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The HAWKS Have A Decision to Make...
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I wanted to get this video out a few days ago but internet in the south is trashhh... hoops_hour twitch.tv/hoopshour
What are the BULLS DOING?
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Hey everyone! This is the first "installment" of videos I want to make on the limbo-state teams of the NBA. First up are the Chicago Bulls who have become maybe the best example right now of what a failed era looks like... Hoops_Hour twitch.tv/hoopshour
This Debate is Dumb...
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It's just a silly little Labor Day upload guys... hoops_hour twitch.tv/hoopshour
Hey! Is This Thing Still On?
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Hello dear friends... Felt good to catch up on a bunch of stuff as we're heading towards the next NBA season. Lots of things in this video, I'm going to put chapters so hopefully they work. Thanks for watching! Hoops_Hour CHAPTERS: 01:19 - New NBA Contracts 12:25 - Damian Lillard Trade Request Saga 15:15 - James Harden Trade Request Saga 18:07 - Bad Offseason Content 19:10 - Video I...
The NBA Offseason is HERE!
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I'm trying out a new format with this one so I hope you all like it! Sorry for the hiatus but I'm back! And we've got a lot to talk about... havardihoops soundcloud.com/hoopshour I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE PHOTOS.
The Fight to the Finish
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Hey everyone, this video's a lil late but oh well... the NBA Finals are here! I hope you all enjoy the video and let me know if you're also trying to secure free Chipotle from every 3 pointer so that we can revel in each other's pain. havardihoops SoundCloud.com/HoopsHour
The NBA is Unnecessarily Dramatic
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This Celtics Heat series is an all-time classic already. I hope you all enjoyed the video and can't wait to see who wins Game 7! havardihoops SoundCloud.com/HoopsHour
The Denver Nuggets Look Unstoppable
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Hey everyone! This will be my last video before the finals which I'm so damn excited for! Hope you all enjoy, take care... havardihoops SoundCloud.com/HoopsHour
The Boston Celtics are in Trouble...
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Hey everyone! Now that summer is here I've got a lot of videos I'm planning to make. I'm going to stick with playoff-related content through the rest of the finals but after that I'm going to keep going! havardihoops soundcloud.com/HoopsHour
The 2023 NBA Playoffs are INSANE!
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Is Joel Embiid an MVP?
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The Denver Nuggets are Scaring Me...
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How Everything Can Change in a Day
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In this video I talk about all the shocking moves made at the 2022-2023 NBA Season trade deadline! Trying to do more and more with the editing so I hope the videos continue to get better and more entertaining. havardihoops soundcloud.com/hoopshour
All Hail the King
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A video dedicated to LeBron James becoming the NBA's all-time leading scorer. Finally a shorter video! havardihoops soundcloud.com/hoopshour
The NBA is Wild Right Now!
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The NBA is Wild Right Now!
2022-2023 NBA Season Preview
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2022-2023 NBA Season Preview
Team Runs #1
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Team Runs #1


  • McGregor Yangu Kurum

    Noah is correct you can say whatever you want 😂😂😂 bunch of domestic champions calling themselves Fantasy world championships 😂😂

  • Danny Carlow
    Danny Carlow 2 days ago

    You literally only have to win one race all year to become world champion in track. Just one. What does one win all season in the NBA get you?

  • hoytLP
    hoytLP 2 days ago

    Its just so easy.... if you have a national league, you are not world champion by winning it. Dosnt matter if this national league ist the biggest national league of the world. You are the world champion for beating every other nation in an international tournament.

  • Darby Crain
    Darby Crain 3 days ago

    Bro I LOVE your content not being cheesy or anything or out of anywhere anyway you just got a sub keep up the great content

    • Dryames
      Dryames 3 days ago


    • HoopsHour
      HoopsHour 3 days ago

      Thank you so much! That really means a lot and I appreciate you rocking with the content... only up from here!

  • Jeca Peca
    Jeca Peca 4 days ago

    USA citizens are generally... Well, slow in head and full of their ignorant s+++! Nobody out there on social media could understand what "There's ain't no flags in NBA" means! The man is right. The World is fighting for their countries, flags, anthems, people! They're not there for $200.000.000 checks! If some of them play in NBA, it's just a well paid job! Nothing more! When their countries need them, they're in planes towards them! I hope I cleared it up for US citizens on social media. Maybe they won't be so dumb in future!

