of the films so we can play as our favourite characters etc

  • TylerDoyles
    TylerDoyles 15 hours ago

    Imagine if the combat was like for honor. Except. You had force abilities.

  • Enrick Lefebvre Blais
    Enrick Lefebvre Blais 15 hours ago

    they have to put serious work on the wounds

  • Enrick Lefebvre Blais
    Enrick Lefebvre Blais 15 hours ago

    we all have see a ligthsaber cut a door in star wars: Phantom menace… so where are the cuted limbs? EA fail again

  • Alexander Hesseldahl
    Alexander Hesseldahl 15 hours ago

    now that i think about it i gusse we cant really get mad at disney for the whole decapitaion thing sinch they did not that in any of the battlefront games either

  • Jose Gonzales
    Jose Gonzales 16 hours ago

    Another shit star wars game

  • max nitro
    max nitro 16 hours ago

    If this is the real EA add Poe Dameron in to star wars Battlefront 2

  • Cryus sensi
    Cryus sensi 16 hours ago

    would be cool too have a death star map for starfighter assault in battlefront 2

  • Deklan Burrows
    Deklan Burrows 17 hours ago

    So it's basically just star wars dark souls

  • The Alpha
    The Alpha 17 hours ago

    9 months later and still gives me goosebumps

  • Jose Carlos
    Jose Carlos 17 hours ago

    Good-ish graphics.. crappy af looking gameplay

  • Alexander Lammineur
    Alexander Lammineur 17 hours ago

    The guy looks so much as Jerome from Gotham

  • Mac Mooney
    Mac Mooney 17 hours ago

    EA Star Wars please do me a favor make the battle points in Star Wars battlefront 2 less money like the vehicles, heroes, villains hero ships and villain ships please

  • I hate fortnight Give me a reason why i shouldn’t

    If this is EU than I hope they have starkiller in this or as a dlc

  • i Tqzy
    i Tqzy 19 hours ago

    I think it looks great

  • KudaTheNerd
    KudaTheNerd 19 hours ago

    At 1:12 there's a LAAT

  • amnanfury
    amnanfury 19 hours ago

    I would rather have force unleashed 3 than this already failed looking game

  • Chris K
    Chris K 19 hours ago

    This game looks really bad

  • Bridger Arnold
    Bridger Arnold 19 hours ago

    It looks okay! I’m still mad about battlefront so I won’t be buying it.

    • Austin King
      Austin King 11 hours ago

      Bridger Arnold is ur talking about battlefront 2 then there’s no reason too

  • Puellos _
    Puellos _ 19 hours ago

    only 2 minutes into the video and immedaitely i think " its GOD OF WAR with STAR WARS Skin" and thats not a bad think at all!

  • Dylan Spencer wood
    Dylan Spencer wood 19 hours ago

    Wait the last part where they both collide is that in the game

  • MinecraftGamer - Minecraft

    Hey EA Star Wars add a dark side anakin in robes and without robes skin to the darth vader character in the next one.

  • Charles Wagner
    Charles Wagner 20 hours ago

    8:00 they arnt gorilla fighters they wookie fighters

  • *I-KissMyGTR-I *
    *I-KissMyGTR-I * 20 hours ago

    Would be cool if you could cut through enemies and like cut them arms abd legs off and shit

  • Chris Hicks
    Chris Hicks 21 hour ago

    This new Shadow of the Colossus game is amazing!

  • Shizone
    Shizone 21 hour ago

    This game had potential... But under EA... It failed.

  • Bladee 1000gtb
    Bladee 1000gtb 21 hour ago

    All i wanted was the force unleashed 3 😿

  • lolseagull
    lolseagull 21 hour ago

    EA is really good at making trailers, but real gameplay on the other hand...that’s a whole different story

  • Jack Dempsey
    Jack Dempsey 21 hour ago


  • Theclickbaitknight
    Theclickbaitknight 22 hours ago

    That Jedi sure did hear about the droid attack on the wookies. Or the imperial attack I guess.

  • Alulim
    Alulim 23 hours ago

    Anyone else get an extremely sociopathic vibe from many pf the supposed "good guys" in this campaign? Iden, Meeko, even Luke. They all rack up astronomical body counts, Iden and Meeko of their own former comrades, and they seem to feel nothing. At least the Empire's troops act angry when they're killing.

  • Twig
    Twig 23 hours ago

    'We have 10.000 troops ready to fight' '...number arent everything' 20 v 20 match. What happened to 'large scale'?

  • Helioskrill Bloodgorger

    Notice how he said Jedi Knight not Jedi master, take a seat young sky walker

  • Ironluke 2001
    Ironluke 2001 Day ago

    I saw this trailer the very first day it came out (even though I am commenting months later) and I gotta say, this will definitely be an interesting story because... A. A female Inquisitor is the main villain. B. Having a former padawan on the run trying to escape the Empire as the main character is definitely a step away from Luke and Rey's type of origins. C. We finally find out what happened to all the Republic Venator Class Ships and why the Empire didn't keep them. D. It's Star Wars, we gotta see what happens. E. The game is two months away from being released and I am more hyped than ever.

