Dolan Twins
Dolan Twins
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The Search For Our New Pet
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#AskEthanAndGrayson 4
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Bye For Now
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Types Of Fans
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Bloopers 2017 !
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Twins Vs. iPhone X Face ID
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Spray Tan Challenge
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  • Hanna Pope
    Hanna Pope Hour ago

    “Rule #1 no technology” They used technology to film literally this entire thing

  • SaddieBearPewBeast

    "We got PiGs...I wonder if we can pet them."

  • Julia Runge
    Julia Runge Hour ago

    1:21 i mean damn🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  • rewan ghoneim
    rewan ghoneim Hour ago

    why are they both wearing cheap ass wigs

  • ANTHEM Gaming
    ANTHEM Gaming Hour ago

    2:09 I died laughing.

  • britt verwoerd
    britt verwoerd Hour ago

    Grayson is just so fucking hot

  • Regina Wahyu Febriyanti

    Has Ricky Dillon always been their cameraman? curiously asking because I had no idea

  • brownies
    brownies Hour ago

    MY EYES!

  • Eduardo Gomez
    Eduardo Gomez Hour ago

    1 Grayson 2 Ethan

  • KingTheDeploy
    KingTheDeploy 2 hours ago


  • Neomi Hercberg
    Neomi Hercberg 2 hours ago

    I’m literally whacking this for the ... I don’t know... 100 times and every time I cry and you gays are... amazing

  • brownies
    brownies 2 hours ago

    poor grayson

  • forever 1993
    forever 1993 2 hours ago

    We need cameron again 🙈

  • Flops
    Flops 2 hours ago

    I think yhose holes are just nasty im not scared or smth but the holes in the are NASTYU

  • Alexia Centurion
    Alexia Centurion 2 hours ago

    Me just sitting here wondering who are the lucky ladies who will end up with the Dolan Twins

  • Flops
    Flops 2 hours ago


  • Lucy Beebe
    Lucy Beebe 2 hours ago

    I will never be brave enough to jump out of a plane...because I've always had that fear that my parachute won't work...😟

  • Mara Sings
    Mara Sings 2 hours ago

    Grayson's impression of Ethan in the start sounds exactly like Ethan XDD

  • Lisa Sacramento
    Lisa Sacramento 3 hours ago

    I don’t mean to be rude but Jeffrey scares me 😳

  • Dirk Aeron Uy
    Dirk Aeron Uy 3 hours ago

    they have the first letters of their name on their hand lol

  • bola play
    bola play 3 hours ago

    can you sub to me please i starting in youtube and i very be happy if you sub yo me and everyone please thanks you!!!!!!!!!

  • Emma Holm
    Emma Holm 3 hours ago

    24:19, he look sooo much like Zlatan!

  • Kinsey McJunkin
    Kinsey McJunkin 3 hours ago

    Ethan looks like Logan Paul with brown hair

  • Tunku Alaynna Naquiyuddin


  • Wat the Meme
    Wat the Meme 4 hours ago

    Who else seen a yellow hydro flask in the background of him teaching Xavier to make avocado toast

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet 4 hours ago

    Hunny vegimite is not candy 😂❤️

  • Cubs Fan
    Cubs Fan 4 hours ago

    He is crazy 😜

  • Angelika D-A
    Angelika D-A 4 hours ago

    what happened to ethan's face

  • Camille Genona
    Camille Genona 5 hours ago

    What happen to ethan's hair on the intro 😂 ily E

  • Omneya Adel
    Omneya Adel 5 hours ago

    I feel like the last one is the most real one

  • Lizzie Mahler
    Lizzie Mahler 5 hours ago

    Ethan saying i look like a 6 year old fish still gets me.

  • kloe monteno
    kloe monteno 5 hours ago

    I'm allergic to dogs and I have the exact same reaction

  • Ms. Rosa F.J
    Ms. Rosa F.J 5 hours ago

    Am i the only one that noticed that the doctor was getting weirded out at the last 5 questions?

