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  • Debbie's Library

    So are we going to get a peanut butter mint overnight oats recipe? Maybe together with the mint chocolate one?

  • Miriam Granadas
    Miriam Granadas Hour ago

    Hey I am Portuguese and can confirm that nails21 is Portuguese. I don't know why but why do we feel so proud and special when movies or celebrities mention our country like we've been the ones being mentioned lol

  • mattiehatter106
    mattiehatter106 Hour ago

    Diapers are gross regardless of being disposable or cloth.

  • Christian Gillenwaters

    Cristine should make a mosaic out of her peelies. Like jellybean art.

  • Isa B
    Isa B Hour ago

    Is it just me or does it seem like Ben kind of actually wants to have a baby/kids?

  • christiliatay
    christiliatay Hour ago

    Why u shut up I miss that sound since this year is 2019 And I stopped doing what I like seeing

  • Star
    Star Hour ago

    What if your boyfriend reaaaally wants a baby but his girlfriend doesn't. What should they do? Break up or..?

  • Sheri Sassy & Classy Lifestyle

    You should buy a always positive pregnancy test and prank Ben

  • christiliatay
    christiliatay Hour ago

    As a matter of fact I’m watching this for the third time Yes,i know I’m weird to rewatch but I rewatch so who the f cares

  • PP Gaming
    PP Gaming 2 hours ago

    CRISTINE!! You are now a real TEA-Rex, thanks to NerdECrafter 😁 you must look, it is very great. Here is the link:

  • morgan studios
    morgan studios 2 hours ago

    Me while watching my life break apart: COOL UNLOADING

  • boredomBOMB 101
    boredomBOMB 101 2 hours ago

    I am drinking lemon tea diring this video

  • chicha gaming
    chicha gaming 2 hours ago

    why everyone scared of me soo cristine what is 7.m subs ?

  • merricraven
    merricraven 2 hours ago

    Zyler’s treat catching skillz are hella impressive

  • NutCracker
    NutCracker 2 hours ago

    I think that I would call this poweder a "Volcano ash nail powder" because I actually love it!!!

  • Trixxiee•
    Trixxiee• 2 hours ago

    My aunt has that phone cause in the philippines apple is a bit expensive while samsung is like uhh not the expensive and not the cheapest.

  • Natalie Turnier
    Natalie Turnier 2 hours ago

    Hey simply you should watch the beauty hacks on Snapchat and make a video on that 😂😂😂

  • Daisy Crook
    Daisy Crook 2 hours ago

    I am currently very pregnant, could go into labour any day. I don't know how I survived my whole pregnancy without this video. Such HACKS.

    • Daisy Crook
      Daisy Crook 2 hours ago

      Legit though the bump *is* a good snack rest hahaha

  • Alyssa Putnam
    Alyssa Putnam 2 hours ago

    Christine did not have tea in this video who is she

  • Aimee Mihock
    Aimee Mihock 2 hours ago

    Give away your eggs instead of a Macbook Pro 🤣

  • Art_Katie/Kasia Jarecka

    I can’t do something wrong if i am not doing it. 🤔

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 2 hours ago

    My mom is an example of someone who was told she should have kids and she had wasn’t prepared to give the support that a child needs, financial and emotional.

  • lars kristensen
    lars kristensen 2 hours ago

    looks like airplane paint remover or regular paint stripper

  • Art_Katie/Kasia Jarecka

    0:00 It kinda look as if she was eating pissed snow...

  • Valiant_Emmeres
    Valiant_Emmeres 3 hours ago

    The end of this video is what the world needs a little more of. Thanks guys~

  • Boats 95
    Boats 95 3 hours ago

    Link to merch please!!!! I needs to buy!!!

  • Sakurami kinomoto
    Sakurami kinomoto 3 hours ago

    One word, Danielle Cohn.

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 2 hours ago

      prototyping every thing

  • bts icorns
    bts icorns 3 hours ago

    Are you really pregrant or its just a fucking fake jello stomach that other youtubers used

  • lizbeth Escobedo
    lizbeth Escobedo 3 hours ago

    Maybe in the future HOLO TACO 🌮 will be in Target or Walmart lol 😆

  • Irina
    Irina 3 hours ago

    Socks in sandals = Czech Republic 🇨🇿

  • Unicorn Sparkles
    Unicorn Sparkles 3 hours ago

    Christine please make a video about Ben getting you tea in one minute! Notice me!!!

