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  • Anita Shiels
    Anita Shiels 13 seconds ago

    Good for you James ..... this is amazing :)

  • bobs UrUncle
    bobs UrUncle 15 seconds ago

    Shaming isn't the way. Education is. Things like smoking and being obese aren't just matters of lifestyle choice, because many people grow up not knowing anything else or better or their metabolisms aren't as fast or they struggle with food addiction. I think it's destructive to celebrate obesity (not being slightly overweight, they aren't the same thing) as beautiful or desirable, just to make some people feel good. But shaming just isn't the answer.

  • Sonja Ra
    Sonja Ra 34 seconds ago

    I love him for saying it

  • Lovro Gorupec
    Lovro Gorupec Minute ago

    Educate people about nutrition? Sure, let’s. But you can’t tell them that what they’re eating right now is terribly unhealthy because you’re fat shaming. You can’t point out to them that running 4 miles at a fairly brisk pace burns off only 2 rows of chocolate worth of calories when they say they’ll “walk off” their 2 burgers+large soda lunch because you’re also fat shaming. And you can’t tell them that science conclusively proves that no amount of “slim fast” magic supplements, “revolutionary” excercise machines or even magic will make the numbers on the scale go down unless they eat right, eat less and excercise. Bill wasn’t trying to spark fat shaming, he even says we shouldn’t taunt overweight people or single out overeating. It’s the notion of people getting offended when told obesity is unhealthy, that grinds his gears. And he’s right; noone will judge you if you tell a smoker he’s huffing cancer sticks and everyone will agree with you when you tell an alcoholic they should stop, but tell an overweight person that obesity is the number one cause of death in America (and big parts of Europe), and you’re an asshole. Is it bullying? Maybe. Is it also telling the truth? Most definitely. It’s easy to blame the food industry and poverty. It’s easy to pass the buck and not feel like shit about ourselves, but that’s exactly the attitude that will keep you where you are. There’s no point in trying if it’s not up to you, right? I’m sorry, but a pound of chicken or turkey breast costs $3.11. That’s your lunch and dinner right there; dont fry it, cook it or bake it. Then add something for breakfast and some potatoes or green beans and you’ll feed yourself for $6 per day tops. Spend 5-6 hours of your week cycling, runing and/or lifting weights and that’s pretty much all it takes; $180 per month and 5 hours of your time every week. I’m sorry but this one’s not the food industry’s fault. They’re just selling what everyone’s buying. It’s pretty much up to you.

  • RenPenov
    RenPenov Minute ago

    Tynnyfer looking good!

  • Gilmore Mccoy
    Gilmore Mccoy 2 minutes ago

    Well said 👍!!!

  • Ansley Kinnamon
    Ansley Kinnamon 3 minutes ago

    Thank you so much James! Bill Mahar is a turd.

  • Sister Cyclone
    Sister Cyclone 3 minutes ago

    James Corden is beautiful.

  • Nylon
    Nylon 4 minutes ago

    Being overweight is dangerous. Being overweight gives you diseases. Being over weights kills hundreds of thousands. Being overweight isn't always a choice. Being overweight is also a choice. Being overweight is reversible. Being overweight isn't forever. If you have honest to god medical problems; both mental and physical. See a goddamned doctor. Making people feel good about themselves for being fat is fucking STUPID. Making people feel good about themselves for progress is fucking SMART. Make a choice. There's a reason america is overweight and places around the world aren't.

  • Giovani Pablo
    Giovani Pablo 4 minutes ago

    Some amount of shame IS good

  • ItzFuryBlitz
    ItzFuryBlitz 5 minutes ago

    Jennie still flinched at 3:42 when it wasn't even her turn LOLOL

  • Norsyaza Edmiza
    Norsyaza Edmiza 5 minutes ago

    hes the cutest

  • Addie Alexander
    Addie Alexander 6 minutes ago

    Bill’s heart is not in the right place. James was being nice to keep saying so, but Bill Maher is kind of a jerk in general.

  • Anshuman Goswami
    Anshuman Goswami 7 minutes ago

    I am fat and fat-shaming is the only thing that keeps me from getting fatter.

