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  • Aaron Clark
    Aaron Clark 2 hours ago

    1:28 I thought he was about to meet a Young Thug 😂😂😂

  • Amalatheeban Amalraj


  • Manu Sabu
    Manu Sabu 2 hours ago

    Just look out for your Hell in a Cell match.... I have a big brother who dont like others hit me...

  • Carlos colon
    Carlos colon 2 hours ago

    I hope Bray wins

  • 2BendsPerNote
    2BendsPerNote 2 hours ago

    Rikishi is the real dad. He did it for The Rock.

  • JoJo is not an anime

    No reaction for rusev

  • Rrishabb01
    Rrishabb01 2 hours ago

    Baron Has huge potential. Pair him up with someone like Andrade (like heyman paired Edge with Rey in 2002). Guy is really good.

  • Fairus Bapok Siam
    Fairus Bapok Siam 2 hours ago

    Please just grow some real hair kane

  • Derek Scott
    Derek Scott 2 hours ago

    Gotta let banks(smurfette) get her way so she won't take her ball and go home again. She is gonna ruin bayleys career.

  • Say VengHou
    Say VengHou 2 hours ago

    Where is The undertaker

  • βιβη Π.
    βιβη Π. 2 hours ago

    Rusev's mustache change him so much

  • weenascar
    weenascar 2 hours ago

    No pyro for Kane? Y’all losing that much money?

  • Theodoros Toumbas
    Theodoros Toumbas 2 hours ago

    Where is Lana????

  • BlackxWidow
    BlackxWidow 2 hours ago

    i spit out my water when she said Ricochet was the father🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tyron Guimbaolibot
    Tyron Guimbaolibot 2 hours ago


  • Vaibhav Rawat
    Vaibhav Rawat 2 hours ago

    Best moment of this MN RAW 🔥🔥🔥👑👑👑👑👑

  • Niño Rafael
    Niño Rafael 2 hours ago

    Steel Chair > Sword

  • Overløad AJ
    Overløad AJ 2 hours ago

    Is nobody gonna appreciates Charlotte kicked on Bayley while wearing high heels? Lol

  • Don't Waste TIME
    Don't Waste TIME 2 hours ago

    But I Dreamed that Ricochet becomes the KOTR

  • zulfikar adi
    zulfikar adi 2 hours ago

    i love wyatt's character,,a mad character,,a new type of lunatics maybe? with dark aura,,,

  • bigb860
    bigb860 2 hours ago

    Eh. Kind of glitchy.

    THE DESTROYER 2 hours ago

    Illiterate can't even speak English 😂

  • shravan shetty
    shravan shetty 2 hours ago

    Take renae out of the commentary team for God's sake

  • HRATHIK Kotegar
    HRATHIK Kotegar 2 hours ago


  • Manu52 Dain
    Manu52 Dain 2 hours ago

    That was a great match

  • binomartinez _456
    binomartinez _456 2 hours ago

    That was shocking

  • Tavion Mack
    Tavion Mack 2 hours ago

    Didn't Michel said smackdown was on friday

  • AG Experience
    AG Experience 2 hours ago

    All Hail King Corbin ❤️❤️

  • βιβη Π.
    βιβη Π. 2 hours ago

    I was sure that Corbin will win because The WWE universe doesn't want to win

  • R.A Khan
    R.A Khan 2 hours ago

    Man i cant wait for the fiend. 🤡

  • Masab Khan
    Masab Khan 2 hours ago


  • Niño Rafael
    Niño Rafael 2 hours ago

    0:42 UGHHH!!

