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Wallbox Public Charging
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What is Wallbox?
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Wallbox DC
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Wallbox - myWallbox App
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Wallbox Power Sharing
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  • Vicente Roman
    Vicente Roman 17 days ago

    I want one! Washington state

  • Earl Bramley-Howard

    Instead of music & picture of the box - how about an explanation & graphic showing what it can do? Just sayin'

  • Roberto Stelle
    Roberto Stelle Month ago

    arrives to Italy?

  • Bob Axford
    Bob Axford 5 months ago

    This tells me nothing about the product

    FLHBR 10 months ago

    Interesting.... Can this wallbox also be installed outside? The man in de video has his installed in his garage. But I don't have a garage, so it would be exposed to the elements. Will it be affected by rain?

    • Joshua Omolo
      Joshua Omolo 4 months ago

      Yes, it can be installed outside. We have been running one outdoors for about a year now. It would be good to secure the cables against rain nonetheless.

  • CleanSolar Energy

    excellent product