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The Weeknd - Secrets
Views 156M2 years ago
The Weeknd - Reminder
Views 258M2 years ago
The Weeknd - Party Monster
Views 108M2 years ago
The Weeknd - M A N I A
Views 44M3 years ago
The Weeknd - False Alarm
Views 154M3 years ago
The Weeknd - False Alarm
Views 5M3 years ago
The Weeknd - In The Night
Views 64M4 years ago
The Weeknd - The Hills
Views 1.4K4 years ago
The Weeknd - Often (NSFW)
Views 391M5 years ago


  • Daniel Souza fragoso

    Ele não lambe o sapo de verdade né?

  • Roberth Torres
    Roberth Torres Minute ago

    Me dieron ganas de atracar un banco jajqjq

  • Cele Amor
    Cele Amor 4 minutes ago

    Amo esta cancion,, m lleva al cielo y m baja en instante m mata mal y a la vez la amo 💔

  • Lps Homecoming
    Lps Homecoming 5 minutes ago

    I feel like he’s shading Bruno mars

  • hu zhang
    hu zhang 6 minutes ago

    I didn’t even care about the song The video should be a movie tho

  • Serwan Sheeran
    Serwan Sheeran 6 minutes ago

    This guy is the best!

  • John Wicks Handler
    John Wicks Handler 7 minutes ago

    This guy loves his drugs

  • HalleyStarz
    HalleyStarz 7 minutes ago

    Why does this remind me of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 😅🦋

    JORGE CARNEIRO ROCHA 9 minutes ago

    Black panther very good

  • U.S. Bandz
    U.S. Bandz 9 minutes ago

    We thought you was a toad!

  • EvertonDavies
    EvertonDavies 11 minutes ago

    This guy is just incredible! Another winner

  • Spi Playz
    Spi Playz 13 minutes ago

    Someone write the lyrics please I’ll sub to you channel 😁

  • lil boi
    lil boi 15 minutes ago

    Finally a comment that isn't full of likewhores.

  • Stefanie Kinkle
    Stefanie Kinkle 16 minutes ago


  • Melisa Rodriguez
    Melisa Rodriguez 17 minutes ago

    Digan lo q digan tienen canciones q son top 10 es divino y ami me encanta todo lo q saca ....🐸🐸🐸

  • Ryan73
    Ryan73 18 minutes ago

    How does the camera go through the car like that

  • Hailey Noon
    Hailey Noon 19 minutes ago

    2019999 babbbyyyy

  • Tae Miller
    Tae Miller 19 minutes ago

    2019 anyone?!!!!!

  • Umberto Saint
    Umberto Saint 19 minutes ago


  • Shreyank Shrivas
    Shreyank Shrivas 20 minutes ago

    A man with brilliant voice notes 🎤 love it #weeknd ❤😘

  • Lemon Lime Chan Plays
    Lemon Lime Chan Plays 26 minutes ago

    What I hear : I only call you when it’s high five

  • Abel Cano
    Abel Cano 29 minutes ago

    Billy Idol in Vice City Vibez

  • Umberto Saint
    Umberto Saint 29 minutes ago


  • Biggoh Geek
    Biggoh Geek 30 minutes ago

    The trailer is clickbait boys.... the games just another off brand payday

  • Lion Fries
    Lion Fries 31 minute ago


  • Mohanad Alrikabi
    Mohanad Alrikabi 31 minute ago

    Bro this song and the video is sick

  • Only Lala
    Only Lala 31 minute ago


  • Umberto Saint
    Umberto Saint 35 minutes ago


  • Biggoh Geek
    Biggoh Geek 36 minutes ago

    1st grade me holding a nerf gun:

  • Cyclonezy X
    Cyclonezy X 37 minutes ago

    O my

  • BVB 09
    BVB 09 41 minute ago

    80 ziger melodie.................perfekt

  • Dawit Tesfaye
    Dawit Tesfaye 41 minute ago

    U look like Illuminati ass Bitch.

