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Kemper Profiler Live with Friedman ASM 12
Views 1.4K4 years ago
Kemper and Friedman live, played with friends a few Year ago.Just found this iPhone Video on the Disk
Kemper Profiler Live
Views 7K4 years ago
Sound comes direct from Behringer X32, we are playing very first time in front of the Audience :-)
Views 5065 years ago
Why risky live looping acoustic guitar while singing, you can prerecorded for solo and use some cool percussion variations for the whole song and much more with midi... and it`s 11€ ... Awesome Product, many thanks
Views 3395 years ago
32 Kg PA system ERJK K2/4, 75% of power used , boxes behind the mics so no need for Monitors, recorded with phone mic
Fun with Apple Loops
Views 1339 years ago
A Song I`ve made all with Apple Loops , I have recorded a short guitar solo extra , a few words spoken and a few laughs.
Crazy - Patsy Cline , acoustic guitar cover
Views 34011 years ago
Crazy - Patsy Cline , acoustic guitar cover
Hijo De La Luna ( Son Of The Moon ) Acoustic Guitar Cover
Views 2K11 years ago
Hijo De La Luna ( Son Of The Moon ) Acoustic Guitar Cover
A View To A Kill Skye acoustic cover
Views 12K11 years ago
A View To A Kill - Skye version covered with Ovation Custom Legend LX
Scarborough Fair Acoustic Guitar Cover in Logic Studio Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Standard
Views 1.3K11 years ago
Scarborough Fair cover on Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Standard Acoustic
How Insensitive Cover
Views 14912 years ago
playing with logic studio and acoustic guitar
Fire Jimi Hendrix cover recording with Logic Studio 8
Views 39K15 years ago
A simple recording with Logic Studio 8 and M-Audio Firewire 1814.


  • Tim Hintz
    Tim Hintz 2 months ago

    Great job!

  • michael michael
    michael michael 9 months ago

    This is Sooo Amazing... More Bond songs please !! John Barry even better!!!!

  • shatteredsquare
    shatteredsquare Year ago

    yikes 😳

  • Petr Kudinov
    Petr Kudinov Year ago

    Nice play skills!! Lovely Ovation guitar! Brazilian lounge project is one love! Thanks for those chords - they brings one to feel happy:))

  • Warren Guitar Lessons

    Hey Joe. Im getting the powered Kemper Kab and use MBritt profiles that I love. The idea that f not having mic’d tone on stage appeals to me. Are these with “cab off” and using an external, or is the “cab” on along with the cab? Also… Do you use left and right out to the PA or what? :-)

  • RichieMcLD
    RichieMcLD Year ago

    Magnifique 👍🏿👍🏿

  • Bruno Fromtuuannain

    I go back to listening to your composition. It is like a milestone on the road of time. Thank you! Did you also make other compositions? Which one?

  • Gaurav Badgujar
    Gaurav Badgujar Year ago

    So smooth

  • Angel JohnG
    Angel JohnG 2 years ago

    For some reason the singer reminded me Scott Weiland.. great performance.

  • Mark Grant
    Mark Grant 2 years ago

    How is channel eq set on the mixer? When I get a good sound then go through the mixer it has a big influence on the foh sound usually for the the worst.

  • Ryan Flores
    Ryan Flores 2 years ago

    Hey what guitar/pick ups are you using?

    • Joe Vai
      Joe Vai 2 years ago

      Parker Fly, humbuckers

  • Mc E
    Mc E 2 years ago

    Does that monitor “feel” “sound” like a real amp with the kemper?

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 3 years ago

    What do you use for sound on stage? do you have a cab or some monitors?

    • Joe Vai
      Joe Vai 3 years ago

      Friedman ASM 12

  • Epictetus Jr.
    Epictetus Jr. 3 years ago


  • Chris Snyder
    Chris Snyder 3 years ago

    Singer is really good too

  • ahmad vlogs
    ahmad vlogs 3 years ago

    Do you like the asm 12?easy to carry?

  • Bruno Fromtuuannain
    Bruno Fromtuuannain 3 years ago

    Once again. And once again looking for it, I found this video of yours. Thanks, never take it off please. They should put it in the voices of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". It can be useful.

  • Kl Audio
    Kl Audio 4 years ago

    Some of the very best I've ever seen. Top

  • M.B.B.
    M.B.B. 4 years ago

    Wow, well done! Is this a free profile?

    • Spartan
      Spartan 3 years ago

      The Michael Britt package is amazing. Pair that with Tone Junkie’s cab packs and brace yourself. I’ve heard such a setup with that same monitor and it’s a perfect combo.

    • M.B.B.
      M.B.B. 4 years ago

      Playing and Sound is awesome

    • Joe Vai
      Joe Vai 4 years ago

      Thanks, it is one of the Michael Britt Profiles, one of the Marshalls probably

  • Debajit Dutta
    Debajit Dutta 4 years ago

    You have copeid

  • The Carpet man
    The Carpet man 4 years ago

    Very nice.

  • Mark Beling
    Mark Beling 4 years ago

    Awsome !!! What profiles were you using Sir ,... if I may ask. ... did you have to tweak the eq a ton FOH? Thank you... you guys sound really great 👍 🍺🍺

    • Mark Beling
      Mark Beling 4 years ago

      My Goodness Joe....Thank you very much for sharing...Your playing is really Really great man. I am using the Britt 69 Marshall live, also sounds great but Your tone sounds Sic...obviously your fingers make it sound like that too... Thank You once again!

