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Nintendo Direct 9.4.2019
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  • Puffer Fish
    Puffer Fish Minute ago

    As usual, getting great as ever. =)

  • NcLGuinel_-
    NcLGuinel_- 2 minutes ago

    Devuelvan la vida q quitaron en los torneos 1v1 en smash ctm, las partidas duran 50 segundos, siempre q hacen una era buena la cagan

  • Don’t threaten me with a good time.

    First all the smash dlc, then fire emblem and animal crossing, and now a game with an art style resembling studio ghibli? Nintendo, you’re too good to us. (And horrible for my bank account)

  • Mingo
    Mingo 3 minutes ago

    I always want to play this game but people around me say it's to complicated and it's not too fun alone

  • Cookies are Good foods
    Cookies are Good foods 3 minutes ago

    no u

  • Stefano Drei Stefered
    Stefano Drei Stefered 3 minutes ago

    🎎🎎🎎🎎 Your Invite Look My Video Animation CARTOONS For Your Fantasy And Inspirations CHANNEL: Stefano Drei Stefered 🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧

  • quadro beam
    quadro beam 4 minutes ago

    But why is he Welsh

  • colorsheeep
    colorsheeep 6 minutes ago

    This game not only exercises hand- eye coordination but also mouth- tonsil too; due to excessive shouting at other players lol

  • Sp00n btw
    Sp00n btw 6 minutes ago

    I just can’t wait for the last fighter to be revealed!!!!!!

  • Ganondorf Dragmire
    Ganondorf Dragmire 8 minutes ago

    oh wow

  • Supreme Wolf MT
    Supreme Wolf MT 8 minutes ago

    Nostalgia is hitting me hard rn. I remember watching Stampy play this. :)

  • The one and only
    The one and only 9 minutes ago

    Wait WHAT. I thought it's just a hd remaster but now I decided to watch the trailer and it's a REMAKE OMG OMG OMG OMG

  • Juan De La Roca
    Juan De La Roca 10 minutes ago

    Are we back in 1996? This looks awful.

  • Supreme Wolf MT
    Supreme Wolf MT 11 minutes ago

    Oh my God, yes! Yes, yes, YES! So much yes! :D

  • Samii 300
    Samii 300 14 minutes ago

    Good GAME

  • Milthon van Wilsem Kupper

    Hello Nintendo! We 3DS users, we can’t do many stuff like we can’t be Luigi or some one else and in the Wii U verson you can be it!! We have nothing! In the Wii U verson, then they have everything. We must do the Super Mario challence to unlock things! That is not good Nintendo! Please help us! Thanks for the game on the 3DS!

  • Sheela Noxx
    Sheela Noxx 16 minutes ago

    Love this game forever

  • Dragonfire Art Studios
    Dragonfire Art Studios 17 minutes ago

    The dream skateboard event reminds me of sonic riders. Anyone else think that?

  • YungOni
    YungOni 21 minute ago

    Okay I’m new to the series but can you play this game standalone without playing the others?

  • Jack Morrison
    Jack Morrison 22 minutes ago

    you are pretty late on the „out now“ part. team17 posted it 5 days ago. it has been out for 5 days already. also why are the comments on team17 ones much nicer?

  • Darrel J Delfin
    Darrel J Delfin 23 minutes ago

    Oh good. More stress.

  • Lay-Low and SMASH
    Lay-Low and SMASH 23 minutes ago

    So uh... When are we getting sonic games ported to this console. Adventure 2 Battle would be good enough for me. Also unleashed and generations would be nice. Thanks....these indy games are cool but it's been 3 years bring on the regular stuff.

  • Kronome Music
    Kronome Music 24 minutes ago


  • Tinkalila
    Tinkalila 25 minutes ago

    I respect you guys so much for releasing both free and paid dlc. Enjoying the free dlc definitely makes me want to purchase the paid dlc!

  • Felix K.
    Felix K. 27 minutes ago

    Amazing, always nice to See new updates

  • toxicskull 420
    toxicskull 420 27 minutes ago

    Can anybody tell me the concept of the game? I don't get it

    • toxicskull 420
      toxicskull 420 22 minutes ago

      @SM Piano660 thank you :)

    • SM Piano660
      SM Piano660 24 minutes ago

      You and a few friends act as Cooks in a kitchen. You have to work together to get the orders ready and to deliver them.