  • Gui Dos Games
    Gui Dos Games 2 hours ago

    *yes...the fiend vs. seth rollins for universal title...when fiend wins the undertaker appears!*

  • Khanyi Luvuno
    Khanyi Luvuno 2 hours ago

    This Mayor looks like Kane

  • Anand The Artist
    Anand The Artist 2 hours ago

    Best caption ever...include in all vedios.... Crowd was too sweet...♥️

  • O MS
    O MS 2 hours ago

    🤮🤢 1:25

  • Adrian Bacila
    Adrian Bacila 2 hours ago

    Viva! Eduardo Guerrero! Viva la raza! Long live the ONLY liar, cheater, and stealer! (While almost running into tears)

  • Zebra 783
    Zebra 783 2 hours ago

    Mike: U DID THIS Ricochet: no, I mean not that I wouldn’t

  • James Raykes
    James Raykes 2 hours ago

    Is Alexa Bliss injured in real life

  • Jericho Arnold
    Jericho Arnold 2 hours ago

    Next week the Undertaker will revenge for his brother

  • Jaiden Cruz
    Jaiden Cruz 2 hours ago

    3:18 😂😂😂

  • Krishna Phoenix
    Krishna Phoenix 2 hours ago

    yeesh this awful to watch

  • BLOODY Gaming
    BLOODY Gaming 2 hours ago

    Where is the flame of kane's entrace

  • BlackxWidow
    BlackxWidow 2 hours ago


  • Junior Is glorious
    Junior Is glorious 2 hours ago

    Not my rusev

  • Samed Bek
    Samed Bek 2 hours ago

    This match is fake no taching

  • HiMaNshU GauR
    HiMaNshU GauR 2 hours ago

    lol i loved that kid 1:24

  • Vanilla Icena
    Vanilla Icena 2 hours ago

    What happened to the chokeslam?

    MARIAN ȘERBAN 2 hours ago

    I just want Michael Cole G O N E forever, he's the segment destroyer machine...

  • ECW Vs WCW
    ECW Vs WCW 2 hours ago


  • TheGMODfan
    TheGMODfan 2 hours ago

    Mike Cucknellis

  • Evan Conn
    Evan Conn 2 hours ago

    The fiend is such a pathetic excuse for a character... Talk about boring.

  • Niño Rafael
    Niño Rafael 2 hours ago

    Alexa Bliss is more face than Bayley in this match!

  • Xristos Athanasiou
    Xristos Athanasiou 2 hours ago

    wwe die pls with maria kanelis ty

  • Panagiotis Nikiforou

    It looks the same as the other five wwe 2k games

  • Phenomenal 4KT
    Phenomenal 4KT 2 hours ago

    I still got it 😂😂😂😂

  • βιβη Π.
    βιβη Π. 2 hours ago

    nxt roster will always be better than the main roster

  • Ravindra Kumar
    Ravindra Kumar 2 hours ago

    No body can beat Roman reigns

  • arturo
    arturo 2 hours ago

    kane face turn

  • D.J. Stylez410
    D.J. Stylez410 2 hours ago

    When he said " I still got it!" I was done. 😂😂😂

  • Bezerkur a6e
    Bezerkur a6e 2 hours ago

    I hope Kane gets one last run. He deserves it.

  • pranav choudhary
    pranav choudhary 2 hours ago

    Kane has become very fat.


    I laughed so hard when the rabbit came and said heyheyhey seth

  • Nathan T
    Nathan T 2 hours ago

    Dana never tapped!! She was screwed!

  • Dasttie-D
    Dasttie-D 2 hours ago

    I get that Ice Cube and Chris Tucker reference, Street Profits saying Daaaamn and moving their bodies that way was the highlight scene of the film Friday

    MIGHTYKNOWN 2 hours ago

    What are they from? Akam: 🇮🇳 Rezar: 🇦🇱

  • Biggest LiTtLeMaN
    Biggest LiTtLeMaN 2 hours ago

    Don't damage the Kane's image and don't break his image and his experience !! Brock himself says that Kane was his toughest opponent !.. don't break legands again and again. If you change the concept it's looks better than all show

  • DonkeyKongGamerJr
    DonkeyKongGamerJr 2 hours ago

    I love the fiend character, but I wish they treated him more as an attraction. Kinda like the way with Lesnar. Don't have him on every show. Keep the fire going but don't over due him. I dont know, maybe I'm wrong?

