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  • Swa Sho
    Swa Sho 2 hours ago

    Tomlin seems like he would be the most fun coach to play for

  • Lazor _US
    Lazor _US 2 hours ago

    Let's go cardinals we need to lose higher the pick 🙏🙏

  • wikipediabrown007
    wikipediabrown007 2 hours ago

    How was 9:14 not PI?

  • tired &hungry
    tired &hungry 2 hours ago

    As a bears fan, the Cutler vs Green Bay years were horrific to watch. But dammit the man beat em on Brett Favre night so I’ll take that lmao.

  • Josue Diaz
    Josue Diaz 2 hours ago

    I feel so bad for car he deserve a better team he has quality to be in a better team I wish the colts can have him

  • Skeeter Doo
    Skeeter Doo 2 hours ago

    That 49er 75-yard TD should never have happened. If the Saint defenders had simply tackled him instead of futilely trying to cause a fumble, they might have held SF to a field goal. You see this all the time in this league---defensive players spending more time trying to strip the ball than tackle the runner. They end up ceding 5-10 yards on such stupidity.

  • 37Dionysos
    37Dionysos 2 hours ago

    I'm done watching the game after the cheerleader at 1:08

  • Julian Gonzalez
    Julian Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    Who’s here after the SAINTS VS 49ERS GAME

  • King Christopher LA ave

    Younghoe Koo has 2 or 3 onside kicks a fumble recovery Koo kicks ass🔥 Riseup

  • west coast flava
    west coast flava 2 hours ago

    Packers choked away this game only for Seattle to choke away the super bowl :/

  • Ildar Galiullin
    Ildar Galiullin 2 hours ago

    Ilya Bunin как бы перевели тебя Илья Бан ин)

  • Allan Logsdon
    Allan Logsdon 2 hours ago

    She's so pretty when she's not drowning in her crazy music video makeup.

  • Animelytical
    Animelytical 2 hours ago

    I love Tomlin mic'd up. His hype and passion for all phases is awesome. I wish I knew I liked him as a person. I can see how he has this team feeling inspired.

  • reptiliandomination1

    The next season the eagles became superbowl 🏆

  • Mika Cotty
    Mika Cotty 2 hours ago

    this Highlight sucks.

  • Ben Wa
    Ben Wa 2 hours ago

    Epic game. Not just because of The Pat's losing, but Nick Foles performance throughout the season, nfc championship game and this game. I'll never forget it. Coming from a Cowboys fan.

  • Garrett J. Frick
    Garrett J. Frick 2 hours ago

    Why is it that you can break the plane and not have to have a foot in bounds, but if it's at the back of the end zone when it's a catch you have to have both fee in bounds. Can anyone answer.

  • Terrence Aldridge
    Terrence Aldridge 2 hours ago

    Coming into the league this year nobody expected us to do this so keep underestimating us... but the bears had high expectations.... keep doubting the packers like y'all was doing n let us be great without your support thanks green n gold all bay baby

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  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez 2 hours ago

    Who's house? Rams!

  • Terrence Aldridge
    Terrence Aldridge 2 hours ago

    I see a lot of bear fans in my comments.... sorry we gone win go pack go

  • Noszair Jones
    Noszair Jones 2 hours ago

    Either bills line is weak or they couldnt handle rave line

  • Roasted Toasted7
    Roasted Toasted7 2 hours ago

    Tom Brady been playing since I was born that’s crazy I’m just as old as his nfl career lol damn it sure is an honor to witness the greatest football player of all time

  • Taylor Allen
    Taylor Allen 2 hours ago

    These comments are beautiful. LEGGO NINER FAM

  • Christian Arcos
    Christian Arcos 2 hours ago

    Niners take notes.

  • George Nixon
    George Nixon 2 hours ago

    That’s Roquan smith at 3:25😂😂

  • Owen Pustell
    Owen Pustell 2 hours ago

    Lavonte David and the fans is a great segment

  • OneBucPerson
    OneBucPerson 2 hours ago

    I honestly believe Murray will be able to take the league over once Arizona gives him an actual O-line to play behind.

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo 2 hours ago

    Lol the cheating patriots continue to show us why their rings are made of plastic and how stupid their fanbase truly is

  • NBA2
    NBA2 2 hours ago

    This happened before 9/11

  • Michael MACCHIA
    Michael MACCHIA 2 hours ago

    Bengals for the Upset

  • Michael MACCHIA
    Michael MACCHIA 2 hours ago

    How low can you be to spy on a 1-12 team?

