The Emirates FA Cup
The Emirates FA Cup
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  • Rio Swift
    Rio Swift 8 hours ago

    Özil better

  • J Sins
    J Sins 8 hours ago

    I was there!

  • Julien Boucher
    Julien Boucher 9 hours ago

    il y a hors jeu non ???

  • Bryant Martinez
    Bryant Martinez 10 hours ago


  • Midhun M s
    Midhun M s 11 hours ago

    Camera angle🤮

  • Razr Sliq
    Razr Sliq 15 hours ago

    11:55 Legendary moment

  • Ahmed Official
    Ahmed Official 15 hours ago

    I am 21 yrs now, if I tell some people that I watch this match as a 11 yrs boy, we sign ozil that year and lifted our first ever trophy in 9 years 😃❤️ OZIL effect One of my best time as an arsenal fan and sitting beside my Father to witness this, my father is late now, I always remember my father when I see this match💔 North London FOREVER 🇳🇬❤️

  • McCloudious
    McCloudious 16 hours ago

    As a Hull fan this was painful. A club that has won no trophy in its history and we were so close to our first ever! Arsenal did great to come back though.

  • Hebert Robson
    Hebert Robson 17 hours ago

    Jogão Bem disputado, precisou decidir nos pênaltis! ❤ jogão

  • Maria Cláudia Bousquet Barreto


    EVERSON MURBACH 18 hours ago

    Muito bom

  • Clarice Reis
    Clarice Reis 18 hours ago


  • Museveni Robert
    Museveni Robert 18 hours ago


  • Rinky Matharu lall
    Rinky Matharu lall 18 hours ago

    I am sorry Arsenal fans about the community shield curse 😢

  • Signore - Solomonaré
    Signore - Solomonaré 19 hours ago

    He left Arsenal to lift the champions league in Barcelona, he’s slightly selfish about his club Arsenal, but everyone has their ambitions and whatever he did, he’s the king of Highbury and still the legend of Arsenal.

  • Madarame Ikkaku
    Madarame Ikkaku 19 hours ago


  • Trevor Edensor
    Trevor Edensor 19 hours ago

    A great Privalage to watch the man in action ....thank you Eric 🤗👍👍👍

  • Magic. Mac
    Magic. Mac 20 hours ago

    38:49 He has come a long way

  • Random Person
    Random Person 20 hours ago

    Arteta was an arsenal p.ayer at that time and right now he's the manager of arsenal and made arsenal finally sing the ucl hymn

  • Cristionel Messnaldo
    Cristionel Messnaldo 22 hours ago

    henry ❤

  • Ruth Kwamboka
    Ruth Kwamboka 22 hours ago

    Arsenal 🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤💪💪💪

  • Netizen Golongan Putih

    Ramsdale is in another Level that night. Best goalkeeper

    PGMG - NOOB GAMING 23 hours ago

    Curtis Jo-de Bellingham

  • Steve Osborne
    Steve Osborne Day ago

    As I used to be a pub landlord in Leek I am so pleased for the lads

  • Afandi27
    Afandi27 Day ago

    Everton clone😂

    ZACHDA Day ago

    The real *duo*

    ZACHDA Day ago

    The real dup

  • Ayesha Akther
    Ayesha Akther Day ago

    I miss gundogan so much

  • K G
    K G Day ago

    Back when spoiled Arsenal fans didn't consider the FA Cup a "real" trophy.

  • NotAnother1
    NotAnother1 Day ago

    The ref was awful Arsenal shouldve at 3 pen and Hull 2 players sent off

  • The Gaming Brothers

    What a assist and what a goal for Nunez like soo much nub 9 for Nunez

  • Secular Apple
    Secular Apple Day ago

    "Steve Bruce has to take it on the chin." Someone was having a laugh.

  • deejay Peekay
    deejay Peekay Day ago

    it’s not that amazing with some of the comebacks in recent history in other competitions. You would expect Arsenal to come back.

  • Salvana
    Salvana Day ago


  • Joseph Stashko

    I mean, it's Hull lol

  • rohith reddy
    rohith reddy Day ago

    We should have kept degea one more season and signed a CB or ST

  • brown demonia
    brown demonia Day ago

    I love playing city they don't hide

  • Whythehellbye
    Whythehellbye Day ago

    What a player +1 respect

  • DoctorKillamassaLOGS

    Won nothing...stop the cap.

  • Alex Cook
    Alex Cook Day ago

    If you ever feel you aren’t going to achieve anything in life always remember that Yaya Sanogo is an FA Cup winner

    • TateNation
      TateNation Day ago

      Yes or remember Federico Macheda is a PL winner with Manchester United

  • Saifulbahri 'YNWA' Ahmad

    The secret is..... He look 45 when he only 18..

  • Paul Coyle
    Paul Coyle Day ago

    Back when football wasn't all about money

  • james  otieno
    james otieno Day ago

    Pure xperience

  • Sakshàm P
    Sakshàm P Day ago

    Arsenal owns the fa cup ngl

  • Kian
    Kian Day ago

    POV: You came here just to see Walcott troll the spurs fans

  • Taffy ta
    Taffy ta Day ago

    Cazorla free kick goal change the game

  • Silver Steel
    Silver Steel Day ago

    Mane’s best ever knee goal


    Man, i remember this, and also *Hull City* on that season is... something...

  • omowonuola opanike

    The permanence of class on display

  • Isaiah Gere
    Isaiah Gere Day ago

    Fun fact : he is the club’s second choice right back😂