  • Legend killer
    Legend killer 2 hours ago

    Damn it man Olympic medalist stunned on that foolish EOD WWE love to book Baron Corbin and Alexa Bliss That's why people don't like current WWE

  • βιβη Π.
    βιβη Π. 2 hours ago

    if The Fiend loses at HIAC I will stop watch WWE and I will start watch AEW

  • Dominic Williams
    Dominic Williams 2 hours ago

    The OCs go to War with AOP

  • OfficialRyanFouracre

    This is why I'm leaving WWE company in December. I'm not happy with the direction that WWE is going now.

  • Dan Falbe
    Dan Falbe 2 hours ago

    I can’t wait. I hope it’s a one sided best down.

  • cheesin
    cheesin 2 hours ago

    Cedric is the most talented Superstar right now.

  • Ahmad Simmons
    Ahmad Simmons 2 hours ago

    What type of Maury, Jerry Springer, rip-off bull is this?????

  • Octorlink
    Octorlink 2 hours ago

    I see jobbers

  • HipHopLive365
    HipHopLive365 2 hours ago


  • Станислав Кирязов

    Bray you just signed your sentence

  • Manu52 Dain
    Manu52 Dain 2 hours ago

    Strowman is awful, poor tag team division

  • BlackxWidow
    BlackxWidow 2 hours ago

    this is how i know The Fiend is gonna face Undertaker at HIAC

  • Rrishabb01
    Rrishabb01 2 hours ago

    As much as I am happy for this match, I feel it's way to early. This Fiend has to be used on special ocassion, because if they put the title on him. He'll be champion for long and people will turn on him or if he loses the title, he'll lose credibility. Only option for them will be to make him lose the title in a 3 Way match to protect him.

  • mr Smart
    mr Smart 2 hours ago

    John please com visit India 😘

  • James Donaldson
    James Donaldson 2 hours ago

    Sooooooo instead of the proper King coronation/crowning. Ya interrupt his crowning moment for a..... Gender reveal announcement... Mmm K.👌

  • Boylove Gaming
    Boylove Gaming 2 hours ago

    Wow 👍🤗 😘

  • Fernand G
    Fernand G 2 hours ago

    3:00, when the referee took off his shirt, did anybody felt a chokeslam was coming?

  • Richard Thant Zin
    Richard Thant Zin 2 hours ago

    The Triple H dance with the New Day together with his wife Stephanie was really funny. And also the Orton split jump.

  • D-Brent
    D-Brent 2 hours ago


  • Kermit The frogs ok bye

    Jesus every comment is OmG cOlE sHuT tHe GuAcAmOlE up

  • Drygin Baelish
    Drygin Baelish 2 hours ago

    Would be better if Rusev doesnt stop the mover like he did with lana and maria is laughing at mike

  • josh rosenfield
    josh rosenfield 2 hours ago

    All. Hail.

  • Bokane25
    Bokane25 2 hours ago

    Super Mario

  • Proud to be indian
    Proud to be indian 2 hours ago

    what's name this red paint guy 1:40

  • Niño Rafael
    Niño Rafael 2 hours ago

    Dana is back on Raw.. Bring back Sarah Logan too

  • Antonio Sneed
    Antonio Sneed 2 hours ago

    I see this, and all I can think of is, "YOU'RE NOT EVEN IN THE MATCH!!!"

  • DJ Legend
    DJ Legend 2 hours ago

    Bray wyatt is so GARBAGE!!!!

  • Mr Red
    Mr Red 2 hours ago

    Really wish they would sort bray out with his old and better set! He looks more like a Costa coffee assistant..

  • Aaron Frankie
    Aaron Frankie 2 hours ago

    Well, remember. The Fiend is wearing the Heal glove too. So with Brays schizophrenia like character and him saying 'future friends' to Seth... Who knows? Maybe The Fiend will listen to the Heal glove and allow Seth to win.

  • Maha Zaki
    Maha Zaki 2 hours ago

    Next Brock Lesnar my son is a beast

    MIGHTYKNOWN 2 hours ago

    What a cool chair fight😏

  • kammu gaming
    kammu gaming 2 hours ago

    The undertaker return