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  • Eslam Hafez
    Eslam Hafez 21 minute ago

    Nice video of poor occupied Palestine

  • Majestic Lioness
    Majestic Lioness 35 minutes ago

    Умеют же люди получать наслаждение от жизни. Я вот такое даже во сне не смогу

  • Athul P
    Athul P 38 minutes ago

    No words....

  • BeGone
    BeGone 43 minutes ago

    when ur girlfriend said to you that your home alone

  • Papa Filth
    Papa Filth Hour ago

    But what if the polar bears eat the leftovers?

  • Jan Go
    Jan Go Hour ago


  • Valentin Reynoso

    Sos un pro😱

  • nro sạo lìn
    nro sạo lìn 2 hours ago

    Fuck sich

  • C.J Chen
    C.J Chen 2 hours ago

    cool, I will ride over workers next time.

  • ਸੁੱਖਾ ਕਾਹਲੋਂ

    Sukha kahlon Gangster

  • salim mohammed
    salim mohammed 2 hours ago

    If he got an bmx in this case he would be only in air

  • The Amazing Sailor
    The Amazing Sailor 2 hours ago

    Smart move with the table

  • JH janiola
    JH janiola 2 hours ago

    poor guy

  • Ahmed hoq
    Ahmed hoq 3 hours ago

    Why why whyyy u u dizlike vid HUH🤯

  • J K
    J K 4 hours ago

    How much do your bikes weigh? Is it more like mountain bikes or more BMX freestyle bikes? I’ve thought about Saving up for one but in my current ability, it would a pretty expensive gamble. I’m trying to strengthen my stomach and sides while being very careful not to make my spinal injuries worse. I grew up riding BMX but turning 40 next month it’s been 20 years. I remember trying to get back on a skateboard at 25 and almost killed myself. I do have a decent mountain bike but I’ve never had the same amount of control as the solid frame. Maybe if I could remove the shocks and mount it solid. I guess I’ll have to wait and see when it warms up here.

  • Zambrano Guillermo
    Zambrano Guillermo 4 hours ago

    2:10 se asustó el 🐩🐕

  • Amonos !
    Amonos ! 4 hours ago

    FABIO, i say you a advicee, yo cant lear some moves of parkour, for when you fall of your BMX cant save you and dont hert you Or that cant help you too for you tricks and moree! I wish you read me:(

  • kirtan markam
    kirtan markam 5 hours ago

    I love you 2 kirtan Kuma

  • Cat
    Cat 5 hours ago

    imagine what the people in the cars think while they are driving by

  • Irene Pereira
    Irene Pereira 5 hours ago

    Irene pereira

  • Amelie Lessard
    Amelie Lessard 5 hours ago

    didn't know he had a new sponsor

  • nathan sinagra
    nathan sinagra 5 hours ago

    Pls like because he makes hard work to make a video

  • MegaMech
    MegaMech 6 hours ago

    It would be funny if his garage had a hangar so he wheelies in and parks with the front wheel still in the air.

  • Emmanuel Oyedeji
    Emmanuel Oyedeji 6 hours ago

    This has to be one of best shots I've ever seen

  • javier La Para El menol del bloke

    topale a mi comentario y cuando entre suscribete clip-share.net/video/xYkSCdS7rIM/video.html

  • benjamin garcia
    benjamin garcia 7 hours ago


  • Keane Palmer
    Keane Palmer 7 hours ago

    Show of

  • HellBoy
    HellBoy 7 hours ago

    What langue does he speak

  • Mories Khorzan
    Mories Khorzan 7 hours ago


  • Brieuc Poulain
    Brieuc Poulain 7 hours ago

    So good to see Lyon finally represented and properly used!

  • huttio srreu
    huttio srreu 7 hours ago

    by far the best video Fabio!!! respect! beautiful shots, stunning landscape, music, edit and of course your performance!