  • R J
    R J 44 minutes ago

    Who's here December 12 2019 👇🏻

  • always clock out
    always clock out 46 minutes ago

    This the casino update for GTA

  • Shinra
    Shinra 48 minutes ago

    it's crazy that i live in the same world as these women

  • andrea gomez
    andrea gomez 48 minutes ago

    Ho wahine this in 2020

  • Winifred Ogilvie
    Winifred Ogilvie 49 minutes ago

    Ok, now "jump OUT of the box"!

  • Springtrap
    Springtrap 49 minutes ago

    this is the new sicko mode

  • TTV Zrock
    TTV Zrock 51 minute ago

    Rest in peace weekend 😞 Wait too early

  • armandomeda77
    armandomeda77 51 minute ago

    Who else licked a toad after watching this?🙄🙆🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️

  • Jesus Garcia Coria
    Jesus Garcia Coria 51 minute ago

    Yea finally back weeknd 🔥

  • Vera M
    Vera M 52 minutes ago

    But I love it.

  • Marcos Rezende
    Marcos Rezende 53 minutes ago


  • smckeller100
    smckeller100 54 minutes ago

    * Just in case my faith go, I live by my own* I love this so much ✊✊

  • Troy de Chihuahua
    Troy de Chihuahua 55 minutes ago

    N O S T A L G I A I S R E A L

  • Naib Uddin
    Naib Uddin 57 minutes ago

    Nigga got the GTA casino update in real life lmao

  • Raphael Singh
    Raphael Singh 57 minutes ago

    You'll gain 5 inches if you like

  • Natalija Vasiljevic

    I'm in love with him voice ♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩

  • Richard Noguera
    Richard Noguera Hour ago

    La verdad no me gusta porque esta en ingles y no entiendo

  • Robert Stewart
    Robert Stewart Hour ago

    I Think The Weeknd Should Do Heartless Remix Snippet ft NAV Wiz Khalifa Future 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 That'll Be Lit 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  • Barry Harte
    Barry Harte Hour ago

    heard a bit of this on the radio today and thought it was Jacko, googled Jacko songs but couldn't find it . Then searched on lyrics and here I am.

  • Donald Ferr
    Donald Ferr Hour ago

    What views?

  • WhoozyOMO
    WhoozyOMO Hour ago

    Is this a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas reference?

  • Karla Roman
    Karla Roman Hour ago

    666k likes?? Weird

  • Vincins Plays
    Vincins Plays Hour ago

    666k likes ok then.....

  • ocean_vibes
    ocean_vibes Hour ago

    when the intro to the song sounds like stranger things audio...

  • DaVinciPlay
    DaVinciPlay Hour ago


  • iNYSN -
    iNYSN - Hour ago

    Does this man have a bad song 😭

  • Carol Allison
    Carol Allison Hour ago


  • MICHAEL Hunter
    MICHAEL Hunter Hour ago

    awesome you rock dude all but love

  • MICHAEL Hunter
    MICHAEL Hunter Hour ago

    Awesome all but love

  • Bradley park
    Bradley park Hour ago

    bro when i am hering it rn it has 666k likes lol

  • That’s Drew
    That’s Drew Hour ago


  • Bori Luna
    Bori Luna Hour ago

    Getting a “Stranger Things” vibe 😍







  • Suicidal AsianKid

    666k likes noice

  • Shomall Kun
    Shomall Kun Hour ago

    Say hello to the 'weekend'

  • Yahya Irfan
    Yahya Irfan Hour ago

    I just found this song and it’s so BADASS

  • Alariah LeShay
    Alariah LeShay Hour ago

    telling my kids i been grooving to this since the 80's

  • Emerson Atamanczuk

    Cara sou teu fa, adoro suas mudicas, tem muito estilo, parabéns e continue assim



  • Sțar Boy
    Sțar Boy Hour ago

    Like:the weeknd Comment:Michael Jackson Be honest

  • Yuriy Ishchuk
    Yuriy Ishchuk Hour ago

    Check out heartless dance vídeo from renew crew

  • tim dicks
    tim dicks Hour ago

    This seems like a warning 🥺


    Formidable video production, i like it so much .. Pre-eminent part is 0:59. *I uploaded 1st twerk, Pls check it out and say your opinion* 💙 💖 💃

  • äñgęł
    äñgęł Hour ago


  • Jayden Gallardo
    Jayden Gallardo Hour ago

    Is it me or almost everybody in the comment section has at least 100 likes on theirs

  • Jayden Lomas
    Jayden Lomas Hour ago

    IDC we need serve this royalty in chapter six we need it

  • João Gabriel Gomes

    Top! Have been waiting for this since ur last album! Congrats 👏👏👏👏

  • Jace Contreras
    Jace Contreras Hour ago

    this looks really fun.