  • censored patience
    censored patience 5 hours ago

    E : "master suite for the master twin" 😂😂😭😭❤❤

  • Danelia Zaldivar
    Danelia Zaldivar 5 hours ago


  • censored patience
    censored patience 5 hours ago

    Gray : dude it smells like fresh air E : yeah that's oxygen

  • JadynMichael
    JadynMichael 6 hours ago

    Bro Ethan giving real Ace Ventura vibes 😂

  • Miyori GachaStudio
    Miyori GachaStudio 6 hours ago

    “ wait, which one are you? “ Is honestly me when I meet twins

  • Ms. Rosa F.J
    Ms. Rosa F.J 6 hours ago

    cutest boys ever.

  • Sharon Mueni
    Sharon Mueni 7 hours ago

    Are the twins ok coz I'm worried they haven't posted in over 3wks

  • leo nat
    leo nat 7 hours ago

    when that lady came up to grayson i cracked up laughing

  • Gaia lilia Versolatto

    Ethan could have just asked can I change back to my original outfit

  • Hermy Becky
    Hermy Becky 7 hours ago

    Wish I had a twin🥺

  • Hermy Becky
    Hermy Becky 7 hours ago

    I love how she talks tho😫🥺

  • Josabet Aguilar
    Josabet Aguilar 7 hours ago

    One of my favorite parts “ The Investigator “ I’m dying the whole time 😂 it’s good

  • Josabet Aguilar
    Josabet Aguilar 7 hours ago

    Oh my gosh I can’t with them 😂

  • Aaqil Mohamed Bilal
    Aaqil Mohamed Bilal 8 hours ago

    32:30-32.36 you’re welcome

  • Frida_C
    Frida_C 8 hours ago

    He looks like the bartender character from Shrek @ 11:44 😂

  • amelie dwyer
    amelie dwyer 8 hours ago

    I love them so much!! 💓💓💓

  • ciara maye cerezo
    ciara maye cerezo 8 hours ago

    This is so cute

  • Ava Harris
    Ava Harris 8 hours ago

    Ethan:*makes a pillow* I wonder what masterpiece Grayson has made? Grayson: * builds a fire,bed and drinkable water* WTF

  • Twister Sister
    Twister Sister 8 hours ago


  • ZeldaSunflower AWW
    ZeldaSunflower AWW 8 hours ago

    I'm soooo sad I just started watching in July.

  • Lila Williams
    Lila Williams 8 hours ago

    come to Adelaide and visit me

  • Tui-Mariana Chadwick

    i love it how you all got James like da best gifts!

  • Isis Z Cruz
    Isis Z Cruz 9 hours ago

    i speak english and spanish

  • cosmic on joystick
    cosmic on joystick 9 hours ago

    They are to damn buff for that

  • Elizabeth Pupo
    Elizabeth Pupo 9 hours ago

    Or Ethan wishes he were from Derry, Maine

  • Cherry 4eva
    Cherry 4eva 9 hours ago

    why has no one noticed that Ethan has the t-shirt that Emma made him on in this video😂

  • BLPD & Company
    BLPD & Company 10 hours ago

    bruh this some regular psycheward shit

  • Kathy Cao
    Kathy Cao 10 hours ago

    Ethan falling out of his chair onto the couch bwahahaha #2019

  • Allison F
    Allison F 10 hours ago

    U guys went through a rough couple of years. But I'm so happy that u two have overcome this and are happy now. Both of u are strong and inspirational.

  • Meredith Beery
    Meredith Beery 10 hours ago

    I want fan nation merch 😂

  • Maiah Lovesdogs
    Maiah Lovesdogs 10 hours ago

    Ethan: i cat wait to kick it with that MANS 💙😂

  • alessia g
    alessia g 10 hours ago

    0:47 omg from there on,the vid just gets better 😂

  • Asmr Name reveal at 50 fans

    Grayson eats a watermelon Ethan THAT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL

  • Xochitl Colorado
    Xochitl Colorado 11 hours ago

    I haven’t watched in over a year and I grew up with these boys 🥺 I’m so sad now

  • Rachel Ferguson
    Rachel Ferguson 11 hours ago

    bruh i got 1 text message after going to a summer camp for a week and it was my grandmas telling me to have fun and none of my friends CARED i didn’t even tell em

