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Top 25 Rookies of 2019
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Breaking Down the MVP Race
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  • Jaze
    Jaze 3 hours ago

    Bruh I hate how they only showed the cowboys for like 5 seconds

    LROD NYC 3 hours ago

    What do you tell your doubters & haters? already told them TWICE!! 😉...Go Giants!!

  • Zach Wachs
    Zach Wachs 3 hours ago

    Tom Brady ran a 5.6 and he's the best player in NFL history.

  • Hudson13
    Hudson13 3 hours ago

    He got everyone wrong😂

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml 3 hours ago

    Nobody: Ian Eagle: AH HOH!!!!!

  • Heated Wavez Podcast ⬅ predictions #HeatedWavezPodcast

  • Luis Velazquez
    Luis Velazquez 4 hours ago

    No me canso de ver esto!

  • Kobe Ellis
    Kobe Ellis 4 hours ago

    1:02 the best

  • howard yo
    howard yo 4 hours ago

    Brady has it all, he can now retire, all he has to do is get a wife that doesnt look like skeletor

  • Michael Sali
    Michael Sali 4 hours ago

    Dislikes are from Travis Scott, Maroon 5 & NFL himself

  • Joe B
    Joe B 4 hours ago

    San Francisco dominated the game with Green Bay during the regular season. Green Bay will be better prepared this week and will win 27-21.

  • Applespice puppies
    Applespice puppies 4 hours ago

    titans win 33-24

  • Patrick Marschall
    Patrick Marschall 4 hours ago

    Where is the trick on the Raji TD?

  • vsaminat
    vsaminat 4 hours ago

    At first look that stiff arm on Earl Thomas didn't look too bad since Derrick didn't get him on the ground. Then I realized that he turned Earl around AND pushed him away like he was a lil kid!!

  • Treven Christensen
    Treven Christensen 4 hours ago

    Fun Fact: regardless of what happens on Sunday in the AFC championship the Titans have beaten every divisional leader in the AFC this year

  • cloudscholar22
    cloudscholar22 4 hours ago

    Unbelievable D hall “X”

  • vsaminat
    vsaminat 4 hours ago

    With his upright running style, he should be getting lit up by defenses because he presents such a large hitting area. But instead he's just running over and through everybody!!

  • Franchesco Hernandez

    This video is for all the people who haven't watched the ravens all season and talk out of their ass

  • tara connor
    tara connor 4 hours ago

    Best half time performance hands down

  • Jonah White
    Jonah White 4 hours ago

    Tyreek Hill “ how many times we gonna score in a row?” Robinson “4” Proceeds to score 4 in the second quarter😂

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown 4 hours ago

    You are the man... Ravens Baby..

  • Jim Stark
    Jim Stark 4 hours ago

    When the fugg are the Texans going to fire coach Bill O'Brien? This dude is totally incompetent and Watson's career is being wasted by being on a team led by O'Brien. O'Brien continuing to tolerate poor offensive line blocking is going to get Watson injured in the pocket and shorten his career.

  • Emmanuel Ogunyemi
    Emmanuel Ogunyemi 4 hours ago

    Gotta love Eli 👑✨

  • klaw547
    klaw547 4 hours ago

    Joe: You go to the Will Kittle: I dont know what that means... 🤣🤣🤣 Are you kidding me!!?? And this man is still dominant!

  • KOTJ412
    KOTJ412 4 hours ago

    The playoffs is a different beast compared to regular season...Level of play is more lit...if this game lives up to’s going to be 🔥 & should be difficult to win on both sides. Good luck to step closer to the SB!

  • Noah Oh
    Noah Oh 4 hours ago

    U know something went wrong in Maryland when this is uploaded before the Super Bowl

    ULTRA GAMERS 4 hours ago

    The whole video is just Jamie’s Winston

  • The Carnage
    The Carnage 4 hours ago

    Favorite parts 1"No can do Cowboy". 2"Russ,Pat". 3"I got you Tony". 4"You still got it.Yeah that hurt". 5:"Oh boy".

  • the chip shop
    the chip shop 4 hours ago

    The 88 Cincinnati Bengals possibly the best single season afc team of the 80's , pity about nt Tim Krumrie getting injured , may have cost them the game , rip coach Wyche .