  • Joseph Brooks
    Joseph Brooks 7 minutes ago

    Bill Maher was saying glorying obesity isn’t cool.

  • 2 Crores Recd
    2 Crores Recd 7 minutes ago

    She always makes me remember my crush 🙂😍

  • Akshaye Mavinkurve
    Akshaye Mavinkurve 8 minutes ago

    I used to love weed. Now I see bill Maher fucked up to the core and it's making me think about the long term effects of marijuana.

  • Andy Her
    Andy Her 8 minutes ago

    James is absolutely correct, about everything he said, but maybe most especially that Bill Maher is a dick. He's a pseudo-liberal scumbag in love with naziboy Jordan Peterson. By pretending to be liberal, he does far more damage than Rush Limbaugh, for example, since everyone knows where that moron stands. Bill, on the other hand, influences millions of people to support candidates who will prevent any meaningful change. He was completely down with Hillary's undemocratic coven when they conspired against Bernie, who would have beat Trump. It is their fault that Trump is president today. And now he's doing it again by backing Biden and tearing down Bernie, just like last time. Colbert does it, too. Aalmost all of the late night comics-/playthings/spokesmen/whores for the corporations that own them. James and Seth Myers are the only exceptions I can think of. So, yeah: fuck Bill Maher. It's high time he was de-platformed anyway, as he is a terrible comic and, yes, a real dick.

  • Jose Luis
    Jose Luis 8 minutes ago

    A bit pathetic

  • la scoppi
    la scoppi 10 minutes ago

    imagine stopping at a traffic light and next of you there's bruno and james singing and dancing together omg. I would abandon my car and get in the back sit of james'

  • Janee on Yt
    Janee on Yt 11 minutes ago

    Omg, so coooool❤️

  • Sheeja M.K
    Sheeja M.K 11 minutes ago

    Most of the time when i see Ashton .. it reminds of me of Harry. Now i got a good reason for that too ..

  • Joy Brown
    Joy Brown 12 minutes ago

    I liked Lesbian Vampire Killers yo. It was delightful yo.


    Fat shaming is wrong I agree 100 %, not only that shaming anyone for anything is wrong. So my question is, Does shaming BILL for shaming fat people right or wrong ? I think it’s just a channel trying to make a controversy for TRP’s. Actually, the channel is shaming the viewers for their ignorance of not realising this.

  • Jake Tate
    Jake Tate 13 minutes ago

    It's a shame to see Corden doing this monologue. Just like people freaking out over the Chapelle special, Corden misses the point that Maher is using comedy, hyperbole, and over-exaggeration to make a point. Corden argues that his point is somewhat valid (obesity is unhealthy and should not be glorified) but that his delivery is lacking and insensitive. If Maher gave this exact argument on a presidential debate stage, that would be something we should criticize, but he gave it on his comedic talk show known for outlandish and ridiculous commentary that makes fun of everybody from Trump to the Pope to the creator of Spongebob. Maher went too far right for the purposes of comedy and now Corden is going too far left to gain attention and views when they both probably agree on the point somehwere in the middle. We can't keep treating comedians like they are evil for poking fun at people.

  • Sanjana Mahesh
    Sanjana Mahesh 14 minutes ago

    God bless Harry's genes

  • Marie Schultes
    Marie Schultes 14 minutes ago

    Remember me so hard of 1D

  • warewolven
    warewolven 15 minutes ago

    Over eating, smoking, drinking, drugs,.....all can kill you. Sorry fatty not gonna "sugar coat" it because it might hurt your feelings.

  • Noel Bentley
    Noel Bentley 15 minutes ago

    LOVE THIS he's soooooooo right

  • Carol Kalinowski
    Carol Kalinowski 16 minutes ago

    Bill doesn't care. He is a condescending pos.