  • Gonzalo Luquez
    Gonzalo Luquez 7 hours ago


  • Tim Rieger
    Tim Rieger 8 hours ago

    Geile DH. Bikes zum Schluss von welcher Marke 🤔

  • Javi Martinez Perez
    Javi Martinez Perez 8 hours ago

    0:11 bro there is an enderman at ur house be careful

  • Hitler au chocola
    Hitler au chocola 8 hours ago

    - Mum please buy me a new bike Mum: No we have one at house -But de front wheel is broken ! Mum: That's no my problem


    *hotslut.ru* 3:08

  • Tobias Schl.
    Tobias Schl. 8 hours ago

    Masterpiece... only inches from Macaskills legendary "the ridge"

  • Kalabriam wkry
    Kalabriam wkry 8 hours ago

    Musik bei den Wüstenaufnahmen? Weiss jemand den Track,

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu 7 hours ago

      Mega Video Fabio. Frage:Kannst du eig. Mir deinem Bike einen Backflip Machen

  • Raul David Fratean
    Raul David Fratean 8 hours ago

    What is the first song??

  • Daniel Lucas Claumann

    what's the name of the mu

  • María Rosa
    María Rosa 9 hours ago

    Hola me llamo gama

  • B u t i t i
    B u t i t i 9 hours ago

    His voice sounds like he’s crying

  • Медвед40рус

    Чё он сказал?)

  • thiago Lima
    thiago Lima 9 hours ago


  • Mr. LV
    Mr. LV 10 hours ago

    Hi Fabio, I from Belarus and I very impressed yours videos, I believe that you r take care about health. And will drop videos more and more

  • Hb Hhjnbf
    Hb Hhjnbf 10 hours ago


  • BimBedient
    BimBedient 10 hours ago

    ich vermisse sick series

  • Peter Zuffelato
    Peter Zuffelato 10 hours ago

    Awesome. New level of film artistry.

  • s25117
    s25117 10 hours ago

    Donu now monocicles exist?

  • Tiqeagle
    Tiqeagle 10 hours ago

    Jetzt zu Canyon Geiles Video

  • Utku Ürhan
    Utku Ürhan 10 hours ago

    I cant even ride a bike for 45 mins

  • Idan Gozlan
    Idan Gozlan 10 hours ago

    What a beautiful place!

  • vSanik _
    vSanik _ 10 hours ago

    Einfach nur Geisterkrank 😍

  • Tim Rieger
    Tim Rieger 10 hours ago

    Fabio welches Fahrrad empfehlst du für Größe Sprünge

  • Mr. Lama
    Mr. Lama 10 hours ago

    I want to do that tricks but Im scared of falling

  • Ohio
    Ohio 10 hours ago

    Oneway corey wheelied with no front wheel longer than this

  • Hobby boxer
    Hobby boxer 10 hours ago

    Es heisst Palestina und nicht israel 🇵🇸

  • Jan Jan
    Jan Jan 10 hours ago

    Such a beautiful country

  • faris hasan
    faris hasan 10 hours ago

    Its called Palestine

  • stefania lorenzi
    stefania lorenzi 10 hours ago


  • MiqaGaming
    MiqaGaming 11 hours ago

    OMG congrats fablo wibmer! Because your video got 98M Views

  • Pascal Enders
    Pascal Enders 11 hours ago

    Faaaaaaabio.......du bist echt eine Maschine junge 👍 du bist der Grund warum ich mir ein Bike zugelegt habe 😅 du bist einfach so eine kranker .....lustiger und sympathischer Mensch 💪 einfach Hammer!!!! Mach genau so weiter wie bisher denn all deine Videos sind einfach nur unglaublich!!!! HAST MEINEN VOLLSTEN RESPEKT LG PASCAL

  • AFF ph
    AFF ph 11 hours ago

    ther is no thing called isreal it's just palastin

  • OSCAR 100
    OSCAR 100 11 hours ago

    Fabio: *does wheelie for 45 minutes* LittleHarry15: “listen here you little shit”

  • AFF ph
    AFF ph 11 hours ago

    fuck u israel i will cut off all ure fucken heades..... we will complete what heatler started

