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CXLEB - Too Bad Too Sad (Official Visualizer)
CXLEB - Too Bad Too Sad (Official Visualizer)
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  • Mr. White
    Mr. White Second ago

    The laugh completed the scene

  • Annette Huffman
    Annette Huffman 3 seconds ago

    Patience my man

  • Linsy Miller
    Linsy Miller 32 seconds ago

    Was eating lunch at a McDonald’s and watched a dumbshit sit at an intersection for 12 minutes because they wouldn’t pull up to trip the sensors to change the light. Pull up to the line dumbshits.

  • Y G
    Y G Minute ago

    Positive male Karen

  • Kaspa
    Kaspa Minute ago

    What did happen next???

  • bunny love
    bunny love Minute ago

    Push him off

  • Booty Hunter
    Booty Hunter Minute ago

    Male Karen

  • Mimi Nazar
    Mimi Nazar Minute ago

    Keep him cats are ALWAYS sweat

  • Kalvin Naidoo
    Kalvin Naidoo Minute ago

    So why was this man found shot dead

  • Thala DavidBilla
    Thala DavidBilla 2 minutes ago

    Need near to make sute the sensor works 😢

  • Josh Medici
    Josh Medici 2 minutes ago

    Aren't you supposed to be able to see the lines from your position? Not stop nearly on top of it?

  • Andrzej Grey
    Andrzej Grey 2 minutes ago

    Yeah, this 20 cm change everything, stupid af

  • Moo
    Moo 2 minutes ago

    Great dad

  • XI frankSTAR IX
    XI frankSTAR IX 2 minutes ago

    Netflix “are you still watching” someone’s cat. 🐾 …… 🐾…… 🐾 …….. 🐾 💪🏻

  • Shiva 112
    Shiva 112 2 minutes ago

    Foolish people. Who mixes coffee with alcohol

  • yevi Coulson
    yevi Coulson 2 minutes ago

    Got people looking weak trying to open it without ripping the bag😭

  • Zaidi Zainal
    Zaidi Zainal 2 minutes ago

    Sometime people in this comment section who complained why he do that unnecessary thing, they doesn't know how sensor works.

  • Dr__T0X1C
    Dr__T0X1C 3 minutes ago

    Consider this like a Queen bee, the most important member of the hive, or pack, is always goin to be protected from any and all potential dangers. Whether or not the dangers occur is irrelevant, it's the possibility that they CAN occur that drives them to protect. That and also they just love ya

  • Michael Calleros
    Michael Calleros 3 minutes ago

    Either way they still have to wait for the light to turn green. Moving up 3 feet to the line isn’t gonna make the wait any shorter. Fuckin retard

  • a bee
    a bee 3 minutes ago

    my old mailman (before i moved from my childhood home) lost his left thumb from a dog biting it off once, but he was my dogs' best friend. every day he'd visit, he'd give them both a treat with his left hand and pet them thoroughly. he was the sweetest guy i knew

  • Mogy with a hard G
    Mogy with a hard G 3 minutes ago

    my dog is definitely my kid

  • The Regime
    The Regime 3 minutes ago

    Bro turned GIGA 🗿

  • Jesse Ruffin
    Jesse Ruffin 4 minutes ago

    I did that one time before if you close by the line the light will change more faster

  • Galih Rivky
    Galih Rivky 4 minutes ago

    In some city in Asia, it is a common knowledge to let first row empty, for the biker that's just splitting lane..

  • Petra Vroegop
    Petra Vroegop 4 minutes ago

    But yeah cats are animals who need love they are not show offs so discuss this before buying there are way to many cats in shelter

  • C Tidy
    C Tidy 4 minutes ago

    Wow they moved up like literal sheep lol

  • Keagan Loubser
    Keagan Loubser 4 minutes ago

    Shyte video, slight retardation in the up-loaders brain 😢

  • Rane Jared And Riza Atamosa

    Love your edit

  • longrace
    longrace 4 minutes ago

    Fr I don't get these people stopping way before

  • Stop All War
    Stop All War 5 minutes ago

    Fast & furious.. Mostly furious version.

  • Petra Vroegop
    Petra Vroegop 5 minutes ago

    Maine Coon have a friendly caracter

  • Jasmina Turdieva
    Jasmina Turdieva 5 minutes ago

    "Oh shit i forgot to save it"

  • Causewhynot
    Causewhynot 6 minutes ago

    That’s stupid mf can’t wait 2seconds more ? Like who long will it take the car to travel taht distance when the light turns green

    • SunnyThief
      SunnyThief 3 minutes ago

      That's stupid you don't know how traffic lights work. You gotta be close to the line for the sensors to work.

  • Joseph Evans
    Joseph Evans 6 minutes ago

    Heartburn like a mf

  • Misu :v
    Misu :v 6 minutes ago

    ni que fuera para tanto también

  • Someone That You Don’t know

    Okay I have a story, ok so my mom said that she had two oranges. They looked orange so I peeled the “orange” and I took a huge bite…. Her face reaction was mine after I found out it was a lemon………….😅

  • James Burgess
    James Burgess 6 minutes ago

    What monkey is it

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 6 minutes ago

    if that monkey ran up to me. I would literally jump off a window💀 (I'm not saying the monkey is terrifying or ugly, I just have a phobia of shadows, and that monkey was so black that I felt my blood run cold💀)

  • UnSaneOne
    UnSaneOne 6 minutes ago

    Dude stop trying to impress my girl she’s not feeling you.

  • lucky penni123
    lucky penni123 6 minutes ago

    Then all the sauce leaks out of the container and into the bag and it makes a huge mess

  • Come on man
    Come on man 6 minutes ago

    No chance I’d move for that guy

    • SunnyThief
      SunnyThief 2 minutes ago

      So you don't know how traffic lights work either, nice

  • guardian
    guardian 6 minutes ago

    why would someone do thats just stupid

  • Raven Risaki
    Raven Risaki 7 minutes ago

    That type of person is my bf

  • Robert Simpson
    Robert Simpson 7 minutes ago

    Dam they got far.. great job

  • Elke Hendrick‘s
    Elke Hendrick‘s 7 minutes ago


  • Nick Pickle
    Nick Pickle 7 minutes ago


  • Brett Hemminger
    Brett Hemminger 7 minutes ago

    I wait till my feet hit the part that doesn't move to get off these and they've never stopped on me this must be in places with high population

  • a rEndOm teMm
    a rEndOm teMm 7 minutes ago

    Just described me and half my friends