  • Evan Yo 🏳️‍🌈⃠

    I don't care if you're the best team in the best league with the best player around the world, it still one Nation League, by one National Association. Barca with the best team win Champoins league, can still be loose to santos in WCC. so them best in the world not equal World Champions, it is common sense and basic education.stop emmbarrasing yourself by definition, let your president do embarrasing things like always, grow up USA. open your eyes and mind, the world are not USA.

  • Fabio Muçaj
    Fabio Muçaj 8 days ago

    Lyle is right , is like man city win the premier league and call himself world champions , it doesnt make sense

  • Filly marada
    Filly marada 9 days ago

    Everything here is DUMB PERIOD?

  • Marilyn Catterall
    Marilyn Catterall 9 days ago

    Whoever wins the NBA title, is probably the best "club" team in the world, but if you want to give yourself that title then the only way to do it, is to hold a competiton, involving the best teams from every league ..... Just as in football (soccer), the winners of the various continental titles, take part in the FIFA Club World Cup.

  • Xavier Washington
    Xavier Washington 10 days ago

    It’s just a title. NBA World Champions, WBC Heavyweight Champion of the world, UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World, WWE World Heavyweight Champion, WCW World Heavyweight Heavyweight, IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, NWA World Heavyweight Champion, if it involves a belt World Champion is gonna be in the name and that’s been since the beginning of Boxing and Wrestling, u can take it literally or not

  • Nick Klavdianos
    Nick Klavdianos 11 days ago

    EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. All the best team from all the best leagues, with all the best players in the world in a single competition. But the winners don't call themselves World Champions. Also, I'll make another argument. The whole claim about the NBA champions also being World Champions is that they're on paper the best team in the world. And they are, no-one denies that. But they didn't play against Euroleague champions Real Madrid, or the corresponding African, South American, Asian and Oceanian champions. Claiming the title of World Champions just because you're the best team on paper, isn't the same as actually playing and winning against those teams. Take the 2004 and 2006 US national teams for example. The 2004 team had Duncan, Iverson, a rookie LeBron and more talent, they were definitely the best team in the competition on paper. They lost to Argentina in the Semifinals. The 2006 team had LeBron, Anthony, Wade, CP3, Bosh, Howard, Joe Johnson, Elton Brand and others. Again, they were the best team on paper. The lost to Greece in the Semifinals. If we applied to those competitions the same logic that the people who say the NBA champions are World Champions, then Team USA shouldn't have played at all and automatically be given the gold medal because they were the best team on paper. But they played. And they lost. Because basketball isn't just about what's the best team on paper. If it was only about that, it would be a hell of a boring sport. And that's why you can't call yourself a World Champion if you don't play against the World.

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 11 days ago

    Happy to see kerala blasters❤❤❤

  • Google isstupid
    Google isstupid 13 days ago

    You what is dumb, that jealous Boi of NBA just lost. He came out dancimg, doing what we guess was a "I'm world champ", and lost..... I guess he world champion of L now, and good luck on the merchandise or deals. Pick one of other sprinters, let him humble himself

  • Brads Burgess
    Brads Burgess 13 days ago

    Listen I totally agree with Noah, he's competing against an international field,but the NBA nope they don't,maybe every so often,like every 4 yrs.😕

    • Google isstupid
      Google isstupid 13 days ago

      Then help him get deal and contract for money. Because no true company is touching him, and only for Olympics, if he can keep his mouth shut.

  • Mjoelnir
    Mjoelnir 14 days ago

    The NBA players must be very insecure, because being NBA champions seems not to be enough. They have to call themselves world champions to inflate their worth. Of course they are only fake "world champions". In reality they are champions of a national league. With the claim to world championship the NBA players are dissing all real world champions and I understand that a real world champion is irritated. Noah Lyles is a real world champion. The USA is not even the current world champion.

  • EliteSam
    EliteSam 14 days ago

    Nice concept but you got something wrong with your Football (Soccer) analogy. You see, apart from the top 5 leagues and their respective competitions, there is the champions league which is without doubt the biggest club competition. The champions league includes teams from not only the top 5 but several other smaller leagues (even reaching to Isreal). Yet the winners of that competition call themselves Champions of Europe. Not champions of the world.