  • Author's carbaret
    Author's carbaret 3 hours ago

    Water marble Menchie please😝😝😝

  • Unicorn Sparkles
    Unicorn Sparkles 3 hours ago

    Christine please do “ Ben gets Christine tea in 1 min. “

  • Caramel Yummy
    Caramel Yummy 3 hours ago

    The guy at the start looks like Noah!! Is that him?! I’m guliabube

  • Caramel Yummy
    Caramel Yummy 3 hours ago

    You should of called it *wheel it nail art??*

  • Ebony Helen
    Ebony Helen 4 hours ago

    I bought this for $800 *ad*

  • Art_Katie/Kasia Jarecka

    I don’t use make up This is why I also don’t record/take photo of my face QwQ

  • AnuckritiEG Garg
    AnuckritiEG Garg 4 hours ago


  • CFlorida girl
    CFlorida girl 4 hours ago

    You know you're a nail person when you can recognize someones damn nails lmaoooo

  • Cassidy Leckburge
    Cassidy Leckburge 4 hours ago

    Now we are at 7.35 mil... 😭😭😭 im so proud

  • AJBeetle1
    AJBeetle1 4 hours ago

    Troom Troom is fucking awful. I know it's just a joke but seriously, the horrendous stereotypes in those hacks are awful. Not every woman wants to have a baby and not every father to be is disinterested and resentful. Some men actually want to have babies... I wish people would stop with these stupid gender stereotypes. Edit - the hack about the baby bump being a good stand for food is actually true. So fair play to Troom Troom on that one.

  • Sandra Maria
    Sandra Maria 4 hours ago

    Christine:. cryes Me:. cryes

  • -Mhairi W -
    -Mhairi W - 4 hours ago


  • Toopie Offcial
    Toopie Offcial 4 hours ago

    Youre actually really pretty ❤😘

  • jigglypuff52
    jigglypuff52 4 hours ago

    Did you receive the custom doll from popein atlier yet? Please do an unboxing if so. ♥️

  • Angie Triplett
    Angie Triplett 4 hours ago

    For the hard wood floor hack, I’m pretty sure you were supposed to wait for the sugar to set lol

  • Cassondre Creus
    Cassondre Creus 4 hours ago

    À chaque "driying time" je lis "diying time"

  • Candy Cloud
    Candy Cloud 4 hours ago

    Oi! Maybe try to "draw your life" with holo? :D this will be fun~

  • Sandra Maria
    Sandra Maria 4 hours ago

    OMG Forever 21 is a clothing brand!!!!

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 4 hours ago

    Cristine trying to make seafoam sponging a thing 😂

  • Round Swan
    Round Swan 5 hours ago

    I could telepathically hear Zyler’s internal kitty sigh during the moment when Cristine suggested diapering a “live mammal” and her eyes shifted towards him 😂

  • matijaks music
    matijaks music 5 hours ago

    Here in herzegovina holoween is in march because in october when is holoween in america we have a funeral for all people who are dead

  • Fatimah Ibrahim
    Fatimah Ibrahim 5 hours ago

    I held a baby once. I dropped it because it was throwing a tantrum and haven't picked one up again since.. also, for your reflection point... just look at someone like danielle cohn(?)

  • River Wolf-Gift
    River Wolf-Gift 5 hours ago


  • Makeup with Sava
    Makeup with Sava 5 hours ago

    Who else is here when shes at 7.35 million subscribers

  • M Mendoza
    M Mendoza 5 hours ago

    Can I be Menchie, look how content and cute she is 😭 I want to have the same cool - down to earth - attitude she has

  • J. Ewert
    J. Ewert 5 hours ago

    Your manicure look much better than the one at the salon.

  • Spooky Cupcake
    Spooky Cupcake 5 hours ago

    In an alternate dimension where they do have a kid, I bet that kid's favourite book would be Rainbow Fish

  • Höłĺy DØğ FÅN
    Höłĺy DØğ FÅN 5 hours ago

    I was cringing so bad at you for useing a metal tool

  • Niyonikativity
    Niyonikativity 5 hours ago

    Omg I just noticed Crisitne and Sandy were born 2 days apart.

  • 현미래
    현미래 5 hours ago

    As a samsung user i cringed at how you 'demonstrate' using the phone at the beginning like crISTINE LET ME TEACH YOU HOW TO USE IT DAMNIT

  • Slime Squad
    Slime Squad 6 hours ago

    Lol I’m 11

  • Karolina Kira
    Karolina Kira 6 hours ago

    I know I'm late to the party but gurl she should try acid. There's plenty of moving rainbows.