  • Jason Torres
    Jason Torres 4 hours ago

    mahomes still putting the guns up in the huddle


    People are so forgetful of how the Ravens and Lamar MVP dominated the league...they had 3 weeks off of winning 12 straight every week,they played off sync,the Titans had a good game and didn't make mistakes,Ravens had ONE bad game,they're still a top 5 team no matter how you put it...a lot of the team was signed for contract extensions for the next few years so they'll be back..Titans will have a better record next year too,Ravens 12-4 Titans 11-5 or 12-4 next season

  • KID M
    KID M 4 hours ago

    Did anyone think they was Nate Robinson in the thumbnail I know its Derrick Henry

  • Silent Night
    Silent Night 4 hours ago


  • Ricardo Nunez
    Ricardo Nunez 4 hours ago

    Packers: 35 | 49ers: 31

  • Austin Gould
    Austin Gould 4 hours ago

    The Cardinals cheated!

  • David H
    David H 4 hours ago

    27:59 so is that why they have RBs do that jump thing at the combine?

  • Zack Angelo
    Zack Angelo 4 hours ago

    Go pack go off with san Frans head fed Aaron Jones the ball let him run all over the 49ers if we do that they will have to try to stop the run that would leave more opportunities for no other than Davante you can't stop him Adams baby lets go

  • Juan Zuniga
    Juan Zuniga 4 hours ago

    Guys it's going to be packer and chiefs, NFL is the WWE

  • Frank Masselli
    Frank Masselli 4 hours ago

    Damn Frank Gore been around for a minute

  • Insta Naz2k19
    Insta Naz2k19 4 hours ago

    We already WON

  • Joshua May
    Joshua May 4 hours ago

    Kirk cousins “ go win it we’ll be routing for you” respect!

  • 12th man
    12th man 4 hours ago

    Who’s MVP Like: Wilson Comment: Lamar

    PBGSURFER65 4 hours ago

    I'm glad Ryan Tannehill got out of Miami. It shows the dolphins how bad they are on the offensive line.

  • Robby Hughes
    Robby Hughes 4 hours ago


  • Abhay Kamath
    Abhay Kamath 4 hours ago

    Hey guys I’m new to American football, can you guys tell me what’s going on in the season and summarize what’s going on, I learned the rules and followed some pages but im still a little confused.

  • Jaja Fuck communsim
    Jaja Fuck communsim 4 hours ago


  • ATRAX Productions
    ATRAX Productions 4 hours ago

    This game makes me feel better

  • Kyle K
    Kyle K 4 hours ago

    Why did jamarcus wear a Virginia Tech pin at the draft

  • Filadelphia Fan
    Filadelphia Fan 4 hours ago

    Tom Couglin.....a moron's moron. Giants Suck

  • ImmaStrucidBot 1
    ImmaStrucidBot 1 4 hours ago

    Who's also been with tryod since buffalo

  • Jacob Is not here right now

    Ten 31-30

  • KingShaun2019
    KingShaun2019 5 hours ago

    I’m gonna act like ik what super bowl number this is

  • Janie Castilla
    Janie Castilla 5 hours ago

    49ers 31 Packers 28

  • Bryan
    Bryan 5 hours ago


  • WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard

    Booooo(Riley Freeman)

  • D ROC
    D ROC 5 hours ago

    2:31 that's not a non qb pass...

  • Jacrispie Jackson
    Jacrispie Jackson 5 hours ago

    22 reps for 22

  • Rylan Trimble
    Rylan Trimble 5 hours ago

    This game was fun to watch when it was 24-0 i turneed the tv off then turned it back on 15 minutes later the score was 24-41 lol

  • Mitch Colburn
    Mitch Colburn 5 hours ago

    Haskins is straight trash just like every other Ohio State QB that goes to the NFL. Kyler Murray has a bad o-line and still put up respectable stats. Haskins is just plain BAD.

  • King Berserk
    King Berserk 5 hours ago

    Mans have the most passing TDs in the league and people still has the nerve to call him a RB smh

    KAATT NATION 5 hours ago

    Patrick was playn like Tom Brady

  • Billy Boy Blue
    Billy Boy Blue 5 hours ago

    i would have heckled this

  • SG_mjsref
    SG_mjsref 5 hours ago

    I can’t be the only one wondering why the Houston fan was wearing red

  • Chris Boyd
    Chris Boyd 5 hours ago

    TEN 31-28

  • Jordan
    Jordan 5 hours ago

    What a week for Football.

  • Dustin Lopez
    Dustin Lopez 5 hours ago

    30-24 Titans.

  • najeeb lynch
    najeeb lynch 5 hours ago

    SF def Green bay 45-20

  • Killuminati1991
    Killuminati1991 5 hours ago

    GOD PLEASE LET THE TITANS BEAT THE CHIEFS! For the sake of the country

  • RollTide1987
    RollTide1987 5 hours ago

    That stiff arm would knock down a tree. Brutal.

