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  • maximum carnage
    maximum carnage 7 hours ago

    Yeah you will feel suicidal after being satanist its for sure

  • pina shalom
    pina shalom 7 hours ago

    I wish to be like her😄

  • Eda Pimentel
    Eda Pimentel 7 hours ago

    Black is beautiful. Go girl, lead! 😍

  • Kishore Rughoo
    Kishore Rughoo 7 hours ago

    She is more beautiful than the word beautiful itself

  • JoryRuRi
    JoryRuRi 7 hours ago

    I’m from Puerto Rico but I couldn’t be happier that she won. I was rooting for her, truly a graceful, beautiful and captivating woman. Well deserved! Wish her many blessings ❤️

  • Richard Morley
    Richard Morley 7 hours ago

    Great music 80s it died in the 95s on

  • vanessa vilbro
    vanessa vilbro 7 hours ago

    You do us Proud our Zozi😍👑 I'm from South Africa 🇿🇦

  • nancy
    nancy 7 hours ago


  • Kireina Shinkou
    Kireina Shinkou 7 hours ago

    I know this isnt really a popular opinion but speaking of natural beauty and breaking barriers, short girls cant even enter Ms. Universe. I mean weight amd everything else is easy to improve but oh no. Noone else is talking about how height discriminating these contests are. 😂 -bitter short girl

  • ByChris Channel
    ByChris Channel 7 hours ago

    Wow. Toys R Us comes back, Sony buys Silvergate Media ( #PeterRabbitSeasonThree may or may not happen!), and Microsoft unveils the Xbox Series X. The 10's ARE ending with a bang!

  • Angel Walker
    Angel Walker 7 hours ago

    Omg! They really let these racist ass people adopt this baby?! I cant even believe this shit here. This is so sad. Poor baby smh.

  • Mike  Brown
    Mike Brown 7 hours ago

    That me in background with bow tie... Gma was so fun

  • Rick Houpt
    Rick Houpt 7 hours ago

    Tomato goes on top

  • The Introvert Baptist Music

    Why is the Miss Universe winner always from Earth?

  • Cristina Guilalas
    Cristina Guilalas 7 hours ago

    She so beautiful.

  • C Dixon
    C Dixon 7 hours ago

    child abuse. this is evil and unnatural.

  • Melle Jayneir
    Melle Jayneir 7 hours ago

    She is beautifullllllllllllllllll.

  • B Martinovid
    B Martinovid 7 hours ago

    Look at me and my black baby 😒 lol what movie is that from

  • mindeloman
    mindeloman 7 hours ago

    Kermit and Big Bird together again.

  • Farah Labbe
    Farah Labbe 7 hours ago

    I cried and rewatch all the time 🙏

  • Sconnor Prod.
    Sconnor Prod. 7 hours ago

    he was on my baseball team and after this he never came back

  • Aaron R
    Aaron R 7 hours ago

    Dude I don’t want no problems, you win okay...

  • Rhoponza Tolbert
    Rhoponza Tolbert 7 hours ago


  • Jovanni Cabahug
    Jovanni Cabahug 7 hours ago

    Your very beautyful Miss South Africa love from Philippines

  • Romani Gypsy
    Romani Gypsy 8 hours ago

    Shes beautiful

  • Regina Norwood
    Regina Norwood 8 hours ago

    Yall suck

  • Unicorn 1 M
    Unicorn 1 M 8 hours ago

    I wish this guy was my teacher!

  • Wolfer The Wolf
    Wolfer The Wolf 8 hours ago


    JAMESBOND LEGAL2G 8 hours ago


  • Gods Child
    Gods Child 8 hours ago

    Love her she is beautiful with her skin and short hair!!!!

  • ZettPie
    ZettPie 8 hours ago

    I love her smile and laugh! She is so genuine and such a great personality! Inspiring girls and women everywhere!! Congratulations Ms.Universe!! ❤

  • Maricel Bulohabo
    Maricel Bulohabo 8 hours ago

    so pretty😘🥰🥰

  • Mikey Asiddao
    Mikey Asiddao 8 hours ago


  • Mom Dayo
    Mom Dayo 8 hours ago

    I love her laughter! They are organic!

