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  • William Eichner
    William Eichner 2 hours ago

    And the ethnicity is no no don't tell me let me guess

  • Ladell P
    Ladell P 2 hours ago

    Fucking senseless.

  • mary b
    mary b 2 hours ago

    she is just racist i mean u can tell it’s not ur apartment when u go in u see different furniture and shit she knew he was black cuz it’s her neighbor and she might of mistakenly gone to the wrong apartment but once she got in she knew it was her black neighbor and took advantage of it so she went it knowing it was him watching tv and he didn’t even threaten her or have a gun in his hand or anything and she shot him right away and not just shot him she shot him violently in the heart she is a racist white woman a BITCH who should spend life in jail because killing someone is not a simple thing especially a innocent black man . poor black people they have been through a lot my heart goes out to them . colors don’t matter , white , black , whatever you are we are all humans we are no different from each other we alll have the same needs for survivable we are all humans . BLack life’s matter . this cop is not innocent.

  • Day and Night
    Day and Night 2 hours ago

    nothing wrong with that. and why is this in the news. wtf.

  • Chet Collins
    Chet Collins 2 hours ago

    Freemason scripted story line.

  • Wisconsin and Minnesota Gems

    I have ZERO sympathy for drug addicts.....and I'm glad they are dying. Simple fact.

  • Pete 952
    Pete 952 2 hours ago

    I think some law enforcement person will claim "well we can't keep everyplace safe" Knowing this was a crime ridden park. Unacceptable!

  • Gun Owners Most are Cowards

    *How can 20-PeoPle (12 - AduLts) Have ALL those DnTn BLdgs. a Church,* *a 2-Story HOUSE & Many More Houses!!! Could ONLY be 5-Families!!!!*

  • EngieBot V.1
    EngieBot V.1 2 hours ago

    "Anticitizen one has been detected in District 17"

  • Mr 28
    Mr 28 2 hours ago

    Ok this is sad but i see a whole bunch of racist comments on here talking about hang em and all but wheres the same energy for dylan roof and all those other white kids that do this. Yall jumping to conclusions and they didnt even say their ethnicity ! Yall will feel stupid if hes white huh?

  • Paul Felix
    Paul Felix 2 hours ago

    So, spilled wine on the floor/carpet does not seem unusual? I am not making any claims here but surely if i see my beloved one's home with lights on, nobody answers, something red on the floor and including the fact that she (as far as i know) lives there alone (and therefore very vulnerable) I would've probably called the cops... Seems kinda of weird to me... Who would leave their home leaving spilled wine on the floor?

  • jub8891
    jub8891 2 hours ago

    that isnt even a big tiger

  • James Runions
    James Runions 2 hours ago

    Reality is you take the guns and you'll all die for it. That's what the 2nd aminmit is for. And my god be with us all on that day

  • Yunfei Liang
    Yunfei Liang 2 hours ago

    Why is this news taking up so much attention in the media right now? Don't murders happen nearly daily in NYC?

  • Nancy Sandate
    Nancy Sandate 2 hours ago

    They are both going to get Meth up there ass and I'm going to cry and try to act like I didn't want to laugh! Fucking bitch and fucken stupid guy laughing!

  • Dan
    Dan 2 hours ago

    Sigh.. New generation kids these days suffer mental health issue and it's just really sad!

  • Stuart Dorfman
    Stuart Dorfman 2 hours ago

    ...."group of suspects..." AND "...juvenile..." are utterly useless descriptions. Details, Dave, details! It used to be your job.

  • Alan Gonzalez
    Alan Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    These comments just show how fucked our society is. They are either calling for the execution of this kid or permanent imprisonment. No possibility of rehabilitation. You people don't see him as a human being, you just see a rabid animal. The whole concept of being a minor/under the legal age is because children don't have the ability to fully grasp the consequences of their actions. Biologically we know they can't, let's add the physical and mental reasons why they can't. Their households, their poverty levels, and possible mental health situation. Things that the child CANNOT control. Be better people, I am not asking for him to get a slap on the wrist, I am just saying that we need to stop being reactionary and calling for the death of people especially KIDS!

