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G.C.F in Helsinki
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  • Lucero GA
    Lucero GA 29 minutes ago

    Aaahhh!!!Tan hermosos🤧🤧💜

  • sidra ali
    sidra ali 29 minutes ago

    jin is the best ..worldwide handsome and kind heart man...

  • BT_S Fic
    BT_S Fic 30 minutes ago


  • Khushi Y.S
    Khushi Y.S 30 minutes ago

    I actually tried this video with 2x speed😂😂😂😂

  • TheGonia77
    TheGonia77 31 minute ago


  • Dwimarth Icha
    Dwimarth Icha 31 minute ago


  • maria luisa tabares
    maria luisa tabares 31 minute ago

    Still watching, English subtitles please!

  • 핼륨
    핼륨 33 minutes ago

    5년 전 영상이 왜 갑자기 추천에 뜬 걸까

  • Lucero GA
    Lucero GA 33 minutes ago

    Me encanto🤤💜

  • Grace
    Grace 33 minutes ago

    I love seeing you happy, my winter bear..

  • Jyoti Munta
    Jyoti Munta 33 minutes ago

    Bts u killed me😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘

  • Lucero GA
    Lucero GA 34 minutes ago

    Rompiéndola como siempre,re talentosos estos chicos😎💜

    LALALALAY 34 minutes ago

    Pobre Jimin

  • Shaihd Alnamly
    Shaihd Alnamly 36 minutes ago


  • Tae’un ange
    Tae’un ange 36 minutes ago

    they grown so fast, i’m so sad :((((

  • M E L T E D - C R Y S T A L S

    *Namjoon being a proud father for **4:50** seconds straight*

  • Jsjs Hdjs
    Jsjs Hdjs 36 minutes ago


  • Ita Jurianty
    Ita Jurianty 36 minutes ago


  • Jsjs Hdjs
    Jsjs Hdjs 36 minutes ago


    ANGEL 37 minutes ago


  • Yellow Eye Gacha
    Yellow Eye Gacha 37 minutes ago

    HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THIS DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????~~~~~😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Lucero GA
    Lucero GA 38 minutes ago

    Éramos tan felices en esos tiempos :”v 💜

  • Марина Гаркуша


  • Nga Thach
    Nga Thach 40 minutes ago

    BTS 😄😄😄😄👍❤️

  • Ann Morgan Woodard
    Ann Morgan Woodard 42 minutes ago

    Can anyone tell me how is it that the baby is teaching his hyung how to be sultry. JK looks like a Pro.

  • Lucero GA
    Lucero GA 42 minutes ago

    Dios!!Tae como siempre dándonos arte🤧💜

  • Alicia Mercado
    Alicia Mercado 42 minutes ago

    Hobi's sound effects 💜😍💜

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 42 minutes ago

    jungkook was 14 im crying 😭

  • 나탈리아 Natália Moraes

    *"Ai Gabi, só quem viveu sabe"* 😏🍷💜

  • Fan Derping
    Fan Derping 43 minutes ago

    My last 2 braincells in my most important exam:

  • Severa Ahn
    Severa Ahn 43 minutes ago

    정국이가 호떡아이스크림 만들면 내가 매일 100개씩 먹는다

  • Lia S
    Lia S 43 minutes ago

    YOONGI IS SO FREAKING ADORABLE! I just wanna hug him

  • Grace
    Grace 43 minutes ago

    Annyeong my winter bear

  • 민슈가민애옹
    민슈가민애옹 44 minutes ago

    남준오빠 머리 넘넘 귀엽~~^^♥♥♥

  • Alicia Mercado
    Alicia Mercado 45 minutes ago

    Flight attendant 😂 I WISH flight attendants looked like V 😂😂😂

  • Sara Torrice
    Sara Torrice 45 minutes ago

    I’m so confused are these literally blocks of ice cream?

  • Jullyana Cordeiro Barbosa

    a bunch of gay

  • Dwi Puspita Ningrum
    Dwi Puspita Ningrum 47 minutes ago

    u can see that J-hope is strict dance teacher , Lol

  • 지민
    지민 47 minutes ago

    진짜 이거보고 더말 한마디가 와닿는다.. 진짜ㅜ 방탄 너무좋다

  • Alicia Mercado
    Alicia Mercado 48 minutes ago

    Jk" someone; anybody" 😂 oh baby; he's grown 😍💜

  • 이다현
    이다현 48 minutes ago

    2020년에 보는나는 옛날때 너무 순딩순딩 하다고 느껴짐 ㅋㅋㅋ 귀여웡

  • Lucero GA
    Lucero GA 49 minutes ago

    Bighit bro,la próxima subtítulo también al español pué :v 💜

  • Нурлы Ибадуллина

    2020? Miss them. Waiting for SOPE comeback🤗

  • El Peluca
    El Peluca 50 minutes ago

    Koreanas inservibles. Mis sobrina los odia

  • Sweet Mochi *_*
    Sweet Mochi *_* 51 minute ago


  • Dương Huyền Anh
    Dương Huyền Anh 52 minutes ago

    - an nhong sề ố. Giọng đặc trưng kinh khủng

  • Prateek Nayak
    Prateek Nayak 52 minutes ago

    10:04 Omg 💜 imagine seeing taetae as a flight attendant LoL... 😂

  • Anny kim
    Anny kim 53 minutes ago

    Meus nenéns💜💜

  • Lee Ji Eun
    Lee Ji Eun 54 minutes ago

    1:39 okay this musn't be a big deal but the way he ate the popsicle *brings out the maniac in me*