  • Sanjana Mahesh
    Sanjana Mahesh 16 minutes ago

    Harry is painfully gorgeous

  • Henri Purnomo
    Henri Purnomo 16 minutes ago

    Wow Adam is so good

  • Gezahegn Demas
    Gezahegn Demas 19 minutes ago

    i have never realized that Bill is such a D***

  • Sanjana Mahesh
    Sanjana Mahesh 19 minutes ago

    I miss one direction so much

  • Shirley
    Shirley 19 minutes ago

    If only fat people knew that going on diets actually makes them fatter your body cannot survive on a calorie deficit it will always fight you back which leads to deprivation and binging. Best thing is to listen to your body eat what you know is healthy, exercise and if you feel like eating "unhealthy foods" you shouldn't deprive yourself it will only end up in a binge circle. Trust me I lost weight when I quit dieting. Don't forget to love yourself it's very important in the journey. Also remember that thin people don't eat perfectly healthy, some don't even eat healthy that shows that genetics play a huge role on our weight not everyone is going to be thin and that's ok.♥️

  • Parzival 2108
    Parzival 2108 19 minutes ago

    instead of encouraging being fat or accepting it, I say healthier lifestyle for everyone. Being fat and skinny is not good, being fit with some muscle is good. lol im skinny, not proud of it. i am totally fine if people shame me for being skinny.

  • Bonnie Flett
    Bonnie Flett 21 minute ago

    So True

  • Serendipity Grace
    Serendipity Grace 22 minutes ago

    I love how they give each performance their very best!! These guys deserve all the love they get♥️♥️

  • Nic
    Nic 22 minutes ago

    As a former fat person I’m glad I stopped thinking like James and the rest of you.

  • casperld
    casperld 22 minutes ago

    Bill burrs new special in the UK "I have to say when I look around, ....I see plenty of fat people here too"

  • Sidvicous Wisconsin
    Sidvicous Wisconsin 22 minutes ago

    I don’t trust people who have never had a drink

  • Ken Hasibar
    Ken Hasibar 22 minutes ago

    Bill Maher is correct. Fat people make bad choices. And they're lazy and selfish and gross.

  • Anas Khan
    Anas Khan 22 minutes ago

    Zlatan can whistle in 7 languages...😎

  • Sandra
    Sandra 24 minutes ago

    Bill Maher is a corporate shill that interferes in politics dependent upon his master's bidding.

  • Maisarah Raja
    Maisarah Raja 24 minutes ago

    this is lit 😍😍😍

  • Aníbal Ravani
    Aníbal Ravani 25 minutes ago

    Well played

  • the supreme king
    the supreme king 25 minutes ago

    Dude grow up. I was skinny shamed into building muscles. I agree with bill on this one 💯. “We shame people out of smoking, littering, for some racism and it works” Bill is right that’s exactly what we do we shame them without bullying u people just way to sensitive

  • Monica Angelini
    Monica Angelini 26 minutes ago

    I wonder if Corden is strategically calling on Maher to boost his on name snd program or if he is tragically li.ited intelectually to not grasp what Bill has said. Im baffled how a so call comediant like Corden cant see that Bill is showing the shifts in our society regarding responsability, accountability. Im a mother of an obese adult (something that only started as a grown up), Im constantly worried about his health yet Ive seen how he grocery shops and eats (while maintaining my mouth shut so not to fat shame him). I hope my son has seen the Maher segment ( who he does admire ) and reflect on it and not go all Corden boohoo victim (again...either he is stupid or it is a cynical strategy)

  • Sanjana Mahesh
    Sanjana Mahesh 26 minutes ago

    Luke is painfully gorgeous

  • Hanna Simonsson
    Hanna Simonsson 26 minutes ago

    Anyone think about how that was the place Harry stood at when he got the tattoo box?😑who else thinks it’s set up? | | V

  • Alex Hurst
    Alex Hurst 27 minutes ago

    It's not bullying for God sake that's the point. Bill, who is a far better and more valuable human being than this talented bloated psycofant ever will be made the point clear. And with examples but no...still better to praise the number one cause of premature death in the USA. I despise this loud mouth and am baffled by his success but am grateful that it keeps his ass out of the UK where is roundly hated.

  • Levi
    Levi 27 minutes ago


  • PowdaToastFace Killah
    PowdaToastFace Killah 27 minutes ago

    Maher has become almost impossible to watch

  • sweet creature
    sweet creature 28 minutes ago

    One Direction changed a lot .....

