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Winter Bear by V
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  • Hye Bin Kwak
    Hye Bin Kwak 28 minutes ago


  • Chris YTC
    Chris YTC 28 minutes ago


  • ono yuka
    ono yuka 30 minutes ago


  • Blog Da Kathleen Keke
    Blog Da Kathleen Keke 30 minutes ago

    Qual e essa música

  • 뽀야
    뽀야 31 minute ago


  • Dhanan The Channel
    Dhanan The Channel 31 minute ago

    Jungkook step on V feet Lol In 0:35 Or in 0:36

  • [tona _ korea ]
    [tona _ korea ] 31 minute ago

    البنتتت تشبهه جيهووب😂😂😂😂😂💞

  • Jhenzkie Estrella
    Jhenzkie Estrella 31 minute ago

    Im hungry i want burgers and drinks LOVE you too much Bangtan

  • bye soul
    bye soul 31 minute ago

    PLZ watch kpop super rookie Noir's amazing dance practice of "Doom Doom" also! ❤️❤️️

  • Maria Hamama
    Maria Hamama 31 minute ago

    0:24 tae soo cuuuuute 😭❤️💜🖤

  • BH LEE
    BH LEE 32 minutes ago

    아 시발 조명 하나도 안보여

  • 예림양
    예림양 32 minutes ago

    진과 RM도 댄스 괜찮은데 J홉과 지민이 넘사벽이라 그런 듯함

  • B R
    B R 33 minutes ago

    Tae perfecting his speech is the cutest most ‘precious’ thing ever🥺

  • s k jk
    s k jk 33 minutes ago


  • A29
    A29 33 minutes ago

    태형이 많이 웃어요😂👌🏻

  • Norma Yolanda Vallejo
    Norma Yolanda Vallejo 33 minutes ago


  • Maria Hamama
    Maria Hamama 33 minutes ago


  • Tanya Jagwani
    Tanya Jagwani 34 minutes ago

    0:27 why is he soooo cute? Purple u taehyungi and BTS😄😍😘

  • blaire kate
    blaire kate 34 minutes ago

    They're the best or what?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M&M
    M&M 34 minutes ago

    Jimin has me mesmerized- his grace as he dances-

  • stream euphoria
    stream euphoria 35 minutes ago

    When I think Jungkook can’t get any better, he proves me wrong

  • Yeow Hoi Chun
    Yeow Hoi Chun 36 minutes ago

    V's voice is very cool and Jin's voice is cool but I think everyone's voice is coool

  • Meme Panda
    Meme Panda 36 minutes ago

    *when it play an old bts song before the vid* Me:i dont have the heart to skip this Song:*goes to chorus* Me:*flashbacks* MAN WHAT A THROWBACK!

  • حبيبة كوك
    حبيبة كوك 36 minutes ago

    I love you joungkok

  • ARMYS and BLINKS are my FRIENDS!!!

    Mah gaddd, jungkookie at 1:53!!!

  • Zaila Haag
    Zaila Haag 37 minutes ago


  • Caroline Oliveiraツ
    Caroline Oliveiraツ 38 minutes ago

    I purple you 💜

  • Olga W
    Olga W 39 minutes ago

    jimin looks tired

  • Yen Jjang
    Yen Jjang 39 minutes ago


  • 정다민
    정다민 40 minutes ago


  • mic mango
    mic mango 40 minutes ago

    Recommendations: bts dna dance practice Brain: click it Me: i’ve seen that 12 times, and i have 2 exams tomorrow Brain: just click it Me: *ok*

  • Nia Rawat
    Nia Rawat 40 minutes ago

    Jimin is not fine cuz. Of his leg pain🙁

  • Mini Jungkookie
    Mini Jungkookie 40 minutes ago

    Is it just me or does Jimin look sad/sick???????

  • Randomness To Infinity
    Randomness To Infinity 40 minutes ago

    Jungkook-ah what happened to ur bunny face?

  • park shadyar ARMY_BTS
    park shadyar ARMY_BTS 42 minutes ago you know kurdstan?????!