  • Fuzz Ball
    Fuzz Ball 2 hours ago

    Man smoke em all.. little bastards deserve no mercy, where was the mercy for the girl they killed?

  • 1-800-KYS -
    1-800-KYS - 2 hours ago

    I can't even be fucking mad at him, he's completely honest about everything

  • Debbie Toland
    Debbie Toland 2 hours ago

    Where's the other parts to this story?

  • M. Nazir
    M. Nazir 2 hours ago

    Poor lady, I really think she was going through something hard to pinpoint from a Clip-Share video and she ultimately lashed out on that family as a last resort of release

  • eastrun
    eastrun 2 hours ago

    The Holy Quran 19:36. (Jesus said), ‘Surely, Allâh is my Lord and your Lord. So worship Him (alone). This is the exact right path.’

  • Natalie Spencer
    Natalie Spencer 2 hours ago

    I feel like this happends everyday only diffence is that shes white.

  • Bryan Harrison
    Bryan Harrison 2 hours ago

    Has Sinatra's lips jaw and eyes

  • Hana Choi
    Hana Choi 2 hours ago

    Show some respect

  • OnigiriPuff
    OnigiriPuff 2 hours ago

    Both times the guy sounded young, just a 20 year old fucking around. Still super shitty and illegal but I don’t think they were like watching them change or whatever. Trolling was the aim.

  • Hana Choi
    Hana Choi 2 hours ago

    Change the fucking name. Should not be called undercover dumb fucks

  • M M
    M M 2 hours ago

    Hmm, I wonder what ethnicity they are.

  • Simon Sloototter
    Simon Sloototter 2 hours ago

    The whole world mocks "green child soldier", Greta Thunberg. And the whole world earns money here, with this form of child abuse. Mark my words. "It will go very wrong in her life". She will never be happy if this goes on for longer. And the climate is not to blame for that.

  • Selena Robinson
    Selena Robinson 2 hours ago

    For people to claim to be in a vegetative state, they have no shame what's so ever until they are caught. Bunch of liars . . . .

  • Liberty Through Arms

    Everyone know's the teen suspect is not white. That is why they have not talked about the race of the little bastard murderer.

  • David Sherrill
    David Sherrill 2 hours ago


  • Mariana Ruiz
    Mariana Ruiz 2 hours ago

    My heart 💔

  • Leland Brown
    Leland Brown 2 hours ago

    The bad people who did that to brain they better be lucky I wasn't the judge decideding there fate cause if I was they could say we don't want the death penelty I would say to them I don't care what you want then I would sentance them all to the elterict chair and I would throw the switch myself and I would use every single volt of electricity available and I would not stop throwing the switch until they die they killed a innocent man. Before placing the bomb on brain's neck did those greddy bastard's stop and take a moment to think about how his family would feel

  • Aaron Ross
    Aaron Ross 2 hours ago

    Vol Nation and the entire state of Tennessee sends condolences to the Majors family.

  • Mgtowski
    Mgtowski 2 hours ago

    Was that 13 yr. old raised by a single mother?

  • s
    s 2 hours ago

    Can ah be habst yo sail foam.

  • somethin name?
    somethin name? 2 hours ago

    i have a friend in hongkong me and the rest of my friends keep worrying about him

  • Evee Murcia
    Evee Murcia 2 hours ago

    Awww seahorse family 💕

    IRL ANDY 2 hours ago

    45 years is fucking ridiculous. Get your shit together USA

    BIG BOSS 2 hours ago

    i like how they try so hard not to say things like "black" lol ... or disclose names

  • Faken Name
    Faken Name 2 hours ago

    Aunt? Where are the fucking parents?

  • Joel Morris
    Joel Morris 2 hours ago

    News be like “We need to keep people safe, and not let dangerous people live within the general public, but we can’t tell you who it is because the person has not spent a certain number of years on this planet. We must protect the murderer and not tell you who it is because they’re young.”

  • 1SG
    1SG 2 hours ago

    I love how the ATF agent said its his job to stop legal activity.... Hmmmmm poor guy must have been confused.

  • jonniewebb
    jonniewebb 2 hours ago

    See, I was right. I said the perps were on camera when this story broke. so what did this channel do, it deleted my comment.

