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  • Noahs noah fan oh no no

    I really wannna know what he said

  • Jared Buchanan
    Jared Buchanan 12 minutes ago

    Didn’t get it when cal said Harry knows where the line is, can anyone help.

  • Werewulf
    Werewulf 17 minutes ago

    7:38 the brown guy waving at the camera in the background 😂

  • Chloe Dancer
    Chloe Dancer 20 minutes ago

    Love Ethan and Simon just making fun of the Welsh language😂😂😂

  • Elvin Gamer
    Elvin Gamer 23 minutes ago


  • Sachit Verma
    Sachit Verma 27 minutes ago

    Emma's @ ?

  • Alamin Ahmed
    Alamin Ahmed 28 minutes ago

    Anyone still here even after watching this for like th 5th time?? I am, love from East London👊❤

  • Super Duper
    Super Duper 29 minutes ago

    2:12 thats the best clip on Clip-Share ever!!!

  • Dabing Squidward
    Dabing Squidward 29 minutes ago

    Sidemen:The pain

  • M4dsi
    M4dsi 31 minute ago

    I don't understand 9:45 can someone explain, please?

  • Gabe 3062
    Gabe 3062 35 minutes ago

    Do another sidemen tinder They’re the funniest videos on the internet.

  • currer currer
    currer currer 38 minutes ago


  • the king Holland
    the king Holland 38 minutes ago


  • HAZZA 16
    HAZZA 16 44 minutes ago

    Almost 900k likes wtf

  • Jordan Alford
    Jordan Alford 44 minutes ago

    Round of applause for callux lmfao wow

  • hellooo plz
    hellooo plz 44 minutes ago

    When's the pasta bit?

  • Ella Bella
    Ella Bella 46 minutes ago

    19:47 they lowered my expectations so much I actually just stopped being into guys😂😂

  • Ben 10
    Ben 10 47 minutes ago

    What’s the music at the end?

  • Nooby burgerbob
    Nooby burgerbob 49 minutes ago


  • Sketchycard
    Sketchycard 49 minutes ago

    500k likes done

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy 53 minutes ago

    I even caught him digging up avicci 😂💀😂

  • Ellie S
    Ellie S 54 minutes ago

    Why is JJ always being the odd one out 😂

  • Thomas Powell
    Thomas Powell 54 minutes ago


  • Mimz Thecreep
    Mimz Thecreep 56 minutes ago

    Song at the end ?

  • Lilli-jaye Lawson
    Lilli-jaye Lawson 56 minutes ago

    Let’s all wear different colours and not tell Vikk and Harry

  • Jacob Bolivar
    Jacob Bolivar 57 minutes ago

    Why do they always have to overreact when they hit the cross bar I mean is like it’s their first time hitting it like if u agree

  • Arnie Point
    Arnie Point 59 minutes ago

    If iijujjuu

  • Sivolee Paul
    Sivolee Paul Hour ago

    4:22 tHIS ONE GOT ME SOOO MUCH!!!!!! OML!!!!

  • Shane Phillips
    Shane Phillips Hour ago

    What did Harry said when it bleep out when he was trying to do a spell?

  • Gordon Boyd
    Gordon Boyd Hour ago

    Ethan is the worst at seeking just ask his dad

  • AKA_70
    AKA_70 Hour ago

    omg jj

  • Jamie McCarry
    Jamie McCarry Hour ago


  • Leland
    Leland Hour ago

    Ngl Toby kinda drippin rn

  • DuwoGamesHD
    DuwoGamesHD Hour ago

    Steven Tries had the best Lines, I bet Harry was jealous!

  • JN - 05LE - Hanover PS (1428)

    ksi is going to kill logan pual

  • Quynh Nguyen
    Quynh Nguyen Hour ago


  • Nirav Prasad
    Nirav Prasad Hour ago

    Best video ever

  • Milkovski Antonio

    In a nutshell this vid is JJ being bullied by the rest of the sidemen

  • Henry Clark
    Henry Clark Hour ago

    JJ doesn’t need a suit

  • Vasvi Sadhwani
    Vasvi Sadhwani Hour ago

    Ethan at 15:40 OMMGG class.

  • lolzzz
    lolzzz Hour ago

    Calfreezys ones were coldddd

  • Julia Patricia
    Julia Patricia Hour ago

    I can 100% see Harry as a dad like a genuine one

  • Joel Jeavons
    Joel Jeavons Hour ago

    Do bake off 2

  • The Mikro
    The Mikro Hour ago

    Yo eathen is looking so fing good

  • Lucas Pepper
    Lucas Pepper Hour ago

    This is how many like true Geordie said ( do u know what I mean )

  • The UltraPokeBaller

    Petition to have the sidemen to do a lip sync battle

  • M M
    M M Hour ago

    Did anyone realise Simon is wearing yellow crocks ???