  • Naser Al Shuqaihi
    Naser Al Shuqaihi 2 hours ago

    This song makes me feel like I was alive in the 80’s

  • Shen Fen
    Shen Fen 2 hours ago

    Just amazing voice.

  • Emily Westfall
    Emily Westfall 2 hours ago

    Selena and Bella clearly didn’t deserve you

  • S Blue
    S Blue 2 hours ago

    2:57- 3:04 No one: Me a weeb: ........naruto?

  • Schavora Williams
    Schavora Williams 2 hours ago

    This subliminal as hell,was that the devil in that car😲😲😲😲

  • NightweebHasaki
    NightweebHasaki 2 hours ago

    666K Likes, What is YT trying to tell me rn

  • Hanzo Liore
    Hanzo Liore 2 hours ago

    666 likes, 15k (5+1=6) views, 15k (5+1=6) dislikes, 16.7M subs (7-1=6), 66

  • LadyIceCandy
    LadyIceCandy 2 hours ago

    This reminds me of the movie Fear and loathing in Las Vegas

  • Chemical Spore
    Chemical Spore 2 hours ago

    Im feeling this song way to hard, the analogies are too on point

  • Sam Quest
    Sam Quest 2 hours ago

    This song sounds like it would be in stranger things

  • Quyết Nguyễn Quý

    điểm số thế nào tỷ lệ bao nhiêu.drogba...

  • Alpha Prince
    Alpha Prince 2 hours ago

    Adriana Lima is a real babe. 💘🔥

  • camo dread
    camo dread 2 hours ago

    This guy the Holyfield music

  • Jesse Rivera
    Jesse Rivera 2 hours ago

    damn i was looking for the other "wicked game" song but this one is just as lit

  • Fernanda Mozqueda
    Fernanda Mozqueda 2 hours ago

    Traducción al español: he estado intentando llamar he estado solo por el tiempo suficiente tal vez puedas mostrarme cómo amar, tal vez estoy pasando por retiros ni siquiera tienes que hacer demasiado puedes encenderme con solo un toque, bebé miro a mi alrededor y la ciudad del pecado está fría y vacía (oh) no hay nadie para juzgarme (oh) no puedo ver claramente cuando te vas dije, ooh, estoy cegado por las luces no, no puedo dormir hasta que sienta tu toque dije, ooh, me estoy ahogando en la noche oh, cuando estoy así, eres en quien confío hey hey hey se me acaba el tiempo porque puedo ver el sol iluminar el cielo así que salí a la carretera a toda marcha, bebé, oh la ciudad está fría y vacía (oh) no hay nadie para juzgarme (oh) no puedo ver claramente cuando te vas dije, ooh, estoy cegado por las luces no, no puedo dormir hasta que sienta tu toque dije, ooh, me estoy ahogando en la noche oh, cuando estoy así, eres en quien confío solo vuelvo a llamar para informarle (volver para informarle) nunca podría decirlo por teléfono (dilo por teléfono) nunca te dejaré ir esta vez (ooh) dije, ooh, estoy cegado por las luces no, no puedo dormir hasta que sienta tu toque hey hey hey hey hey hey dije, ooh, estoy cegado por las luces no, no puedo dormir hasta que sienta tu toque

  • Salvador Verdines
    Salvador Verdines 2 hours ago


  • jose vegazo
    jose vegazo 2 hours ago

    No entiendo ni mierda pero suena durisimooo hahahhahahhs

  • Glidder
    Glidder 2 hours ago

    Nobody: Me when i target someone on monopoly and take all their cash