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  • Ken James Jr
    Ken James Jr Minute ago

    11:01 No. The Earth is static and cannot be moved.

  • Starwars Supremacy
    Starwars Supremacy 6 minutes ago

    Some of things you sad is wrong. And pencil need to be reversed. To go through graphene you would need 2 tons on one atom.

    FLY ON THE WALL 20 minutes ago

    Where do you get your information from about it's located? Maps?

  • David Kane
    David Kane 24 minutes ago

    Strong rhetoric.

  • rics94svtbird
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  • Marni
    Marni 33 minutes ago

    People drink that water but a boat drives over it with oil coming out of it🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Marni
    Marni 36 minutes ago

    Poor birds

    EXPEMAX 41 minute ago

    2014: Jezu szkoda tego!!! 2015: Takie tam 2016: Ej typie to się nie spaliło? 2017: Czy to denaturat?? 2018: Dawaj do archiwum! 2019: Wpierdolmy Polsce na główną

  • kcwflare on yt
    kcwflare on yt 46 minutes ago

    flare you say hehe

  • Сергей Арапов

    Я смотрел видео в переводе. Но вконце понял, что я должен пересмотреть его и в оригинале, потому что Дерек рискнул! ))) I watched the video in Russian translation. But at the end of the video, I realized that I mast to revise it in the original to support Derek )))

  • Ayesha Ansari
    Ayesha Ansari 57 minutes ago

    this is really the best video ever man 😍

  • Gui Srtr
    Gui Srtr 57 minutes ago

    Should try with different kinds of wire, like nylon. I think the heat conduction also plays a role.

  • JT
    JT 58 minutes ago

    So neutron stars which are just small enough to not have become black holes initailly don't create a black hole when they merge?

  • Antonio Machado
    Antonio Machado Hour ago

    Would this phenomenon occur when an object gets spun about it's axis wiyh minimum moment of inertia? Since "the big masses" could be tilted to create the same effect. Why (not) ?

  • Quoutho
    Quoutho Hour ago

    If I have made this video and looked back at it at some point later, I would probably feel embarrassed.

  • Jon Morrison
    Jon Morrison Hour ago

    How do I get into a career like this. I don’t know if I have time to go back to school for this but science has always been the most interesting topic for me. Including the math, physics, and geometry of how everything works

  • lassi kokkonen
    lassi kokkonen Hour ago

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    Chil fghfh Hour ago

    Bruh got a barrier block

  • Jonathan Gray
    Jonathan Gray Hour ago

    Less energy lost due to friction from penetration of the bullet into the wood because the spinning block begins to move away from the bullet as this penetration is occurring. The bullet should be lodged less deep in the spinning block

  • Per Hammarström

    I have a question: is gravity a force or not? As I see it it is not! It is the bent spacetime witch matter FALLS into.

  • Ed Fladung Sr.
    Ed Fladung Sr. 2 hours ago

    I have one problem with the final conclusion. We know, that the center of the earth is a liquid, molten rock. So if the earth contains a liquid, why wouldn't it act like the bottle containing liquid spinning under 0 G's?

  • Murada Alam
    Murada Alam 2 hours ago

    Will earthquake have any effect on this gravitational wave detection process?

    • Fred Cink
      Fred Cink 25 minutes ago

      Not unless the earthquake damages the gravity wave detectors.

  • chandra mijar
    chandra mijar 2 hours ago

    I also want to go in

  • Rick Scheller
    Rick Scheller 2 hours ago

    I discovered this affect in about 1954 as an 8 year old boy flipping a claw hammer.

  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown 2 hours ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong but Grant Thompson never made a video on how he made DIY liquid nitrogen ;(

  • steven burnham
    steven burnham 2 hours ago

    I was about to make a blackface joke. Been done!

  • Zoroark Lover
    Zoroark Lover 2 hours ago

    So that's why my cat looks like that!

  • Homem Saudável
    Homem Saudável 2 hours ago

    Amazing content, so so so great...I'm so amazed of this learnig. In fact, i am studying the content of this video. Thanks a lot for those informations.

