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  • Mat Ozil
    Mat Ozil 4 hours ago

    LOL 🤣🤣

  • Mat Ozil
    Mat Ozil 4 hours ago

    my COC account was blocked because of recovering my friend's account and my own account ..

  • Onion Wings
    Onion Wings 4 hours ago

    Mort is so cute

  • c456EX
    c456EX 4 hours ago

    #2:06 a family member face when they think they roasted me

  • VaPoR Fishhh
    VaPoR Fishhh 4 hours ago

    Please make more clash a Rama's

  • Garrett Merrill
    Garrett Merrill 5 hours ago

    Why did the baby dragon look like a big baby dragon when it grew up. It’s supposed look like a regular dragon

  • Ubiquitous Films
    Ubiquitous Films 6 hours ago

    Everytime it demands for OTP 😑😑😑😑

  • Rian2008 Fitzsimons
    Rian2008 Fitzsimons 6 hours ago

    Hog Rider really sprung up.

  • Rian2008 Fitzsimons
    Rian2008 Fitzsimons 6 hours ago

    Now Pekka and Shelly are happy they’re protected from an evil genius. Edit: Pekka is a noob on this game XD

    SY KURD 6 hours ago


  • Olivia Njuki
    Olivia Njuki 6 hours ago

    I love clash of clans

  • Eli Murillo
    Eli Murillo 6 hours ago

    Make more videos

  • A Mushroom with 50,000 Subscribers

    Archer: I don't smile *NEXT SCENE YOU CAN SEE HER SMILE*

  • Not Famous
    Not Famous 8 hours ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about how someone’s using jump spells for hogriders

  • Malkeet Raju
    Malkeet Raju 8 hours ago

    Woody is so cringey

  • mytic but not legendary


  • Copper Gaming and more

    Level 12 cannon in level 7 town hall that crazy

  • Undertale Fan
    Undertale Fan 8 hours ago

    Hey jakko came back! Even though nobody sees this comment

  • Oat & FRIENDS!
    Oat & FRIENDS! 8 hours ago

    5:36 that song summarized my value and will to live 😔

  • الجنرال الجنرال

    اريد ارجع قرتي المحضوره ممكن تسعدوني

  • الجنرال الجنرال

    ممكن سوال

  • Joseph Deffendoll
    Joseph Deffendoll 9 hours ago

    Yes boom beach is alive and well. It has awesome new updates , games, new characters and much more. Join us on the beach today! Bring your troops you will need them. Baaahaaahaaaaahaaaaahaaaaahaaahaaahaaaahaa.....

  • iT woOddY!!
    iT woOddY!! 9 hours ago

    0:02 i did't see labority.. How it cant upgrade to townhall 7? Sorry for my english

  • Poli Colmemares
    Poli Colmemares 9 hours ago

    The builders sandwich’s did not change

  • lilchoppakilla 67
    lilchoppakilla 67 9 hours ago

    I will never look at builders the same again

  • Mixed General
    Mixed General 9 hours ago

    Autumn archer: *exist* Rule 34:It’s free real estate

  • Animators Inc.
    Animators Inc. 9 hours ago

    2019 anyone?

  • JJPug player
    JJPug player 10 hours ago

    That's one smoking hot piece of wheat

  • Ice Shard
    Ice Shard 10 hours ago

    Looks like mjolnir

  • Ice Shard
    Ice Shard 11 hours ago

    0:39 You Build it up, They tear it down.

  • Frank Chavez
    Frank Chavez 11 hours ago

    This too cool man✌😇🙇‍♂️⚘👌✌👌✌👌✌💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤

  • Professional Retard
    Professional Retard 11 hours ago

    Goblins are Jonas brothers on drugs i like this but this is cringey

  • Thít TV
    Thít TV 12 hours ago

    Ae qua kênh thít TV đăng ký kênh ủng hộ mình nha! Thanks ae

  • Yasmin Parween
    Yasmin Parween 12 hours ago


  • Michael Marshburn
    Michael Marshburn 12 hours ago


  • محب العراك
    محب العراك 13 hours ago


  • Ryan Carichner
    Ryan Carichner 13 hours ago

    3:32 Goblins gibberish is actually a song that plays during battles in Brawl Stars

  • Thach Phan
    Thach Phan 13 hours ago

    why that small bike just keep flying ?

  • Thach Phan
    Thach Phan 13 hours ago

    wow ...

  • Thach Phan
    Thach Phan 13 hours ago

    still too slow

  • Thach Phan
    Thach Phan 13 hours ago


  • Thach Phan
    Thach Phan 13 hours ago

    QUACK :v

  • Thach Phan
    Thach Phan 13 hours ago

    ooooooohhhhh ... so cute !

  • Thach Phan
    Thach Phan 13 hours ago

    BIG WHEELS !!!!

