Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan
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I Survived 48 Hours on Tokyo's HIDDEN Desert Island | Feat. @CDawgVA
Could YOU live on Tokyo's biggest island? @CDawgVA & I jet off for Wacky Weekend in the Pacific.
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00:00 Why Explore Tokyo’s Biggest Island?
02:39 We Rented Japan’s Tiniest Car
05:54 Inside an English Teacher’s Island Apartment
13:23 What Working on a Japanese Island is Like
14:47 Riding ATV’s to Japan’s Largest Black Sand Desert
18:57 Japan’s WORST Smelling Dish
23:00 What Life is Like Living on Tokyo’s Biggest Island
25:24 Diving in to the Sea
28:21 Inside an Abandoned School with Huge Spiders
33:25 The Best Curry in Tokyo
37:33 Dancing at a Japanese Summer Festival!
Feat. @CDawgVA...
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Why NOT to Own a Japanese Inn & Hot Spring 🇯🇵
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Traditional inns (Ryokans) and hot springs are a Japan highlight. But how hard is to run one? 🇯🇵 🍡Use code ABROAD to get $5 off your first #Sakuraco box now: team.sakura.co/abroadinjapan-SC2308 Experience Japan from the comfort of your own home! ⭐ Special thanks to TAKINAMI RYOKAN for the behind the scenes access to film! ⭐ The Inn: takinami.co.jp/english/ Google Maps: goo.gl/maps/LaKwpe7GAB5T2...
I Survived Climbing Mount Fuji | 18 Hours of Pain
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I RENTED a Japanese Convenience Store for a Day 🇯🇵
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I've officially lived in Japan for 10 long years! But it hasn't always gone according to plan. 🇯🇵 BUY The Abroad in Japan BOOK 🥳 linktr.ee/abroadinjapanbook 🍿 BEHIND the scenes Patreon: goo.gl/NWEoQm ► WEEKLY Podcast: hyperurl.co/nhgr30 ⭐Edited by Marcus Canning ⭐ Starring my god friend Yasu as the scary Principal! yasumatsuno ALL NEW WACKY WEEKEND feat. @CDawgVA clip-share.net/vi...
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I Slept in Japan's TINIEST RV on Mount Fuji | Ft.@sharlainjapan
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Japan is famous for its tiny apartments. But what happens when you take one on the road? @sharlainjapan and I head to Mount Fuji in Japan's tiniest portable apartment to find out! ⭐ Special thanks to Mitsubishi Fuso for the truck! This wasn’t sponsored but they did generously lend me the truck for two days: www.mitsubishi-fuso.com/en/fusolife/nomadpro-redefining-remote-work/ 🍿BEHIND the scenes ...
Day in My Life: Living in Tokyo | Feat. @sharlainjapan & @PewDiePie
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🎶 Epidemic Sound | 30 Days Free ⭐ share.epidemicsound.com/AbroadInJapanJUN23 After 10 years living in north Japan, I finally find myself living in Tokyo. 🍿 BEHIND the scenes Patreon: goo.gl/NWEoQm 🎧 WEEKLY Podcast: hyperurl.co/nhgr30 ⭐My Epidemic Sound Playlist⭐ www.epidemicsound.com/music/themes/creators-picks/abroad-in-japans-neon-nights-by-chris-broad/ 🎶 Epidemic Sound | 30 Days Free! share....
What NOT to do in Japan 🇯🇵 WORST Etiquette Disaster
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What NOT to do in Japan! 3 horrors stories on when life in Japan goes wrong from food to language blunders. 🗼 Get 3 months FREE on Express VPN! www.expressvpn.com/abroadinjapan ⛩️ BUY the Abroad in Japan book! linktr.ee/abroadinjapanbook 🍿 BEHIND the scenes Patreon: goo.gl/NWEoQm Edited by Marcus Canning & Chris Broad 00:00 The Japanese Language Mistake 07:59 The Awful Sushi Mistake 19:50 The L...
Inside Japan's Most BRUTAL Prison
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I Survived 24 Hours in Japan's COLDEST Town
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Japan's coldest town is in an isolated mountain range in central Hokkaido. We venture to the frozen Lake Akan in search of the town, explore an Ainu village and witness an epic rap battle in the snow. 🌟 Inside Japan's Luxury Train: clip-share.net/video/T_fYI4Ksz1Q/video.html 🍿 BEHIND the scenes Patreon: www.patreon.com/abroadinjapan 🎧 WEEKLY Podcast: hyperurl.co/nhgr30 ⛩️ Itinerary for WHERE we...
Inside Japan’s Most LUXURIOUS Train 🇯🇵 FIRST Class in Hokkaido
