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How Apple is Taking Back the iPhone
The evolution of the iPhone through integration is real.
That shirt:
The two headlines
Apple making their own screens:
Apple making their own Cellular, Wifi, Bluetooth chip:
Tech I'm using right now:
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  • Curtis J
    Curtis J 22 hours ago

    Apple may custom design their screens in the future.......but who's going to actually make them? Certainly not Apple

  • Andrew Masters
    Andrew Masters 22 hours ago

    This shot is literally so good, I think I just watched the whole thing in a trance.

  • ktxed
    ktxed 22 hours ago

    Extreme vendor lock-in is never a good idea

  • Thomas Hodgetts
    Thomas Hodgetts 22 hours ago

    It's interesting they want to ditch samsung if they want microled in the iPhone, as samsung is currently the only company that makes microled.

  • karatekid22
    karatekid22 22 hours ago

    You should pronounce the H in Huawei. It's Mandarin, not Spanish.

  • Henry CS
    Henry CS 22 hours ago

    de-esser pls 😝

  • Drb500
    Drb500 22 hours ago

    Who cares because if you already got a iPhone 11 you don’t need a iPhone 14.. They’re basically the same🤨

  • amit nagpal
    amit nagpal 22 hours ago

    More videos like this please 😊

  • Tskip Gaming
    Tskip Gaming 22 hours ago

    i hate tech channels that will say alexa over an over

  • Trystan Magaña
    Trystan Magaña 22 hours ago

    Doesn't change anything, iPhone is still boring and overpriced.

  • Inno 234
    Inno 234 22 hours ago

    people hatting on the exynos really missed the point that samsung was working on getting a custom chip so the phones would be even better, instead of letting them have like 2 or 4 gens trying they just cried their asses out samsung should absolutly bring back exynos and invest a ton in them

  • Ejaz Ali
    Ejaz Ali 22 hours ago

    Budget Huawei phones combine wireless into one chip, they're quite horrible especially with Bluetooth and WiFi being used simultaneously. I'm interested to see what apple does with it.

  • Chink9198
    Chink9198 22 hours ago

    Apple designs a MicroLED Panel. Gives it to a Chinese Manufacturing Co. Design is now secretly acquired by Chinese Government. Chinese Government gives it to State-sponsored companies. Huawei and Xiaomi releases their own phones with MicroLED panels but names it differently. God I hate this tinfoil hat of mine.

  • Ray of Light 62
    Ray of Light 62 22 hours ago

    I don't see the consolidated radio chip coming. It is too much even for someone big like Apple. While there are EDA tools with out-of-this-world capabilities, which enable the design of a four-billion transistors SoC, there is nothing of the sort to stick together all the radio function in a single IC. Remember that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi still show conflicts in some native designs. In a microprocessor you can eliminate glitches by using a single clock source; the same is not true with RF chips. I mean, in my eyes it looks like as if - Apple in 1964 taking upon themselves the task of designing the Apollo Guidance Computer. A perfect, glitch-free, monolithic RF chip can only be achieved by a coordinated effort among all the communication industries. Apple, by themselves, could be able to use chiplets or subassemblies - to put together a radio module. But it would be a far cry from a well designed subcomponent: radio frequency currents travel in wires as well in empty spaces, so the end result is more akin to black magic than an engineering enterprise. Of course I could be wrong. In some sectors, decades of experience have been rendered useless by some peculiar advances in computer aided design. But, along the decades, RF has always invented new ways to escape from the paths meant for it from the designers...

  • Nemo Delingat
    Nemo Delingat 22 hours ago

    For manufacturers that do not get dropped after this switch, and are contracted to manufacture Apple's new proprietary hardware, do you think we can expect them to turn greater profits/revenue because they would be making fully custom parts rather than adjusting their off the shelf parts?

  • Papa Buckland
    Papa Buckland 22 hours ago

    And the price of the iPhone will drop dramatically... i.e. M2 Mac Mini

  • S R P
    S R P 22 hours ago

    Used to be a android fan, but their dictatorship made me change my mind.. Evils like google amazon and microsoft should be replaced..

  • Tommy Miller
    Tommy Miller 22 hours ago

    Just have a few clarifications/corrections: Combining radio chipsets into the primary SoC will save some space (literally the space of the substrate and communication wires), but the die space is a maybe. (Depends on who actually manufacturers the die, and on which node). Knowing that the SoC is usually on the smallest/most efficient node usually would make this true, unless Broadcom/Qualcomm are already doing the same. Power efficiency comes to the same exact caveat (and an additional variable, can apple successfully compete in making the logic more efficient, given they're new to that market). Swapping displays, is more of a nothing-burger (only investors of Samsung would care). Can't consolidate anything into other parts. MicroLED may or may not be more power efficient (haven't seen phone-sized MicroLED's before to know if they are/aren't more energy efficient). Also, during Apple's migration to ARM over Intel, considering Intel only requires 2 chips (chipset and SoC), there is no meaningful space savings. Apple already could do whatever they want with SSD/RAM on Intel. Also, they definitely could have made the new iMac work (granted it wouldn't be as powerful, but in physical space/design, not really anything significant). The way forward is likely going to be AMD's chiplet design, where they make RAM and SSD die's much (much) closer than how m1/m2 accomplishes it. Slightly increases space in terms of one monolithic die, but saves space in every other way. (Also, as AMD found with their RX 7000 research, Cache can actually be more effective/efficient on older tsmc/global foundry nodes. Applying this to ram, chipsets, cores.. everything.. can help optimize a LOT.)