  • زوجه جيمين
    زوجه جيمين 42 minutes ago

    ولكم ليش امتعبين جيمين امبين تعبان كلش😦 اطوه استراحه خطيه زوجي حرام عليكم😦😦❤❤❤

  • ورده البيضاء
    ورده البيضاء 43 minutes ago

    عمري بتس💜

  • Jain Sanjay
    Jain Sanjay 43 minutes ago

    OMG subtitles yeeeeeeee!!! 💜💜

  • Artsy golden flame Nutz
    Artsy golden flame Nutz 44 minutes ago

    3:30 that is why J-hope is my bais *bias

  • ARMY BTS hernandez
    ARMY BTS hernandez 44 minutes ago

    Jimin y jungkook los amo😍😋❤😘

  • Kizha Kho
    Kizha Kho 44 minutes ago

    they take too long to upload vids bc they have to blur so many faces 😂

  • Teresa C
    Teresa C 44 minutes ago

    Why is Namjoon the Vampire So Hot to me? Jimin Moon Walking!! WOW!! 💜

  • I'm love you
    I'm love you 45 minutes ago

    БТС говно

  • 이은규
    이은규 45 minutes ago

    역시 한국이야 헤헤^^ BTS♥♥♥♥

  • Trúc Truc
    Trúc Truc 45 minutes ago

    Cool ngầu 😍😍😍

  • Zed Mines
    Zed Mines 46 minutes ago

    I Thought there are two Jimins HAHAHA

  • Lavine Ribeiro Reis
    Lavine Ribeiro Reis 46 minutes ago

    Jimin eu y love you

  • ساياكا _سان
    ساياكا _سان 47 minutes ago

    I love you juonkok

  • JKV Inluv
    JKV Inluv 47 minutes ago

    Love​ Teahyung teesoodnailok❤️

  • 김영란
    김영란 47 minutes ago

    저기 아미님들~ 그거 아세요???? 정국이 오빠 연예썰 뉴스에 떳었요 소속사는 그거를 인정했다는데 정확한지 안한지 모르겠지만 맞는거 같아요 ㅠㅠ

  • Martha La alpaca
    Martha La alpaca 48 minutes ago

    2:20 winter bear👁

  • 서순식
    서순식 48 minutes ago

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  • Sathi Saha
    Sathi Saha 48 minutes ago

    Today my Mama brought me the same jacket of Rap Monster 😍😍 . Love you Mama😘😘

  • ?
    ? 48 minutes ago

    at the very beginning jimin was extremely exhausted and y'all can see it throughout the vid.. rest well and enjoy your holidays jiminie 😭

  • 피엠 김규리
    피엠 김규리 49 minutes ago

    That was April this year Jimin was sick his right knee. 😢😭 Take care BTS 💜

  • Diana camila Tirado
    Diana camila Tirado 49 minutes ago

    Jajajajajaj pobre mi Jungkook que tal.vuelta...ajajajjajaa que diva jhope...tae te amoooooo

  • MayVlog #
    MayVlog # 49 minutes ago

    i just want to her me out. i just watched the BTS BRING THE SOUL, episode 1 and 2. and i can see that when they have concert they present whats within the album, bts member mention in episode 2 that why they can't make a cover of other songs, wishing they can sing other songs(bts) who is hit...jimin has been sufferng knee injury bec. of the job he has been doing(sing/dance/perform)..please less choreography let them just sing and enjoy d stage.

  • ARMY's BLINK's
    ARMY's BLINK's 50 minutes ago

    why does RM look fat, does he eat a lot or his clothes are double

    ARMY V BTS 50 minutes ago

    فدوة لله يخبلون أوشكت يجون للعراق

    • ميلا القطه
      ميلا القطه 49 minutes ago

      راح يجون في الرياض ابشرك ❤️💖😭😭😍😍😘😘😘

  • Miaa Luceroo
    Miaa Luceroo 51 minute ago


  • kTAElitist Bts.persona
    kTAElitist Bts.persona 51 minute ago

    Wherever you go, you will leave an impact

  • Green Bluish
    Green Bluish 52 minutes ago

    석진이 남준이 윤기도 잘 추네요

  • Glcy162 Rose
    Glcy162 Rose 52 minutes ago

    I’m actually crying omg watching them slowly grow they use to be not so popular and they slowly did over the years. I'm going to support bts no matter what happens to them they are the best and deserve those awards because of their hard work

  • Nikita gamerXD
    Nikita gamerXD 52 minutes ago

    Jungkook 😍😍👍😉💪😂

  • Huệ Trần
    Huệ Trần 53 minutes ago

    Love suga v

  • kTAElitist Bts.persona
    kTAElitist Bts.persona 53 minutes ago

    I am in my bed in Germany and I will be cheering fpr for you from everywhere. Thank you taehyungshi :) you make my day positive and I wish I could make your day positive too. You may not know your impact but its beyond everything I could express with words. You touched my soul in 2014.. I saw you 5 times already and I want to see you more in future. I will always look up to you. You are my role model, my hero, my friend, my love my cutie. When I look at you, I feel calm and am shaking and when I first saw you in Berlin my tears I couldn't keep them. I feel so safe with you on this planet. I love ans miss you extremely. I wish for you a beautiful day, year and life. You are yeontans dad, you are a precious soul. Im sure your parents and siblings, friends and your band mates 💜 are proud of you. Im a proud army too because I belong to you. You 7 make me so happ, everyday. Everyday I smile because of you and I hope you smile because of us too. My winterbear I wish you a cozy, lovely day and night 💜 보라해 💜

