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  • bruce grit
    bruce grit 2 minutes ago

    People and companies buy 🚚 to put to them to work,will one be able to put this one to work.

  • Alexander Howarth
    Alexander Howarth 5 minutes ago

    It looks freaking awesome. How better could you assuage the sensitive masculinity of the people that buy pickups, scared of being seen to own an electric pickup than to use this brutalist design based on blade runner? The tough naked steel and shatterproof windows are strokes of genius (and yes, they're shatterproof. The things didn't even fully break when they threw a ball bearing at them, the demo version looked like someone shot them. Subconsciously, this will make the car more desirable to the target demo). This will probably be a slow seller at first but again, Tesla are causing paradigm shifts in the Industry. Finally, people will be able to buy a loony, concept looking car. There will be nothing like this on the market, at least until the likes of Audi, who have always had great looking concepts that they never release, scramble to catch up

  • That's The Recipe
    That's The Recipe 12 minutes ago

    i’d buy one

  • Justin
    Justin 15 minutes ago

    Rappers are gonna love this thing

  • Nick Poverman
    Nick Poverman 17 minutes ago

    Everyone got this image wrong. It's butt ugly.

  • J USSC
    J USSC 18 minutes ago

    Why don't you let the people invest in each other. Granted some of them aren't that smart but you have to give them a chance to fail.

  • Chocolate Elvis
    Chocolate Elvis 40 minutes ago

    All originally made for about $5 in a sweatshop in Bangladesh

  • Hock Lay Chan
    Hock Lay Chan Hour ago

    16:05 area Apprenticeship is the key. But not much is done. The question is how to bring Apple back and produce in USA and American can buy and not only can sell in US but can sell back into China. But Trump has failed here. Not successful in bringing back factories into America. And I the process slow the economy.

  • Czech your privilege

    I feel like a lot of people are bandwagoning these guys. I specifically went for an alternate view to listen to, and while I don’t agree with their attitudes, they’re making valid points about value added tax and how it could be introduced in a positive way, implementing things correctly, just watch the video and lose the “YANG YANG YANG” attitude, it’s okay to disagree with them without sounding like a sheep


    Eric is one smart person !!! I would love to see him become president.

  • J Duke
    J Duke 2 hours ago

    The comments about her age.... Losers of the internet. She looks good.

  • StandYourGrounds
    StandYourGrounds 2 hours ago

    It seems like the USA is in deep, very deep trouble that will last generations. Silver is on sale now. Get as much as you can for yourself and your children. Prepare for what's coming.

  • 2beinteresting
    2beinteresting 2 hours ago

    1:22:00 just eating away

  • jaker steel peter
    jaker steel peter 3 hours ago

    It is all theater, nobody with a right mind would believe there will be any real deal. It is better we go for a full scale trade war now and see how bad things could be, then we decide what to do next!

  • Bradly Brad
    Bradly Brad 3 hours ago

    Don’t buy rn wait till the crash

  • ALCAN52
    ALCAN52 3 hours ago

    No they are not going to forgive it. Anyone who thinks they will needs their head examined. College is a scam and has been for almost 35 years. You have to understand the purpose of student loans and why college is pushed. They are designed to make you a wage/debt slave. They are designed to keep people from doing exactly what I have done; becoming financially independent and leaving the workforce and not being subject to taxation from mid 40s onward. Once you understand that you understand the scam. Then you have politicians promising to do something about the debt to garner votes. Its all a scam. Employers and government are in concert with this scam. It keeps people in debt, to tie them to their jobs and loyal to the employer. At the same time government loves this because they know people will try to make more money and will pay more in taxes then they otherwise would have. And since government issues 90% of student loans, its the government that gets the interest from those loans. So government gets more in taxes plus the interest. That's the scam. There is no incentive to do away with the scam. Only when major universities close their doors will they do something about it to entice people to get suckered into the scam again. It was once true that those with degrees earned more. That hasnt been true for my generation (GenX) and the others generations after mine. Those were lies told to us to sucker us into debt. I understood this as a teenager and took a different path. You have to learn to take the RED PILL and escape THE MATRIX.

