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The History of my Hair
Views 4.8M4 days ago
My Time at "Camp Operetta"
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Locked out of my House
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Injuries & Being Sick
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Living with Ari
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Things I Feel Guilty About
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My Childhood Stories
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My Opinion on Traveling
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My Random Thoughts
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Parent Stories
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Happy Birthday Ari!
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My Strange Trip to Europe
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Why I Love/Hate Reality TV
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My Instrument Experiences
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Things that Freak Me Out
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My Dog Stories
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Flirting & My Stories
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My Opinion on Halloween
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My School Stories
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New Member of the Family!
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Crazy Substitute Teachers
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The College Struggle
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Frozen Yogurt Freak Out
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To the Moon (Piano)
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Q&A #2: What animal am I?
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How to be Stupid
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Speedart: Mudkip Evolutions
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Dough D-D-Dear
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I Hate High Heels
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Hide and Pee
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Sneaky Advertisements
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JaidenAnimations Intro!
Views 3.4M5 years ago


  • Freddie Taylor
    Freddie Taylor 6 hours ago


  • Leny Jeevan
    Leny Jeevan 6 hours ago

    I agree with you heartily on the side walks bit.

    Lauren HITCHMOUGH 6 hours ago

    You should’ve just stood there and faced the consequences of your actions.

  • ᴄʟᴀʀᴇ ɴ
    ᴄʟᴀʀᴇ ɴ 6 hours ago

    agh my mom would never let me die my hair ;-;

  • Cina Bun
    Cina Bun 6 hours ago

    Im still here I love you Jaiden were always here for you ;w;💕

  • Daniel Vine
    Daniel Vine 6 hours ago

    I’ve been doing something similar. I’ve been trying out different types of Macaroni and Cheese. I’ve been eating about 3 2-4 meals of mac and cheese a week. I swear I’m not as fat as some of you think.

  • Evy Moerman
    Evy Moerman 6 hours ago

    I had my hair painted black and red while its actually blonde

  • Andre Cordova
    Andre Cordova 6 hours ago

    This video is incredible! I loved it.

  • Diamond Kone
    Diamond Kone 6 hours ago

    2019: Earings 2029: Hairings

  • Ldshadowlady Creepy cute

    Love ur videos

  • Rex Avery
    Rex Avery 6 hours ago

    Is not niudel is ramen

  • Justis Esquer
    Justis Esquer 6 hours ago

    Thanks for the reminder to keep going even when their isnt a reason. You're gorgeous btw. Thanks for sharing your story and being yourself. :)

  • Jessiah Smalwood
    Jessiah Smalwood 6 hours ago

    That intial J tho

  • Wyatt Gamer
    Wyatt Gamer 6 hours ago

    I do perfect bite tm stile

  • ZutaraRaven
    ZutaraRaven 6 hours ago

    I have been pierced by my own hair more than once. I thought I was the only one

  • K1ll3RC4T Gaming
    K1ll3RC4T Gaming 6 hours ago

    i do Perfect Bite tm, ur not alone

  • Duc Luu
    Duc Luu 6 hours ago

    Damn I have a lugia pokedoll and I had no idea it was so rare

  • RachelMLP
    RachelMLP 6 hours ago


  • Juninho Chandra
    Juninho Chandra 6 hours ago

    If you pause perfectly on 10:53, you realize that chad already have a bump punched in front of his hand :/

  • Pokeboy 64532
    Pokeboy 64532 6 hours ago

    Hi sorry to send this a bit after because to be honest I’m imbarassed about this part so if you’re not Jaiden I beg you stop reading If you haven’t read the other one go read that Jaiden we were friends I went to your house and you came down into my country for 1 day

  • predator strikes317
    predator strikes317 6 hours ago

    Fricken Chad

  • adam rosengren
    adam rosengren 6 hours ago

    6:19 wait........ :0 ARI

  • Neon Green apple
    Neon Green apple 6 hours ago


  • Gamer Zero
    Gamer Zero 6 hours ago

    I cared about my borrowed pencils lol. At my 10 year high school reunion, i asked for most of them back. I left disappointed...🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Angus Crane
    Angus Crane 6 hours ago

    i am really happy that you got through this horrible event and make vids for us, my little sister really loves your videos and i do too like alot.

  • Dinøsaur In The Strike

    Dislikes are from people who cried too much they mixed up with like button

  • Red Error
    Red Error 6 hours ago

    "Anyone have coloured hair?" Me: >~> *wears a hat * maybe.

    • hen ko
      hen ko 6 hours ago

      Wow. Your hair sound literally exactly like mine

  • kataysa cruz
    kataysa cruz 6 hours ago

    My dog diez 😭

  • IPlatinumT.v
    IPlatinumT.v 6 hours ago

    This is me honestly

    • hen ko
      hen ko 6 hours ago

      0:23 everyone parent when you move out

  • nacho chips
    nacho chips 6 hours ago

    socio- cocky douchebag

  • Pokeboy 64532
    Pokeboy 64532 6 hours ago

    Hi Jaiden if you’re reading this I love your vids and I had a dream I was in one and it was the best day of my life sorry if this is weird plz if you’re reading this like it so I know

  • no homo nibba
    no homo nibba 6 hours ago

    Holy shit gender jokes are that joke

  • Farah Qistina
    Farah Qistina 6 hours ago

    This actually made me tear up, it’s heartwarming, the ending.