  • Garage Pro
    Garage Pro Hour ago

    JJ: jus woken up gonna get saink healthy to eat Also JJ: *goes maccie Ds*

  • The Mikro
    The Mikro Hour ago

    Yo I’m a Jew but I us funny as f

  • Thah Lgend
    Thah Lgend Hour ago

    Their making bank how many ads are on here dam


    3:30 Nappa:what does the scouter say about his power level Me: ITS OVER 9000

  • The not so smart Unicorn

    I think Harry drank the funny stuff in the lava lamp

  • 2K YRN
    2K YRN Hour ago

    Nahh stephen tries was the hardest dont evn argue

  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz Hour ago

    19:19 harry’s 6 pack😳

  • King Grandpa James III Of the Kingdom Grandpania

    Why was 10 minutes of the video them walking from desks to phil

  • Emir Kandemir
    Emir Kandemir Hour ago

    12:10 was that an alcohol joke

  • Sam 'n Jayz
    Sam 'n Jayz Hour ago

    This adventure playground southend

  • F2mele Mele
    F2mele Mele Hour ago

    Colab with beta squad

  • POLO_PCs
    POLO_PCs Hour ago

    Like for part 2 👇

  • Internal Panda
    Internal Panda Hour ago

  • Hussain Mahmood
    Hussain Mahmood 2 hours ago

    I don’t think harry realises how funny he actually is

  • bxmber
    bxmber 2 hours ago

    did i just seriously watch this 58 minute video

  • Ano Nym
    Ano Nym 2 hours ago


  • FireBlazzt
    FireBlazzt 2 hours ago

    18:48 JJ didn't read the sign

  • Lewis Designs
    Lewis Designs 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Lozcast sound like Phil?

  • Facelessorb Videos
    Facelessorb Videos 2 hours ago

    His spankings are easy. My parents were way harder

  • Beaudoin Motorsports


  • orlandofox_
    orlandofox_ 2 hours ago

    Stephen tries, what a guy

  • Roger Hasbani
    Roger Hasbani 2 hours ago

    Yo I wanted phil

  • Killarney School of English

    Never Say Die Son Unless your in Russia -Commentators 2018

  • freakindamnshiki
    freakindamnshiki 2 hours ago

    the roat of Talia xD

  • Jakesgames 123
    Jakesgames 123 2 hours ago

    JJ needs to calm down. He’s to loud

  • Stacey Martin
    Stacey Martin 2 hours ago

    Who wasn’t wondering were Simon was there at the start

  • King Grandpa James III Of the Kingdom Grandpania

    My ranking of the sidemen best to worst Harry Vik Simon Toby Ethan Josh JJ

  • Liv Lucie
    Liv Lucie 2 hours ago

    24:12 Oscar performance there

  • Mekenzi Marku
    Mekenzi Marku 2 hours ago

    ethen hit harry

    XEXROX 2 hours ago


  • Infa Red
    Infa Red 2 hours ago

    I have been coughing up brown goo

  • NaNurmum !
    NaNurmum ! 2 hours ago

    7:07 I started to die of laughter jj is so funny

  • xmcm
    xmcm 2 hours ago

    Miniminter naenaeing is forever engraved in my brain 😂

  • OP_toddy X
    OP_toddy X 2 hours ago

    Sidemen sumo 2 ? We all want it

  • Brandon Vang
    Brandon Vang 2 hours ago

    Ethan is such a good mate like fr

  • Ali-a Brunez
    Ali-a Brunez 2 hours ago

    its called ski vs sidemen but there all fighting each other who sees that?

  • ThatGuyAlly
    ThatGuyAlly 2 hours ago

    Lawrence absolutely killed this

  • Ali-a Brunez
    Ali-a Brunez 2 hours ago

    at 1:32 harry is so cringe

  • Tiarnan Reilly
    Tiarnan Reilly 2 hours ago

    Where tf is phil

  • Dheer c
    Dheer c 2 hours ago

    if the sidemen had a concert where they all did their disstracks i would pay any amount of money to go

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez 2 hours ago

    53:53 💀

  • kaitroly yt.
    kaitroly yt. 2 hours ago

    Does anyone know the song from 28:29?

  • Yandel Maldoando
    Yandel Maldoando 2 hours ago

    That part he fell

  • ApG BeastMuffin
    ApG BeastMuffin 2 hours ago

    Every single time they cut to KSI I was dying of laughter

  • Georgy Safonov
    Georgy Safonov 2 hours ago

    “What about female sperm” ~Simon 2019

  • Savannah Lily
    Savannah Lily 2 hours ago

    This reminds me from when I have a supplie teacher

  • Daniall Mudasar
    Daniall Mudasar 2 hours ago

    The best part of this video is definitely 6:45 ;)))

  • Andrew de Boer
    Andrew de Boer 2 hours ago

    lawrence and geordie were hopeless

  • LifeOfNayNay
    LifeOfNayNay 2 hours ago

    who was talking to KSI and Miniminter at the end of the video as the voices were altered was it someone they both know lol

  • Rhianna Rajput
    Rhianna Rajput 2 hours ago

    12:00 Harry’s scream lmao 😂 Edit: 16:57 as well 😆

  • meme troll meme
    meme troll meme 2 hours ago

    Both Ksi sideman and faze apex

  • irving salazar
    irving salazar 2 hours ago

    Shouldn’t KSI be Training instead of making videos? 30min Of his life could have been invested into the fight... what an idiot ..

  • alex 20alex03
    alex 20alex03 2 hours ago

    Ethan: I found that spot but I let harry have it Harry: he has a good spot but not as good as mine