  • clark wayne
    clark wayne 14 days ago

    But we're not talking about "consensus" best in the world, are we? We are talking about literally calling yourselves "World Champions". And for that, we have to follow basic textbook rules. It doesn't matter if other leagues are way behind the NBA right now, because there still exists a possibility in the future that the other leagues would catch up (idk, maybe in the next 1 year, 100 years?) That's like China claiming all the oceans around it as its territory regardless of international laws just because its neighbors are not powerful enough to stand against it yet.. Or Russia claiming Ukraine for itself. To put this in another perspective, there were times when the losing teams in NBA championships weren't even really the "2nd Place World Champions".. they were just fortunate to be in a weaker conference & reach the finals a bit easier.. Far superior teams toiled it in the grueling WC & we all know it.. lol.. so that kinda defeat the very essence of that title.

  • Joy Kenn
    Joy Kenn 15 days ago

    Facts‼️. I love the video Don't mind these Trolls

  • Rob Bellis
    Rob Bellis 15 days ago

    Arguably, the ~500 best basketball players in the world play in the NBA in any given year. ~400 of these players are from the USA. FIBA World Cup features 10 of these 400 US players. In other words, FIBA excludes the vast majority of the best players in the world. Still, I think it's fine to call the FIBA champions "World Champions". I also think it's fine to call NBA champions "World Champions".

    • Rob Bellis
      Rob Bellis 3 days ago

      @GreEkTerR0r U-I Of course any team can win on any given day. But I think you may have missed my point... What does it mean to call yourself a world champion if you didn't compete against the best players in the world? And yet there's no simple answer to the question of "what is considered a World Champion?" (though some would lead you to believe it's very simple). In reality, there's a finite amount of really good basketball players around the world. We can exclude some and divide the rest by nationality and call the winners World Champions. Or we can exclude by individual skill level, divide the rest by politics and pay scales, and call the winners World Champions. Each definition of a World Champion has its own merits. Personally, I would rather win an NBA championship than a FIBA world cup.

    • GreEkTerR0r U-I
      GreEkTerR0r U-I 3 days ago

      Let's take football for instance. In 2004, France you could say had 60 talented players but they could only choose 20 to compete in the Euro competition. Greece had 10 talented players who all competed in the tournament alongside other players. France had undeniably more overall talent, and you could say it's a better football nation. Yet Greece ended up winning the championship, thus Greece was crowned champions of Europe. This is sports, that is the beauty of sports. Yes US has the most talent in basket as a nation (since its population is huge as well), but when only a limited number are playing you never know what can happen. US should be winning majority of games, yes. But another international team that has 5 talented players could be enough to produce an upset.

  • Der Dude
    Der Dude 15 days ago

    really everyone who starts to argue that the nfl is the best league by far really didnt get it from the start and should really get into what NATIONAL league means

  • loner joe
    loner joe 15 days ago

    Let's not make it complicated. NBA Champions = NBA Champions FIBA World Cup Champions = World Champions Olympic Basketball Champions = Olympic Champions There, easier, right?

  • fabrizio Blotte
    fabrizio Blotte 15 days ago

    Well this video looks stupid after the USA got eliminated from THE WORLD CUP 0 excuses

  • Phil K
    Phil K 16 days ago

    NBA is American. NOT "The world" And American football is played in America nobody's interested anywhere else

  • axz60
    axz60 16 days ago

    American exceptionalism is a big reason why many places in the world are fucked up. I don’t think it’s reasonable to just brush over it. Also, the champions league is by far the best football competition in the world. Europe has a monopoly on the best talents and they all showcase their skills in that competition. For sure the disparity between the CL and the other continental competitions are comparable to NBA and other basketball leagues around the world. The CL winners would never call themselves world champions.

    • Google isstupid
      Google isstupid 13 days ago

      So once again blame America. Mate? Tennis is corrupt, alone with football (soccer), most of these are world sports play by majority other countries not USA. How is that America fault. These same countries also vote for their own laws and policies, yet that's America fault too....

  • Marchel Sugi
    Marchel Sugi 16 days ago

    Most of the best world footballer plays in European Champions League but no club ever won and claiming that their country won a world cup. Even the GOAT Messi back from retirement from Argentina NT more than once to finally win it last year. The most impactful player in modern football, Johan Cruyff, never claim he is a world champions because he isn't. Just to show how Americans view versus the rest of the world.

  • Nicolas Corradino
    Nicolas Corradino 17 days ago

    soccer o football is the best example..........