  • Huong nguyen mai
    Huong nguyen mai 6 hours ago

    Its even wrost if its a boy's hair cuz its harder

  • Luigi Gamer
    Luigi Gamer 6 hours ago

    Yoshi doesn't have a gender, Birdo has two different genders

  • Gabriella Yonemoto
    Gabriella Yonemoto 6 hours ago

    I love you Jayden. For your artistic talent, personality, and bravery for sharing your story.

  • Kimstach Uliana
    Kimstach Uliana 6 hours ago

    TWICE in my life i got some CHEMICHAL REACTION so my hair out of purple+purple suddenly turned green ans stayed that way till it grew out. but i was like hey - perm hair color - nice. AND NOW its the same but its blue. jaiden im going to color it like right now back to purple, fuck chemicals (no offence to blue)

  • Darrtan
    Darrtan 6 hours ago

    5:34 IS THAT SNOM?!

  • DR. Shrimp
    DR. Shrimp 6 hours ago

    A word that's make people think that they are not good enough. But every time I hear that word I think of one thing. Why? Why is it a bad thing? I'm me and who cares? I stay me and you stay you and were different. So what? And if you judge yourself then ask why you are you. Ask yourself if those were good actions that led to you. If thay are then be happy. But it not. You still have a lifetime to make some.

  • Stephanie Mtz
    Stephanie Mtz 6 hours ago

    i do my hair at home its never stained anything except for the one time i tried a diffrent brand (kiss) it stained EVERYTHING. i stick to my adore hair color

  • Mariam Mefail
    Mariam Mefail 6 hours ago

    1. You look verry pritty 2. I am sad now because of your story 3. I LOVE your vids 💕

  • Potato person
    Potato person 6 hours ago

    No but my friend had to go to the er because a die Palm tree leaf pierced through her skin

  • Thomas Kovacs
    Thomas Kovacs 6 hours ago


  • Shy Nocellado
    Shy Nocellado 6 hours ago

    If zip zap zop was just lvl 31 he souldve died from that earthquake

  • marcboi
    marcboi 6 hours ago

    Yey saw ur face

  • YLI Sim
    YLI Sim 6 hours ago

    6:49 chopping onions lol

  • Nicholas Leon
    Nicholas Leon 6 hours ago

    I love this animation style and sense of humor

  • lizy star
    lizy star 6 hours ago

    Me too girl me too

  • Hawk
    Hawk 6 hours ago

    my feet got stabbed all the time by my dogs hair, was annoying but easy to remove

  • Max and the screaming parakeets

    Choms can mega evolve

  • GalaxyFlare
    GalaxyFlare 6 hours ago

    I can't hear the kids singing and my volume is at 100

  • Anthony Del toros
    Anthony Del toros 6 hours ago

    me: minding my own business Video: 5:35 me: *SNOM!!!!!!!*

  • slimeytea
    slimeytea 6 hours ago

    Did this really come out 2 years ago? Damn I'm old

  • TheLazySquad
    TheLazySquad 6 hours ago


  • Doombug382
    Doombug382 6 hours ago

    Lol on the third of this month I got my hair died blue fir my birthday and my hair dye doesn’t really fade and it doesn’t drain out on my towels or pillows

  • YLI Sim
    YLI Sim 6 hours ago

    1:37 look at us who would of thought? Not me

  • Pogba is a beast
    Pogba is a beast 6 hours ago

    Snom on the tv.

  • Z
    Z 6 hours ago

    0:58 That’s me. I’m the kind of person you drinks TEA (not coffee cuz I’m 8) and not sleep

  • Crazy Cat
    Crazy Cat 6 hours ago

    You can hear the pain in her voice.😞

  • Alan Popovych
    Alan Popovych 6 hours ago

    Swords aren’t forks because the fork is called like that because of the Form. And the Sword is also another diferent thing. And the Sword also slice, dumass

  • Vidztory
    Vidztory 6 hours ago

    2:26 Anyone else thinking of Phineas and Ferb? aka *Izzy got the Frizzies*

  • Silsilahwati Ong
    Silsilahwati Ong 6 hours ago

    Is it bad that ive never been trick-or treating in my life?

  • Remy the rat
    Remy the rat 6 hours ago

    Gimme your bananas!!

  • Ella Crossley
    Ella Crossley 6 hours ago

    Put my HANDS in the LIFE of Kannon

  • Mikhail Bhuiyan
    Mikhail Bhuiyan 7 hours ago

    0:23 everyone parent when you move out

  • Abuelo Coco
    Abuelo Coco 7 hours ago

    Chad's death got to me.