  • Emmet Foster
    Emmet Foster 11 hours ago

    Canyon bikes

  • Alpaka Muddin
    Alpaka Muddin 11 hours ago

    Ohne Witz! Du machst mit die Besten und hochwertigsten videos auf Clip-Share! Einfach nur episch!👌

  • ben b
    ben b 11 hours ago

    Uri Geller wie geil

  • fortnite war geil
    fortnite war geil 11 hours ago

    Mega Video Fabio. Frage:Kannst du eig. Mir deinem Bike einen Backflip Machen

  • Eliad Osher
    Eliad Osher 11 hours ago

    You can come to yad -hashmona in Israel🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱👑

  • Martin Reber
    Martin Reber 11 hours ago

    Wow...das ist mal ne krasse Leistung!! Gratuliere! :-)

  • Cash Birks
    Cash Birks 11 hours ago

    This sick 🤙🤙🤙😎

  • Dan_Max_MTB
    Dan_Max_MTB 12 hours ago

    Mega Video, wie immer. Wie zufrieden bist du mit Canyon?

  • Mobile 400
    Mobile 400 12 hours ago

    In dem Fisch und so war ich auch

  • insert christian name
    insert christian name 12 hours ago

    Wtf is everyone talking about him riding his bike?? Its obvious he was riding a unicycle

  • M. Ali
    M. Ali 12 hours ago


  • Amazing 4life
    Amazing 4life 12 hours ago

    fuck israel

  • Saurabh Kumar
    Saurabh Kumar 13 hours ago


  • Anton Hartlieb
    Anton Hartlieb 13 hours ago

    Oh man du kannst einfach alles

  • Thomas Riedelsberger
    Thomas Riedelsberger 13 hours ago

    Wie heißt das Hintergrunds Lied?

  • Whitehawkvisionfilms
    Whitehawkvisionfilms 13 hours ago

    You rule!

  • Makes Makesovič
    Makes Makesovič 13 hours ago

    2:05 I can literally feel it

  • med ali doggui
    med ali doggui 13 hours ago

    This is Palestine

  • Mohd. Sufiyan lodi
    Mohd. Sufiyan lodi 13 hours ago

    Crazy man and not seen your lose mean in Palm fight but humans not best in all but do best in any good work

  • Neto Luizcarlos
    Neto Luizcarlos 13 hours ago

    Rapaz e bommmmmmm

  • lede hel
    lede hel 13 hours ago

    я единственный русский которому нравиться смотреть фабио вимбер Fabio, ich liebe deine Videos, ich bin russisch

  • footballfreak fotballfreak

    2019 war krass aber 2020 wird sick!

  • Viper X
    Viper X 14 hours ago

    Wind: Allow me to introduce myself

  • Toha Ahmed
    Toha Ahmed 14 hours ago


  • Toha Ahmed
    Toha Ahmed 14 hours ago


  • 피욜라틴
    피욜라틴 14 hours ago

    인생 존나 재밌게 사는법

  • 22 Lenni 04
    22 Lenni 04 14 hours ago

    Ich würde es (Mit ebike aber ich hab es leicht aufgetuint) Naja leicht könnte man nicht sagen wann ich einmal trete bin ich auf 30kmh😂😂😂

  • Admin纸杯
    Admin纸杯 14 hours ago


  • Benoît Boulet
    Benoît Boulet 14 hours ago


  • Unstoppable
    Unstoppable 14 hours ago

    😮Bro....This is insane😳

  • ed barnes
    ed barnes 14 hours ago

    No Thanks-- i have other things to do

  • قنہأصَ ألـجٌنہوُبِ

    #كففففووووووووو🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #فنان 🙄❤❤❤❤❤😙😙😙😙

  • Carl Anthony
    Carl Anthony 14 hours ago

    Yeah booooiiiiiiiiiii

  • Irma Terblanche
    Irma Terblanche 14 hours ago


  • Sebastian Herrera
    Sebastian Herrera 14 hours ago

    ¿how much for the bike?