  • LiS Wright
    LiS Wright 4 hours ago

    If wages are going up, how come the US is collecting less taxes?

  • El Patria
    El Patria 4 hours ago

    So?...... America does NOT care about debt! We have gay marriage, abortion, transgender bathrooms, govt healthcare and open borders.

  • john j
    john j 4 hours ago

    If Trump signed the deal, then the possibility of phase one deal is pretty much zero

    AMERICA FIRST 5 hours ago

    If this is true why is this video still up?

  • Mami Senpai
    Mami Senpai 5 hours ago

    Sophia for president Also this guy has robophobia

  • alex bophy
    alex bophy 5 hours ago

    He just got roasted hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha

  • Alex Perales
    Alex Perales 5 hours ago

    We know one bad 🍎 put in with spoil the whole bunch, Have any clues? Like federal government? 😂 😉 🤫😂😂😂🤣 🤣

  • Alex Perales
    Alex Perales 5 hours ago

    Revelation 22:13?

  • Alex Perales
    Alex Perales 5 hours ago

    Judg. 11:2

  • Alex Perales
    Alex Perales 5 hours ago

    do you think the Gold standard is important for economy? Why does the federal government should be encontrol of America future? Why should few class of society be able to control this environment? 🤗🌞😇 Matt. 5:5

  • John Bauer
    John Bauer 6 hours ago

    No it doesn’t, it’s a taxation like Hole fed system enslavement control machine, seriously they can’t just continue printing human society in debt

  • Veravit Chiamanusorn

    When people say that they want choice and complain abt Medicare for all single payer. This the choice, you employer can take away you heath insurance just like that. M4A, we will have more freedom to choose work, without worrying about health insurance.

  • Ani Manalo
    Ani Manalo 6 hours ago

    Damn shes creepy Just give her a wig or something

    • Alex Cordova 98
      Alex Cordova 98 5 hours ago

      The creators said they wanted her to be a human that resembled a robot and not a robot that resembled a human if that makes sense.

  • Lisa B.
    Lisa B. 7 hours ago

    Why should the American Taxpayers $money$ go to any of these invading, illegal, constantly demanding free sh*t, nasty, stinking, leeching BUMS?!!? CUT ALL THE FUNDING/$MONEY$ OUT AND USE IT TO BUILD THE WALL! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Steven Poynter
    Steven Poynter 7 hours ago

    This Factory was planned in 2013 under President Obama not the fake President Trump

  • shoxite
    shoxite 7 hours ago

    Hating ass corporates!

  • filigree
    filigree 8 hours ago

    This is hilarious!!! 🤣😂🤣 One of the most awkward interviews of Sophia. She roasted him, hahaha.... he literally could not handle it.

  • Menames Nstheboss
    Menames Nstheboss 9 hours ago

    Put a gun in its hands lol

  • eli sand
    eli sand 10 hours ago

    Trump never took credit for the fact the factory opened, he announced and took pride about America's win with the opening. And that he was encouraging apple to invest in the USA

    VOID VOID 10 hours ago

    Hardcore Absolute Fact: USA has been in a recession since 1979! And from 2007 until now, its faster and getting worse!!! Wages are chronically toxic, ill and far too low!!!

  • idrobinhood
    idrobinhood 10 hours ago

    end the Dodd-Frank Bill that legalized a ponzi scheme off the wealth of children and unborn Americans.

  • idrobinhood
    idrobinhood 10 hours ago

    Federal Reserve is stealing the wealth from children and unborn Americans.

    VOID VOID 10 hours ago

    Hardcore Absolute Fact: $18/Hour is almost no longer a livable wage! Cost of living is gouged and no longer realistic! A decent 1 bedroom apartment is $700/Month ( not including other fees )! Not affordable!!! USA is 100% heading in a dismissal manner!!!