  • Elena Claire
    Elena Claire 7 hours ago

    Wow. Your hair sound literally exactly like mine

  • Daniel Atuegwu
    Daniel Atuegwu 7 hours ago

    Not really for africans

  • Dr. Alphabets
    Dr. Alphabets 7 hours ago

    Sometimes my beard gives me splinters

  • Avery Nickerson
    Avery Nickerson 7 hours ago

    I have a pixie cut i THINK and i want to dye it green imma do it soon

  • TheOneNoob YT
    TheOneNoob YT 7 hours ago

    Jaiden: no one can draw my hair- Talented artists who actually can: *BRUH*

  • TrixterLegendTails 261

    Even the cons you say are true and had purple hair to

  • Glenn Prast
    Glenn Prast 7 hours ago

    A W S P L I T S

  • Joshua Hardin
    Joshua Hardin 7 hours ago

    Don't worry bout your arm getting caught people scarce notice such a small detail. I once forgot my line on stage and everyone treated it like part of the play (since it was a 4th wall breaking comedy) and i just rolled with it. Took it pretty hard that i messed up but what's done is done.

  • Jo Miles
    Jo Miles 7 hours ago

    The red streak reminds me of ryuko from kill la kill

  • TrixterLegendTails 261

    OH MY GOD 4:11 that is so me same hair style colour and the durpyness thanks Jaiden

  • Moncerrath Palacios
    Moncerrath Palacios 7 hours ago

    My oldest sister is a hair stylist so I get free hair cuts and when she dies my hair I only pay for the hair dye(cause I got a lot of hair)

  • ProTrash
    ProTrash 7 hours ago

    Jaiden: my mom was a hairdresser so i didnt have to worry about paying and stuff- Me: tHe baCkGroUnD MuSiC iS ThE geOmeTry dAsH c0mMuNitY shOp tHeMe :oO0

  • Paul The AstroNut
    Paul The AstroNut 7 hours ago

    NOOOOOOOOOO! CHAAAAAAAAD! Didn't expect to feel so many emotions with someone else's pokemon playthrough. This is fuckin amazing.

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    Nerika Cutie 2 7 hours ago

    who else got this recommended right next to *hair love*, oh crap i am getting hair ads now

  • your girl kk!
    your girl kk! 7 hours ago

    When I was in 5th grade I always I mean always was in the worst groups. So I was always doing the most work or having to do it for homework! So I can relate T~T.

  • Star Howell
    Star Howell 7 hours ago

    I actually somehow managed to get what they call a hair splinter in my foot and didn't know about it till like months after. The skin had grown over it and I never knew it was there until I guess it was too far in or something as I started having a slight poking feeling in my foot when I would walk so i had to dig it out with tweezers. They're not fun. I'll tell you that. Probably why I stopped walking around barefoot. Lolz.

  • Ezio Z
    Ezio Z 7 hours ago

    Hmmm *equivalent exchange*

  • Roneleeh Bungue-Tuble

    Well I got pierced by a hair srand once idk how but all I remember seeing it was on the toilet :P

  • Isabelle Ivins
    Isabelle Ivins 7 hours ago

    WORTH IT THOUGH!!! Tip: tooth paste removes hair dye stains on anything!!!

  • Isaak Tan
    Isaak Tan 7 hours ago

    B-b-b-but it sounds waaaaay more different than it was in the nuzloke vid ¯\_(☯෴☯)_/¯

  • OmegaGamer Plays
    OmegaGamer Plays 7 hours ago

    My moms also a hairdresser WOW

  • Isabelle Ivins
    Isabelle Ivins 7 hours ago


  • Joynal Abdin
    Joynal Abdin 7 hours ago

    I played the cello for 7 years continuing

  • Unidentified Toast
    Unidentified Toast 7 hours ago


  • It's Dino282
    It's Dino282 7 hours ago

    When oxiclean doesn't get the tough stains out

  • Lil DoUcHy
    Lil DoUcHy 7 hours ago

    *Ok long story short,I've been begging for a haircut but ..they agreed and I'm getting 6 inches cut. 6 INCHES.*

    TALKING POINTS 7 hours ago

    I love having colored hair, but getting it done at a salon is v expensive as you said, so I just taught myself how to dye it myself. It's certainly not a professional job, but it's 10x cheaper to buy just the dye than pay someone to do all of it for you so you can do upkeep on it more frequently

  • akouek3
    akouek3 7 hours ago

    You're a grandma now. WHAT?!!!......... Like literary EVERYONE'sS Grandma when they hear that LOL

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  • MXL - Anims
    MXL - Anims 7 hours ago

    WHAT!!! 200$ for a coloring + haircut? A haircut here costs litteraly 1$!

  • micro disrespect
    micro disrespect 7 hours ago

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  • FluffyUnicorn !!!
    FluffyUnicorn !!! 7 hours ago

    And had a hair Pearce through my leg to