  • Emma Garcia
    Emma Garcia 11 hours ago

    Voice #1 is gray Voice #2 is E

  • Rachel Ferguson
    Rachel Ferguson 11 hours ago

    damn they really jus out here livin life huh? if i had money i would spend a month in hawaii. i haven’t been there in 3 years uhhh i wanna go back

  • Rachel Ferguson
    Rachel Ferguson 11 hours ago

    “maybe it’s cuz u haven’t looked at porn all day” LMAOOO

  • Rachel Ferguson
    Rachel Ferguson 11 hours ago

    ok but at 11:09 ethan looked hot asf

  • Zander Panda
    Zander Panda 11 hours ago

    Finally someone who is not from Australia how’s how to eat it 4:48

  • Lindsay Suter
    Lindsay Suter 12 hours ago

    The tortoise

  • ArtsyAshlyn
    ArtsyAshlyn 12 hours ago

    Ethan the only person on earth who will touch a cactus and think it’s gunna be fuzzy

  • Holy Trinity
    Holy Trinity 12 hours ago

    Us Canadians be like: oMg FrOsT! nO wAy!!🤣🤣

  • Caligirl13
    Caligirl13 12 hours ago

    The “kills u” part has me dead😂😂😂

  • Alexi Webster
    Alexi Webster 12 hours ago


  • Jordin White
    Jordin White 12 hours ago

    I liked the skunk

  • Stephany Glenn
    Stephany Glenn 12 hours ago

    Thumbs up if you want Ethan and Grayson to do a new video with Emma!

  • Sophia Zawerbny-Tomas
    Sophia Zawerbny-Tomas 12 hours ago

    Ethan: what is that noise? Grayson: It sounds like an alien My smart ass: Its a damn cicada you stupid bitch

  • bellexo
    bellexo 12 hours ago

    2019 gang?

  • Gohan Kurosaki
    Gohan Kurosaki 12 hours ago

    Should have asked where Grayson's secret tattoo is

  • Mia Gonzalez
    Mia Gonzalez 12 hours ago

    I have both of their phobias I HATE IT trypophobia and claustrophobia

  • Its.Star_Gaming
    Its.Star_Gaming 13 hours ago

    Eww trypophobiaa 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • June Nelson
    June Nelson 13 hours ago

    29:27 Jeffery casually handing his bag to someone telling then to 54,000 dollars to rIng It uP lol

  • keziah vollans
    keziah vollans 13 hours ago

    i’m so emotional rn omfg

  • Angely Garcia Rivera
    Angely Garcia Rivera 13 hours ago


  • June Nelson
    June Nelson 13 hours ago

    25:32 I’m sElliNg rePlay buTtons 25:32 25:32 25:32

  • Reagan Simon
    Reagan Simon 13 hours ago

    i wanted to see the beanie part

  • June Nelson
    June Nelson 13 hours ago

    25:16 aww pupper bork

  • Kira Wilson
    Kira Wilson 13 hours ago

    Ethan’s slime was sad I should not even call it slime I think that it went to grayson

  • June Nelson
    June Nelson 13 hours ago

    Lol the star twins and Jeffrey Dolan

  • Kristen Staples
    Kristen Staples 13 hours ago

    James,Emma,Ethan talking Grayson:😐😑😶time=9:24

  • Lindsey Belvin
    Lindsey Belvin 13 hours ago

    Don’t worry I’m the more pale twin too.......

  • June Nelson
    June Nelson 13 hours ago

    16:56 a million dollars for Jeffrey is like 0.01 lol Edit: wHat he RiCh aF

  • Briana L
    Briana L 13 hours ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about how hot it was at 2:48 Ethan: AHHHH

  • Itz_JustMaddie
    Itz_JustMaddie 13 hours ago

    this was actually 2 years ago omg

  • Kira Wilson
    Kira Wilson 13 hours ago

    Where the frick is grayson

  • Tayroll
    Tayroll 13 hours ago

    this video needed to happen. I'm so happy for them. this is beautiful