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Hokkaido is home to Japan's most luxurious and rarest steam train, the winter express. Only in operation several weeks of the year, we bag ourselves tickets as we continue our journey across Japan. 🌟 Inside Japan's Ice Village: clip-share.net/video/zjmCkr-hd50/video.html 🍿 BEHIND the scenes Patreon: www.patreon.com/abroadinjapan 🎧 WEEKLY Podcast: hyperurl.co/nhgr30 ⛩️ Itinerary for WHERE we wen...
I Stayed at Japan's BIGGEST Ice Village | -20°C in Hokkaido
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We set off to Japan's incredible ice village on the first leg of our 1,000km Journey Across Japan! ⛩️ Journey Across Japan: Frozen Frontier will take us on a week long escape to the most far flung corner of the country. 🍿 BEHIND the scenes Patreon: www.patreon.com/abroadinjapan 🎧 WEEKLY Podcast: hyperurl.co/nhgr30 🇯🇵You can read more about our first day in Hokkaido here: www.funliday.com/abroad...
How EXPENSIVE is Japanese Food Really? | Budget Travel Tips
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Eating out in Japan can be incredibly cheap - if you know where to look. 🌸 Use code "HANAMI" and get bonus snacks in your #Sakuraco box at: team.sakura.co/abroadinjapan-SC2303 🌸Or, you can use code "ABROAD" to get $5 off for your first #Sakuraco or #TokyoTreat box at team.tokyotreat.com/abroadinjapan-TT2303 ► WEEKLY Podcast: hyperurl.co/nhgr30 ► BEHIND the scenes Patreon: goo.gl/NWEoQm 00:00 Ho...
I Stayed in Japan's BIGGEST Hot Spring VS. Abandoned Ghost Town ♨️ Feat. @CDawgVA
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Kyushu is home to Japan's largest hot spring town of Beppu. @CDawgVA and I head off across the island on a road trip from ghost towns and Wagyu, to the stunning Takachio Gorge and a bizarre love hotel. 🍿 WATCH Part 2 over on Chris Abroad! clip-share.net/video/pDntYpsGmUY/video.html ⭐ BEHIND the scenes Patreon: goo.gl/NWEoQm ► WEEKLY Podcast: hyperurl.co/nhgr30 Edited by Chris Broad & Paul Balla...
I Tried EVERY Sushi in Japan 🍣 Inside Tokyo's Conveyor Belt Restaurants
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I tried eating over 50 plates of sushi at Sushiro in Tokyo - Japan’s top conveyor sushi chain at their flagship Tokyo restaurant. THANKS to SUSHIRO for letting us in to eat all the sushi on the menu! 🍣 www.akindo-sushiro.biz/en/ FEATURING Ryotaro ► Clip-Share: clip-share.net/user/RyotarosJapan ► Twitter: ryotarosjapan ► Instagram: @ryotarosjapan ► WEEKLY Podcast: hyperurl.co/nhgr30 ...
I Escaped to Japan's HIDDEN Mountain Village 🇯🇵 48Hrs Walking the Nakasendo
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I Escaped to Japan's HIDDEN Mountain Village 🇯🇵 48Hrs Walking the Nakasendo
I Tried Walking Across Tokyo in a Day ⛩️
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I Tried Walking Across Tokyo in a Day ⛩️
I'm Done.
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I'm Done.
12 Things I HATE about Living in Japan
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12 Things I HATE about Living in Japan
I Tried Japan's HARDEST Race ⛩️ 1,100m Mountain. 20 Obstacles.
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I Tried Japan's HARDEST Race ⛩️ 1,100m Mountain. 20 Obstacles.
I Cycled 750km Across Japan in a Week | Ft. @CDawgVA
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I Cycled 750km Across Japan in a Week | Ft. @CDawgVA
I Injured Myself in Japan's Most Extreme South | Okinawa
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I Injured Myself in Japan's Most Extreme South | Okinawa
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Why Japan Still BANS Foreigners After 2 Years
Inside Japan's $3,000 PRIVATE Tropical Villa | Okinawa
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Inside Japan's $3,000 PRIVATE Tropical Villa | Okinawa
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I Rented Japan's $800,000 PRIVATE Yacht for a Day | Okinawa
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Japan's WORST Tourist Scam Explained | $6,000 Lost in a Day
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Journey Across Japan: Escape to Paradise | Official Trailer (4K)
The Biggest LIE about Japan
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The Biggest LIE about Japan
I SLEPT in Britain's Most Haunted Prison Vs. Church | Feat. @CDawgVA & @TheAnimeMan
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I SLEPT in Britain's Most Haunted Prison Vs. Church | Feat. @CDawgVA & @TheAnimeMan
Why I FAILED My Japanese Health Exam
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Why I FAILED My Japanese Health Exam