  • Beer Czarcofigus
    Beer Czarcofigus 2 hours ago

    I only wish she would have learned to handle and carry a fire arm. She should have at least been able to put up a fight. May her family find peace in their loss.

  • Spitfire Last
    Spitfire Last 2 hours ago

    We all know she just want that medical pay for her "forever" claim.

  • Phyllis Wurm
    Phyllis Wurm 2 hours ago

    Bad interview, listen to the answers guest is giving you so you can ask intelligent questions. Honestly DUMB

  • LtJackboot
    LtJackboot 2 hours ago

    not the killer but he's charged with the murder? I must read on... so much potential lost...this young lady is a serious loss.

  • melo27
    melo27 2 hours ago

    & he wrote his own 🎵 bachata songs!

  • kels matthews
    kels matthews 2 hours ago


  • Mr. Miyagi
    Mr. Miyagi 2 hours ago

    Thot: Patrolled

  • TheAwesomePossum
    TheAwesomePossum 2 hours ago

    This reporter has no care whatsoever...

  • melo27
    melo27 2 hours ago

    He break 💽 world record Guinness 4 times for bachata hits in billboard top Latin 🎵 songs & bilingue WOW pride dominicano!

  • Bryan Harrison
    Bryan Harrison 2 hours ago

    Harvey's wife loved him as much as Melania loved donald!

  • M. Nazir
    M. Nazir 2 hours ago

    I love these first world problems

  • Israel truth
    Israel truth 2 hours ago

    Real blood fake news

  • Sam iAint
    Sam iAint 2 hours ago

    This is so fucking disgusting. I hate political correctness.

  • Taras Savchuk
    Taras Savchuk 2 hours ago

    “Aunt maintaining his innocence”. Stupidity runs in the family is see. Did you not hear that the cops found him with the murder weapon? I’m sad for the family that lost a daughter to these little monsters.

  • IcantSeeReplies
    IcantSeeReplies 2 hours ago

    What a slanderous bias hit piece.

  • Rochelle Eskue
    Rochelle Eskue 2 hours ago

    So senseless, a young life cut short and by teens who shouldn't have been left to run the streets.

  • NathRK
    NathRK 2 hours ago

    They're running amok right now.

  • Gun Owners Most are Cowards

    *ABC News* *a NAZI(for ReaL) TaLked about how he had Sex, with his MOM!* *I Responded to the Sodomite!!!! ABC KiLLed my RePLY!!! BUT NOT HIS!*

  • Selena Robinson
    Selena Robinson 2 hours ago

    Fraud is on the increase. There are even some people parking in Handicap Lots and are walking just fine and are able to power lift items they shop at Wal-Mart, Target, any shopping areas and there you see them running up and down the stores like they running a marathon. Bunch of crooks and that is where all our tax dollars go and money period, plunging this country deeper into debt because of all this garbage. I'm so disgusted. People who really need this money are denied while fakers who are too lazy to work are given so much power and freedom. But thank God for technology. Thank God.

  • artawesome30
    artawesome30 2 hours ago

    So fucking awful. My deepest empathy for Tess and her family.

  • Gun Owners Most are Cowards

    *ABC News* *a NAZI(for ReaL) TaLked about how he had Sex, with his MOM!* *I Responded to the Sodomite!!!! ABC KiLLed my RePLY!!! BUT NOT HIS!*

  • melo27
    melo27 2 hours ago

    The art of bachata!

  • William Vega
    William Vega 2 hours ago

    Wtf. She just started college and now she's dead. I'm so sick and fucking tired of these mentally sick twisted fucks that keep killing innocents for no fucking reason. Now this poor beautiful girl is dead because of a bunch of pussies who decided to rob and kill her for the hell of it. I really hope they find them and they get what they deserve.

  • melo27
    melo27 2 hours ago

    The dominican 🇩🇴 Michael jackson of the bachata!

  • Ken Licayan
    Ken Licayan 2 hours ago

    This guy is tall asf, he should be in the NBA,like legit he should be and he looks like LeBron.Maybe they could face off

  • Major Seven
    Major Seven 2 hours ago

    Another piece of shit we don't have to worry about.

