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Marisa & Asriel | Say Something (3x08)
3 years ago, i posted my first Masriel edit after Season 1 came to an end. Today, i bring you the farewell to one of my fav OTPs ever. I hope i made them justice. They have brought me so much joy, that i cakt put into words, instead i tried to put into this edit... I'll never be get over this enormous and brilliand love/tragic story, and the chemistry they have. There are no enough awards for Ruth and James for their performances.
I really hope you enjoy it.
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⦁ Program: Sony Vegas 16
⦁ Song: Say Something (Christina Aguilera ft A great big world)
⦁ Show: #hhisdarkmaterials
⦁ Couple: #...
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  • eda
    eda 22 hours ago

    i am so late to the party bc i binged the show in 2023 but oh the LOVE i have for them i can’t even describe it i am obsessed and your video is just became my favorite, you are very talented!! ❤️

  • Rowan
    Rowan 4 days ago

    Fantastic editing and excellent song choice [particularly appreciated it transitioning into one of Ramin's tracks]!

  • Fredo Eric
    Fredo Eric 9 days ago

    It was wow❤💔😭

  • Bruno Romero
    Bruno Romero 10 days ago


  • Mael Zafir
    Mael Zafir 13 days ago


  • Yana Ferenal
    Yana Ferenal 14 days ago

    Justice League and Justice League Unlimited made me such a die hard #Wonderbat and since Diana appeared in BVS i did pay extra attention to their interactions. Idk if Zack intended the #wonderbat moments to be #wonderbat moments but the tension was there. And all hell broke lose when they accidentally touched hands!! And pls Affleck lookin like a playboy staring at Diana is 🔥🔥 The only shots I love at Whedon's cut was Bruce and Diana moments, walking side by side, helping bruce on his aching arm, diana noticing brucr discomfort and all the little glances. That's all.

  • yeon
    yeon 15 days ago

    This is beautiful… I’m going to miss this series.

  • Kamilla Medeiros
    Kamilla Medeiros 19 days ago

    Can you make Lyra and Will with the song "space between" (Descendants 2) or "Fire on fire" (Sam Smith) or "Rescue" (Lauren Daigle) or all of them please 🙏🏼

  • Playful Fruit
    Playful Fruit 19 days ago

    Asriel only cared about the world. Marisa only cared about Lyra. Only in the end were they able to come together to save both.

  • Deborah Hesse
    Deborah Hesse 20 days ago

    Wow, this is amazing 🖤❤️

  • Roses N Winter Studios(Harper)

    I love this couple so much, even though it may have gotten a lot of hate it truly shows just how strong trust can be. It shows this between two characters who've never been able to trust, let alone love someone enough in order too. "If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy? If our love insanity, why are you my clarity?" This song is perfect for them 💚💚

  • Lyric Caudill
    Lyric Caudill 21 day ago

    joyce loves hopper winona loves davd i love him and her so

  • Nilssön Åkerlund
    Nilssön Åkerlund 22 days ago

    These two have got to be the most enigmatic parents ever written. The best thing they've ever done for their child was to orphan her, otherwise they would have damaged Lyra's psyche far more than it already was. Philip Pullman wrote a brilliant trilogy. It's not just a critique of Abrahamic religions but a study of human frailty.

    • Anna@Bella
      Anna@Bella 17 days ago

      But they never did orphan her not really as everyone knows who her parents are and she gets privileges because of that. It is why she is still studying at Oxford because he parents studied there. Lyra parents at the same time of pretending not to parent her; actually parented her. Her mother educated her while she briefly lived with her and her father who was pretneidng to be her uncle did the same when she lived with him in Oxford.

  • Laraib Ahmed
    Laraib Ahmed 23 days ago

    Well if this wasn't the most soul crushing thing I have watched in a while! Tragic yet beautiful.

  • magiiicath
    magiiicath 25 days ago

    THAT'S CRAZY this song just played on my shuffle and i thought of them and when i opened youtube to see if there was any edits, yours was my first recommendation (i hadn't even searched yet, it was just on top of my YT recommendations)

    • Aida Dayai
      Aida Dayai 25 days ago

      You dunno how happy makes me to know my edit shows up on top of Masriel yt recommendations 😊❤️ Hope you like and enjoy it. I knew i was gonna use this song from the moment I sae their last episode

  • Marova Hildah
    Marova Hildah 26 days ago

    Marisa and Azriel😍😍

  • Xulimbra
    Xulimbra 26 days ago

    Where do you get the clips?

  • AS
    AS 28 days ago

    I didn't watch GOT. But how I wish Gwendoline and him could be lead roles in a movie with this theme as well. So much chemistryyyyy 🥹🥹🥹

  • manoedits&more
    manoedits&more Month ago

    i love this

  • Brie Wilga
    Brie Wilga Month ago

    This is great!! I wish I could understand Spanish just to watch this (I needed subtitles for the actual show)

    • Brie Wilga
      Brie Wilga Month ago

      @Aida Dayai thank you!!!