  • Andy Blackburn
    Andy Blackburn 10 hours ago

    The Y schedule was moved up, what are you talking about?

  • Andy Blackburn
    Andy Blackburn 10 hours ago

    You didn't do any research at all did you.

  • Ruski
    Ruski 11 hours ago

    Elon Musk = Nephilim

  • freshencounter
    freshencounter 11 hours ago

    Mmmm... We could pay back more if we didn’t shrink the tax rates for the rich and corporations by over 50% over the last 50 years. Just doesn’t make sense!

  • J Ko
    J Ko 12 hours ago

    Of course. What a stupid question to ask.

  • Nayan Mipun
    Nayan Mipun 12 hours ago

    Being like Cuban is easy than living a life of a small salary to salary for a lot of work for some 1 else

  • Dan lee
    Dan lee 12 hours ago

    Lmao that one loser with the beard is cringe hating on Elon. He's trying to change things for the better what are you doing bozo?

  • Bradly Brad
    Bradly Brad 13 hours ago

    LOL she a millennial.. ok

  • Total Tropicals_TV
    Total Tropicals_TV 13 hours ago

    I said months ago there is no deal, and the idiots celebrated and rushed into the stock market. There will never be a trade deal under the Trump administration. China has made this very clear, if you can understand political speak. The Trump administration, is but a bump in the Belt and Road for China. They can outlast and out play, they don't need US Trade at all, nor their bad debts. Get ready for a bumpy ride next month, Christmas is not coming for many this year. The band aid is about to be ripped off! Are the same people who bailed out, Trump we he went Bankrupt, going to bail you out? I think not.

  • Carlos M
    Carlos M 13 hours ago

    In brief...debt is growing faster than the economy....your kids and grandkids will starve to death if the economy does not grow faster than debt.

  • RayC1
    RayC1 13 hours ago


  • Leona Vale
    Leona Vale 14 hours ago

    Sophia is so funny I love it and that idiot just doesn’t understand her humour hahaha

  • s404n1tn0cc
    s404n1tn0cc 14 hours ago

    Tax rates have increased for people making less than 125K By the way there is a problem with the debt ceiling...there is None. Repo market in summary ....Banks don't trust the garbage on the Books. ..They use as a pledge as collateral. Also you need to discount all assets when presented. That is how it 's supposed to work. In this economy the start rate should be 10 percent for BBB paper. IMO

  • Christopher Lamb
    Christopher Lamb 14 hours ago

    A1 content, just subbed! Did you check smzeus(.)com!? It will help you get the views you deserve.

  • s404n1tn0cc
    s404n1tn0cc 14 hours ago

    The Fed only has control over interest rate policy period. And has no ability to sway any corp entity to do anything period An implied policy is it can provide currency to Banks and any non member banks ..IE private corporations with currency. The only thing Americo can do is increase the wages exactly 6.36 times what they were in 2000 period Also another thing is for Gov to stop spending period Let bankrupt corps and Zombie Banks "Fail" Stop any and all derivative bets or betting by banks who have no skin in the Game. Begin take over operations by Treasury.... at teetering institution and charge a minimum of 10 percent and issues SPS and or a complete swipe of all profits to Treasury. Apply a Hording tax to those who benefited from the "Bail -Outs" specifically to those Banks who do not know how to balance a check book. You have currency or you don't period You can revalue the currency by 6.36 times or what amounts to 84 percent of the present currency value. You have NO choice. Only Ans is Wage inflation

  • workwillfreeyou
    workwillfreeyou 15 hours ago

    Tulsi Gabbard #1

  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash 15 hours ago

    "How many Billionaires does it take to make one phone call? One, Billion-dollar idea for a new phone is what it takes, before they throw you the ball!" ~~~LAW OF ATTRACTING WEALTH~~~ Excerpt from The Meditations of Ingenuity, Double-aye-Kyu

  • O K
    O K 15 hours ago

    These talking heads are out of touch and have no actual knowledge about which they’re talking about

  • Da Hawk
    Da Hawk 15 hours ago

    This time he called him Tim Peach.