  • silvermist477
    silvermist477 2 hours ago

    Why is this news

    SIDE WALK! 2 hours ago

    LOL - looks like she’s never going to have a bf again!

  • Mercedes R.
    Mercedes R. 2 hours ago

    Que dios lo tenga en su santa gloria...pobre muchacho vivio una vida corta. Asta cuando se va acabar todo lo que los inmigrantes pasamos

  • Titus Crow
    Titus Crow 2 hours ago

    Aww these folks are just that *special* kind of stupid bless 'em 😆

  • silversurfer
    silversurfer 2 hours ago

    Elizebeth Holmes will lose that voice when she learns how to whine in the Federal Prison. She put lives in danger of many thousands.

  • Dreaded_Pegasus
    Dreaded_Pegasus 2 hours ago

    To be an activist you must have a solution. She has none

  • Nikki Nikko
    Nikki Nikko 2 hours ago

    Sadly he was just looking for a better future and die trying to get to the American dream my prayers for him and his family God .. :'(

  • Derek Ashley
    Derek Ashley 2 hours ago

    Completely sick that that B*tch School Principal tried to cover for Sandusky. She should be in prison with him.

  • brainey001
    brainey001 2 hours ago

    'Free everything' 😵 Just imagine... All the fries you can eat for FREE! free dipping sauce, free napkin! X.x

  • Frank Balistreri
    Frank Balistreri 2 hours ago

    Pity they could only kill him once.

  • Matthew Alvarez
    Matthew Alvarez 2 hours ago

    This kid is paying Raft

  • Ninjja Aiono
    Ninjja Aiono 2 hours ago

    there’s no evidence that he’s not real, but also there no evidence that he is so I’m going half half for this one

  • Don't ask
    Don't ask 2 hours ago

    Ban Knives!!!! Right NY!????

  • Lighthouse coffee co

    He was a good fella. Hell be missed

  • 1maddd2mackxxck 1maddd2mackxxck

    In almost every family there are always the people that is successful beyond their expectations Then there are the others in the family. that has to equal that success in tragic circumstances by paying with their lives you can't even comprehend. the turmoil it weighs on a family

  • Miguel Santiago
    Miguel Santiago 2 hours ago

    This is sad😢

  • hestoned hestoned
    hestoned hestoned 2 hours ago

    we dont know it was the kid. they said a group of people approached the victim. more than 1 person meaning the kid was likely with teenagers or older. he was seen on video but not stabbing anyone just seen on video in the area. maybe somebody shoved that weapon into his hands after the attack and everyone ran cause somebody just got stabbed multiple times.

  • Ethan Croft
    Ethan Croft 2 hours ago

    Way to not give a description of the suspect which is still at large. How are people supposed to be on the lookout if they don't know who to look for. Give the sex/race/age/height/name/etc.

  • Dallas Campbell
    Dallas Campbell 2 hours ago

    Accompanied by father in his life.....never would’ve guessed that....🙄

  • IL Scrapple
    IL Scrapple 2 hours ago

    Racist attack. Hang these snooc in a public square

  • Selena Robinson
    Selena Robinson 2 hours ago

    With camera's, you can identify the suspect's.

  • Rockin' Cat
    Rockin' Cat 2 hours ago

    charge them as adults, and death penalty

  • Rakim Ward
    Rakim Ward 2 hours ago


  • ISSO
    ISSO 2 hours ago

    nobody cares what race the guy is you guys have a 9-5 work shift tomorrow and taking your frustrations out a news story that doesn't concern yourself makes you a prisoner of reality.

  • Maxg 1998
    Maxg 1998 2 hours ago

    I think our society is making people kill themselves. It's been a secret

  • Bryan Harrison
    Bryan Harrison 2 hours ago

    He's lucky he had money and power. Not to be mean but Harvey.gave Facebook a virus!!!

  • Aathan Raan
    Aathan Raan 2 hours ago

    Tessa must have been a small woman or the kid a big 13 year old.

  • kiyah gobrazy
    kiyah gobrazy 2 hours ago

    child neglect