  • Bre4458
    Bre4458 54 minutes ago

    This video felt so casual and behinds the scenes, as if we were let in to see how it all goes down and they didnt they needed to be entertaining they could just be themselves. I really liked this :)

  • suga BTS
    suga BTS 54 minutes ago

    هم مبدعين الرسم ابداع حقيقية ابداع

  • Prateek Nayak
    Prateek Nayak 54 minutes ago

    No one : Literally No one : Not a single cookie 🍪 : Me : 9:35 *Imitating Cute Lil Meow Meow*

  • annisa afiati
    annisa afiati 55 minutes ago

    10:54 i first wonder why almost all members were giving their "oops" expression when Jimin said "promise"; it turned out that Jimin gave spoiler for his "Promise" solo 😁😁 they always gave funny faces every time one of the members give spoilers 😆

  • 치이 본
    치이 본 56 minutes ago

    Like, everyone was like when Namjoon started rapping: AAAAHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh.........

  • Breathinq
    Breathinq 56 minutes ago

    I remember learning this

  • Лея Leya
    Лея Leya 56 minutes ago лучший кавер, best cover

  • afef afef
    afef afef 56 minutes ago

    getting ready for concert is fun for them

  • Jane Sam
    Jane Sam 56 minutes ago

    I swear subtitles are the best thing that happen to me

  • park jimin
    park jimin 56 minutes ago

    Jimin I miss you so much

  • Vitória Giovanna
    Vitória Giovanna 56 minutes ago

    5:52 OMG ABSSS

  • Claudia Martinez
    Claudia Martinez 57 minutes ago

    Q turnos se ven jajajaja dale lake si piensas lo mismo

  • park jimin
    park jimin 57 minutes ago

    My angel I love you soo much

  • Yerkin Nurmagambetov
    Yerkin Nurmagambetov 57 minutes ago

    Он сказал Чмэ

  • ばっさりショート
    ばっさりショート 57 minutes ago

    0:41 あぁ…レアだわ…

    PARK J ARMY FOREVER 58 minutes ago


  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 58 minutes ago

    BTS = boys that suck

  • Swastika Chowdhury
    Swastika Chowdhury 59 minutes ago

    Someone just give my Jinnie what he wants my goodness

  • OG lock
    OG lock 59 minutes ago

    Jimin បងអែងជាប្តីរបស់អូន

  • Rafiqa 17
    Rafiqa 17 59 minutes ago

    0:00-0:03 Handsome from all angles

  • Elsa Das
    Elsa Das Hour ago

    Wish you a very happy birthday v ✌ 💓

  • Jhope Liyana
    Jhope Liyana Hour ago

    جيهوووووب حياتي شو حلو Jhoooooooope so handsome boy 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤i love you

  • bentata karima
    bentata karima Hour ago

    JIMIN smile is life.

  • S G
    S G Hour ago

    Namjoon at the end tho. Cute

  • เสาวดี เอี่ยมโภคทรัพย์


  • nurul Atkia
    nurul Atkia Hour ago


  • เสาวดี เอี่ยมโภคทรัพย์


  • Jessa Love BTS
    Jessa Love BTS Hour ago

    2020 Recommend this..

  • danna alzate
    danna alzate Hour ago

    aww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hermosos

  • Мария Дип

    Мой муд-Хосок

  • Namjoon’s Titties

    Soft Stan: Jungkook has a whip 😖😢😨😰 Hard Stan: Jungkook has a whip 😏😏😏😏

  • Jinju Pearl
    Jinju Pearl Hour ago


  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed Hour ago


    LAVIN ARMY Hour ago

    kurdish army please come to kurdistan bangtan🙏

  • Rinda rinda
    Rinda rinda Hour ago

    #Winterbear100M Congrat baby tata

  • M P
    M P Hour ago

    :") lucky lucky man

  • Khải Thế
    Khải Thế Hour ago

    This song is awesome i like it

  • Thiago Costa
    Thiago Costa Hour ago


  • Claudia Martinez

    Q hermosos se ven jimin y v y jungkook y siga jaja

  • ma ti
    ma ti Hour ago

    tú en serio no sabes cómo tu voz es que me calma, gracias por poder hacerme sentir mejor en momentos como estos en los que me siento mal y solo quiero irme gracias por hacerme quedar, en serio te amo mucho mucho

  • U4 Studio
    U4 Studio Hour ago

    Merry Chris Smas 😂

  • neha a
    neha a Hour ago

    this vid was such a blessing for everyone but i think us namjin stans were given an extra special treat

  • 이꽁냥
    이꽁냥 Hour ago

    저방 나한테 주세여..

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook Hour ago

    I know your favorite part is 4:36

    Nik Z ARMYBOY Hour ago


  • Lee Ji Eun
    Lee Ji Eun Hour ago

    1:36 okay jimin tell me what's poppin *down there*

  • 강윤희
    강윤희 Hour ago


  • U4 Studio
    U4 Studio Hour ago

    *V wearing purple sweater* 💜

  • liliyyiee min
    liliyyiee min Hour ago

    hi guys,why are we here ksjsksjsjs

  • wafa adila
    wafa adila Hour ago

    Jimin so cute Jimin : MIIN YONGI

  • U4 Studio
    U4 Studio Hour ago

    Jungkook -Let me see my faceu Kookie-niceu 💜