  • Manas Bakasov
    Manas Bakasov 3 hours ago

    Hi I like veritasum explanations. I am actually frightened about chinas water dam. It is so huge that can cause so many changes to earh. . Can veritasum make research about this dam. Maybe pyramids were buil to put some arrangement to the earth rotation?

  • saundersge2
    saundersge2 3 hours ago

    The answer is: self-driving cars are not safe enough yet. -When a self-driving car can drive safely, and legally, from Barrow, Alaska to Times Square, Manhattan, in mid-February handling all of these conditions: -Snow storms, black ice, back roads with no lane markings + mud on the road, snow-covered roads where lane markings are obscured, night driving while dazzled by high-beams from oncoming vehicles, heavy rain at night, driving into the dazzling sunset, school busses picking up children on a wide road, construction zones, an ambulance or fire engine trying to pass through a congested intersection at rush hour, any other occasion (say, at the scene of an accident) where traffic is moving in an atypical flow under police direction, intersections during a power cut when the traffic lights aren’t working, merging into traffic circles (roundabouts), cyclists, slow-moving tractors and Amish buggies, and of course, the pedestrian-dense, busy streets of any city like New York. -All these conditions a competent human driver is expected to handle safely. When will the software be able to handle all these ‘normal’ driving situations as safely as humans do?

  • saundersge2
    saundersge2 3 hours ago

    Is not light, an EM wave, an electric field interacting with a magnetic field of it’s own making? How is that possible given total time-dilation at light-speed?

  • ZUNE
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  • Kaspars Birskis
    Kaspars Birskis 3 hours ago

    can you walk on the water with it?

  • Duplicate Content
    Duplicate Content 3 hours ago

    0:45 Use headphones for listening to silence

  • Benoit Avril
    Benoit Avril 3 hours ago

    1, I don't know, it might contain some liquid and some air, or two liquid with different density. 2 backward. The total force is towards behind. 3 impossible since the duration should be 0. 4, the lower extremity of the wheels has to go in the other direction since the external radius is bigger than the distance between the rail and the "shaft" around which the wheel spins.

  • Jeremy Coleman
    Jeremy Coleman 3 hours ago

    UFOs are real.

  • Ahmad Khair
    Ahmad Khair 3 hours ago

    sir . I think that your explanation is not fully true.. i noticed after asking various people that they sneeze when staring at bright light . maybe the reason is not the sun itself . i experienced sneezing with light so much often !!!!

  • zriyazira
    zriyazira 3 hours ago

    is that matlab i see?

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    Steven Sears 3 hours ago

    8:00 I hear the drums of Halo

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    Boffin with the RHCP tshirt has RHCP rubbed to his cheeks! Btw, RHCP’s Californication and Annie Wants a Baby are my favourite songs

  • Alisha
    Alisha 3 hours ago

    spoiler alert this is fake news... The globe is cooling not warming.. Nasa, Noaa, and other American governments manipulate the raw data to make it look like its warming. And co2 has nothing to do with the temps.. Go do your research better and not based off NASA or NOAA or any other American government.

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    steven burnham 3 hours ago

    I want to know how you cloned yourself for the studies?

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    The engine sounds like its panting when it starts up 🤣

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    Jai Suriya 4 hours ago

    I can possibly look into this guy's future self.....(when you look at him when he faces you he looks bald).

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    Paul W 4 hours ago

    um I think we need a recount...

    Z ARTIN 4 hours ago

    Waisting money is what California does best. Sewage water is plenty good enough for Californians to drink.

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    Sami from Myspace? Lmfao!!

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    "Planet 9" sounds fine for its name!

  • ezzo ahmed
    ezzo ahmed 5 hours ago

    3:53 I thought this phenomenon is due to coanda effect

  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis 5 hours ago

    I want it

  • Sai Nrusimha Deepak Burra

    shouldnt the ice formation begin at bottom and then crystallize upward

  • Rokeya Khatun
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    TOCSI 5 hours ago

    With each video i watch of your's channel i am loving it more

  • mylkmouth
    mylkmouth 5 hours ago

    Just finished reading You are the Universe which proposes this same idea. I find this idea really interesting. Thanks for the great videos!