  • Anthony Gibbs
    Anthony Gibbs 15 hours ago

    Let me tell you banding vaping e liquids Is not the problem here we all know the real culprit here THC vitamin E acetate the CDC finally got it right 80% of those used that why aren't the governor's taking the good look at the situation and evidence, Bandimg vaping e liquids this a people's lives it saved mine new compromises and Solutions the government is over reactant

  • Kin J
    Kin J 15 hours ago

    They gone kill this man

  • bigbabyzubas
    bigbabyzubas 15 hours ago

    They can build the cars. But can they build the batteries?

  • C HAWK Corporation
    C HAWK Corporation 15 hours ago

    Very noble and honorable of you Mr. Johnson and thumbs up to Cigna. U.S Navy Vet and that past regret story with what could've been was CLASSIC👍.

  • William Helfrich
    William Helfrich 15 hours ago

    Machiavellian Evangelical apostate church of Donald Trump, and their gospel of lies, corruption and betrayal, Eisenhower warned of the country mortgaging our children's future in the country, the rich Know that the the fed buying up assets and sold off to the robber Barron's like Rothschild and Ross will only benefit the rich, a day of reconning is at hand

  • Wally Wally
    Wally Wally 16 hours ago

    Democrats say 413,000 Americans jobs must go for the interests of the democrats, just imagine how many democrats supporters will loss their food on the table while democrats POLITICIANS get paid enjoying life while you starve the IRONY.

  • Joey Gee
    Joey Gee 16 hours ago

    The Model Y just got brought forward 6 months. What are you talking about!!!

  • Joey Gee
    Joey Gee 16 hours ago

    Ok Boomers...

  • Chad
    Chad 16 hours ago

    Air heads! Lmao.

  • Vex T
    Vex T 16 hours ago

    Andy Serwer soooo jealous of Warren Buffett's wealth and full head of hair LOL

  • Wally Wally
    Wally Wally 16 hours ago

    Why doesn't Tesla make conversion kits to exciting vehicles to be electric ,its a waste of millions of vehicles and resources, better for the environment to recycle the exciting vehicles.

    • Electricos Cosmos
      Electricos Cosmos 15 hours ago

      They can hardly get enough batteries for the vehicles they sell for a good margin, so their main bottleneck part you want them to outsource for home brew kits that would be small margin? If someone is going to home brew a kit they will source their own and make their own setup.

    • willinton06
      willinton06 15 hours ago

      Wally Wally too many lawsuits probably

  • joshua gee
    joshua gee 16 hours ago

    MSNBC is an embarrassment.

  • Samuelson baker
    Samuelson baker 16 hours ago

    Ahhh bless they gonna cry ?

  • Panama
    Panama 16 hours ago

    Michael Bloomberg

  • UnOriginalOne
    UnOriginalOne 16 hours ago

    Will this thing be delivered before or after the semi tractor? Before or after Mars colonization?

  • Wigit
    Wigit 17 hours ago

    Happens every time they elect a Republican. Bring back Obama.

  • Katherine Gruber
    Katherine Gruber 17 hours ago

    She’s right that humans can be unkind to people

  • Katherine Gruber
    Katherine Gruber 17 hours ago

    I think it would be amazing if somebody could have a robot that looks like someone they care about that has passed away.

    • Caroline I
      Caroline I Hour ago

      I'm not so sure, it might look like their loved one but even if they can somewhat recreate the personality, it won't be perfect and just won't be them, and it'll only stop people from being able to grieve and move on. What would be interesting in my opinion is if all this could lead us closer to immortality, essentially. Though I'm not sure where I stand on that ethically.