  • Thach Phan
    Thach Phan 13 hours ago

    too slow

  • Ryan Carichner
    Ryan Carichner 13 hours ago

    0:10 Villager-Supercell Sign- More Clash a Rama episodes Yeet

  • Caden the Cucumber
    Caden the Cucumber 13 hours ago

    The builder sounds like the engineer from tf2

  • hey dog hotdogs!
    hey dog hotdogs! 14 hours ago

    In Clash of clans i have 1 mil coins

  • PotatoenIsBad
    PotatoenIsBad 15 hours ago

    At the begging it shows that there are 4 builders but in the animation there's 5

  • Alex
    Alex 16 hours ago

    Es un juegaso!! Me gusta mucho la aldea nocturna, pero... Siento que deberian agregar mas botines por dia, pues si es demasiado dificil mejorar edificios en esta aldea, ojala pudieran cambiar eso en la proxima actualizacion!! :)

  • Chaitanya C.k
    Chaitanya C.k 17 hours ago

    Best series everrr.....!!! Nice animation with interesting stories ✌️

  • Jennifer Lane
    Jennifer Lane 17 hours ago

    6:28 The bullies truth about dads arm

  • EaSuperdumb
    EaSuperdumb 17 hours ago

    MAke MoRe ViDs

  • الحسن عفتان
    الحسن عفتان 19 hours ago

    I like how the arabic translation of the title is literally just the "arabic"

  • Ashwin Pandit
    Ashwin Pandit 19 hours ago

    9:50 wish 3 barbs could kill a PEKKA Edit: oops 😬 it’s 10:03

  • Om Prakash
    Om Prakash 19 hours ago

    I love magic archer

  • P•E•K•K•A
    P•E•K•K•A 20 hours ago


  • Pablo gustavo lozano
    Pablo gustavo lozano 20 hours ago

    Esto confirma que el PEEKA es un robot

  • Oosp Zero
    Oosp Zero 20 hours ago

    9:38 love

  • ITz Sharky
    ITz Sharky 20 hours ago

    Who here is watching this over and over again

  • Meme_girl*fann;3 Uinacorn.cupcake

    8:03 time when wizard actually gets something first try

  • الشيخ سمير العبيي

    Fghduddud he u😎😎😎😎

  • الشيخ سمير العبيي


  • đức nguyên trần

    very good i like is

  • Jinete nocturno
    Jinete nocturno 21 hour ago


    ONIK RAX 21 hour ago

    My village has bin list in supercell id

  • Тимур Юнисов

    Когда ТХ13?

  • The Dark GAMER
    The Dark GAMER 21 hour ago

    Bring back my account

  • Daniel Deonarine
    Daniel Deonarine 21 hour ago

    I recently started playing this game.

  • Sook Kwan Lim
    Sook Kwan Lim 22 hours ago

    Lol a tourist area is better than shops tbh. It can be like famous in clash of clans ya know. Plus he might earn more than her. Lots of people are coming lol. I guess valkeyire is gonna be misersble very soon like royal ghodt xD. If she destroys the landmark she might be hwted and be hunted down easily.

  • Aubrey Lindsey
    Aubrey Lindsey 22 hours ago

    Woah, Hold Up! Is The Voice Actor Of The Builder Lotso's Voice Actor From Toy Story 3?! It Sounds Like Him

  • Armando Brasiello
    Armando Brasiello 22 hours ago

    "IronMaidenForever125"... ahahahaha great!

  • PKT_HUNTER 2005
    PKT_HUNTER 2005 23 hours ago

    Ah buider become ah wiraz

  • Atlantic GamerSuper
    Atlantic GamerSuper 23 hours ago

    Lol did you see the goblin with the sign sayng "hi mom"lol btw it's at 8:04 lololo

  • Yeaseen Hasan
    Yeaseen Hasan 23 hours ago


  • ItzJoiegaming Offline channel

    5:25 (True story) I also eat solid food when I was a baby

  • Humid Puddle
    Humid Puddle 23 hours ago

    :44 they rushed

  • Boygenius channel

    Make a new episode pls i love this clash a rama

  • alfnigh
    alfnigh Day ago

    The royal ghost's sword looks very different from the present day king's sword.

    ELITE SKYZ Day ago

    I just realized that the part that she gets on the dragon and crashes it to whatever that was it had a plane noise which was like 9 11

  • anas ly
    anas ly Day ago

    اريد جواهر مستواي 1

  • 100 subscribers with no videos -

    20:47 Spongebob?

  • Bác Ra Tù
    Bác Ra Tù Day ago

    Sup kenh cheo nha mn . Uy tinh

  • Jing hak
    Jing hak Day ago

    Beaker’s lap

  • yizhe hean
    yizhe hean Day ago

    In clash royale Clasher: Alright! Time to- *Goblin crashes* Clasher: ARGH!!, where did this goblin come from?!

    DEVIL GAMER Day ago


  • Nogah Badash
    Nogah Badash Day ago

    This is true B**

  • judo dadeo
    judo dadeo Day ago

    aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh your A FLACK

  • W T
    W T Day ago

    0:07 7 builders?

  • Rajat Koli
    Rajat Koli Day ago

    Plz sir new update chat to any clan friends online players

  • Maxx
    Maxx Day ago

    My buddy and I went into a CS:GO Casual game with a Hog-rider logo and name and we screamed this all game. Best use of my time ever.

  • Mr Pro Kid
    Mr Pro Kid Day ago

    Something touched my hand Oh wait it was just ur gross hand 😂

  • yeeted poison
    yeeted poison Day ago

    The princess has bars not gonna lie...

  • Luigi Misdorp
    Luigi Misdorp Day ago

    Me: i am the only one who can survive more than 30 minutes under water Barbarían: are you sure? Hold my elixir

  • Josh Karathra
    Josh Karathra Day ago

    whats your favourite troop

  • Roadkill's Nightcore

    *The New Species* *Barbarian Turtle*

  • lol lol
    lol lol Day ago

    10:08 put it on 0.5 and on 10:57

  • RealKanno
    RealKanno Day ago

    This like Cinderella! Nobody Has The Same Foot Size.

  • bruheffectjpg
    bruheffectjpg Day ago

    Whats the song?

  • Roadkill's Nightcore

    *Clash of Clans - Party Wizard Song ft. Air Horn*