  • Klyde Broox
    Klyde Broox 17 days ago

    Sorry, your argument fails because America is simply not the world. That’s the main reality here. Furthermore, America calls its baseball champions world champs too. The so-called “World Series” is American bullshit. No one can be a real world champ without beating the rest of the world, no way to argue around that. By your argument, the winners of the Indian league in cricket is the best in the world. Your argument can only make sense to Americans. I think it was only American NBA players who disagreed with the obvious. You are also ignoring the fact that NBA players played on the teams that medaled ahead of America, which neutralizes your argument. At the very least, the NBA champs have to beat somebody outside the NBA to be “world champs” outside of America. And if the notion of world champs is only recognized in America then that also speaks for itself.

  • Jaren Dean
    Jaren Dean 17 days ago


  • ButteredToastComedy
    ButteredToastComedy 17 days ago

    disagree + L take (i’m 5 seconds in)

    • Joy Kenn
      Joy Kenn 15 days ago

      @HoopsHour Yessir W Take

    • HoopsHour
      HoopsHour 17 days ago

      I thrive off your hate.

    MESSI THE GOAT 17 days ago

    A local state, represented by a local team, playing against another local team... WORLD CHAMPIONS! 🤣

  • Beton Burger
    Beton Burger 17 days ago

    This debate is quite simply upsurd. The NBA Champions are not the World Champions. And anyone who believes that is delusional. 

 Context: I am a European and I don’t care about Basketball. This debate comes down to the difference between Clubs and Teams Representing Countries. 

 Yes the NBA might be the best Basketball League in the World. As is the UEFA Campions League in Football. Yet nobody would argue that because the best footballplayers play in the UCL the Team winning it wound be World Campions.

 A „National“ League can not grant a World Championship. END OF STORY Even the FIFA Club World Champions are not THE World Campions. Yes they are the best Club in the World yet they do not represent a Country.

 Why: A team playing in a League can arrange their players as it likes. In a World Championship a team can only consist of players from the same nationality. This difference alone should be enough to convince anyone that „A National League can not grant a World Championship“ Your argument about NBA teams wining against international teams and there by proving the WC is nonsense. These are Clubs not Teams representing Countries. I would even say that if the NBA winner where to play the World Champion and beat them they still wound not be World Campions.

 Personal opinion of how this came to be: That the Americans thought that they alone could give out a World Championship is not surprising. It fits into who they think they are in this world and how they think about the rest of us. It might even be the best to let them live in that believe and enjoy the Word Championships without them.

  • Marcellus Longus
    Marcellus Longus 18 days ago

    Some people seem to be confused when it comes to what is the best team in the world and what is a world champion. Can be the same, but doesn't have to be.

  • Bruno Oris
    Bruno Oris 18 days ago

    You are 100% correct that this debate is dumb. So Denver a state in America and a fan base that is only within the state is world champions. They competed against another state Miami, and the winner is supposed to be considered world champions. Are you kidding me?. I was what you did there about the soccer leagues in Europe but you left out that the top teams from those leagues compete in the European champions league and the winner don't call themselves world champions. Everyone knows that the European champions are the best in the world but they still compete against the champions from South America/Asia etc to be considered the world best league champions. You can't juat create a sports that is global and call a state or a club own by a family (Lakers) world champions.

  • Loli Pop
    Loli Pop 18 days ago

    Y'all need to see world map first before calling yourself a world champion. Delusional Americans are arrogance and ignorance.

  • CoolConi
    CoolConi 19 days ago

    Many NBA fans are so lost in their bubble that they do not know the difference between national leagues and world cups. 2022: Argentina -> World Champion/ Best football/soccer national team because of winning the world cup. Best Player: Messi Real Madrid -> best commercial club team in Spain, England, Europe + internationally, won all titles in real competitions ( Best Player: Benzema from France) 2023: Denver Nuggets -> best commercial club team in North America + proclaimed internationally by their own league (Best Player: Jokic from Serbia) Germany: World Champion/ Best basketball national team because of winning the world cup. Best Player: Schroeder.

  • tnightwolf
    tnightwolf 20 days ago

    3:21 That is one of the dumbest arguments i've ever listened to. Please yes, keep being complacent and because "the margin is so great" go-on and keep calling the NBA Champion Champion, World Champion please 😆 Do you know why Brazil has not won a Football World Cup in the past 21 years?🤣 Btw introduce real competition, in the form of a full relegation-system to any of the US team-sports, and just wait to see the results🤣🤣🤣 YOU HAVE THE OPTION OF TANKING ON YOUR FKN SPORTS!!! THAT'S = TO TURN BRIBERY INTO A FKN LEGAL WORD CALLED "LOBBYING"! NBA DOESN'T EVEN FOLLOW FKN FIBA RULES!🤣 what a fkn joke

  • Jember
    Jember 20 days ago

    Lyle is right, basketball world championship can only be happened during FIBA world cup or Olympics for that matter.