  • Vimin kook bts
    Vimin kook bts 54 minutes ago

    My love song🎶🎶💜💜 I love you jiminnnnnnnn😭😭😭😭💜💜😭

  • Nikita gamerXD
    Nikita gamerXD 55 minutes ago

    Jungkook 😍😍👍❤ 0:45

  • Jimoina _JM
    Jimoina _JM 56 minutes ago

    ah old days ""always makes me cry"" BTS debut in June 13 2013 and now it Sep 17 2019 time flies so fast I wish I could rewind the time........ I miss old BTS.......the baby BTS.......they have changed a lot and are now grown up but for Army they will always be the BTS we know from 2013 #BTSArmyForever *you nice keep going* we will alwasy support you

  • Valerie. C
    Valerie. C 57 minutes ago

    Hey Bangtan tv. I know you won’t even read this comment but I just wanna say this. I know you heard about the news that made some kARMYs mad for some reason. But I want to say that if Jungkook has a girlfriend I will support it no matter what. I know bighit entertainment said it’s his assistant but if it was jungkook’s girlfriend just know that’s most ARMYs would support it. We love bangtan sonyeondan and support it no matter what. Quick message for BTS Keep up your good work and never forget that you are loved and supported by many ARMYs . Take care. Bye.

  • Bluesope
    Bluesope 59 minutes ago

    so cuteeeee i love bts

    MOUMITA MOSTOFA 59 minutes ago

    Flexible mochi

  • Arzibibi Kapagan
    Arzibibi Kapagan 59 minutes ago

    It’s a pity you don’t often see RM so happy. Sincerely smiling. When he remembers that he is not only the leader of the group, but also just a young and cheerful guy. He has great responsibility for the group. He is her face.

  • Jeon Jungkook bts
    Jeon Jungkook bts 59 minutes ago

    Wow,dance practiceeeee *1.5 million views* THE POWER OF BTS❤️❤️

  • Mix Fix
    Mix Fix Hour ago

    Я одна заметила что они все в Пуме

  • Rina Lee
    Rina Lee Hour ago


  • 뽀아라
    뽀아라 Hour ago

    0:19 뭐죠 슈가님 제이홉님 머리 위 사이에 레이저..

  • lan.
    lan. Hour ago

    果果好可愛啊啊 南俊感覺很欣慰 泰亨聲音很適合當Rapper欸! 糖糖: What's this ?😂

  • NyNy Lovely
    NyNy Lovely Hour ago


  • Minnyeon
    Minnyeon Hour ago

    Did anyone else recognize that Jimin seems tired and sad? I hope He could rest in his holidays!

  • I haTe SnakEu
    I haTe SnakEu Hour ago

    Alway with jk

  • Ваня Иванов

    Что это за говно я только что посмотрел?

  • Маріам Мельнечук


  • jin hye
    jin hye Hour ago

    죽어도너야 좌우음성 이것도 들어보세요 진짜좋음 ㅠㅠ

  • Hoko Apikotoa
    Hoko Apikotoa Hour ago

    One word for BTS 'HANDSOME' 💜

  • Marlee Orion
    Marlee Orion Hour ago

    Haha, so funny because they use too much drugs

  • Maya Puspita sari

    Love you guys 💜💜💜 Always love you 💜💜💜


    In this video. I just noticed. that's Jimin is so tired and his face colour was yellowish all the members was tired but jimin and his face even he didn't smile alot like what he was doing always , jimin don't tire yourself ,i purple u all 💜 ARAB ARMY

  • Jimoina _JM
    Jimoina _JM Hour ago

    still watching it in 2019

  • 겜이브이
    겜이브이 Hour ago

    지민오빤 어디 아픈가요? Jimin looks sickㅠㅠㅠㅠ😣😣

  • c a s s
    c a s s Hour ago


  • 6참새
    6참새 Hour ago


  • Arpana Kakoty
    Arpana Kakoty Hour ago

    Aww all of you are soo cute 😍😊😉😘

  • 사마사마
    사마사마 Hour ago

    so cuotttt😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Şiryan gül Çolak

    Jikook 💜💜💜

  • Kurniara3
    Kurniara3 Hour ago

    Rm's dimple... He is so handsome 😭😭😭💜💜💜

  • Ananya Rajbhandari

    somebody talk about jimin.... why was he so serious?

  • юлия скиданенко


  • Gerald Koo Rui Kai

    The game is based on the storyline

  • Arzibibi Kapagan

    In this video you can clearly see the character of each member of the group. All of them are unique and not repeatable.