  • Pete Nguyễn
    Pete Nguyễn 5 hours ago

    This might be the best live ever

  • Jac Raz
    Jac Raz 5 hours ago

    How many times he got predictions wrong ⬇️

  • Johnson Wong
    Johnson Wong 5 hours ago

    42 35 titans

  • Ahmed NY
    Ahmed NY 5 hours ago

    Giants should have been the flip cup dance vs the Eagles week 17

  • WD
    WD 5 hours ago

    When you realize Eric Fisher doing a Stone Cold Steve Austin impression by pouring two beers on himself isn’t here...

  • 라라라기
    라라라기 5 hours ago

    팝의 여왕인지는 모르겠고, 걍 전세계 다스리는 여왕해라 가가 ㅠ 학생때부터 직장인이 된 지금부터 사랑하고 있어 ㅠ 가가 사랑해 고마워

  • Christopher Do44
    Christopher Do44 5 hours ago

    The Machine !

  • Brad
    Brad 5 hours ago

    Im surprised you didnt put the Texans Fake Punt against the Chie.... oh

  • Cero 95
    Cero 95 5 hours ago

    Really wish he woulda stayed

  • Cherokee StormChaser

    Go 9ers!!!

  • J Perry
    J Perry 5 hours ago

    First guy picked the right SB Metallica once said..."Nothing else matters." Go Chiefs!

  • AB Sosa
    AB Sosa 5 hours ago

    21:03 “Rodgers in the shotgun takes the *SHnap* “

  • Jason Ting
    Jason Ting 5 hours ago

    6:39 number 55 so hot he literally smoking

  • Evanswift
    Evanswift 5 hours ago

    I remember last year the Bears had like 5-6 great trick plays... this year none... what a season

  • Brandon Rhodes
    Brandon Rhodes 5 hours ago

    Mahomes: ThEy"Re aLreADy CoUnTinG Us oUT

  • brandon King
    brandon King 5 hours ago

    85 on the 49ers 😳

  • reece j.
    reece j. 5 hours ago

    That thumbnail .. yes sirrrrr

  • ForgetfulLucas2
    ForgetfulLucas2 5 hours ago

    Packers deserved to win that one and I’m a Seahawks fan

  • Ostentatious Meme Gal

    lmao the description doesn't compliment this halftime show like it usually does with everyone else's

  • P KC
    P KC 5 hours ago

    Just ask ANY Ravens fan today about being TOO confident. Weren't THEY supposed to win the Super Bowl too? Never underestimate the's Playoffs.....and it's going to be very quiet the end of the game Sunday night in Levi's Stadium. ..............#GoPACKgo

  • Ostentatious Meme Gal

    12:09 can't stop replaying this part. it always gives me chills

  • Joe niners
    Joe niners 5 hours ago

    35-32 Titans.

  • George Bradford
    George Bradford 5 hours ago

    Who had this in their suggested?

  • Jack Wemply
    Jack Wemply 5 hours ago

    13:27 Where it all went wrong for Chiefs

    CAEDMON JAUCH 6 hours ago

    He picked all the teams who lost first round

  • Wayne Krumbach
    Wayne Krumbach 6 hours ago

    January madness!

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml 3 hours ago

      Man,If Titans think they got anything like this waiting at Arrowhead they are in for a Rude Awakening!

  • Walter Jennings
    Walter Jennings 6 hours ago

    Two great football teams & two great fan bases!!!! This is going to be a GOOD football game. The Titans & Chiefs played in Nashville this year & it was one of the best games in the entire NFL this year! A lot of Chief fans made the trip to Nashville for the game & many of them said that they absolutely had a Blast here in Nashville!!!! Im not one on predictions, but who ever wins this game I want that team to win the Super Bowl. I am a die hard Titans fan so of course I want the Titans to win it all. This year the Titans retired Steve McNair & Eddie George"s jerseys. The NFL Draft was in Nashville this year for the first time & it was the Best NFL Draft Ever!!! If you do a Clip-Share search of " NFL Draft Nashville Don't Stop Believing" you will see over 200,000 NFL fans come together singing one of the Greatest Songs of the 80's!!!!! Things seem to be really falling in place for the Titans. Titan Up!!!!!!

  • ItzYourboi10mm
    ItzYourboi10mm 6 hours ago

    Who are the announcers in this video?

  • Will McCallister
    Will McCallister 6 hours ago

    I’m taking Calvin Johnson, joe Thomas, Adrian Peterson, and Patric Willis before marshawn lol.

  • TwiZ Faded
    TwiZ Faded 6 hours ago

    To think if we would have won that game we would have had the number 1 seed

  • Steve G
    Steve G 6 hours ago

    It just may be that Bosa and company treat AR like a pit bull with a rag doll.