  • sammy ventewa
    sammy ventewa 6 hours ago

    Am I the only one who got emotional from the videos and music like 😭😫

  • S H I N
    S H I N 6 hours ago

    16:04 could've warned…

  • Eliza's Vlog's
    Eliza's Vlog's 6 hours ago

    5 stars for Ben. 1 like. 1 prayer for Ben

  • Eden Meijler
    Eden Meijler 6 hours ago

    Cristine’s sister looks like the actor from captain marvel

  • WithLama
    WithLama 6 hours ago


  • Alice Harvey
    Alice Harvey 6 hours ago

    “He’s on tinder” I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣 I scream laughed and it scared my cat

  • Daphne D
    Daphne D 6 hours ago

    Can you please test out the GoGlam Nail Stamper? I think it would be fun to test. Thanks a lot

  • Irandomlycreatedthisaccount Idk

    Such chemistry 12:36

  • Maria Thibeau
    Maria Thibeau 6 hours ago

    Where’s bens mix tape

  • Kaysøn
    Kaysøn 6 hours ago

    I don't think it's a coincidence that when I looked at the nail pen on amazon, it had the jojoba oil and vitamin e stuff as "frequently bought together " lol thank you cristine!!

  • Panhchapor Tith
    Panhchapor Tith 6 hours ago

    omg the ending totally got me XD nice one cristine

  • OneiricBlur
    OneiricBlur 6 hours ago

    2019 recommends 🙌🏻🤣😂☺️

  • Alya Izzati
    Alya Izzati 6 hours ago

    😴⁉️ 🇲🇾you ‘re

  • Scarele BJD
    Scarele BJD 6 hours ago

    That discussion at the end... it's true. It's your choice to have kids or not. I'm super happy that you guys can agree with that. "I'm waiting forever..." Lost it.

  • Debra Blackburn
    Debra Blackburn 7 hours ago

    I watched this video ONE TIME. Now I have a Facebook suggestion about a fake pregnant belly. Thanks. Lol 🤣

  • phosch22
    phosch22 7 hours ago

    I'm 27 with 2 kids and I tell people I don't want anymore. They proceed to tell me I am wrong and I will change my mind. And when I insist i won't they keep repeating that I will change my mind, Pretty sure I'm not wrong considering I am the only person who knows how I feel. i already have 2 kids,. Though I did have them young, i am looking forward to more independence when they get older. I don't want anymore because this world is a shitty place. I am also selfish and don't want to make any more sacrifices and want to just enjoy myself. (there's more to that as to why i wanna just enjoy myself, but I'm not going to talk about that here)

  • PannaKatarzyna
    PannaKatarzyna 7 hours ago

    Simply! Have you seen that new ,,Fenty Beauty diamond bomb products’’ are about to drop? Their name is HOLO AT ME 🙈 You should totally try if it’s a REAL holo 🙄

  • Lexi Daly
    Lexi Daly 7 hours ago

    Ok so here me out: Holo taco should have a no wipe gel taco and a gel polish (just a suggestion) tbh she’s probably already prototyping cuz she’s a boss and literally is prototyping every thing

  • Emma Lewkovitz
    Emma Lewkovitz 7 hours ago

    I an beading rn with mini glass beads it is taking forever and i chose you for my company we are both annoying let's be real but thats what makes us uniqqqque afffff and we ow it

  • Rhom Whitten
    Rhom Whitten 7 hours ago

    I totally agree with and feel the same way as you regarding having children,

  • A Mark
    A Mark 7 hours ago

    The best black polish Uuuuh...??? YOOOOURS

    NELLIE PETERSON 7 hours ago

    Booty guru

  • Ava Keller
    Ava Keller 7 hours ago

    18:41 lmao

  • go back to sleep karen

    before this video i got a dental care advertisement

  • di butler
    di butler 7 hours ago

    This channel would be 1000xs better if the adults here actually had children, tho.

  • bellajaid
    bellajaid 7 hours ago

    My husband would hate you for doing Christmas in November. On Sept 1st I turned on Halloween movies and started planning Halloween :-) No wonder I love you.

  • bellajaid
    bellajaid 8 hours ago

    This was so worth the sleep deprivation tomorrow!

  • Jennifer Mcnealy
    Jennifer Mcnealy 8 hours ago

    My 7 year old will get troom troom videos on his auto play all the time. I exit out of them every time but they always come back 😭😂

  • Zev
    Zev 8 hours ago

    I just saw this horrid video on pinterest. Please recreate a better version!

  • Raven Cookie
    Raven Cookie 8 hours ago

    Gurl! You look good today!