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Billie Eilish - bad guy
Views 594M6 months ago
Billie Eilish - bury a friend
Views 270M8 months ago
Billie Eilish - watch
Views 41M2 years ago
Billie Eilish - Bored
Views 18M2 years ago
Billie Eilish - Bellyache
Views 295M2 years ago


  • Samantha Jones
    Samantha Jones 18 seconds ago


  • fat rat and ugly *joins the battle*what

    duh moreline druh=bruh

  • Ethan Szymanski
    Ethan Szymanski 30 seconds ago

    This song sounds like a song dedicated to somebody who died.

  • Ricky Sevra
    Ricky Sevra 34 seconds ago

    I thought it was bad guy 🤣🤣

  • Natesketit
    Natesketit Minute ago

    Bald gang

  • Adel Sonia Dvorak
    Adel Sonia Dvorak Minute ago

    You are kopirating The Rasmus! This is not an original music video, Billie..

  • Ho Jee yan
    Ho Jee yan Minute ago

    This is so good xD

  • Somos LGBTI
    Somos LGBTI Minute ago

    *ALGÚN LATINO POR AQUÍ , OCTUBRE 2019* 🇦🇷🇧🇷🇨🇱🇧🇴🇨🇴🇲🇽🇨🇷🇨🇺🇩🇴🇪🇨🇸🇻🇬🇹🇭🇳🇵🇦🇵🇾🇵🇪🇵🇷🇺🇾🇻🇪

  • lol its meh oof
    lol its meh oof Minute ago

    No one: Litilray no one: My dog:😲😖

  • Somos LGBTI
    Somos LGBTI 2 minutes ago

    *ALGÚN LATINO POR AQUÍ* 🇦🇷🇧🇷🇨🇱🇧🇴🇨🇴🇲🇽🇨🇷🇨🇺🇩🇴🇪🇨🇸🇻🇬🇹🇭🇳🇵🇦🇵🇾🇵🇪🇵🇷🇺🇾🇻🇪

  • Laura Barry
    Laura Barry 5 minutes ago

    Why do I like this song

  • belji
    belji 5 minutes ago

    Дура блять нахуя так пугать?

  • Ege Selçuk
    Ege Selçuk 6 minutes ago

    joji da best

  • raissa fernandes
    raissa fernandes 6 minutes ago

    Queima senhor Jesus ! Vai quebrando toda a maldição que a nos olhos dessa mulher🙌

  • cute girl Kadiric
    cute girl Kadiric 7 minutes ago

    I love billie

  • Senem Çelen
    Senem Çelen 9 minutes ago

    White shirt now red, my bloody nose Sleeping, you're on your tippy toes Creeping around like no one knows Think you're so criminal Bruises, on both my knees for you Don't say thank you or please I do what I want when I'm wanting to My soul? So cynical So you're a tough guy Like it really rough guy Just can't get enough guy Chest always so puffed guy I'm that bad type Make your mama sad type Make your girlfriend mad tight Might seduce your dad type I'm the bad guy, duh I'm the bad guy I like it when you take control Even if you know that you don't Own me, I'll let you play the role I'll be your animal My mommy likes to sing along with me But she won't sing this song If she reads all the lyrics She'll pity the men I know So you're a tough guy Like it really rough guy Just can't get enough guy Chest always so puffed guy I'm that bad type Make your mama sad type Make your girlfriend mad tight Might seduce your dad type I'm the bad guy, duh I'm the bad guy, duh I'm only good at being bad, bad I like when you get mad I guess I'm pretty glad that you're alone You said she's scared of me? I mean, I don't see what she sees But maybe it's 'cause I'm wearing your cologne I'm a bad guy I'm a bad guy Bad guy, bad guy I'm a bad- Türkçe diline çevir

  • Angel Pachedjiev
    Angel Pachedjiev 9 minutes ago

    My eyes hurt only by watching this video

  • xMaxi11x XD
    xMaxi11x XD 10 minutes ago

    Me dijeron que el nuevo comentario con mas likes esta aquí :v

  • BDG Shorty4BH
    BDG Shorty4BH 10 minutes ago

    Eilish needs to pin or heart seths comment

  • isabel Damasceno
    isabel Damasceno 11 minutes ago


  • guthertheman
    guthertheman 11 minutes ago

    Deadass found out the bald guy comment exist and its already over 1 million likes jeez

  • Letícia Gamer
    Letícia Gamer 13 minutes ago

    I love you ❤❤

  • Lusy Lexa
    Lusy Lexa 13 minutes ago

    She is so sick :/

  • Thrilling Productions
    Thrilling Productions 14 minutes ago

    So fire

  • my name is jeff
    my name is jeff 14 minutes ago

    1% comments about "I'm the bald guy" 99% COMMENTS ABOUT "Like if you're here for the 'I'm the bald guy' "

  • %
    % 16 minutes ago

    Kosalocb nrugem tyr ykraina :D

  • Happy Hood
    Happy Hood 16 minutes ago

    bald guy btw

  • WitherBoy1
    WitherBoy1 16 minutes ago

    K just here for the bald guy i’ll uhh carry on...