  • Gary Gruber
    Gary Gruber Day ago

    With regard to your sushi adventure, watch the dining scene in Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life". That pretty much sums it up.

  • Wolfe Loma
    Wolfe Loma Day ago

    very common in the pacific

  • z0ro_
    z0ro_ Day ago

    It's our lack of honor and respect. man i would love to see that just some food stand in the middle of nowhere and you can do that

  • P P
    P P Day ago

    For sure, the Japanese know how to look like a ret*rded person

  • Taylor the Otter

    ... Sloppy.

  • SmashDog
    SmashDog Day ago

    A week in that place costs 2.8k euro in the Sakura rooms, god damn

  • inf0phreak
    inf0phreak Day ago

    Perhaps that "biting into chunky meat" being "beyond the description" is just very literal, i.e. physically beyond the sign (the sign being the description).

  • Seizuqi
    Seizuqi Day ago

    I love that sleeper flat

  • Thar
    Thar Day ago

    I was hungover at work when I watched the sushi story and I nearly did the same thing just seeing and hearing the descriptions of those foods. Not recommended. Lol

  • 0811
    0811 Day ago

    日本でしてはいけないこと第一位 お れ は お チ ん ち ン が だ い す き な ん だ よ

  • Jason yao
    Jason yao Day ago

    just played 2000 yen today so boring can’t even win any money only can exchange for goods 😂

  • The Ark
    The Ark Day ago

    The cross sort of irrelevant if true. Yet there it is

  • Sweet Cthulhu
    Sweet Cthulhu Day ago

    That's definitely an intravenous drug user's old room

  • 帳Tobari
    帳Tobari Day ago


  • Static Builds
    Static Builds Day ago

    I live in Britain and my house is probably around 70-90 years old. My kitchen has the same design as the "Hashiri Niwa" in that it links the front and back door of the house together in one corridor. Found that quite interesting to notice the similarity. despite mine being a British house. I know my house was designed that way for the old washing days (before washing machines) so you could hang washing outside easier as well as being able to move items through the house to the large garden.

  • CalebHSumo
    CalebHSumo Day ago

    This was really good. It deserves a lot more views. These videos that go a little bit more in depth and follow a story like this are so good.

  • Saturinus
    Saturinus Day ago

    15:28 Is it a Nice Stick? 😂

  • 斉藤一
    斉藤一 Day ago

    It is a nuisance to speak to residents of another country in their native language. This is the most important rule. English speakers ask questions in English as a matter of course. They comment in English on Japanese You Tube. No one but English-speaking people are that stupid. When Japanese people comment on English-speaking You Tubes, they use an app to convert their comments into English and post them. Non-English speakers use apps to convert questions into the local language and post them. Non-English speakers make an effort to communicate in the local language when traveling. Because that is the natural etiquette. English speakers are really rude.

  • Quang Mèo
    Quang Mèo Day ago

    Thank u for making a great video. It's was nice watching it while my friends were trying to kill me because I did not do my deadline for the group assignment.

  • Robbert Schuurman

    Is there no inflation in Japan?

