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  • bxriver
    bxriver 26 minutes ago

    Nice commentary edit for No.8. Crofty thought it was Albon at first then corrected himself later.

  • felipe poffo
    felipe poffo 27 minutes ago

    In Germany GP Vettel had a 6th sense, unbelievable!

  • Minh Tran
    Minh Tran 29 minutes ago

    “Valentino, it’s James..”

  • Johannes Gugger
    Johannes Gugger 29 minutes ago

    Romain Croissant

  • Dhani The Great
    Dhani The Great 29 minutes ago


  • Kimi Raikkonen
    Kimi Raikkonen 31 minute ago

    Its missing the STR battle in Hungary

  • BrownDog 1000
    BrownDog 1000 31 minute ago

    Why aren't Mercedes doing it?!

  • Anónimo 5757
    Anónimo 5757 32 minutes ago


  • Samet Özkan
    Samet Özkan 35 minutes ago

    Alex Wurz is like Arnold Schwarzenegger's long lost son.

  • kingkadir68
    kingkadir68 35 minutes ago

    Ricciardo troll of the year

  • Juan segura nuez
    Juan segura nuez 37 minutes ago

    Sainz in Monaco?

  • Matteo Siefert
    Matteo Siefert 41 minute ago

    Congratulations on throwing out Hockenheim of the*ots.

  • Hero ϟ MasterTowy
    Hero ϟ MasterTowy 41 minute ago

    2019 or 2018?

  • Bosman
    Bosman 41 minute ago

    There was no Halo on the car??

  • [KPN] Blackstar
    [KPN] Blackstar 41 minute ago

    So you dont see Leclerc on gasly at silverstone as one of the top 10 overtakes this year ?😂😂

  • EtskuPlay
    EtskuPlay 42 minutes ago

    1:24 Is this 97 Jerez schumacher and Jack villeneuve?

  • Dale Martenstyn
    Dale Martenstyn 42 minutes ago

    Epic lap. Middle sector through the curves was ridiculous

  • Lucid Hydra
    Lucid Hydra 42 minutes ago

    I think most of the f1 community is mad that you didn’t put sainz vs kvyat opening lap Monaco when sainz steamed up beau rivage, and swooped around the outside of massande (I know I think I butchered that word) and besides u included half of the video about kvyat and sainz either being overtaken or overtaking someone yet I don’t see the logic behind not putting that bloody move at Monaco because it was the 2 drivers who did most of the best overtakes going head to head and f1 decided: nope we don’t need chili and vodka today.

  • Rainbowboromir
    Rainbowboromir 43 minutes ago

    No Riccardo torpedo? Im annoyed

  • Sernie Banders
    Sernie Banders 43 minutes ago

    they were testing the qualy race in the last sector...for sure

  • Thanas Seferaj
    Thanas Seferaj 44 minutes ago

    What about the Vettel's first overtakes in Germany🤨 how you can leave them out

  • bleh blehh
    bleh blehh 45 minutes ago

    why does mercedes says dns? what does that mean

  • gundamzerostrike
    gundamzerostrike 46 minutes ago

    What a boring track

  • rockzs74r
    rockzs74r 47 minutes ago

    Just Like Ricciardo who answer Kimi whatever the question, Kimi answer Michael whatever the question

  • Pit Lyon
    Pit Lyon 47 minutes ago

    Leclerc vs Gasly in Silverston isn’t in top 10?!?

    Juan HERNANDEZ 50 minutes ago

    Actually F1 drivers: It's hard to drive in Monaco Senna: Hold my beer

  • Raffaello De Paola
    Raffaello De Paola 53 minutes ago

    a very debatable ranking.. are missing at least 2 overtakes.. albon in 2nd chicane monza, leclerc on gasly silverstone.. and there were better overtakes in the german gp rather than the one of raikkonen

  • Luke Bolderstone
    Luke Bolderstone 53 minutes ago

    Leclerc on Gasly in Silverstone?

  • Gowtham Karthik
    Gowtham Karthik 54 minutes ago

    Can anyone help me with the audio? What song It is

  • J B
    J B 54 minutes ago

    Wait, what!!???! No Danny Ricciardo!?!?!? You imbeciles... morons... how can you possibly miss all those great overtakes Ricciardo made?? OMG! Oh, soz, that’s right... Renault. I must have been thinking last year :D

  • Anurag Sinha
    Anurag Sinha 54 minutes ago

    Punjabi music at the end.