    BIG BRAIN 16 minutes ago

    Whole vid me in nutshell

  • Brisa Cardillo
    Brisa Cardillo 17 minutes ago

    Sos lo mas

  • Ximema Valdes
    Ximema Valdes 17 minutes ago

    Viva Billie 🇲🇽:-)

  • PuppyDog ?!
    PuppyDog ?! 17 minutes ago

    im a weird cat

  • Cniyah Hollis
    Cniyah Hollis 18 minutes ago

    October 2019 anyone????

  • Female Dementia
    Female Dementia 18 minutes ago

    La Amo....!!!

  • Yøung Løg
    Yøung Løg 19 minutes ago

    I’m the haired guy

  • Ashley Gregory
    Ashley Gregory 19 minutes ago

    This is so sad :C

  • Female Dementia
    Female Dementia 20 minutes ago

    Me Encanta.. :3

  • Hilda Cervantes
    Hilda Cervantes 21 minute ago

    I Love billie eilish

  • SweetN SourGacha
    SweetN SourGacha 21 minute ago

    Who else sits in there room all day watching Billie Eilish? (Like if you do)

  • TwentyøneEyelashes
    TwentyøneEyelashes 21 minute ago

    Billie: Takes deep breath Every 12 year old girl ever: Wow. That's deep!

  • Frost Rusher
    Frost Rusher 22 minutes ago

    She actually dares to look at the mirror. I hate myself so much that i dont ever look at pictures or cameras or anything that will show my face.

  • wendy López
    wendy López 22 minutes ago

    que pedo con los dislike todo bien en casa?

  • Saba Ahmed
    Saba Ahmed 23 minutes ago

    We did it boys..............

  • Red Velvet Macaron
    Red Velvet Macaron 23 minutes ago

    The beginning scares me 😱 😂;-;

  • Jade plays Roblox ,sims ,gatcha life, and sings

    Why out of the eyes

  • Jeanette Garcia
    Jeanette Garcia 24 minutes ago

    Hi Billie!!😄!! im your new sub!

  • crappy potatoes
    crappy potatoes 25 minutes ago

    She's talking about climate change... Because in the lyrics she talked about the wildfire that happened in California, and one of the lyrics said "Man is such a fool, why are we saving him? Poisoning themselves now begging for our help, wow!" It's like she's saying that the human kind harmed the environment and now we are begging God to make it better even though we did this to ourselves.

    • crappy potatoes
      crappy potatoes 22 minutes ago

      The girls dancing in the fire would probably be a message that people are just dancing and having fun while climate change is happening around them and they don't care.

    • crappy potatoes
      crappy potatoes 23 minutes ago

      She also fell in the black oil and got stuck in it like those birds you see in pictures, if you search up "birds in oil" You'll see what I mean. This is also a cause of climate change

  • UpCycler A1
    UpCycler A1 26 minutes ago

    That's awesome. You have a real gift there.

  • WayneFTW
    WayneFTW 27 minutes ago

    I love that the most liked comment ever on youtube is just a joke on a really depressing weird song

  • Amela Halilovic
    Amela Halilovic 27 minutes ago

    Baaad guuy

  • •_ trash_•
    •_ trash_• 28 minutes ago


  • Nadja Catic
    Nadja Catic 29 minutes ago


  • marco grimoldi
    marco grimoldi 29 minutes ago

    Has anyone stolen Eminem's "Without me" chorus? Not a good girl ... Na na na nana, na na na nana, na na na na

  • Fantastic Dog
    Fantastic Dog 30 minutes ago

    Это не новыи клип

  • Nathan That Vlogger
    Nathan That Vlogger 30 minutes ago

    I’m 14 and this is deep

  • Smoki #Love
    Smoki #Love 30 minutes ago

    I Love you i,m your biggest Fan

  • Filippo Mangani
    Filippo Mangani 31 minute ago

    I'm the bass guy,or should i say bald.

  • Nicholas Hughes
    Nicholas Hughes 32 minutes ago

    Who else is annoyed with people saying "Like if you agree"? 👇 Like if you agree

    • WolfieInTheHouse OwO
      WolfieInTheHouse OwO 28 minutes ago

      You just said it yourself, does that mean you are annoyed with yourself?