  • Angèlica Mi Cocina Sin Fronteras

    wow !! 🤗 no boring class

  • CherieMonique
    CherieMonique 8 hours ago

    She is GLOWING! Wow! So beautiful

  • Lexie02 Jones
    Lexie02 Jones 8 hours ago

    She looks hot! She looks like a queen!!😍👸🏿

    SARA MOORE 8 hours ago

    It’s because he’s 69

    • Peyton Bell
      Peyton Bell 8 hours ago

      You beat me too it. 😂 was gonna say "what do you expect from a guy that grew up in the 60s-70s"? Lol

  • LW cardo 13
    LW cardo 13 8 hours ago

    Thats just fuckt up

  • lekip mauris
    lekip mauris 8 hours ago

    She is beauty with mind.. She is really beautiful.. Black is beauty... Congrats.. Miss universe

  • Kamara Mikel
    Kamara Mikel 8 hours ago

    Between Ellen's Show and St. John's... My tears and heart are in overdrive! #blessed2bablessing

  • martin villegas
    martin villegas 8 hours ago

    Wow the universe has really lowered its standards.

  • Samantha Bumgarner
    Samantha Bumgarner 8 hours ago

    Women can’t be boxed and we (women)should strive to be leaders 🥰

  • Gillian Landry
    Gillian Landry 8 hours ago

    I bet Trevor Noah is beaming with pride!

  • doce polly
    doce polly 8 hours ago

    She's perfect 😍🤩😍🤩😍

  • Kristen
    Kristen 8 hours ago

    Awake two times a night?? My baby is awake every hour!

  • martin villegas
    martin villegas 8 hours ago

    No way she looks better than the Boriqua. This was held in Atlanta where the wokety woke homosexual blacks are the fix was in

  • Joshua Hartle
    Joshua Hartle 8 hours ago

    When you anchor runner sucks

  • Kamikaze Rabioso
    Kamikaze Rabioso 8 hours ago

    0:01 The real Zoolander

  • Ventricular Defibrillation

    They could cast Kristen bell ...Kristen bell is a trained singer I believe it's her degree and I think some of us watched her Live performance of For the first time and she's a versatile actress as well so maybe she can do it as well

  • Luna Wolf
    Luna Wolf 8 hours ago

    This woman better be getting a raise shes iconic asf

  • darin Mcsir
    darin Mcsir 8 hours ago

    Chef Ramsay I make the best enchiladas 🛐 please come down Hammond Oregon I will make you dinner ✝️ 888 iredell Street

  • Anne K
    Anne K 8 hours ago

    It was reported that the smallest check was for $100 reportedly issued to someone hired but who had yet to report to work!

  • Edison Moua
    Edison Moua 8 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure S A L T doesn't spell salt and pepper

  • xoxoerick
    xoxoerick 8 hours ago

    Britney Jean Spears is a fucking queen. She has left the industry with one of the greatest careers anyone has ever achieved in the history of fame and music. I hope she lives the rest of her days enjoying her life and I hope she continues to live a beautiful life despite her troubles. I will always cherish the image and the impact she has had in my life time and time again. I love you Britney ❤️

  • Ava Shimamoto
    Ava Shimamoto 8 hours ago

    Yes yes

  • Andrew Moore
    Andrew Moore 8 hours ago

    I figured people paid to sing and perform would actually be good at it. My bad.

  • Jennifer Aguila
    Jennifer Aguila 8 hours ago

    i love her positivity 😍

  • Legend Gamer
    Legend Gamer 8 hours ago

    If he test my school food...he gonna blow my school up The next day

  • Legend Gamer
    Legend Gamer 8 hours ago

    I’m not gonna spend 30 minutes making a burger

  • Sasha S
    Sasha S 8 hours ago

    everything about this performance makes me smile and cry and just feel the best way. so happy they killed it and chose to do "you learn". can't wait for many more TV appearances :)

  • Honors Honors
    Honors Honors 8 hours ago

    Talk about a company that knows the employees made it happen !! This is amazing!! God bless that boss!

