Steve Mould
Steve Mould
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  • I don't even know anymore

    I really want to wear this as a bra

  • Aung Chan
    Aung Chan 15 hours ago

    he is just trying to make bra lingere.

  • oberguga
    oberguga 15 hours ago

    Can dozens of smaller chambers works in parallel? If they employ technology of the heat exchanger manufacturing, probably it can be much thiner and much more complex to achieve multiple resonance chambers with higher frequency

  • john kieran
    john kieran 15 hours ago

    Loved the hydraulic press channel reference 😆

  • oberguga
    oberguga 15 hours ago

    Can it be powered by solar heater?

  • Rocky Stanaitis
    Rocky Stanaitis 16 hours ago

    Why not try a hundred 6” motors? To get the frequency. Or 300 3” diameter diaphragms. Stainless steel cereal bowls are cheap.

  • mangek009
    mangek009 16 hours ago

    My 7 year old asked "why does he only make breasts?" 😅😅

  • Alt Effour
    Alt Effour 16 hours ago

    I wonder if it would be possible to design a tri-stable structure. Something with three different stable configurations.

  • Magnus Wootton
    Magnus Wootton 16 hours ago

    makes an amazing mould, from Steve Mould!!!

  • Clover Kismet
    Clover Kismet 16 hours ago

    Wow, this could really improve underwear drawers worldwide! 🎉 If they can manage to create these with sufficient support, we could have flatteneable bras that take up less space in our dresser drawers! 😮 *They better make the bra structure comfortable to wear first, though.

  • Punch Kitten
    Punch Kitten 16 hours ago


  • Desolo Zantas
    Desolo Zantas 16 hours ago

    This is Battle Ready Armor aka B.R.A.

  • Nilesh Chopra
    Nilesh Chopra 16 hours ago

    popup bra 😆

  • Roman Shorif
    Roman Shorif 16 hours ago

    That thumbnail bruh 👀

  • ✠CuttySobz✠
    ✠CuttySobz✠ 16 hours ago

    Imagine letting a guy ride your pop pop boat only for him to insult it the entire time...

  • LootableCorpse
    LootableCorpse 16 hours ago

    I came here to hear the pop sounds.. why did you mute the audio effects? so disappointing

  • Insidious Clouds
    Insidious Clouds 16 hours ago


  • Noki Chou
    Noki Chou 16 hours ago

    When you slightly push the string, it gets tight and becomes more like a solid rod; when you slightly pull the string, it stretches and becomes more like a chain. That's why the upper part behaves more rigid and the lower part behaves more relaxed. When you move sideways, the upper part is still pushed tight so still acts like a rod; when you rotate, the upper part loosens and stretches a bit due to the centrifugal effect and acts more identical to the lower part which is always loose.

  • H\-/ Leath
    H\-/ Leath 16 hours ago

    Wow. Who knew MC Escher tessellations would end up being mechanically relevant. Makes me wonder if that Buckminster artist fellow ever did anything interesting. Mathematics is the language of Nature.

  • ✠CuttySobz✠
    ✠CuttySobz✠ 16 hours ago

    I find it annoying how Steve handless the Estonian pop pop boats as if they are his....

  • mrN3w7
    mrN3w7 16 hours ago

    Coolest starry bra ever! 😄

  • Dustin
    Dustin 16 hours ago

    I'm watching it stretch, then shrink back down, and I'm looking at the small triangles go out and back in at the same orientation. I'm wondering, what would happen if they stretched out slightly beyond their limit and rotated back in the opposite orientation?

  • FFG
    FFG 16 hours ago

    That "hinges" are so strong.

  • Matt London
    Matt London 16 hours ago

    mark rober just did a video about compliant mechanisms as well.. or featuring compliant mechanisms at least

  • Horace Down
    Horace Down 16 hours ago

    Ok use50 pop pop engines and see what happens

  • IngeniousOutdoors
    IngeniousOutdoors 16 hours ago

    The design is very human

  • Ai Fan
    Ai Fan 16 hours ago

    Wow, two compliant mechanism videos in a week 🎉😊 from Mark Rober and you

  • boivie
    boivie 16 hours ago

    Why is it so difficult to end a Kiwico subscription? They keep taking my money, long after I first tried to end it.

  • Hanny Dart
    Hanny Dart 16 hours ago

    0:10 ah yes, an _intersting structure_

  • Tony C
    Tony C 16 hours ago

    Intuitively to me this has something to do with conservation of angular momentum. I think you were spot on with the gyroscope analogy

  • diegoh
    diegoh 16 hours ago

    Hey man you would probably don't read this but when you told us to think about one Of this polihedrons i imagined a 3 dimensional one with 18 faces but i dont know how to represent It could you help me?

  • Hello Kitty Fan Man
    Hello Kitty Fan Man 16 hours ago

    "We'll go with that." Uhhhmmm... yyyeeeahhhh... I bet you will, ha!

  • Golden Snowflake
    Golden Snowflake 16 hours ago

    if you want an image on your rotating white board. Draw the rotating corners with dots, so all the connections are shown clearly as dots, then make your art, enabling all the dots.

  • 2QIK4U GAMES - (2QIK4U)

    3D Origami for Tittays ❤

  • Hello Kitty Fan Man
    Hello Kitty Fan Man 16 hours ago

    0:08: Oh, of course you had to start with that shape, didn't you?

  • is this thing on
    is this thing on 16 hours ago

    I LOST IT at the HPC intro music bit

  • Herbert Miller
    Herbert Miller 16 hours ago

    1:24 shout out to the hydraulic press channel

  • Rude Toy
    Rude Toy 17 hours ago

    I am confused! Is there already an efficient propane engine out there?

  • The Meme Man
    The Meme Man 17 hours ago

    I don't understand it's just a shape

  • Xz35
    Xz35 17 hours ago

    Now this would be a great way to get into the solidworks simulation certification if you're a hands on learner

  • Mario Gutowski
    Mario Gutowski 17 hours ago


  • Pemcot
    Pemcot 17 hours ago

    Is he saying croissant?

  • Neet Jee
    Neet Jee 17 hours ago

    Difference between male robot and female robot ☠️

    HIMANSHU SHAKYA 17 hours ago

    Hook up 10,000 popups

  • Traceuratops
    Traceuratops 17 hours ago

    Lovely Hydraulic Press Channel nod there.

  • Jacob Briscoe
    Jacob Briscoe 17 hours ago

    Self assembling booba

  • Jacob Bothell
    Jacob Bothell 17 hours ago

    flat pack travel bras?

  • treashurehunter 800
    treashurehunter 800 17 hours ago

    I'm going with real air ai and full immersion 😁🥸🧐🏴‍☠️ You need a consultant to move your product into a more purposeful arena beyond useless goo just let me know😁

  • Alexander Doerr
    Alexander Doerr 17 hours ago

    It's just like ponyo!

  • Kami Kame
    Kami Kame 17 hours ago

    30sec into the vid, "it can do soo much more" me: then why a bra?