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 2 hours ago

    1:18 Cod Hitmarker 🤣

  • Michael MACCHIA
    Michael MACCHIA 2 hours ago

    Please win Chargers- Rams fan

  • Michael MACCHIA
    Michael MACCHIA 2 hours ago

    This will be a Vikings Home Game

  • Kaleo Delatori
    Kaleo Delatori 2 hours ago

    Every time i see that play to cook i wish tart never got hurt

  • G G
    G G 2 hours ago

    He looks like he may get drafted to the browns if he plays his cards right

  • Robert Heath
    Robert Heath 2 hours ago

    What if holding was called on the helmet check play

  • Zezo Ferretti
    Zezo Ferretti 2 hours ago

    49ers is 11-2, he was SO WRONG lol

  • Isaac Davies
    Isaac Davies 2 hours ago

    Coach Tomlin a hell of a coach, i think he should get coach of the year

  • Michael MACCHIA
    Michael MACCHIA 2 hours ago

    Lets get this one Rams Nation. Lets not overlook this game. The Cowboys are at home for crying out loud! Anthing can happen. Go Rams! #RamsHouse #HornsUp

  • Jaccobtw
    Jaccobtw 2 hours ago

    Trap game

  • Tom Richards
    Tom Richards 2 hours ago

    God I love Mike Tomlin

  • Randy Talltree
    Randy Talltree 2 hours ago

    I think Haskins will be legit with the right coaching next year.

  • Christian Productions

    Tevin Coleman gon run all over his old team 😂😂😂

  • Mark Felder
    Mark Felder 2 hours ago

    When are the Bills going to stop wearing the all red uniforms. I think they've lost every game when wearing them.

  • Ritchie V
    Ritchie V 2 hours ago

    2:05 Shazier with a catch, rare sight

  • Everything Remains Raw Podcast

    Is he trying to be funny when he said "He FIRES it. That WAS A DART!" @ 00:50 ? ?? Cause that was a shitty wobble wobble 504 boys pass.

  • Lucas Olivieri
    Lucas Olivieri 2 hours ago

    One of the best Super Bowl shows ever

  • Mark Symbala
    Mark Symbala 2 hours ago

    Dec 20 1981 these teams were playing for the central division crown.

  • Mark Felder
    Mark Felder 2 hours ago

    At the 10:25 mark of this video the Eagles should have gotten a delay of game penalty. The clock goes to 00 before the ball is snapped. I thought they reviewed all scoring plays.

  • Gama-Yushi Wasabi
    Gama-Yushi Wasabi 2 hours ago

    Im a Bears fan till the wheels fall off but damn I got chills when #55 from Packers said...Pro bowl...We going to the SuperBowl and shook on it!!

  • Danyboy
    Danyboy 2 hours ago

    I think it’s better than get out too DHop.

  • Dean Coronado
    Dean Coronado 2 hours ago

    This commentary is making me laugh my ass off at 10:35 in the evening. Dammit, Kittle!

  • Nicholas Stillman
    Nicholas Stillman 2 hours ago

    I love how everyone picked the bills to beat the ravens but noone is picking them to beat the steelers.... this shows my ravens are still underrated

  • Sean Miller
    Sean Miller 2 hours ago

    Sheesh, all football players say to each other is “one play at a time bro, do your job bro, play ball bro, praise god bro”

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez 2 hours ago

    "I'm tired.... PERIOD"

  • tridentseven693
    tridentseven693 2 hours ago

    I predict a 49ers win 35-10. I think Deebo will have a 100+ yard game while getting a TD. KB and Juice will also find the end zone. Niners RBs will combine for over 100 yards and have 2 rushing TDs. As for Defense, I predict 3 sacks: 2 from Bosa and 1 from Armstead. Matt Ryan will also throw a pick to Moseley.

  • Ian Houk
    Ian Houk 2 hours ago

    God its sickening seeing all these bandwagon 9ers fans now that they're winning for the first time in a long ass time.

  • Bills Mafia
    Bills Mafia 2 hours ago

    Still doubt my bills. Doubt us. Sleep on us. We’ll make it to the afc championship if we don’t play ravens

  • Derrick Talbert
    Derrick Talbert 3 hours ago

    browns lifer say 37-27 cards

  • Bills Mafia
    Bills Mafia 3 hours ago

    If you wanna start lamar? Ummm.. buffalo.. buffalo shut down lamar. They are a scary threat in the playoff

  • Randy Talltree
    Randy Talltree 3 hours ago

    AP = Garrison Hearst '01...still got it.

  • DJ Chill Will
    DJ Chill Will 3 hours ago

    7:17 "His fourth today." His fourth penalty today?? That's gonna be a problem.

  • DJ Chill Will
    DJ Chill Will 3 hours ago

    Hey Aaron Donald, where's your new sack celebration you promised? I checked at 2:46 and didn't see it. EDIT: I'm referring to the one he mentioned while eating pizza a week ago.