    • Aida Dayai
      Aida Dayai Month ago

      Ill add english subtitules as soon as i can

  • Amyowst
    Amyowst Month ago

    No, it’s fine, just choking on sobs over here, it’s cool it’s fine no worries haha

  • Anna@Bella
    Anna@Bella Month ago

    Perfectly sums them up.

  • Winonalovers
    Winonalovers Month ago

    Really beautiful video!!!

  • Erin Chevalerias
    Erin Chevalerias Month ago

    I cried just listening the video so watching it was just😭 Thank you for this tribute! Could you do one for Mme Coulter with the music "only love can hurt like this?" it would be just 😭

  • winterfeell_🌟

    I rarely comment the video is amazing the music I talk about it one of the series I love the most and Marisa/Asriel I love the couple the duo of a tragic and beautiful love story the alchimi and just agreement ruth and james their perfomance ruth and one of my models she is incredible from season 1 to episode 7 of season 3 , the video gives me shivers to remember scenes between asriel / Marisa. He dies in sacrifice beautiful and sad and together. , just the couple I love the most he goes before Will / Lyra without hesitation . the pleasure of seeing and reviewing scenes from the series forever Marisa / asriel and I am happy that the series allowed me to know ruth and dafne they are incredible I admire them 😍🥰😍🤩

  • Sandeegirl
    Sandeegirl Month ago

    This edit is so profound. We all fantasize about a sapphic hookup, or a great movie with Cate and Sandra. I know it would make me happy. It’s a good thought. I love Cate’s confident gait, and she and Sandra both have those pensive eyes that know they own the world right now. It’s a beautiful friendship. I wish we could get more, and you did here. Well done☺️😎💕.

  • Olya Assa
    Olya Assa Month ago


  • Charlotte R
    Charlotte R Month ago

    Perfect video! I just wish she would have told him she loved him too just before 😭😭😭

  • PetrowskiKatia
    PetrowskiKatia Month ago

    Thank you, you just devasted me ever more 😭💔 that's just so beautiful, and I wish we had more scenes between these two (and with Lyra too), it was painful and still beautiful to watch. Both the video and the series. ❤

  • Johbub
    Johbub Month ago

    This is perfect, I cried so much when they sacrificed themselves 😭😭😭

  • Camila Santana
    Camila Santana Month ago

    Meu casal... que saudade...

  • Lady Vegas
    Lady Vegas Month ago

    Me encanta esta puta serie amo a zulema y encima con esta canción llore como nunca nooooo pudooooo morir

  • Silviasi22
    Silviasi22 Month ago

    no con esta canción y esa quote final de marisa sobre el amor.. NO PUEDO.

  • Avantika Garg
    Avantika Garg Month ago

    God I cried so bad when Asriel and Marisa sacrificed themselves for Lyra 🥺 Unfortunately we didn't get to see The Family reunion 🥺 I miss this series so much😭

  • nimbostratus
    nimbostratus Month ago

    Absolutely gorgeous 🥺

  • Lady Vegas
    Lady Vegas Month ago

    Ni Fabio ni rizos ni halman ni saray ZULEMA Y MACA 🤣💋

  • Lady Vegas
    Lady Vegas Month ago

    Jaaaaja me encanta como thelma y Louis 💕 💖 ♥️ 😍

  • Grazy Silva
    Grazy Silva Month ago

    Que min fazer chorar caralho?😥

  • H H
    H H Month ago

    So good! Could you do an edit of Lyra and will. So upset but there ending 😢❤

  • Audrey C.
    Audrey C. Month ago

    This is perfect. Damn WoW...

  • nikikaidoxa videoeditor

    you're gonna kill me with those masriel videos! *sobbbbsssss* so beautiful !!!!! <3 <3

  • Amelia xxx
    Amelia xxx Month ago

    Been waiting for edits like this and it’s so good I love this series 🥰🥰🥰

  • little•miss•indecisive

    aw all I ever wanted was for her to be happy :( merry Christmas if you celebrate!

  • James Malik
    James Malik Month ago

    A most beautiful and tragic ending this story has received. Two lovers, corrupted so completely by glory and power yet they were able to overcome their need for the need of their daughter's survival. Never let it be questioned that they didn't love Lyra.

  • SimplyAnna_:p
    SimplyAnna_:p Month ago

    I’m so devastated that this series is over, even though I knew at season 1 that they were only doing 3 seasons. This series truly did do the books justice. 🙌

  • Aida Dayai
    Aida Dayai Month ago

    Here's my Masriel Edit for the SERIES FINALE. Give it some love ❤️

  • Marova Hildah
    Marova Hildah Month ago

    These two are so toxic. She attacked him cause she knew would survive

  • Alaa Jaber
    Alaa Jaber Month ago


  • Evie Orren
    Evie Orren Month ago

    This is so gooodd! You captured their dynamic perfectly with this, brilliant song choice too!

  • Hannah Pavletich
    Hannah Pavletich Month ago

    This is Amazing ♡♡ I love it 😀 😍 ❤️