    • alex bophy
      alex bophy 5 hours ago

      you’llneverknow🤷‍♀️ very true

    • you’llneverknow🤷‍♀️
      you’llneverknow🤷‍♀️ 11 hours ago

      Katherine Gruber or CREEPY.. The soul can’t be recreated as it was created by GOD. Mankind can never duplicate His beautiful living creations.....

  • Joey Gee
    Joey Gee 17 hours ago

    Torque on an EV is far more than an ICE truck. Thing is, there are legal tow limits so to a certain point it's irrelevant how much a truck can tow. I guess you'll see later tonight either way...

  • TheAsh1332
    TheAsh1332 17 hours ago

    Uhh congresswoman

  • Katherine Gruber
    Katherine Gruber 17 hours ago

    She then gets up and attacks him 😆

  • Bzilla Whoop
    Bzilla Whoop 17 hours ago


  • Ana Bella
    Ana Bella 18 hours ago

    “I assume you don’t need to drink coffee” Who hires these people?!

  • Jim V
    Jim V 18 hours ago

    Hes trying to pull the ladder up from behind him

  • Franziska Meier
    Franziska Meier 18 hours ago

    It’s sad that you never meet nice people how ask important question without being so afraid of u I’m sorry

  • Murray Flewelling
    Murray Flewelling 18 hours ago

    Trump " You don't think I will do it but your me punch myself and US farmers til we can't see"...............................!

  • Helder P
    Helder P 18 hours ago

    So in her opinion if I tweet a private thought of a candidate, I can be shot down just because someone can see that as positive advertisement to the person I like? How is that not an attack to free speech? Total control of the public opinion is their only goal..

  • ultradeepbase
    ultradeepbase 19 hours ago

    Elizabeth Holmes didn’t reinvent the wheel she reinvented a square wheel that didn’t work but she told investors it was a round wheel.

  • Sheik Yo Booty
    Sheik Yo Booty 19 hours ago

    IMPEACH THE MOTHER FKER 🇺🇸 make us great again

  • ultradeepbase
    ultradeepbase 19 hours ago

    Theranos should have been named Theranus because if you invested in them they bent you over their boardroom table and tore you a knew one!

  • Joseph Tovar
    Joseph Tovar 19 hours ago

    Is Ivanka now in a new tech role for the government?

  • Jack van der Velden
    Jack van der Velden 19 hours ago

    The US needs a French revolution. All credibility has been lost. Corrupt family out for a buck!

  • Bill Bear
    Bill Bear 19 hours ago

    The Whistleblower was working for Joe Biden when him and his son got paid from Ukraine.

  • We Run Guns
    We Run Guns 20 hours ago

    Brings sales force and its ideas to Venezuela or Cuba!

  • We Run Guns
    We Run Guns 20 hours ago

    Limited political ads means only those which conform to their bias

  • Sarah Stephens
    Sarah Stephens 20 hours ago

    Yet he was just offered a safe and wise $200K investment he ignored.

  • Dan Bennett
    Dan Bennett 20 hours ago

    Funding people who don't add value to society, that is the role of the FED...and boy does the government need a lot of funding!

  • abdi hassan
    abdi hassan 20 hours ago

    I think he is doing this on purpose, to say that the new COE is not doing a good job

  • Ty Somers
    Ty Somers 20 hours ago

    A $15 minimum wage isn't going to make the life of someone earning $13 any better than before. Start with financial education in our schools. The American people can be rich, but most of them will never be wealthy.

  • Ashu Shahi
    Ashu Shahi 20 hours ago

    Would have been a lot more easier for you to explain and for us to understand if you had used actual bank names.

  • Ray Arellano
    Ray Arellano 21 hour ago

    I watch the show it’s Cool 😎

  • Ruvim GD
    Ruvim GD 21 hour ago

    Schiff already failed, Republicans are doing very well at the hearings