  • Derrick Talbert
    Derrick Talbert 3 hours ago

    no matter how good or great or bad or mediocre the offense plays. What about the defense!! i have no confidence in wins recently

  • YoungGhostTMH
    YoungGhostTMH 3 hours ago

    Damn. Seattle and Baltimore both celebrated like they won the Super Bowl when they barely scraped by with a FG for their wins over the Niners. That tells you how Good SF is this year. Last minute FG wins in regular season get celebrated like a Lombardi Trophy moment. #GoNiners

  • Dem H78
    Dem H78 3 hours ago

    The Gold Standard.

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown 3 hours ago

    Had a 60 yard reception called back also

  • Liam McCarthy
    Liam McCarthy 3 hours ago

    This has been us all season but I don’t understand how we can pop off like we did in the first quarter and then just do nothing for most of the rest of the game

  • WorldSuperMedia 750
    WorldSuperMedia 750 3 hours ago

    If this is not the Super Bowl matchup I’m gonna be severely disappointed

    GAVIN BASS 3 hours ago

    The Ravens are about to break some more franchise records in this one! Biggest blowout to a team and earliest for the backup QB to ever come in the game hahah!

  • Deb T
    Deb T 3 hours ago

    Tell me why this sh*t is just a video on how the ravens are gonna run these dudes out of the stadium and what the jets could potentially do to stop it lmao

  • Your Mum
    Your Mum 3 hours ago

    Am I trippin or is that Mike Keith in the background at 5:56

  • a.gon
    a.gon 3 hours ago

    Wheres the mnf game?

  • Robert Bohnaker
    Robert Bohnaker 3 hours ago

    Why are the Blues Brothers doing football commentary ?

  • Patriot751
    Patriot751 3 hours ago

    Steve Young could of been a great NFL running back. Moves nobody ever seen !!

  • Chris Heuckkk
    Chris Heuckkk 3 hours ago


  • Ryu Hayabusa
    Ryu Hayabusa 3 hours ago

    Dallas gets blown out, and Cowboys Nation gets their Christmas present early when Garrett finally gets fired on Monday. Merry Christmas Cowboys Nation!

  • YoungGhostTMH
    YoungGhostTMH 3 hours ago

    Damn that missed FG by the 9ers killed them

  • Patriot751
    Patriot751 3 hours ago

    Amazing story !! Both real pros. I would of demanded a trade if I was Young. He wasted alot of years sitting the bench. Both hall of famers !!!

  • YoungGhostTMH
    YoungGhostTMH 3 hours ago

    Damn how many times my 9ers fell for that same ass fake hand off jackson run. Like wtf

  • Mr. Fahrenheit
    Mr. Fahrenheit 3 hours ago

    8:32 anyone else notice the lone cleveland guy

  • Jacki Marshall
    Jacki Marshall 3 hours ago

    38 broncos 24 chiefs..go broncos..

    SPOOKY STONE 3 hours ago

    I’ll admit it at the start of the Steelers season I was one of the people making jokes about them but now I am such a fan of them they are so likable and really do feel like a family despite all their setbacks they’ve really turned it around all hail the duck!

  • Parzevel The Blunt
    Parzevel The Blunt 3 hours ago

    We are banged up a bit on defense. Can't get caught sleeping this week. Treat Atlanta like a playoff team and shut down Ryan. Come on 9ers get that W.

  • Falconsfan408
    Falconsfan408 3 hours ago

    28-24 falcons

  • K Zotto ·
    K Zotto · 3 hours ago

    my favorite running back coldest dude out

  • Nate Huynh
    Nate Huynh 3 hours ago

    This is like the worst commutators ever.

    MDAOLI MP 3 hours ago

    28 22 Texans

  • Ildar Galiullin
    Ildar Galiullin 3 hours ago

    TITANS WILL WIN no chance for texans. TITANS/OILERS the best 34-17 TITANS W

  • Topdamdroppa
    Topdamdroppa 3 hours ago

    Hopefully my Texans crash and burn down the stretch so we could get this bumbling idiot and his old ass geezer calling the defense out of Houston.. I predict texans 10 titans 40 in another embarrassment

  • ed hanes
    ed hanes 3 hours ago

    Can we PLEEEASE have an easy game???? pretty please

  • J El Native
    J El Native 3 hours ago

    Jags should just clean house smh

  • Fred Castro
    Fred Castro 3 hours ago

    I hope my cards win this is the only game they have a chance to get one more.

  • Johnny Figueroa
    Johnny Figueroa 3 hours ago

    Eagles go 9-7, beat Seattle in the wild card, then beat the Saints and then beat Vikings in the nfc championship game again. Super bowl versus the ravens and win it all let’s go!!!

    OGMEMESGOD 700 3 hours ago


  • Tommy Maurice
    Tommy Maurice 3 hours ago

    48-17 Tampa

  • Bob Luatimu
    Bob Luatimu 3 hours ago

    2019 Jimmy G.Q 11-2

  • Rare Cheeto
    Rare Cheeto 3 hours ago

    We got all these high hopes cowgirls fans in the comments😂