  • Sahasika Das
    Sahasika Das 28 minutes ago

    TAKE A BOW!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍

  • Johnny Punish
    Johnny Punish 29 minutes ago

    TRUTH: Obesity is cultural bad habit. French cooking is very rich yet, they are relatively thin NOT obese. They cite eating slow giving brain time to recognize food intake, eat 3 times a day but portions are 50% less than Americans, alcohol intake is far less. In USA it's the opposite. This is fact.

  • destroyermaker
    destroyermaker 29 minutes ago

    Fat shaming done correctly isn't bullying, it's enabling people to even have the capacity to feel bad about themselves, which IS required in order to change the situation. It may not be the case for James, but I've seen fat people deny there's a problem plenty of times, whether it's for themselves or their kids. Alcoholics do the same thing and we acknowledge that (and that admitting there's a problem is the first step to getting better) but for some reason there's another standard for obesity. The term fat shaming is probably causing more problems than it solves and should be abandoned, in any case.

  • Ocean Drives
    Ocean Drives 29 minutes ago

    Bill is not wrong though

  • Annisah Hafihz
    Annisah Hafihz 29 minutes ago

    Well, one direction looks different now, don't they?

  • IamLateu
    IamLateu 29 minutes ago

    Well i am a fat person, i have no problem with fat jokes, i have problem with the people who think they can do those again and again, 1. Okay 2. Alright 3. Its your death my friend.

  • mallelungberg
    mallelungberg 30 minutes ago


  • Quantae K
    Quantae K 30 minutes ago

    Conspiracy theory: cardi b is Michael jackson

  • Leoni Grebner
    Leoni Grebner 31 minute ago

    Directioners getting war flashbacks here

  • Lika
    Lika 31 minute ago


  • brendon rookes
    brendon rookes 32 minutes ago

    i think bill was more talking bout those ppl that are like fats sexy its like no honey fat isnt sexy and u shouldnt be proud to weigh the same as a small car

  • strawberrykicker2
    strawberrykicker2 32 minutes ago

    There's a point in what Maher is saying, but the idea of 'shaming' is where he goes wrong. We shouldn't be celebrating people being overweight etc (I am one of them) as it's unhealthy, but making fun of them isn't the answer either.

  • Get_Dunk_on _
    Get_Dunk_on _ 32 minutes ago

    0:46 Wan you 2k player is cold

  • rezanne Ly
    rezanne Ly 33 minutes ago


  • Mark Parrish
    Mark Parrish 34 minutes ago

    So Bill Mars video has received 67,000 views in 2 days while yours has received 1.9 million views in 3 days your success speaks for itself this guy Bill Maher is a clown

  • Mark McAllister
    Mark McAllister 34 minutes ago

    this was stupid

  • awardwin
    awardwin 34 minutes ago

    Political Correctness wants us to believe it’s worse to shame people than it is to be a fuckup. What Bill is criticizing is the body positivity movement which tries to normalize an unhealthy lifestyle. It is not normal compared to 1960’s America where people looked more average. It is not normal compared to other countries of today. Why does the USA have more morbid obesity than Asia? Stop eating super-sized sodas & processed foods load with high fructose corn syrup and start riding a bike or jogging and I promise you’ll see more of a difference than you will making excuses. How many fat vegetarians do you know? Stop drinking beer, cut out sugar/fat and start juicing veggies/exercising. It’s not that hard to understand.

  • rld p
    rld p 35 minutes ago

    Re watching. This video deserves billion of views... People.. You do not know what you are missing!!!

  • Keira Holloway
    Keira Holloway 35 minutes ago

    Most of those actually are haute-cuisine in other countries I’m surprised they don’t even know that

  • Syaza Bakhori
    Syaza Bakhori 35 minutes ago

    Omg this version is betterr

  • Patti Thompsett
    Patti Thompsett 36 minutes ago

    there should never be shaming of anyone. but a lot of people are in denial about the health risks of being overweight. our pc culture does not allow for realistic discussion. most people know they are overweight know why they are overweight and continue to be overweight. by the way i am at least 20 lbs overweight so am no stranger to the discussion. i have also made the decision to lose the weight. and i will

  • Simran Sidhu
    Simran Sidhu 36 minutes ago

    Remember when Bill Maher used to direct his withering put downs to powerful people instead of the powerless?