  • DontTrustDaniel
    DontTrustDaniel 28 minutes ago

    i loved path of radiance and radiant dawn, but i wasn't a huge fan and couldn't invest into awakening/fates. idk what it was, but compared to path of radiance/radiant dawn, the storyline/characters weren't as exciting for me. that being said, this game looks so fun and i heard it might be the best storyline for a fire emblem game yet. anybody have thoughts or opinions on this game and whether or not i should buy it?

  • Kiwie UwU
    Kiwie UwU 28 minutes ago

    When I saw this I thought it had something to do with splatoon 2 because it said "chaos" and I saw the word "overcooked" xD

  • LittleParade
    LittleParade 28 minutes ago

    It's nice to see the Overcooked team consistently putting out new content for the game, I appreciate their hard work!

  • wild wolf gamer sean
    wild wolf gamer sean 29 minutes ago

    The funnest and hardest game ever i love it now i want to go back play it again

  • Èric pro live
    Èric pro live 29 minutes ago

    Vamos Naishys, tendrás que subir esta maravilla de DLC

  • Timur Sarmanov
    Timur Sarmanov 29 minutes ago

    I wish we had Waluigi game lol. Kinda like Wario standalone game. Or DLC for Luigis Mansion or smth. I mean see him as a charachter with feelings or smth like that Maybe then Sakurai will give him a chance

  • Flex Seal Man!
    Flex Seal Man! 30 minutes ago

    I prefer the Carnival Of Carnage.

  • Ruben Garza
    Ruben Garza 30 minutes ago

    40th comment

  • David McCune
    David McCune 30 minutes ago

    I’m so pumped for this!

  • Luna Bitch
    Luna Bitch 31 minute ago


  • Timur Sarmanov
    Timur Sarmanov 31 minute ago

    Mario Party + Sonic Riders = Mario + Sonic at 2020 Tokyo

  • Timur Sarmanov
    Timur Sarmanov 32 minutes ago

    Soundtrack is so goood

  • Uveni
    Uveni 32 minutes ago

    That saw intro though

  • Timur Sarmanov
    Timur Sarmanov 32 minutes ago

    Is gives me Sonic Zero Gravity vibe. Man, the memories...

  • The Math Guy (Subscribe)
    The Math Guy (Subscribe) 33 minutes ago

    wow so many people that are in the notification squad, AWESOME!!!! Hope you have a terrific day Nintendo my dream is for you to play some games with Stranger Gamers. That would be awesome!

    • Gamester
      Gamester 32 minutes ago


    • testart2
      testart2 32 minutes ago

      I'm always too slow to be first :(

    • Sohinki fan
      Sohinki fan 32 minutes ago

      Next time I will be first

  • mii64
    mii64 33 minutes ago


  • Sparky Speed
    Sparky Speed 33 minutes ago


  • R-J the Cookie
    R-J the Cookie 33 minutes ago

    why do I live in a time where there are no more simple updates, but only chargeable dlc

    • Lay-Low and SMASH
      Lay-Low and SMASH 21 minute ago

      There are alot of updates. Even celeste had free DLC smash has free DLC splatoon2 had free DLC. Charged DLC is good because developers need money to keep these games going. It's not great to have to pay more but we can just skip what we dont want. (Long as the game has enough content at launch it should be ok)

  • Джинзó Аркайдия

    So, is this Among the Sleep child after he turns 8 years old? Now, he is fighting magic?

  • Kaiba
    Kaiba 34 minutes ago

    looks like south park add

  • Objective Captured
    Objective Captured 35 minutes ago

    Should I wait for overcooked 2 gourmet edition ?

  • S3ED '
    S3ED ' 35 minutes ago

    I get hungry after watching this

  • Roberto Somber
    Roberto Somber 35 minutes ago

    Wow compra obligada...

  • That One Guy Who knows where you live

    Ah yes, Enslaved Screaming.

  • StormOfStorms
    StormOfStorms 36 minutes ago


  • Lucario Ka Adda
    Lucario Ka Adda 36 minutes ago

    I am 1st pls Give me Laptop

  • rush's basement
    rush's basement 37 minutes ago

    Can they just do a gordon ramsay update already

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 37 minutes ago

    Cant wait for the Pennywise chef

  • TheSpaceDude 11
    TheSpaceDude 11 38 minutes ago

    When I play this everyone is always yelling at me💀

  • Spongyoshi
    Spongyoshi 38 minutes ago

    Overcooked 2 with the wii shovelware aesthetics!

