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vocal impression Dwayne Johnson, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart #dwaynejohnson #kevinhart #chrisrock #funny
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vocal impression Dwayne Johnson, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart #dwaynejohnson #kevinhart #chrisrock #funny
is Amber Heard a liar Part 6 - Donald.NewsHD
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is Amber Heard a liar Part 6 - Donald.NewsHD
Do You Remember the first time that he physically Hit you - Donald.NewsHD
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Do You Remember the first time that he physically Hit you - Donald.NewsHD
Johnny Depp how did it come to be that your finger became injured? - Donald.NewsHD
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Johnny Depp how did it come to be that your finger became injured? - Donald.NewsHD


  • Ara Belle
    Ara Belle 4 hours ago

    Penny really evolved 😂😂😂 i remember when she kinda solved string theory 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • deleon tinsley
    deleon tinsley 9 hours ago

    always has me rolling

  • Lilmiss psychopathic👁👁


  • ToxicTurkeyy
    ToxicTurkeyy 14 hours ago

    Obviously the ps4, xbox one was garbage.

  • Haley Espinoza
    Haley Espinoza 14 hours ago

    You needed get your ass some breath mints

  • Shrek Simp
    Shrek Simp 15 hours ago

    she look like michael Jackson before he switched races

  • krowlzzz
    krowlzzz 15 hours ago

    People actually laugh at this show?

  • Euphoria Truth
    Euphoria Truth 18 hours ago

    Discover secrets that people In high places don’t want you to know, they keep you stuck minded so that they can feed off your lowliness. Let God give you the upper hand when discovering knowledge that will break you free from yourself. They tried to gate keep this!

  • Jahrele Gulley
    Jahrele Gulley 20 hours ago

    Classic Howard being a true friend 😂😂

  • Ian Corvin
    Ian Corvin 21 hour ago

    And I wondered why Raj can speak to a girl... 🤣

  • p'ero
    p'ero 22 hours ago

    Peace door ball

  • ?
    ? 22 hours ago

    Only someone on cocaine could think of a scene like this.

  • Eshun Burge
    Eshun Burge 23 hours ago

    Sheldon is big brain. V big brain

  • Esther S.H Fraser


  • RJF
    RJF Day ago

    Wollowitz is the man!!!

    ELSA MYBURGH Day ago


    DESHON HUNT Day ago

    😂😂😂😂😂thats my part

  • Saskia Torry
    Saskia Torry Day ago

    You need to get ya ass some breath mints 😂😂😂😂😂❤i love tupac

  • 💗Nezuko Kamado💗

    i kinda liked it when Sheldon was younger and with missy😂

  • Unbothered
    Unbothered Day ago

    Tupac, "Yuh muss nevah have no man, cause yuh dont evah smile" Sir, men are the source of all stress. Women better without most of them

  • sibylle oudet
    sibylle oudet Day ago

    So sexy and romantic Sheldon

  • Leticia Paola
    Leticia Paola Day ago

    *Sheldon showing the Helium card* me automatically going "hehe" sounding like Michael Jackson

  • sheila day
    sheila day Day ago


  • BossFinale
    BossFinale Day ago

    You have to brush after you do that though. Are lesbians different?

  • Ben Sandoval
    Ben Sandoval Day ago

    That Make America Great Again guy is a true ladies man 🕺🏼

  • Secret Secret
    Secret Secret Day ago

    IDK why but I laughed so hard at the - atom of hydrogen, 'Adam Of MarOon5'

  • Nazish Firoz
    Nazish Firoz Day ago

    What's poonani?

  • Nicholas Martin

    I didn't know you put breath mints in your ass

  • miepth
    miepth 2 days ago

    What film is this ?

  • Santo Deportes
    Santo Deportes 2 days ago

    The agenda been in effect

  • Oshibajo Ajoke
    Oshibajo Ajoke 2 days ago

    Mic drop? Do you know BTS?😅😅😂

  • обычный человек

    где сосиски, это была чëрная дыра?

  • Glorhb
    Glorhb 2 days ago


  • Vitor Prentice
    Vitor Prentice 2 days ago

    She’s mud as tf☠️

  • 🦂Scorps-zy
    🦂Scorps-zy 2 days ago

    Go help end it fool u dnt need to be anything or 1 to help people, if u can or know how why let it go on and on people lifes u can save

  • Mark
    Mark 2 days ago

    Janet's adorable

  • deleted user
    deleted user 2 days ago

    Which cap?

  • Amber Lamse
    Amber Lamse 2 days ago

    No, I want the recipe for his egg dish

  • yowo
    yowo 2 days ago

    i thought at first he was doing the verb "to present" because of the whiteboards 😂 but "the present" is even more sheldon-esque

  • ΔLeeKnowΔ
    ΔLeeKnowΔ 2 days ago

    He poonani stank

  • notaseat
    notaseat 2 days ago

    The way my dumb ass thought it was neutron jimmy neutron

  • Qtqbaw
    Qtqbaw 2 days ago

    Wtf , why she sounds like a bitch or she is

  • Ella
    Ella 2 days ago

    Is this like a young Sheldon when everyone's grown up or is it is it just me cuz I've never seen either of these shows

  • Corey
    Corey 2 days ago

    Sheldon just in the back lol

  • Emperor Luna
    Emperor Luna 2 days ago

    Why can't I stop laughing

  • A guy in your basement

    Big bang theory. Guy says science thing=nerd. Nerd=funny

    GRAVE 2 days ago

    Bro the uncanny resemblance of Micheal Jackson is idk ...

  • 🌼 E.L.L.I.E🌼
    🌼 E.L.L.I.E🌼 2 days ago

    What show is this?

    • 恵理
      恵理 Day ago

      The Big Bang Theory

  • x7m
    x7m 3 days ago

    He sounded like martin😭😭

  • Hallon
    Hallon 3 days ago

    The fact I actually got this worries me