  • Swagatam Debnath
    Swagatam Debnath 55 minutes ago

    Son kid relationship

  • Zoli.
    Zoli. 55 minutes ago

    Kvyat Hamilton???????????????????????????????????? Final lap???????????

  • Finfooty
    Finfooty 57 minutes ago

    The best one by far

  • Radu B.
    Radu B. 57 minutes ago

    I wished they had done better... That trumpet clearly disturbed them! :-)

  • Dario Pellegrino
    Dario Pellegrino 58 minutes ago

    Ma io dico... Come le fate queste classifiche? Vi siete dimenticati di Leclerc su Gasly a Silverstone? Avete messo quella manovra del tutto scorretta di verstappen e non quella di leclerc. Inoltre la manovra di Hamilton su bottas è incompleta in quanto Hamilton ha subito il controsorpasso di Bottas

  • Deejay Mercado
    Deejay Mercado 59 minutes ago

    Bwoah. Finally.

  • Silver_and_black

    Факты Рассела очень веселые!!!У Албона стишки отличные!! Но вот Норрис...

  • Keith Soo
    Keith Soo Hour ago

    mercedes are a terrible sport

  • canegosh
    canegosh Hour ago

    Why did merc not start

  • Tjeerd
    Tjeerd Hour ago

    Perez thought Albon and Sainz could never overtake him on the sides he squeezed

  • Куст Смородинов

    Whats incredible in kvyats overtake in Canada? 100500 do it every year and its top ten

  • Stewart Grindlay

    Maxie had the corner in Austria., he didn’t need to run him out of room

  • canegosh
    canegosh Hour ago

    3:56 You miss a L on the last name

  • Angryrus
    Angryrus Hour ago

    Просто лучшие!!! 👍🏻

  • what are the 5 today?

    Still not agree with verstappen lec Austria. Side by side and don't let space on the force lec on the side. That's clearly a '' forcing another driver of the track''

  • Nive1337
    Nive1337 Hour ago

    So Verstappen's overtake on Lewis is no.1 and Albon's overtake on Seb which was EXACTLY THE SAME is not even mentioned?

  • Leon no homo
    Leon no homo Hour ago

    These cars from 2017 are so beatiful 😍

  • Masuta Okami
    Masuta Okami Hour ago

    I'm surprised insurance let him ride that bike with how much he is worth.

  • Neil Mande
    Neil Mande Hour ago

    I feel number 4 overtake was the best

  • dink 182
    dink 182 Hour ago

    this uploaded on my birthday :)

  • Visvesh Narayan
    Visvesh Narayan Hour ago

    I still to this day think that Verstappen's move on Leclerc at Austria is worthy of a 5-sec penalty.

  • Bram Kockelmann
    Bram Kockelmann Hour ago

    Where’s gio?😂 a bit harsh

  • Ross
    Ross Hour ago

    Wait sainz switched teams mid season? I don't remember that

  • Personix Talento

    You forgot Leclerc vs Gasly in Silverstone,That overtake deserve 1 spot

  • Ylok Apuôt
    Ylok Apuôt Hour ago


  • Kyle Bowes
    Kyle Bowes Hour ago

    Wait so that means next year's f1 rookie of the Year will be Nicholas Latifi since he will be the only rookie next year

  • Rutt Kongas
    Rutt Kongas Hour ago

    This is like scene from a movie that is written from Gasly's perspective.

  • Subhash Budati
    Subhash Budati Hour ago

    What is DNS for mercedes???

  • #team Tie-wrap
    #team Tie-wrap Hour ago

    Albon 😱😱😱 awesome haha

  • Sanjay Bennett
    Sanjay Bennett Hour ago

    I’m not sure why Hamilton’s move for the lead in Silverstone was included but not Bottas’ re-overtake at the next corner

  • Stratowind
    Stratowind Hour ago

    2:04 one of my most thrilling overtakes of all time

  • 안효섭
    안효섭 Hour ago

    3:30 It may be orange. But it just being peel

  • Alessandro Lupi
    Alessandro Lupi Hour ago

    Why the onboard was from 2018?

