Rugby World Cup
Rugby World Cup
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  • Mario da Silva
    Mario da Silva 50 minutes ago

    Mehrts is friggin hilarious 😂

  • Deon Kritzinger
    Deon Kritzinger 50 minutes ago

    It’s a joy getting to see these guys have a chat outside the rugby pitch, and as a Bok supporter getting to know the old arch enemy, Andrew Mehrtens as a human being and not just an All Black player. I’m loving this World Cup as I think it’s one of the most competitive ever. Can’t call it between Ireland and NZ, nor between France and SA (assuming Scotland doesn’t make it against Ireland). If SA doesn’t win, I’ll be very happy with either France or Ireland winning. Will be good for rugby union if a new team wins the RWC.

  • Lee Si
    Lee Si 58 minutes ago

    Political extravaganza

  • Nimantha Nadunge
    Nimantha Nadunge 59 minutes ago


  • 髙木博史
    髙木博史 Hour ago


  • Timbopc DC
    Timbopc DC Hour ago

    What a fantastic show

  • DossieSG
    DossieSG Hour ago

    You don’t need form coming in also on an individual basis. There are a number of players who only step up when they play test rugby.

  • irish1
    irish1 Hour ago

    Ireland 🇮🇪 Ireland 🇮🇪 together standing tall .😊😊

  • AC
    AC Hour ago

    Realy enjoyed...

  • Benjamin Van Niekerk

    New Zealand are mid as on top

  • Lucas Iván Burgos

    Vamos los PUMAS ! 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🐆🐆🐆🐆

  • Guinness
    Guinness Hour ago

    He was definitely in touch before the ball was grounded 😂

  • M Cardoso
    M Cardoso Hour ago

    Nem goleiro tem. Aí fica fácil kkk

  • Tall Bird
    Tall Bird Hour ago

    Wow, these plays from the Rugby World Cup 2023 are absolutely mind-blowing! I can't believe how effortlessly they're scoring touchdowns. The way they tackle and pass the puck is just next level. And is it me, or did I spot a few quarterbacks in there? 🏈🏉

  • Mohamad Hajidi Sulaiman

    Sayangnya.. Fiji.. ckit je lagi..

  • Reginald Fredericks

    he does it effortlessly

  • yuri s
    yuri s Hour ago


  • Beckie Theroux
    Beckie Theroux Hour ago

    I look forward to the next videos you will offer us!✌️

  • Berry Mainland
    Berry Mainland Hour ago

    Your videos are very helpful!👀

  • Hadolf Atler
    Hadolf Atler Hour ago

    Love rugby

  • Benjamin Van Niekerk

    I feel bad for how we beat them ngl

  • Benjamin Van Niekerk

    Now I feel bad how we beat them

  • Miriam Heather
    Miriam Heather Hour ago

    Votre vidéo m'a fait sourire du début à la fin. Merci ! 🔥

  • Kobus du Toit Bosman

    Great spirit and FUN TIME with excellent raison…👊🔥❗️

  • NoGame NoLife
    NoGame NoLife Hour ago

    Until Ireland make it past a QF I do agree there will always be that mental hurdle. I'm Irish and they have been brilliant but the winners mentality they have doesn't extend to the WC, though if they win against NZ, I think they will be favourites unless they have serious injury problems.

  • Jason Manning
    Jason Manning Hour ago

    Do people still believe in that nonsense!? 😂

  • Spanspek Squarepants

    The vibe might be good live at the event but this the worst world cup experience from a fan p.o.v due to the copyright issues. Nothing worse trying to see highlights only to get "This footage is not available in your country". Sort yourselves out! My timeline is filled with NFL and Golf highlights, where are you guys?

  • catch me if you can

    Now no one can stop the springboks. They have rectified the only weakness they had

  • roberto wilco
    roberto wilco Hour ago

    Mehrts is great

  • sn. ky
    sn. ky Hour ago

    i Know it’s cultural I respect it but omgggg it’s sooo cringe …

  • roberto wilco
    roberto wilco Hour ago

    Agree with Schalk they will use Libbock on the bench probably with Williams

  • Marleen
    Marleen Hour ago

    Absolutely fabulous episode with some great legends who clearly really enjoyed this chat themselves as well. Authentic good vibes all around! Thanks for the amazing stories 😂

  • Strider whiston
    Strider whiston Hour ago

    What if the rugby ball hits the camera on the wire there?

  • 1642- Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

    Watched this lad in person at Leicester. He has the complete game. Ifhe can stay injury free he might well be the difference.

  • Tom McMurtry
    Tom McMurtry Hour ago

    NZRU didn't want SA out. The NZ closing of borders and elminitation of covid, briefly shared by Australia, meant SA weren't allowed in during that period by the government. But it was always wanted got SA to rejoin. However SA get more money from the European market and a better time zone. They wanted to leave and not come back.

  • Marco Este
    Marco Este Hour ago

    He lost but smile selfie with a fan the level of discipline that sports teach it's awesome

  • Eoin Druid
    Eoin Druid 2 hours ago

    No 1,3 and 4 were some nice kicking. No.1 was amazing. But seriously No.2 come on. If he couldn't kick that he shouldn't be walking

  • Carlos L-F
    Carlos L-F 2 hours ago

    I didnt expect to love this podcast and found myself smiling thoughout

  • kyle rein
    kyle rein 2 hours ago

    Legendary player in the SA team , SA are a great team but many of their wins have been a result of this mans kicking and points accumulated from his kicks, he just never seems to miss. As a kiwi All Blacks fan I was always nervous when the All Blacks play the boks but im even more nervous if Pollard is playing.

  • Brian Mashabane
    Brian Mashabane 2 hours ago

    That turn around pass by michalak was a work of art

  • Skaapskeerder
    Skaapskeerder 2 hours ago

    I know he doesn't really come over as such whilst donning the Persol shades but Schalk Brits is also an incredibly humble guy. I happened to share a flight with him, Jean de Villiers, Jacques Kallis and Herchelle Gibbs between Joburg and CT about a year or so ago. Generally I wouldn't regard myself as a fan boy type of person, so was surprised to end up staring and grinning like a fool when we got to the baggage collection area together. It must have been so obvious that Schalk actually walked up to me to introduce himself while we were waiting for our bags 😂. I think I told him something along the lines of "I already know who he is and jeez its not every day you end up in a flight with your childhood heroes". His reply: "Don't worry they are still my heroes too!"

  • DossieSG
    DossieSG 2 hours ago

    Would be ok to watch this without the constant giggling. Is that Brits or the Scot

  • Valentino Diedericks

    Are you guys not wondering why he missed those kicks against Ireland and nothing against NZ or Tonga? Im just thinking hmmm was the loss to ireland on purpose?

    FOMO FUD 2 hours ago

    Absolutely loved this, great job boys.

  • Terence Delacy
    Terence Delacy 2 hours ago

    Great 4sum Saffa pundits take note how its done knowledgeable and humorous well done guys

  • Greg Magennis
    Greg Magennis 2 hours ago

    Brilliant chin wag 🎉