  • Reece d
    Reece d Day ago

    ANY TIME people approach me randomly and ask anything besides directions. Alarm bells are ringing in any country on earth. I'd rather be suspicious and living thanks

  • arigato22
    arigato22 Day ago

    You guys really love having tall, tanned aussies on your channels? Dan is the embodiment of all that is good about JET; the energy, enthusiasm, politeness... I forgot how fun it was when I was on JET 10 years ago :) Huntsman are nothing, I usually leave them creeping around. If I can, I try to capture and throw them outside. But they're good to scare away other insects :)

  • Jormunguandr
    Jormunguandr Day ago

    Self inflicted pain but worth it ❤

  • Sabin
    Sabin Day ago

    In some American dialects, "drawers" (sometimes pronounced like "draws") is a slang term for underpants. With the greatest respect to Ryotaro-san, I want to know as little as possible about his drawers! I am a native speaker of English, bilingual in Spanish, and a student of Latin, Russian, and (very recently) Japanese. I've found that in ES, LA, and RU, subjects are often dropped, but for a slightly different reason: the conjugation of the verb usually implies the subject. Another difference is that even when the subject is unnecessary, it may be included to bring emphasis or attention to it without the negative commissions. For example... Eres mexicano? Arre you Mexican? Tú eres mexicano? Arre YOU Mexican? The way that Latin plays with word order has thankfully made my introduction to Japanese a little bit less jarring (even though I have learned only one verb so far). Quis canem edit? Who is eating the dog? Quis canis edit? Who is the dog eating? Yes, it's a contrived example and unnecessary here, but it was too much fun to omit! Although the mechanics of Latin and Japanese word order are different, it's good to know that my brain is already primed to accept it. Thank you for the video!

  • German Shepherd

    I hate gambling and I hate casinos

  • lainyukchew1
    lainyukchew1 Day ago

    1:03 So is that an angry man he is doing flip and table and he gets mad at wife

  • Andrettax
    Andrettax Day ago

    I know Chris acknowledges this and the context of the video is to be funny, but the blowing nose thing I think it is just a matter of doing effort to show respect in any way, japanese culture is all about just showing and trying your best to show respect, be mindful of others even if you do something wrong, if you show respect somehow, it will be looked like you care and not that you are an being an asshole and not trying your best.

  • Nico Wagner
    Nico Wagner Day ago

    "Healthy Cereal" Also called liquid cardboard. It builds Character

  • Mark S
    Mark S Day ago

    Watching this again and, man, this is timeless.

  • bondo spandex
    bondo spandex Day ago

    I had no idea that Beluga whales lived in the waters around Japan. Oh wait, it was just Chris swimming. At least he could have the decency to wear a t shirt. The spider content was exciting. Unfortunately, the loss of population in many rural and remote parts of japan is a serious problem.

  • Shanella James

    Such a wholesome man and great inspiration for so many other business owners

  • bolangbolong
    bolangbolong Day ago

    I need to get that clip on hat action camera

  • Jonathon Barnes

    Utterly impressive. Natsuki is as gutsy as an ANZAC!

  • Filosofía Hoy

    Boycott of any Japanese product for releasing contaminated nuclear water into the sea

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    Not Elon_Musk, you're much more better looking, handsome and more gorgeous than any male or female featured on your channel.

  • GoatLover
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    23:27 why does Connor's arm look so big? 😂

  • Shanella James

    I think that's the place I would like to live. So beautiful

  • peace&harmony
    peace&harmony Day ago

    "Nice stick" ! That is my favorite snack! I'm glad you love the taste, too, at least!

  • GoatLover
    GoatLover Day ago

    9:30 i love this soundtrack, what's the name of it?

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    Matt Nouv Day ago

    My boy Chris is white as an underbelly of a great white shark LOL

  • Kyle Plante
    Kyle Plante Day ago

    Reaction videos pander to the lowest common denominator of the human race.

  • Erin
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    Hmm Nigerians causing problems? You don’t say!

  • Roberto Azuaje

    For some reason when Chris mentioned the books I was sure his next words were going to be "and I'm gonna launch one into the crater!"

  • Erin
    Erin Day ago

    Shame on him promoting Satanism to his impressionable young fans. He will be tortured in hell by the souls he led there. He needs to repent. No earthly fame or fortune is worth selling your soul to Satan. He needs Jesus and to publicly acknowledge his wrong.

  • Kidominh
    Kidominh Day ago

    Instead of the long worded “It takes a little bit of time” it could have been shortened to “Timely crafted” 22:56

  • Galistia
    Galistia Day ago

    I don't know, I feel like the questionable stuff our government here in the US allows in our food isn't exactly helping...

  • erik rollema
    erik rollema Day ago

    This bring tear to my eye to see man who o most lost everything just to bring it back with greater height.

  • LaNoir
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    19:18 blackscreen

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    I wouldn't care what I'm doing as long as I got to hang out with Natsuki.