  • Oriowo Taiwo
    Oriowo Taiwo 22 hours ago

    The production of this videos is fire 🔥🔥 When the visual info graphics pop up, the sound effect is mad satisfying 😅

  • Joanna Espino
    Joanna Espino 22 hours ago

    Do people actually get annoyed at this? 😂

  • Ken Adams
    Ken Adams 22 hours ago

    Every ipad i had i was able to hook it up to my TV every time with the Lighting to HDMI adaptor.

  • Link Fang
    Link Fang 22 hours ago

    I guess for switching to use its own chip, it's not a guarantee that it would have a better performance and efficiency, it depends on whether the chip itself does do things better. Just like mentioned in the video, Samsung doesn't do a great job on the chip in recent years. So, it brings some benefits for sure, but also some uncertainties and pressures kind of stuff.

  • S S
    S S 22 hours ago

    Apple will never make their own component because they don't have the facilities to run massive even they come out with their own technology, they probably going to ask other suppliers because apple wouldn't want to open a faactory just to produce part just for their iphone

  • Katzenjunge
    Katzenjunge 22 hours ago

    Not buying a new iPhone unless they get rid of the notch. Dont care what else they do. Staying on 11 Pro until the notch is gone.

  • TheHippofan
    TheHippofan 22 hours ago

    What cases would you recommend that come with a screen and camera protector?

  • Rob Wealthall
    Rob Wealthall 22 hours ago

    But isn't OLED better than microled? Why would this change be good for us as consumers

  • Mike Hughie
    Mike Hughie 22 hours ago

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      David Thomas 22 hours ago

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    • Youssef awragh
      Youssef awragh 22 hours ago

      I'm from Canada 🇨🇦, I and two others of my friend's tried her immediately we testified, her performing wonders

  • Guy Puglia
    Guy Puglia 22 hours ago

    Its about time apple did this they have cash that they can't really touch might as well use it

  • All About ♾️
    All About ♾️ 22 hours ago

    AMOLED is the Best

  • Ejaz Ali
    Ejaz Ali 22 hours ago

    thought they were literally recalling all the iPhones that existed

  • Ha Wa
    Ha Wa 22 hours ago

    So mkbhd is predicting a triangular iPhone?

  • Aditya Upalkar
    Aditya Upalkar 22 hours ago

    Bro literally only talks extensively about iPhones. Otherwise, whatever other new devices he talks about, are forgotten in a month 😂😂

  • E yrj
    E yrj 22 hours ago

    Does this mean Apple won't use Chinese slave labor to make the I phone?

  • h isbilir
    h isbilir 22 hours ago

    OLED is still better than MicroLed because microled is still an LCD screen with led’s behind the lcd. Just smaller led’s.

  • Ot Huertas
    Ot Huertas 22 hours ago

    I am in absolute love with this year's intro graphic

  • ThatMathThing
    ThatMathThing 22 hours ago

    At 2:00 Marques is teaching the Trapezoid Rule from Calculus. Sneaking in that education.

  • Helpless
    Helpless 22 hours ago

    write a comment for a mkbhd video "Wow, MKBHD as always delivering top-notch content! The in-depth review of the latest tech was extremely informative and your attention to detail is impressive. Can't wait to see what you review next!"

  • Milton
    Milton 22 hours ago

    Apple don’t take back anything by designing parts. In the end the produce 0 part so they still rely 100% to manufacturers and these guys will benefit by having access to what they are developing in house so they will just have to copy because we all know these Chinese company love to still intellectual property.

  • Kieran Gonzales
    Kieran Gonzales 22 hours ago

    There are settings in the camera app to reduce the shutter lag a lot.

  • Stefano Anania
    Stefano Anania 22 hours ago

    I always come to Marques' reviews for the most objective opinions. However, I just got the new Homepod and played a bunch of tracks side by side with my original Homepod and I can't believe Marques said this sounds as good as the original. Unfortunately, it doesn't even compare to the full sound of the original. I'm a huge Apple fan but I'm returning this :-/

  • Leviathan
    Leviathan 22 hours ago

    And we should take back our right to repair in turn :)

  • The Frog
    The Frog 22 hours ago

    They're ditching the best LED displays from the best screen companies with a lot of experience idk this might not work out well.

  • Demorthus
    Demorthus 22 hours ago

    Excellent video! & especially loved the visual info graphics! It helps so much at getting a better reference for the topics discussed

  • Capt Dave's Sport Fishing

    Why do we need all that?

  • T_moni 26
    T_moni 26 22 hours ago

    Ah ha. This is how they become portless. They can squash the phone into a smashburger.

  • Caston Emma
    Caston Emma 22 hours ago

    You can't even hide your bias

  • Michael Moscoso
    Michael Moscoso 22 hours ago

    85.5M Subscribers when this video went up on Dec 20, 2021 131M Subscribers at the time of this comment Feb 2, 2023 Bro grew by 45M in 14 months! I wonder where he'll be a year from now...

  • Moksh Patel
    Moksh Patel 22 hours ago

    Hey you should make a video explaining all types of displays because I don’t think I’m the only one when I say the difference between pled, amoled, led, micro led, etc. just a suggestion

    • The Clouds
      The Clouds 22 hours ago

      Yes yeees upvote this so they can see.

  • Crazyinnova
    Crazyinnova 22 hours ago

    higher prices

  • costafilh0
    costafilh0 23 hours ago

    I only use OLED on my phone because there is no other option. I'll never buy an OLED TV! And I can't WAIT for Apple to move to MicroLED already so the market can copy them and OLED becomes a thing of the past as it should be! and MicroLED becomes the new norm as it should be! Organic my a$$!