  • Dave Zizka
    Dave Zizka Hour ago

    Rookie of the year

  • ReV_DeatH
    ReV_DeatH Hour ago

    3:24 Editors took the piss here

  • Blicken D
    Blicken D Hour ago

    That verstappen on leclerc in austria wasnt a good overtake at all, he left no room for leclerc

  • Jmore
    Jmore Hour ago

    3:10 I guess we're just gonna not show the next corner where Bottas overtakes Hamilton?


    ОЧЕНЬ шикарное видео!

  • Lorenzo Placidi
    Lorenzo Placidi Hour ago

    Where’s Charles on Gasly British GP??

  • Alekshar
    Alekshar Hour ago

    1:15 this is not even a good overtake. When the overtaker pushes the other driver off the track you cannot consider it one of the best overtakes of the season. Compared to the nine others here, it is unfair and should the other driver have had the same lack of judgement it would have been a crash.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Hour ago

    rossi is so wholesome

  • Fabio Favatti
    Fabio Favatti Hour ago

    #7 XD XXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD nice overtake with hit XD

  • KeNbLoCk_ XD
    KeNbLoCk_ XD Hour ago

    This had me laugh so bad...

  • David David
    David David Hour ago

    It's been a decent year. I can't wait for 2021 when the aero problems will hopefully be largely resolved. I hope the fix is good enough to be able to ditch the crappy DRS for ever

  • The Truth
    The Truth Hour ago

    3 cars in 1 lap at Monaco? This is why the man is a 6 times champion

  • Milky Matteo
    Milky Matteo Hour ago

    Don't show us the track when they hear it that's stupid

  • Aditya mishra
    Aditya mishra Hour ago

    *(2018) Raikonnen beats montoyas record, Montoya: FUCKING......FUCKING RAIKONNEN.....WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam
    Sam Hour ago

    If you want to make 20 more video’s you should do every drivers best overtakes, i mean 18 video’s.... for Russel en Kubica you should do the drivers best overtakes on them :)

  • Bryan Ng
    Bryan Ng Hour ago

    What does DNS mean written on Mercedes

  • hazoi
    hazoi Hour ago

    Who came here cuz the video was short and intresting

  • JSinghSindhar
    JSinghSindhar Hour ago

    Down to earth Guy!

  • Abhishek Sirohi
    Abhishek Sirohi Hour ago

    Perez overtake is the best move in F1 race

  • CableTelcontar
    CableTelcontar Hour ago

    Leader board. Mercedes - DNS wow

  • Shardool Parashar

    4:44 its insane.

  • Andris
    Andris Hour ago

    What about the mercedes drivers?

  • 渡邊淳一
    渡邊淳一 Hour ago


  • Dale Barber
    Dale Barber Hour ago

    There were some great moves this year and you didn't put them in this video because you wanted to put in some decent ones instead? Leclerc on Gasly at Silverstone and Sainz overtaking 2 cars around casino square spring to mind are 2 of my personal favourites, also liked Albons overtake around the outside of no name. Out of the ones in this list, veratappens move was good but Sainz's one on Perez from the same race was better

  • Juho Naapuri
    Juho Naapuri Hour ago

    Why there wasn't Leclerc's move on Gasly at Silverstone?

  • theking ofjdm
    theking ofjdm Hour ago

    of course you give it to verstappen top spot

  • Antonio Romania Gamer

    1:24 As you can see, Vettel's car has stop working.

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 2 hours ago

    Alex in Brazil 2019

  • SDR Geeesh
    SDR Geeesh 2 hours ago

    Can we talk about the Hamilton on Bottas on one ? ... bc Bottas retook the lead 3sec after the ovetake so that one is irrelevant

  • Görkem Güzel
    Görkem Güzel 2 hours ago

    terrible order

  • Curtis Martin
    Curtis Martin 2 hours ago

    How the f..k do they do that ish. 100mph in and outta of turn. smdh

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  • Oğuz Şahin
    Oğuz Şahin 2 hours ago

    7- was not one of the best overtakes, it was one of the illegal overtakes in history

  • GARY Blend
    GARY Blend 2 hours ago

    Kubica on Russell in Mexico missing.

  • Onat San
    Onat San 2 hours ago

    Which press confrence that lando laughing hard?

  • jackson7177
    jackson7177 2 hours ago

    Living LEGENDS!!!!