  • subburaman subburaman.m

    it feels so inspirational but its like a story

  • Kevin Toons
    Kevin Toons 5 hours ago

    Why can’t you swim in a drinking reseuar but you can ride a boat in it

  • Leon Hunter
    Leon Hunter 5 hours ago

    32,000,000 $ wow

  • Adotsom Adotsom
    Adotsom Adotsom 5 hours ago

    Only one problem with this bogus theory, It's Pseudo Science! The earth does not spin. Re: The demonstrable Michaelson Morley experiment. Oh and btw, the earth is not a globe either. Simply try and prove it and see for yourself. OR DON'T?

  • Shahzaib Cheema
    Shahzaib Cheema 5 hours ago

    So it mean don't have idea about real aram then Los first original aram??

  • Hu Arwe
    Hu Arwe 5 hours ago

    Technically no one has been to space. Interesting none the less.

  • Jan Hammler
    Jan Hammler 5 hours ago

    Liars! Don't hide our true history!! Liars!

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  • Ronald Mead
    Ronald Mead 6 hours ago

    Yes planet does exist. It has existed for a very long time. We have known about it since. 1930 when it was discovered. It is called PLUTO. If this is true then it would be the 10th planet.

  • Enkela Tafa
    Enkela Tafa 7 hours ago

    I thought that was the availability effect

  • keeping it simple and real with jenny

    Wow this was very interesting and amazing, enjoyed every bit of this video.

  • Nofer Trunions
    Nofer Trunions 7 hours ago

    THEREFORE: EVERY SPINNING OBJECT SHOULD BEHAVE THIS WAY! WHY? Because it is NOT POSSIBLE to make an object where the MOI between any pair of axes is EQUAL due to MANUFACTURING TOLERANCES. EXAMPLE: MOI of 1.00002, 1.00001, and 1.00000 for a precision "sphere." HYPOTHESIS: Is it that every object does behave this way, it's just that it takes so long for the flip to occur that it is never realized - or observed but considered of little interest since probably due to some weak interaction with the rotation of the earth and Coriolis or some such?

  • Cynthia Kila’
    Cynthia Kila’ 7 hours ago

    There is a twist to this somewhere . I know it 🤔 Hey has anyone heard about bill gates and his dome ?

  • VetteTTV12
    VetteTTV12 8 hours ago

    Do another collab with SmarterEveryday covering this topic. I'd love to see his take on it

  • Accidental Scientist

    The deception here is bizarre to me. Start with a conclusion you want, and bend everything you hear to that end.

  • Safeq Enquizitiv
    Safeq Enquizitiv 8 hours ago

    I thought the magnus effect was pulling the ball back in.

  • Blue Eyes White Teddy

    So if i understand it correctly the only reason why this effect happens is because the things never spin perfectly around the axis?

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  • Blue Eyes White Teddy

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    The last one you mentioned, the one about satisfaction. It's never gonna happen. One thing I know about google about their view of the future is “seemless”. instead of asking them to rate a video, they are gonna find a way to understand users satisfaction seemlessly (algorithm) which is kind sad.

  • Derek Mc
    Derek Mc 9 hours ago

    I think the solution to your problem as a father having a child while making your video is simply just making a kiddie science show with them to let you and your kids enjoy what you're making. happy kid happy father happy life.. maybe veritasium Junior will do. just saying. and hey I love your work on how you tell us as like a fairytale science was. I enjoyed it a lot...

  • Bro
    Bro 9 hours ago

    Does ageing, wrinkles depend on time?, I mean can I live long if I shift to any exo planet near to a black hole when compared to people on Earth?

  • Terrence Bligh
    Terrence Bligh 9 hours ago

    Just one question, would using a black hole as a sling shot for a space shuttle get you close to the speed of light?

    • Artur Renato B.B
      Artur Renato B.B 3 hours ago

      Depends on the mass of the BH, radii from it and so on, but unser the righr conditions, yes.

  • Terrence Bligh
    Terrence Bligh 9 hours ago

    Thank you so much.

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