    • Joe Vai
      Joe Vai 4 years ago

      Hi Mark, thanks for kind comment. I think this is one of M.Britt Dirty Shirley profiles optimized for this song.Everything is done with Kemper, didn't`t tweak the FOH EQ at all

  • Bruno Fromtuuannain
    Bruno Fromtuuannain 4 years ago

    It's like a door to a different world. When I need to be on another planet, I start this your video. Thank you from space. Thank you so much.

  • Graphite
    Graphite 4 years ago


  • Johny Boy
    Johny Boy 4 years ago


  • TheBranbarnard
    TheBranbarnard 5 years ago

    Love this

  • Johny Boy
    Johny Boy 5 years ago

    Great as always

  • M. Molli
    M. Molli 5 years ago

    Any chance for us to get a lesson of how to play this masterpiece?

  • stephen thomas green


  • Nick Fly
    Nick Fly 7 years ago


  • ElAullidoDeLaNada
    ElAullidoDeLaNada 10 years ago

    Beautiful, the original essence of the song with a brazilian spice on it.

  • ElAullidoDeLaNada
    ElAullidoDeLaNada 10 years ago

    One of the worst opinions on youtube. So disrespectful. Who cares is it seems the original song or not? It´s beautiful and very different to the original, as a good cover deserves to be.

  • Mar T Music
    Mar T Music 10 years ago

    hi! enjoying this video very much! love your guitar play very much! marty

  • BeNiceYall
    BeNiceYall 10 years ago


  • John Duskglass
    John Duskglass 10 years ago

    beautiful singing and playing, yet again. :) As for the club noise, Jewel had that problem too, she would focus her eyes on one person until they looked at her, and stopped talking, then another and another until the room became respectful.. I hope you post more. :)

  • John Duskglass
    John Duskglass 10 years ago

    beautiful singing and playing, great job. :)

  • Yohane Rockett
    Yohane Rockett 10 years ago

    WOW! Who is singing? Great!

  • Richmond Avenal
    Richmond Avenal 11 years ago

    my god! beaauuutiful sound!

  • Cathy's Art Palace
    Cathy's Art Palace 11 years ago

    Oh-my-gosh o___o I'm impressed and I can barely find the right words right now; it's just amazing!!! You're a genius. *sigh* I just have to hear it again....

  • Joe Vai
    Joe Vai 11 years ago

    @magetarg Thank`s , It`s exactly what I have played. I`ve learned the Chords "by ear" so it`s probably not 100% like in the Song , but it can be played this way.

  • Nicolas
    Nicolas 11 years ago

    Cm7/9 : X3133X G7+5 : 3X344X Bb6 : 6X576X D#7M9 : X6576X F6 : 1X323X G#M7 : 4X554X Dm7/9 : X5355X B7M : 7X887X B/C# : X4X442 Eadd : 0X2102 G#m7 : 4X4444 C#m7 : X46454 F#6 : 2X434X

  • Nicolas
    Nicolas 11 years ago

    Nice cover of a cover ! I've search for the chords as an exercice, is it good ? intro : Cm7/9 G7+5 Bb6 et D#7M9 F6 couplet : Cm7/9 D#7M9 Bb F6 transition : Cm etc Riff intro x2 Pre-chorus: G#M7 Dm7/9 B7M B/C# - C# transition Chorus: Eadd9 G#m7 C#m7 F#6

  • paranoid android
    paranoid android 11 years ago

    @PreacherofArrakeen you didn't understand me^^ it's the quality that comes from the equipment, so the quality is just as good as the engineer is. But the music output shows how much the musician feels his song. And for me, working with software-synths etc. is like drawing without a pencil.. Hendrix was just a guitarist and singer, not an audio-engineer! And there must be a reason y some of the "old legends" who are still alive&making music hold distance to those modeled sounds..

  • Preacher At Arrakeen
    Preacher At Arrakeen 11 years ago

    @ShSwStudios I agree with you more or less, though I think Hendrix would've made use of whatever tools were at hand at a given moment to expand his capabilities. The sequencer and soft-synths are merely tools. It requires an artist/craftsman to know what to do with the tools. As for me, Cubasis, on an old Mac, was very clumsy, with some of the basic features of a sequencer not working properly, or at all. No audio, either. Logic is a great tool, but it is only as good as the person using it.

  • paranoid android
    paranoid android 11 years ago

    @PreacherofArrakeen Do you believe, that hendrix did music without looking on a computer screen? :s Why don't most of the musicians today accept that good music comes from the heart, not from a "better" sequencer than the last one?

  • Joe Vai
    Joe Vai 11 years ago

    @jth1551 Thank You , hope this video can help you a little

  • Joe Vai
    Joe Vai 11 years ago

    @1coombesy You really missed the point . Sorry ...

  • Olivia Coombes
    Olivia Coombes 11 years ago

    Nahh this isn't very good compared to other covers on Clip-Share, and it even worse because it's acoustic and it sounds nothing like the original by Duran Duran Sorry...