    • Google isstupid
      Google isstupid 13 days ago

      Lyle is right and he won't get the respect nor deals he wants. Since he was asked what can be done to get more people into track n field. His ego and big mouth ruin that. Instead of trashing the NBA, because his fragile ego, he could of really spoke of hard work and skill of all track n field, ask for them to be given more props. Nope he attack, because all the Big 3 sports get more shine than hi..

  • rino asperga
    rino asperga 20 days ago

    Still, champions league winners never call themselves world champions.

  • DraZen
    DraZen 21 day ago

    Champions League is the best competition in the world of football and they are "champions of Europe", nobody ever said "world champions" even that everybody will agree that the winner is the best club in the world... The real deal here is that NBA has different rules than the rest of the world. I could agree that winning the NBA makes you the best bastketball club in the world, but is still incorrect to get that banner imo, it´s arrogant... Anyway, you have a point.. who cares? i think that giving that much hate to Noah Lyles has gone too far, wasnt that big when Popovic said it..

  • Marko Vuckovic
    Marko Vuckovic 22 days ago

    The dominance of the UEFA Champions League in football is comparable with NBA. What's interesting to note is that, despite its prestige, the Champions League is not automatically deemed the 'World Champion.' Take, for instance, Manchester City's recent triumph in the Champions League-they rightfully hold the title of Champions League winner. However, it's important to emphasize that they are not recognized as World Champions until they secure victory in intercontinental matches. To earn the esteemed title of 'the best,' it's crucial that a competition includes participation from teams representing each continent. One could argue for a structure similar to football, where champions from every continent compete against each other. Only when the European Champions League victor emerges victorious in these intercontinental clashes can they rightfully claim the coveted title of World Champion. Until then, the label remains incomplete.

  • david bestermann
    david bestermann 22 days ago

    poor americans germany knocked you out

  • Joey Baluyut
    Joey Baluyut 23 days ago

    USA vs Germany (Sept. 8, 2023)

  • NeVale LaPena
    NeVale LaPena 24 days ago

    You are not a world Champion until you prove it.... Lyile did it

    • Danny Carlow
      Danny Carlow 2 days ago

      It's much easier to become a world champ in track than win an NBA championship. You only have to win one race all season. One track athlete can win every race all season except that one single race and he's not world champion even though he's proven he's better throughout the season than the person who won only one race.

  • Jaren Dean
    Jaren Dean 25 days ago

    great vid big cheese

  • The lord Clarkson
    The lord Clarkson 25 days ago

    America just lost though

  • Dada Everydays
    Dada Everydays 25 days ago

    nba is full of USA states team fighting for the best state of united states/canada toronto. they cant call themselves world champ as nba champs lol

  • Ivan Ott
    Ivan Ott 25 days ago

    I disagree a bit with this video mainly because he doesn't mention about FIFA Club World Cup. It's an annual event participate by the champions of the champion leagues of every football association. Of course we know that Europe is a home to the best football players and no surprise also they are expected to win the FIFA Club World Cup. But there's also a few surprises where clubs from other continent won the cup like Sao Paulo beat Liverpool in 2006, and Corinthians beat Chelsea in 2012. And that's a prove why Europe has the best football league because they always won the cup. But there's no FIBA Club World Cup. So, if NBA says they are the best basketball league in the world, it is still consider a bit self proclaimed. Just to add, all those winners from the FIFA Club World Cup never claim themselves as world champion. Because by the world default (not American default), world champion is crowned through the international competitions. Not domestic. And I agree the debate is stupid. I mean, it's not even something we can question it. How dumb!!

    • HoopsHour
      HoopsHour 24 days ago

      That's actually a really interesting point that I didn't consider. I would be for a FIBA Club World Cup and if there was one I would implore NBA champions to participate. Thanks for the comment!