  • Alexander Min
    Alexander Min 8 hours ago

    internal organs doe not have differnet colour we are all the same

  • Rebornsugar 4Real
    Rebornsugar 4Real 8 hours ago

    Congratulations 👏🏾👏🏾 Gorgeous 🥰

  • Miriam Chavez
    Miriam Chavez 8 hours ago

    Wuauuuu she is a very beautiful woman

  • Elver Gonzales
    Elver Gonzales 8 hours ago

    He should have press charged on this bitch

  • Elver Gonzales
    Elver Gonzales 8 hours ago

    Hahahah this bitch deserve its all n much more fuckin bitch

  • Josiah Bryant
    Josiah Bryant 8 hours ago

    Mondo burger

  • Angela Jackson
    Angela Jackson 9 hours ago

    Finally,a winner with 4c hair and dark skin❤

  • Thomas Nolan
    Thomas Nolan 9 hours ago

    Can anyone list the songs they sing here?

  • bobaboy gacha
    bobaboy gacha 9 hours ago

    My little brother when we were watching this was like:YAAAAAAAAAAA!

  • The Postal Gril
    The Postal Gril 9 hours ago

    hes doing them!! 2020!!!!

  • Journey Bane
    Journey Bane 9 hours ago

    Toys R Us never left Canada

  • Mizz Resilience
    Mizz Resilience 9 hours ago

    SMH Prayers 🙏

  • Gary M
    Gary M 9 hours ago

    Thank you. Big Bird will never be the same

  • LikeAKittie
    LikeAKittie 9 hours ago

    Awww they’re so cute!

  • Confident Ché
    Confident Ché 9 hours ago

    Guy : I gave u liver, can u give ur heart. Girl: no, I have a boyfriend . Guy: f**k, return my liver ASAP.

  • Andrew Ledet
    Andrew Ledet 9 hours ago

    I thought that he was dead.

  • Nontokozo Mbatha
    Nontokozo Mbatha 9 hours ago

    She is so beautiful and intelligent ❤️

  • Suprised Pikachu
    Suprised Pikachu 9 hours ago

    Video in a nutshell 5:46

  • Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun

    I like how Kevin is just there

  • 0o0 _
    0o0 _ 9 hours ago

    Dear God Please make another Jason momoa so I can marry him. Thank you. Love, A lonely girl from Cali.

  • Mason Martinez
    Mason Martinez 9 hours ago


  • Jun Okajima
    Jun Okajima 9 hours ago

    No for me. Sorry

  • Rapha memes
    Rapha memes 9 hours ago

    Well Desererved ! We love you From Philippines

  • Alana Imboden
    Alana Imboden 9 hours ago

    You are so beautiful congratulations

  • itsninimf
    itsninimf 9 hours ago

    That black lady at 2:21 in the back had the proudest face.

  • Keen On Travel
    Keen On Travel 9 hours ago

    Intermittent Fasting and carnivore diet help me loss 60lbs in 3 months

  • Jerry Swagerty
    Jerry Swagerty 9 hours ago

    "WE" have individually worked on this together our whole lives..JLSwag

  • Panks & Facts
    Panks & Facts 9 hours ago

    *That Firm is going to have 198 loyal employees* *_Good moves Santa_*

  • Jerry Swagerty
    Jerry Swagerty 9 hours ago

    Addendum to Clause. Remember Demi pronounced Dem'ee. 20 NOW same as Twundo Later. 20 Million Dollar Women are Priceless. JLSwag

  • EpicDestroyer89
    EpicDestroyer89 9 hours ago

    Who else tried to beat him

  • Veronica Moore
    Veronica Moore 9 hours ago

    RIP Carroll Spinney. AKA Big Bird/Oscar the Grouch. You were my childhood hero. There will never be another voice like yours. You were a true original. You'll be missed.

  • Star Filipa
    Star Filipa 9 hours ago

    I love her smile.

  • Marina Chenkual
    Marina Chenkual 9 hours ago

    If she thought that looking black are never consider beautiful and that she wants to change this barrier. And if that is good enough to crown her as a miss universe.Than why do the beauty pagent only allowed tall,slim girls as a contestants?They should also break this barrier too

  • Star Filipa
    Star Filipa 9 hours ago

    She is so beautiful!! Miss Universe!!!

  • ༺ཱྀ༼Mitsuki༽ཱི༻ 은 미나

    I think she’s more popular and inspiring than any other MU winner during IMG ERA

  • C B
    C B 9 hours ago

    He comes off as a petulant child in all his scenes. Terrible actor

  • Brian Maisonet
    Brian Maisonet 9 hours ago

    Mexico was robbed.

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 9 hours ago

    his dad must be black