    • SERNS
      SERNS Day ago

      Ironluke 2001 yeah same so keen.

  • Lazy
    Lazy Day ago

    1:24 the text means „Zeffo“ I have no clue what that is... maybe a cantina?

  • Kristoff James B. Dela Cruz

    Cameron monaghan was the new star wars character is cal kestis the new jedi.

  • Fnaf Gamer
    Fnaf Gamer Day ago

    Why are mace windu not in the game 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ryunark Hooduckerburg

    This is great Pokemon sword and shield come out on the same day 2 games to enjoy and Mario sonic Tokyo Olympics is out on the 8th NOVEMBER is going to busy

  • Hank Bucket
    Hank Bucket Day ago

    No dismemberment, that's a big problem for me

  • Caleb Correa Gonzalez

    11:30 I thought it was the end of the demo 😂

  • Alessandro De prosciutti

    The demo is gratis?

  • Jose Moyano
    Jose Moyano Day ago

    So people are being absorbed by the game... but the game is actually dead, so... this is a fake trailer indeed.

  • Will L.
    Will L. Day ago

    Those blaster bolts move painfully slow

    DICLAIR Day ago

    So you guys are gonna end Star Wars games and movies.

    DICLAIR Day ago

    They had a perfectly good chance to make two main characters twin brothers with two different play styles that could have been connected through the force... AND THEY CHOCKED... 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Neko
    Neko Day ago

    Not good combat the lightsaber needs to act and feel more like a lightsaber its should be slicing right through troopers

    • Legendary _Godzilla
      Legendary _Godzilla 9 hours ago

      Well if you someone with a lightsaber. You too would think he's a jedi

  • sinister wolf
    sinister wolf Day ago

    10:26 what did he just say?

  • RadioJHAlex sk1n

    I would love a Star Wars game that has the Gameplay of Gears of War

  • Yume
    Yume Day ago

    still one of my favorite trailers ever

  • H2OplusWater
    H2OplusWater Day ago

    Gave me goosebumps. Hyped

  • THE CTF 245
    THE CTF 245 Day ago

    tfw the lego star wars games give you more gore than the newest official star wars game.

  • Robrollie
    Robrollie Day ago

    Wtf where is the iconic limb dismemberment!....

  • Tio Edu
    Tio Edu Day ago


  • Cake Never Lies

    Part of me still wants 1313 rather than this... Edit: Also look at 24:07, he deflects the shot somehow even though his lightsaber didn't touch it and it would miss him anyway. GG

  • Guisaki
    Guisaki Day ago

    Clone: Sector is clear. *Sith literally right in front* Sith: Am I a joke to you? *Throws lightsaber* Clone: NOT CLEAR, NOT CLEAR!

  • NoenMar
    NoenMar Day ago

    Wow they even have the old jango fett clone trooper who resisted order 66 from rogue one in here. Modeled after the guy with the lazy eye who played him. 1:15

  • JR
    JR Day ago

    Can you wear hooded Jedi robes in this? If so I’m buying it

  • Gergo Nagykis
    Gergo Nagykis Day ago

    We need flips and acrobatics in battlefront 2, please

  • Justin Vickers

    How is it that these trailers portray better action and just better Star Wars than the new movies do?

  • Wii Music
    Wii Music Day ago

    I am still not over that 1:21

  • harrisonclement

    Why the lightsaber look like a glow stick

  • spicy grapes
    spicy grapes Day ago

    0:41 nice

  • Knight Zero
    Knight Zero Day ago

    If we knew what we know now .

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown Day ago

    Getting the Star Wars adventure feels with this game!

  • Clone Commander

    Lol you boys on Geonosis, we are at Coruscant Right now, pretty chill down here.

  • Penguins? Uhh yeah

    This game looks amazing!! Ever since Knights of the Old Republic, I've been waiting for another Star Wars game like it with new graphics and stuff. I'm in loooooove 😍😍😍!!!

  • GL Customs
    GL Customs Day ago

    To everyone complaining that the lightsaber physics are bad and wrong and suck, yes, thay sorta are... for a movie. For a game, they gotta be taken back abot win power or itd be too easy and not fun, and they have to keep it chill or risk M ratings. Lego games can do it because its LEGO characters. They arent "human" per se, plus LEGO characters have always shattered anyway so it has precedent. A human character chopping other human characters, no matter how cauterized or whatever it may be, is still just that. Just be happy that they promised no lootboxes and that it looks this good.


    Palpatine’s voice just gives me chills.