  • yovmanable
    yovmanable 25 days ago

    OMG there has been many videos regarding this topic. Why did you have to make another one to spread stupidness? Do you like to look fool in front of the whole world? 1. Fact: NATIONAL Basketball Association 2. Fact: There is an actual World Championship ongoing right now, even USA participates 3. Fact: Doesn't matter that the best worldwide players play in the NBA, IT DOESNT MAKE IT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Only americans fail to understand. 4. Fact: Havent you realized, only american born players replied to Noah? Doesnt it tell you something? There are dozens of players playing in the NBA from all over the world, and none said a single word. Doesnt it make you think? And when you finally think, dont you come to the realization that this "stupid patriotic america is number 1, we are the world" mentality has been programmed into your narrow minded american brain from a very young age? Or what else could be the reason that 7,7billion ppl understand the concept of WC, only 300million american fails to understand. :) 5. Fact: Just like Noah said, where are the flags? There aint no flags in the NBA. You sing your own anthem even tho probably 30% of the ppl in the arena are not even americans. There aint nobody represented but America. America number 1, hurrraay! :D 6. Fact: World Champions fight for their county. Your Champs fight for a private company in a National League. 7. Fact: Your comparison in the video was wrong. Ofc your american, i dont expect you to understand. But now, i will explain: As agreed football is superior in Europe compared anybody else. You should have not mentioned LaLiga or PremierLeague, you should have mentioned UEFA Champions League. Thats the league where the best clubs of the EU fight against each other. With the american mentality, i should call the Champions League winners the Wolrd Champs, as europe is the best in football, we have players from all around from the world, and literally the best clubs fight against each other. BUT I DONT CALL IT WORLD CHAMPS, NOBODY DOES. Why? Why? Why dont we call it World Champs? Whats the difference in the mentality between americans and europeans? Hmm? It comes down to what i mentioned before, you guys are programmed to think you are superior and to think you are the middle of the world (just like blacks are programmed to be a victim and pull the racist card in case of the smallest inconvenience). It also comes down to europeans being far more cultured and educated ... but lets not talk about that now. Capito????

  • Potluck Stew
    Potluck Stew  25 days ago

    Although Noah Lyles will get a lot of push back on his comment, I actually agree with him. I understand exactly what he is saying. The NBA Dream Team and other USA basketball teams that competed in the Olympics and won gold medals are justified in calling themselves world champions.

    • Jeca Peca
      Jeca Peca 4 days ago

      @Jon Gordon Do you know what "national team" means? Do you know the difference between national team and a bunch of people that some country bought all over the world and said: "They're our team". It's not USA national team. National team defends its country, its flag, its people at home. There's the pride. That's the World Cup that USA citizens deliberately forget! A good chunk of of today's NBA are people who came to pick up easy cash. Don't even care about USA! You're all squared! All kinds of delusions like American freedom (freedom works better in any country in the world), health insurance that is better than public health insurance (that's why you have to sell something if you need ambulance service to survive, but people in other countries don't even know how much it costs)... Ask someone if you don't know what national team means. Don't just take somebody else's (like oil and land all over the world). Be proud by your people, even if they're "just" college kids!

    • Jon Gordon
      Jon Gordon 4 days ago

      @Jeca Peca No, they wouldn't be called anything but OLYMPIC champions, because they're not the best in the world. NBA is the best in the world. Everyone understands that. NBA players aren't going to risk getting injured for the NBA season by playing in some random two-bit tournament that no one on Earth has ever recognized as a premier tournament. By your logic, if some guy named Fred holds his own tournament the day after the FIBA tournament called Fred's International Tournament of Champions and only one team shows up, then they're the world champions. And then if Fred's wife, Wilma, holds an international tournament the day after Fred's tournament ends, then whoever wins THAT tournament is the now the champion. And then when their friend Barney holds a tournament the day after Wilma's tournament ends, then...... Well, you get how stupid that logic is, right?

    • Jeca Peca
      Jeca Peca 4 days ago

      ​@Jon GordonYes, those college players would be called Champions! Not the ones who didn't go to World Championship tournament, so they don't miss NBA games that they love more for expensive cars and vilas! The ones who would play flag against flag, anthem against anthem, national fans against national fans and win the war in finals should be respected as Champions!

    • Google isstupid
      Google isstupid 13 days ago

      That's the best you got. Hold the that Llike the rest of the world.

    • Google isstupid
      Google isstupid 13 days ago

      False the Olympics are suppose to have amateurs. Other countries were using pros when those colleges athletes were competing. Those same colleges athletes put up a good fight and numbers, defeating pros. The USA got tired of cheating and show the "world" what happens when you you send the best in the world, the rest is as they say history...USA gold

  • James Sutcliffe Strutt

    There is a Basketball WC and those nations and players should be called the World Champions and not the NBA.