  • Abby Egan - Green
    Abby Egan - Green 36 minutes ago

    okay what? Luke's falsetto has gotten so strong!!

  • shawn bla
    shawn bla 38 minutes ago

    I vote Bill 😄👍

  • Rodney Lindenmayer
    Rodney Lindenmayer 38 minutes ago

    ❤ this: The mic is mightier than the sword!

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M 38 minutes ago

    I guess Bill Maher didn't know that medications can also cause weight gain... I gained weight before solely because of medications

  • FlowerPowerWorld
    FlowerPowerWorld 40 minutes ago

    This man has so much carisma

  • MNC
    MNC 40 minutes ago

    Here Here

    MYNAMEJEFF! 41 minute ago

    What Bill actually said was don’t taunt or make fun of Fat people, but don’t glorify them either. That was actually a quote from the show. You guys are RIDICULOUS, and you need to watch the ENTIRE video (not just a clip) before you make a judgement. Because his message wasn’t “we should make fun of Fat people”, it was “we shouldn’t glorify Fat people”. Now I want everyone who reads this to watch the entire Bill Maher clip on Clip-Share, because be honest with your self... half of you probably haven’t. If you watch the entire clip, come back and we can have a conversation.

  • Paul Sandman
    Paul Sandman 41 minute ago

    Everyone is beautiful and we should promote caring about what we all eat. "Eating to Live" instead of "Living to Eat".

  • Derrick Rankin
    Derrick Rankin 41 minute ago

    Dayton Strong.. Thanks for reppin my town MGK #OhioAgainstTheWorld

  • Elisabeth Pacl
    Elisabeth Pacl 41 minute ago

    I love you

  • Holly Johns
    Holly Johns 43 minutes ago


  • Nina Azule
    Nina Azule 44 minutes ago

    Here, here James!! 👏👏👏👏You👏 can fix 👏fat👏 but👏 you👏 can👏 fix 👏stupid👏, asshole!!

  • Andy Webster
    Andy Webster 44 minutes ago

    A plaintive song about (I think) America's gun control problems but which has two female dancers prancing around with smiles on their faces. Seems dumb to me.

  • mrslippyfistable
    mrslippyfistable 45 minutes ago

    sooo unfunny

  • dnahubs
    dnahubs 46 minutes ago

    Bill Maher should have taken the time to do some research before spouting off. There are legitimate medical conditions that cause weight gain that can't be taken cared of no matter how hard the person exercises or diets. Good on you James Corden for using your platform to set someone straight in the most funny, kind and compassionate way,

    IZZ MJM 46 minutes ago

    what`s the name of this pretty lady in the middle ?

  • Nicholas Najibi
    Nicholas Najibi 47 minutes ago

    I have to disagree bill maher is saying things everyone knows Is true but fat people can’t handle.

  • Diana Sklans
    Diana Sklans 48 minutes ago

    I appreciate James for saying this.

  • Mark Heithaus
    Mark Heithaus 48 minutes ago

    Bill didn't say that we should be to fat people (I'm fat). And he wasn't talkin about people who know that it's unhealthy. he's talking about the movement that suggests that double prices on planes is somehow fat shaming and wrong, or that fat is completely beautiful. He's not talking about going around pointing fingers and laughing. THAT would be bullying. He's simply talking about not being delusional to those who are trying to be delusional.

  • lushlipservice
    lushlipservice 49 minutes ago

    Good for you James....diets don't work...please look up Tabitha Farrar...explains it all!! X

  • Sh gx
    Sh gx 50 minutes ago

    Harry hugging Niall is one of the most comforting thing ever

  • ch33psk8
    ch33psk8 51 minute ago

    And in the end..the love you take is equal to the car Karaoke you make ...

  • Manar Alaqbari
    Manar Alaqbari 52 minutes ago

    whoever was in class with her, what was she like?????

  • Brummie kel
    Brummie kel 53 minutes ago

    Go James Corden!