  • Patson !
    Patson ! 32 minutes ago

    Who after watching second episode of Riverdale?

  • Crook Boss
    Crook Boss 33 minutes ago

    I was here until the bald guys hitted 1 mil , but he’s at 1.2 mil now

  • swiftie directioner
    swiftie directioner 34 minutes ago

    I came here from riverdale 😏

  • gooworld plays
    gooworld plays 36 minutes ago

    *Bald* guy is a *GOD GUY*

  • Andrey_MikonLol
    Andrey_MikonLol 37 minutes ago

    bury a friend, really?

  • Lazar beam
    Lazar beam 38 minutes ago

    I’m a mad guy

  • Yung ASH
    Yung ASH 39 minutes ago

    I'm the error guy

    JEESC YT 39 minutes ago

    biene por el comentario con mas likes :v

  • Gerardole33
    Gerardole33 40 minutes ago

    i think that seth everman got the most replies you can get and he got the first comment with 1M likes

  • Anna Augustinová
    Anna Augustinová 40 minutes ago

    I might be getting this wrong, but... is this about recurring depression?

  • Cagla Turksoy
    Cagla Turksoy 41 minute ago

    Türkler butonuyum..

  • Daniel Lopez Valiente
    Daniel Lopez Valiente 41 minute ago

    Hay wey estoy en 1990

  • Galaxy Spadez
    Galaxy Spadez 41 minute ago

    "i'm the bald guy" -SethEverman

  • Destroyerking 124
    Destroyerking 124 42 minutes ago

    here to like bald guy comment who else?

  • Mermaid MerSea
    Mermaid MerSea 42 minutes ago

    Depression is a darkness..... I know it well !

  • Soleil
    Soleil 43 minutes ago

    heart made of glass my mind of stone🧚🏻‍♀️

  • Young Discord
    Young Discord 44 minutes ago

    Why she sing like how I talk the last few seconds before I fall asleep?

  • Daniel Lopez Valiente
    Daniel Lopez Valiente 45 minutes ago

    Aburrido wakala

  • Rayssa Leiye
    Rayssa Leiye 45 minutes ago

    Cadê os br?

  • Bożena Możejko
    Bożena Możejko 45 minutes ago

    KOCHAM TO !!! ❤

  • Soleil
    Soleil 46 minutes ago

    Just wanna forget him just for one second

  • HighFlow
    HighFlow 47 minutes ago

    Bald guy, anyone?

  • VoXx
    VoXx 47 minutes ago

    The bald guy comment just keeps growing balder balder

  • Alyssamoy Amoy
    Alyssamoy Amoy 47 minutes ago


  • Денис Диванов

    Malifisenta 2

  • La marmotte des internets

    Really poor lyrics

  • La marmotte des internets

    Really bad

  • Julia Piesik
    Julia Piesik 48 minutes ago

    Kto z polski to 👍 POD TYM KOMENTARZEM

  • Ирка А
    Ирка А 48 minutes ago

    Сегодня кошмар точно приснится!!!!!

  • Scott AKA Gypo
    Scott AKA Gypo 49 minutes ago

    lucifer is lonely 47secs,my lucifers love , my god is god and is going to own you,and my 15yr old is listening to this shit over n over ,terrible wee lesbian Satan spunk stain on the sheets,that she is next madonna or next found in a bathroom dead....

  • FaKe
    FaKe 49 minutes ago

    *I'm Not Guy :c*

  • Александр Фомченко

    I'm the one who for this comment like record

  • TRV YEET ,
    TRV YEET , 49 minutes ago

    I'm only here for the bald guy comment to like the comment

  • Ioana Iacomi
    Ioana Iacomi 50 minutes ago THIS DUDE NEEDS A SHOUTOUT NO JOKE

  • Familia Morais
    Familia Morais 50 minutes ago

    I lovee

  • Timeless_Soldier YT
    Timeless_Soldier YT 51 minute ago


  • Familia Morais
    Familia Morais 51 minute ago


  • Double C
    Double C 52 minutes ago

    Only came to check the bald guy comment and yup it's real 😂

  • B_Adamson
    B_Adamson 53 minutes ago

    Bald guy comment hit 1 mil Now that is epic

  • Jonni Rico Näwie
    Jonni Rico Näwie 53 minutes ago

    Billie eilish hello du lebst ja Tiere bei mir kommt morgen ein Hund und ich liebe auch Hunde ich feiere die auch

  • Melisa Sengül
    Melisa Sengül 54 minutes ago