  • Cynda Stuff
    Cynda Stuff 38 minutes ago

    Can’t wait for me and my friends to start screaming at each other again

  • OwO
    OwO 38 minutes ago

    Overcooked, I hope Peach doesn't burn the cake entirely

    AMAZING CLIPS 38 minutes ago

    Ash should be there in galar otheriwse we will not watch pokemon

  • Avery the Cuban-American
    Avery the Cuban-American 38 minutes ago

    Gordon would love to scream at those chefs

  • kelvin leon
    kelvin leon 38 minutes ago

    Finally, Overwatch 2 confirmed!

  • junior mbaru
    junior mbaru 39 minutes ago


  • rush's basement
    rush's basement 39 minutes ago

    So this is basicly overkooked street food edition

  • Wii shop Channel01
    Wii shop Channel01 39 minutes ago

    Overcooked x smash bros!!

  • Avoumen
    Avoumen 39 minutes ago

    We want subnautica on Nintendo switch

  • mii64
    mii64 39 minutes ago

    I’m actually hyped for this game lol

  • Csongor Kokovai
    Csongor Kokovai 39 minutes ago


  • Professor Pro
    Professor Pro 39 minutes ago

    Overcooked 2: Delicious Boogaloo

  • CashCow Whiz
    CashCow Whiz 39 minutes ago

    This game just keeps giving content I can't even play it all

  • Call Center Dad
    Call Center Dad 39 minutes ago

    This game stresses me out too much and ruins all my relationships.

    • NBIL 4190
      NBIL 4190 20 minutes ago

      “Here, a new DLC. So you can suffer more!” -Team 17

    • Krystal Zuniga
      Krystal Zuniga 25 minutes ago


  • Bubbles 11
    Bubbles 11 39 minutes ago

    This is like food wars lmao Its intense af

  • Arda Hazer
    Arda Hazer 39 minutes ago

    8 . Yorum

  • El pavo Loco XD
    El pavo Loco XD 39 minutes ago

    Bancan deja un like si te cgisto

  • Erika myers
    Erika myers 40 minutes ago


  • Nifty
    Nifty 40 minutes ago

    lmao can't wait to have a cooking competition with pennywise

  • Kirby Kirby09
    Kirby Kirby09 40 minutes ago

    Overcook a 3D Kirby game

  • Squidy
    Squidy 40 minutes ago

    They finally did a biopic on me... I've been waiting for this for so long!

  • Spoty
    Spoty 40 minutes ago


  • why
    why 40 minutes ago

    Third comment

  • Nick Marinello Games
    Nick Marinello Games 41 minute ago

    This awesome game just keeps getting better!

  • Darien
    Darien 41 minute ago


  • salihho YT
    salihho YT 43 minutes ago

    The sounds are werid

  • salihho YT
    salihho YT 44 minutes ago

    Are i gonna cry

  • James Smith
    James Smith 45 minutes ago

    Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Description: F* you, this is not in spanish. Descripción: F * tu, esto no está en español.

  • Flora loves tomsworld tord bla


  • Red_Astr0
    Red_Astr0 46 minutes ago

    "Oh Pure-hearted one, would you please come to our world and save us" "No."

  • Mika Scherz Nguyen
    Mika Scherz Nguyen 46 minutes ago

    Me: Man, this is soooo boring The video: Goes to 20:33 My throat: My time has come

  • Gabs
    Gabs 50 minutes ago

    did knuckles just said "yeehaw"?

  • Hugo Reyes
    Hugo Reyes 50 minutes ago

    Seeing this animation .... we Need professor Layton remakes or ports.

  • Chopper59
    Chopper59 50 minutes ago

    Yoshi my g

  • Yuuko Vukovich
    Yuuko Vukovich 51 minute ago

    If female Terry was the one announced for Smash, I'd be much more interested. They should at least do a visual gag involving Zero Suit Samus considering their design similarities.

  • Noah Sefcik
    Noah Sefcik 56 minutes ago

    Insane cant wait to play i have finished breath of the wild and the dlc 100 percent

  • Fraseanchico FD
    Fraseanchico FD 56 minutes ago

    Oh thank god Dream Events are back.

  • Emery Anderson
    Emery Anderson 58 minutes ago

    Hmm 🤔 wonder if he came to smash

  • JC Gregory
    JC Gregory 59 minutes ago

    Yay! Never got the chance to play this game. Can’t wait to finally do so.

  • ori levi
    ori levi Hour ago

    when new wario ware comes out?

  • Esteban J
    Esteban J Hour ago

    This Is...amazing!